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ANA Flight Reservation

Let’s talk a bit about ANA flight reservations. Before that let’s have a look over the history of ANA, All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd, by sales and passenger numbers, is Japan’s largest airline. Its headquarters are located in the Shiodome City Center in the Minato ward of Tokyo’s Shiodome district. It provides services to both national and international destinations and, as of March 2016, had more than 20,000 employees.

Reserving your flight on the official website is easy, convenient, and safe. Find solutions for many of your reservation questions and learn about some of the benefits of online bookings. At ANA, they planned to provide pleasant and very comfortable flights to customers who need help such as customers with disabilities and elderly customers.

For customers with anxiety on their flight due to physical problems caused by illness,  injury, or disabilities in order to answer queries about the usage of flight and other requests, we developed the ANA Disability Desk. If you require any special attention or help, please do not feel obliged to contact the ANA Disability Desk.

How to Book ANA Flight Ticket Online

If you are thinking about booking the ANA flight ticket and get confused about where to book your flight and how to book it. So here, you get your all answer in this article. ANA provides access to the passenger by registering on their website. But in case you will get the discounted rate on the other website for the same ticket then you can go and buy it. Our Website Treknova which is the most trusted website for Airlines flight booking provides the best prices for the customers with the best services. So here we will discuss how to book your ANA flight online.

  • Open the official website of the ANA in the browser and log in with the registered id and password. If you haven’t any login id then sign-up to register yourself. You can book your flight on our website Treknova with heavy discounts.
  • Now after login, you redirect to the homepage of the ANA where you will find the ‘Plan and Book’ tab click on that.
  • Now the new box is open with various options like flight reservation, my booking, check-in, and flight status. So click on the reservation.
  • The next step is to choose your trip that is one-way, round-trip, or multicity then enter your origin and destination with the departure date if you choose a one-way trip.
  • Then enter the number of passengers going to travel with the ANA flight and choose your fare class which is economy, premium economy, business, and first class. Choose to consider your convenience and budget together.
  • The next step is to enter the promotional code if you have any. Promotional code is basically the discount coupons in which you will get some amounts that will be discounted from the total fare at the time of payment. After that click on find flight.
  • Now you have the list of flights on the screen depending on the basis of your relative search. You can see the flights with their fare and timings. Choose according to your need and convenience and click on the ‘Next button.
  • On the next page, you have an option to upgrade your seat that will show in the boxes with the price and benefits. Choose anyone and click on the Next button.
  • After that, you can see the details of your ticket with the number of bags allowed as checked bags and carry-on bags. After verifying by yourself you have to choose AMC or non-AMC members.
  • After that, on the next page, you have to enter the passengers’ details which are name, date of birth, and gender with the contact information for the communication, and then click on the Next button.
  • Now the most important and final step is to pay for your booking. You can pay online through credit cards or online payment applications.
  • After your successful transaction, your ticket is booked and the confirmation mail will send to you through the mail. It holds the unique code that is your booking reference number.

Benefits of online booking for ANA flight reservations

Endorsement Codes

If you have an offer code to book/purchase tickets with special offers, you can use it when reserving through the ANA flight reservation website. Offer codes are limited to new bookings/purchases on the ANA flight reservation website, and can’t be in the mandatory way applied to previously purchased tickets.

If you have an offer code, enter it in the promotion code space provided, using all capital letters. If you don’t have an offer code, leave the column empty, and continue your task. The offer amounts will be displayed below the “Review the Selected Flight and Fare” page after the selection of the flights. For check-in details go through ANA airlines check-in.

Retain your Fare

Need more time to take the final decision on your ticket purchase? Retain your Fare lets you keep your booking and fare information for up to 72 hours before publishing a ticket. Customers find this facility mostly useful when travel dates aren’t finalized, or when they’re traveling with others and need to decide on travel plans prior to purchase. If a global flight is booked on the ANA website, you can apply for the service from the payment screen itself after selecting your top choice flight and fare.

Fares applicable

When using retain My Fare, applicable fees are those in effect at the time of ANA flight reservation and are valid for the start date of the scheduling of your ticket. There won’t be a refund or charge for any fare differences that may come due to fare revisions, etc. after the application for the services. Subsequently, if you’re buying a fare that allows booking changes, any fare differences resulting from such changes will be refunded or billed.

Eligible to apply

Itinerary containing only ANA-operated flights with an ANA flight number, and Japan domestic direct flights operated by other carriers are eligible to apply. Customers must notice that depending on the purchasing or booking cutoff date for a fare, there are cases in which the ticket must be published within 72 hours. In those situations, the application field won’t show up on the payment screen, and the hotel deals won’t be eligible for this service. Payments can be only done by using credit cards. This may vary according to the corresponding websites of each country.

Cancellation policy after reserving the service

If you want to make changes to your itinerary? You have to go through the official website. Reservation and as well as Ana All Nippon Airways Cancellation is very easy when you are connecting with these airways.

Even their Official website provides us with a lot of details regarding any of the queries. Their customer care is quite well strong, efficient, and always eager to provide the whole required information with all the help they can give. 

How to Make alterations in Ana All Nippon Airways

To show the information related to your reservation, click the “View Reservation” button.

To make changes to your reservation, go through the following steps

  • Go to the “Reservation Details” page.
  • Then click and pick out the “Change Reservation” button.
  • There will be a display beneath each of your itineraries

For passengers who had done the purchasing of the flight ticket:

After selecting an area that you would like to change, give the proper date and itinerary, and pick out a brand new flight from the outcome results.

For passengers who had only made a booking/reservation:

Alterations made by specifying different flights that have already been reserved can not be made. Enter the date, itinerary, or greatness that you would really like to change and pick a flight from the results. Please examine the following examples that indicate a way to alternate an itinerary.

  • When modifying part of a booking’s itinerary, fare calculation often is probably based totally completely on the fares that can be used for your new itinerary. 
  • The booking from the departure airport to the arrival airport will then be rebuilt.
  • Fares may also range applying to seat availability at the time of the modification. The booking can also be rebuilt if the identical flight is saved in the itinerary each earlier than and after the change. 

 For more details go through Ana All Nippon Airways Cancellation Changes & Refund Policy.

ANA flight reservation page added an Easy way of registration for Mileage Club Members

ANA Mileage Club Members can register their reservation priorities, making future online bookings faster than ever. Whether you’re a Popular business traveler or an occasional holidaymaker, this unique service makes flying with ANA a breeze.

Registering Your Priority

You can apply this advantage in two ways:

  • Once you are logged into the Members Page, click on the tab named “Member Information” on the top page of your AMC Account.
  • After you’ve completed your booking task, you have to look under “Optional Services,” then click “Register Basic Reservation Information.”

You can easily Save your Time by Registering on the website

  • Credit Card details:  You can register by using up to two credit cards. On upcoming reservations, just select the card you’d like to use and you don’t have to worry about entering incorrect details.
  • Seat Priority: Book your preferred sectors and cabin class.
  • Contact Priority: Let us know if you’d like to gain your booking details through your cell phone or through the mail, and sign up for our email newsletter.

Conditions applicable for reserved flights

Reservation time Period: Basically, the booking period for ANA international and domestic flights is open from 355 days in advance until 6 hours before boarding.

NOTE: the booking period may change, depending on the type of fare. The reservation period may also change according to the flights operated by other airlines.

Flights ready for Booking: You can see on the  ANA website that,  can reserve all ANA Group carrier flights including domestic flights that are used to connect to or from an international flight, codeshare flights, and flights operated by other airlines also. Subsequently, codeshare flights and flights operated by other airlines must be booked together with an ANA Group carrier flight or a codeshare flight.

New bookings on the ANA Website: New bookings and purchases, some changes, and dropping of these bookings are generally allowed for any of the flights referenced in the Previous Section, but conditions and as well as restrictions, or fees may apply, depending on the fare type.

Flying along with Lap Infant/Baby: A  booking may include one infant/baby per adult person if the infant does not occupy a separate seating. For details, see a Bookable number of persons, and child bookings.

If a customer needs Special Arrangements:

The following customers must call the  ANA Call Center.

  • Pregnant traveler; If the expected date of delivery is within 28 days from boarding period
  • Customers who are required special  meals due to food allergies

Take part in ANA Mileage Club

This service is only provided for the ANA Mileage Club Members. If you people are interested in this (along with other benefits), go through ANA Mileage Club Enrollment Information.

ANA All Nippon Covid Policy

Check protection measures ANA All Nippon Airways has introduced such products in airports and in-flight flights during the COVID-19 period to maximize the protection of customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about what it’s like to travel on All Nippon Airways during COVID-19 by reading their guidelines and policies.


  • Updated the information on ‘Restrictions and Measures for Entry to Japan (All those who return to Japan or enter Japan (Submit a certificate of negative test results for COVID-19)’ information. (Updated on April 26, 2021)
  • The information on ‘Restrictions and Measures for Entry into Japan (Traveling to Japan from Specific Countries/Regions)’ has been updated. (Updated on April 2, 2021)

Even after Japan cancels the state of emergency (March 21, 2021), the following measures 1-3 will continue for the time being.

  1. Suspension of business routes and residential routes
  2. Suspension of entry into Japan from all countries and regions
  3. Suspension of special entry measures when returning from short-term business travel and re-entry into all countries and regions

Face mask

Ground crews will wear face coverings, face shields, and goggles according to the situation.

Taking into account the comfort and health of all passengers, we require customers to wear masks or face shields as essential equipment when crossing airports and traveling on planes. Except for babies and babies whose bodies cannot wear masks.


Vinyl curtains will be installed at the check-in counter. *Only at certain airports in Japan

Please take advantage of our online check-in service, which will save you from staying at the check-in counter and going directly to the security department on the day of travel.

Make full use of the airport’s automated check-in machines and self-service baggage drop machines to maintain social distancing

The hand sanitizer station will be located at the airport entrance, next to the self-service check-in machine and self-service baggage drop-off machine.

We will disinfect equipment and supplies such as boarding and wheelchairs on a regular basis.

We will install social distance markers for passengers to queue up while ensuring a safe distance

Passengers to Whom Entry Restrictions Apply

Non-Japanese nationals living in the following areas within 14 days before arriving in Japan:

  • However, those who are not Japanese nationals but have resident status (only those without visa restrictions) or those with permanent residency can also enter Japan.
  • Those who are subject to entry restrictions can also be allowed to enter Japan, but only if they meet the requirements.

ANA Lounges

Ground crews will wear face shields (including face shields) and gloves.

Transparent acrylic panels will be installed in the lounge reception area.

The disinfectant will be located at the entrance of the lounge and in the dining area.

Food and beverages are individually packaged, and some services have been suspended.

We will install social distancing signs to allow passengers to line up while ensuring a safe distance.


SKYTRAX is highly praised for its consistent high-quality service and its dedication to further improving the overall passenger experience to meet the needs of global customers. In addition, All Nippon Airways is currently the only Japanese airline that has won an exclusive five-star award for eight consecutive years.

Bearing in mind our 5-star status and always thanking our customers, we will never let this great honor make us proud of our honor. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to strive to provide safe, high-quality air travel to customers around the world, and always provide services full of excitement and surprises.

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