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Cathay Pacific Reservations: Flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Its been many years have passed since 1946 when Cathay Pacific airlines have been established and with every year, their service towards their passengers has improved. So Cathay Pacific has been able to cover 60 different countries of the world over where they have flown to 190 destinations in total till now.

This is the reason which leads them to be so renowned airlines in Hong Kong. So Cathay Pacific Reservation service in flight or on the ground both are outstanding and remarkable.

Here we will give you all the information related to Cathay Pacific flight reservations, in case you are still unable to make the reservation you can call us at +1-800-831-1547 and our call center executives will be happy to help you out. You can also make direct bookings with us just go to our homepage and book a service of your own liking.

When you have a booking of a flight with Cathay Pacific before or on the date of 31st March 2021, then they are applicable to rebook your tickets and can make changes in their reservation date and destination multiple times. But the travel date must be done by 30th September 2021.

And if you have a ticket booking between 3 March 2021 to 31 August 2021, then you are applicable to reebok without any penalty and can change the state and destination to fly, but it should be done within the date your rebooking has been issued.

So passengers who have booked their ticket on or before 31st march 2021 and planned to travel from 17 march to 31st October 2020, then they can either rebook or manage their ticket in the future or if you do not have the plan to travel then you can get  Cathay Credits.

So for more information about Cathay Pacific manage booking, click on the link.

Cathay Pacific reservations in-flight services

When you are flying with a Cathay Pacific reservation flight, you will get many services and facilities especially in-flight to make your flight journey comfortable and rememberable. So below we are discussing them which may be quite useful to you.

Inflight meal

The onboard meal service of Cathay Pacific is quite flavourful and tasty. In short, you will get a wide variety of meal boxes when you will be flying over long-haul flights. Apart from it, you can even get multiple ranges of snacks and drinks. 

So meal box type and amount vary from the class you will be traveling in. Though the charges for a meal on the flight are included in the tickets in advance. Apart from normal drinks, you can even get beverages. This is available only if you have crossed 18 years old.

You can get special famous hong kong noodles and soup and when you are flying in Asia you will get relatable Asian food on the flight.

Inflight entertainment

Cathay Pacific Airlines not only gives you the best and most cozy flying experience but also provides you with the best desirable inflight entertainment or a world-class dining experience. Let’s explore with us Cathay Pacific Airlines’ inflight entertainment or dining experience.

1. Movies, Shows, and Music 

Cathay Pacific Airlines provides the best ever experience of music, movies, and shows with extreme quality of voice, and HD quality in videos and updates their list every month, giving the latest content flying every time.

You can enjoy Hollywood’s brand-new releases, Asian cinema standards, award-winning TV-set boxes, the latest albums, podcasts, and also 3D games to play. You just sit back, relax, and be completely cherished during your journey

You can also relish the extended content library in Cathay Pacific’s long-time fleet: all Airbus A350-1000 aircraft and selected Boeing B777-300ERs and Airbus A350-900 aircraft.

2. Wi-Fi and connectivity

Nowadays internet is a basic need of everyone, Cathay Pacific Airlines provides you with the best internet connectivity in flight with good uploading and downloading speed.

You are free to browse the internet, send messages, or surf the internet with Cathay Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi, This wi-fi service is now accessible in Airbus A350 aircraft and rolling out their  Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft. When boarding their A350 aircraft, you can allow data roaming to send and receive SMS on your mobile.

To connect with Cathay Airlines Wi-fi, you need to first verify Wi-Fi is accessible on your flight in case of flight. Just enter your flight number or route and see the Wi-Fi enabled ‘symbol and click on it. Now enjoy the wifi and your journey also.

3. Travel inspiration

Discover unlimited travel inspiration and destination intel at Discovery and the Silkroad, Inflight Magazine dedicated to Cathay Pacific, and Cathay Dragon. Extra destination information is accessible on your personal TV with extra travel features, conferences, and snapshotting on Online Discovery.

4. Inflight shopping

Cathay Pacific Airlines also give you a world-class shopping experience in-flight for luxury items of the world’s topmost brands in their flight retail catalogs i.e, Cathay Pacific’s Discover The Shop and Cathay Dragon’s Emporium. You can also find a complete item catalog on your personal TV, which lets you browse and order multiple products on selected aircraft.

5. Enjoy Studio on Cathay Dragon

If you are flying in Cathay Dragon’s A320 aircraft, you have a lot of entertainment choices on your personal device, Cathay pacific Airlines allows you to use Cathay Pacific mobile app to enjoy their wireless inflow entertainment system Studio. Business-class travelers can enjoy pre-loaded iPads with extra entertainment options with noise-reducing headsets.

Note* All the given services may be discontinued in case of the cancellation and rebooking of flights. it may be charged as per the cancellation and changing flight policy.

Baggage Allowance

The baggage Allowance given by Cathay pacific for the passenger traveling on the flight is divided into two parts. One is the baggage allowance for taking in-cabin and one is to send in the baggage hold of the aircraft as checked baggage. So there are some limits on the number of counts, weight, and size of the baggage you will be carrying to another destination.

In-cabin baggage allowance

The cabin bags are also divided into two types one in the cabin bag and the other one in small-item luggage. So both have fixed weight and size limits which had to be fulfilled by the passengers to allow taking in-cabin.

So the cabin luggage which is permitted must be 56 cm in length x 36 cm in width x 23 cm in height. And these dimensions are included with the wheels and handles or side pockets attached to the bag. Every passenger flying in any of the classes of Cathay Pacific, they are permitted to take only one cabin bag along with them.

Whereas your small item bags like Small handbags, Laptop bags, Small backpacks, Camera bags, Briefcases, etc to carry along with you in the cabin. So its dimension must be 15cm in length x 30cm in width x 40cm in height. So these small-item bags are permitted to carry but only one in a piece per passenger. 

The standard weight allowance for the baggage to take in-cabin is up to the limit of 7 kgs including both together in Economy and Premium Economy class and the weight limit for business class is 10ks in total and for first class, it is 15 kgs of limits in total. 

Your cabin bag had to place overseas on the flight passenger seat and your small item luggage can be kept under the seat of the passenger seat in front of you.

Checked baggage:

So standard baggage allowance as a checked bag for any class apart from First class is permitted to carry up to 2 pieces of baggage and first-class passengers can carry up to 3 pieces of baggage.

The weight measured of each bag must be within 30 kgs for most of the Cathay Pacific flight, but when you are in premium class, then 35 kgs of baggage in total is permitted, for business class, it changes up to 40 kgs and if you are in the First class of the flight then you are permitted to send checked baggage of 50 kgs in total.

When you are exceeding the weight or the number of baggage that has been limited, then you have to pay extra for getting exceed the limits for the baggage allowance given by Cathay Pacific. But remember you will get an allowance even by paying up to the weight of 32 kgs and 203 cms in the dimension total of length, width, the height of your checked baggage.

Pet Policy

Cathay Pacific airlines do permit you to travel along with your pet on the flight, but not in the cabin of the flight, unless it’s your service dog, thus service or guide dogs are permitted to travel along with you sitting beside the in-cabin of the flight. Otherwise, your pet will be in transit in the cargo hold or baggage department of the same flight.

So when you are flying with a pet from Hong Kong, then it’s mandatory to send your pet as checked baggage to fly in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Before you fly off, you must get in contact with the local reservations office regarding the regulations and restrictions on the pets’ travel.

And also go over the site of the IATA Travel Centre to know about the documents you have to get ready for your pet to get approval from the airlines to travel to another country you are flying to.

Breed of your pet who has snub nose are strictly not permitted to fly either a guide or service dog or not even in a cargo hold, as they have a  breathing problem and travel over such high height can cause risk to their life which Cathay Pacific do not want. So traveling with your pet in the cabin or in the cargo hold, you have to pay the cost for the same.

For more information, just click on the link, Cathay Pacific pet policy.

Travel with an infant or child

When you are traveling on a flight with an infant of at least  7 days born baby to the age of 24 months, then remember you do not have to book separate seats for them and do not even have to get the ticket booked. 

Besides not occupying any seat, an infant will get a baggage allowance of 2 pieces of baggage in-cabin for a total of 10 kgs. Nut when flying to Australia or New Zealand, then only 1 piece of bag is permitted to carry in-cabin for infant travel.

So infants, in any case, are not permitted to fly alone, an adult or guardian of age at least 18 years old must accommodate the baby in the same cabin of the flight over the lap of an adult through the whole journey.

You have to take care of your infant’s health and hunger, in-flight of Cathay Pacific, you will get a diaper change table, and breastfeeding is permitted at any time on the flight. Apart from this, you will get an infant meal on the food menu served on the flight. So you can get baby food and feed them if your infant feels hungry.

Pregnancy Policy

The flag carrier requires that women with pregnancies after 28 weeks carry a medical certificate given by the doctor, dated within 10 days of travel that states the following are given:- 

  • The single or multiple pregnancies
  • The estimated week of pregnancy
  • The expected due date 
  • The doctor-certified document has described good health and the pregnancy is progressing normally, without complications
  • The pregnant lady is fit to travel on a flight

A medical checkup is required for the check-in time and also that is normal. At that time the flight authority was ready to fly with it.

The airline accepts women who are pregnant with uncomplicated single pregnancies to travel up to 36 weeks and uncomplicated multiple pregnancies up to 32 weeks.

Pregnancy stagePregnancy detailsMedical certificate requiredMEDA form required
Uncomplicated single pregnancy
Before 28th weeksingleNoNo
28th – 36th weeksingleYes (the doctor’s Certificate must be dated within 10 days of the initial outbound travel date)No
After 36th week(i.e. 35 weeks + 7 days)singleNot accepted onboard
Uncomplicated multiple pregnancies
Before 28th weekmultipleNoNo
28th – 32nd weekmultipleYes(the doctor’s checkup Certificate must be dated within 10 days of the initial outbound travel date)No
After 32nd week(i.e. 31 weeks + 7 days)multipleNot accepted onboard


So for getting to know anything about Cathay Pacific or get to solve any queries or problems, then do feel free to contact Cathay Pacific Customer care center or its support team, other than that you can even mail them, post them over their address or simply even fax them with your suggestions or complains.

Phone number:

Though there are many calling numbers that will make you connect with the customer care center directly. They are sitting for you to solve your questions, available from 9:30 in the morning till 5:30 in the evening. And the number is:
+852 2747 2747

Email id:

If in any case fail to contact them by phone, you can even mail them through their email id which  is:


They have a registered address, to which you can send any official letter regarding your complaint or suggestion, and airlines will surely take action over it.

Cathay Pacific City,
8 Scenic Road,
Hong Kong International Airport,
Lantau, Hong Kong

Apart from all these, Cathay Pacific has a separate page where you can register your complaints or suggestions regarding anything you want to know.

Social Media

Cathay Pacific airlines also have a social media account on which they are quite active. If you get them in touch through social media you will get back response accordingly. So social media handle they have their account on are:

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

Cathay Pacific Covid Policies

Cathay pacific first priority is the well-being of its passengers. In order to provide safety to the passengers, they are doing their best.

What to know before you fly? 

  • If you have any symptoms at the airport, you won’t be allowed to travel. It will be better to stay at home if you get even a little symptom of not being well.
  • You will be asked some health-related questions at the airport.
  • You are required to fill out a health declaration form prior to your departure.
  • If you are 2 years or more you are required to wear the mask during the whole trip. You can only remove it if you are eating or drinking.
  • Carry your own facemasks with you that are comfortable for you and fit your nose and mouth.
  • Online check-in and self-service baggage services are available for you to stay in contact as much as possible.
  • The temperature of all the passengers will be checked at the time of boarding.
  • Blockage of seats for social distancing will be done. 
  • The crew members will be strictly wearing face coverings, gloves, and goggles. Regular medical checkups take place of the crew members.
  • The flights are cleaned properly with all the seats, seat belts, surfaces, and everything.
  • Meals will be provided on the flight in a modified way so that there is less contact between the staff and the passengers.

Bookings flexibility

  • Until December 31, 2021, unlimited ticket transfers, worry-free
  • If you want to plan ahead, you can book now. We provide you with unlimited freedom to change new tickets without paying regular change fees.
  • We know that flexibility is now more important than ever that’s why we extend this offer to all new tickets purchased before June 30, 2021. In addition, you can now make unlimited changes until December 31, 2021.

Travel restrictions

  • In light of the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, many governments have issued entry restrictions, visa suspensions, and passenger isolation measures.
  • Since these restrictions may change in a short period of time, they should only be used as a guide. Passengers should refer to the latest information issued by the government of the destination country.

Free Covid-19 Insurance

When you fly with us, you’ll be covered for medical expenses related to a COVID-19 diagnosis. This coverage is automatically applied to trips commenced between 7 December 2020 and 30 September 2021.

  • Medical treatment and hospitalization-If necessary, we will introduce specific COVID-19 PCR tests and hospitalizations.
  • Quarantine costs-You will receive an allowance to help you isolate.
  • Evacuation and repatriation-we will take you and your travel companions home. Traveling with kids? We will also take them home.
  • 24/7 emergency hotline-we will accompany you throughout: just call AXA’s 24/7 emergency assistance hotline at +852 2863 5785 or send a WhatsApp message to +852 2863 5784.

Our free COVID-19 insurance is applied automatically – all you need to do is book your flight. Free COVID-19 insurance is automatically included for flights between December 7, 2020, and May 31, 2021 (both dates are inclusive). Coverage applies to anyone with airline tickets issued by Cathay Pacific – this could be on flights operated by Cathay Pacific, one of our code-share partners, or our cross-line partners. You are not required to fill out any application forms before traveling.

What is covered?

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19* when you leave the country, we will pay you overseas medical expenses and quarantine expenses in accordance with the applicable limits and exclusions.

We will also cover the cost of all overseas PCR tests, whether they are positive or negative, you must receive your COVID-19 drug treatment, or determine whether you have COVID-19 based on applicable restrictions and exclusions.

If you have already contacted someone diagnosed with COVID-19 and need a PCR test, we will also cover the cost of the test.

If you suspect that you have COVID-19 and need a PCR test to return to your home country*, we will cover up to 2 PCR tests.

What is not covered?

In your home country*, you will not bear any medical expenses, quarantine expenses, or PCR testing expenses*. The benefits of insurance only apply overseas. COVID-19 will not bring you any medical or quarantine costs, and you will not be responsible for them. For a complete list of items not covered, please refer to the policy terms and conditions.

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