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EgyptAir Reservation, Flights & Ticket Booking Tips

EgyptAir is an air carrier giving its service since 1933. It’s quite an old airline that initially flew within Egypt only. They have set up their headquarters in  Cairo International Airport, from where all the flight schedule has been made for the flights to be flown.

They have been serving more than 70 destinations all over the world. They have quite a sorted service system and most importantly with EgyptAir Reservation, they take care of the customer comfort. 

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How to Book your EgyptAir Flight Ticket Online

EgyptAir is the flagship carrier of the Egypt which provide the best services to their passengers. They follow the customers feedback to improve their services as well. EgyptAir enhance their booking services through integration of the technology and make compatible user interface for the customers. So, here we discuss step by step guidelines for booking Egyptair flight ticket.

  • First of all open the official website of the EgyptAir. Then login with the registered id and password. If you want to book your ticket with other travel site like Treknova then you can go for it for grab the best deals.
  • After login with your credentials you are on the home page of EgpytAir where you can see “Book” tab, just move a cursor on that, a drop-down box is open where ‘Book a Flight’ option is available click on this.
  • Now you have to choose whether you return with this flight then choose round trip or choose one way.
  • Now the next step is to enter the origin and destination of the with departure date then select the number of passengers, children and the infants traveling together.
  • After filling out the above things you have to choose the class of the ticket either it is best fare or business class then click on the book button.
  • Now you are on the next page where system shown you the various flights with price on the basis of your searches, choose any one and click on the continue button.
  • The next step is to enter the passengers details like passenger’s name, surname, gender, date of birth and the contact details.
  • After doing aforementioned steps you have to pay for the tickets which you are going to book. You can pay through your credit and debit card.
  • After finalizing your payment and your transaction is successful then you’ll get the confirmation mail on your email id. It consist a copy of booking reference number which is a unique code.

EgyptAir Reservations In-flight service

Service for onboard under EgyptAir Reservations has a long list. Not only on board but also on-ground service for passengers are up to mark by them. There are some of the services which we have discussed below:

In-flight meal

Egyptair flight included the meal price in the price of your flight ticket. It produces over 30,000 meals a day in Cairo is the airline runs its inflight catering kitchen. Egyptair meals are all classified as Halal, so there is no requirement for passengers to order a special meal for this.

If you bring your own alcohol onboard the cabin crew will provide you with cups and ice/ lemon if required. Alcohol is not served on Egypt Air flights, and there are reports. It’s always best to check with the cabin crew first before deciding to drink your own alcohol on any aircraft, and the rules vary from airline to airline.

Here are several meals that provide the Egyptair, and that is Diabetic meal, Hindu, Kosher, Seafood, Low Cholesterol/Low Fat, Child Meal, Baby, Muslim, Vegetarian. Can all be ordered online or through reservations at least 24 hours before departure. And the details are given below:-

1. For non Diabetic meal

Healthy and sugar-free – nutritional information is provided.

Egyptair flight provides a low sugar meal that contains minimal salt, low-fat products, grilled white meat, high fiber fruits and vegetables, cereals, and diabetic-friendly products like sugar-free jam. It does not contain refined sugar processed meats, fried foods, sweetened dairy products, cream-based sauces, and canned fruits.

2. For the Hindus Meals

Meals free of beef, and beef ​products, may contain chicken/ fish or seafood. These meals contain Lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, pulses, starches, milk, and dairy products. Some airlines may offer a special vegetarian form of this, but this is not common. If you want an Indian type of meal that is vegetarian.

3. For the Kosher Meals

No pork, sausages, cured meats, shellfish, or rabbit meat. 

Kosher meals will feature meat from animals that have split hooves and chew the cud, fish will have fins and scales. Expect Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Liver, Sweet Bread, Eggs, Cheese, and Dairy Products. Kosher meals can be difficult to order, and may not always be available on all flights operated by airlines. They require a lot of time, so plan ahead many airlines require up to 72 hours’ notice.

4. For the Seafood Meals

Fish and other seafood only.

 It’s an expensive special meal to create, so it’s not always offered. The meal will not include any meat at all, only fish or shellfish, and it’s generally a Western-style dish (depending on the airline). The seafood will normally be served with potatoes and vegetables, and carbohydrates.

5. For the Low Cholesterol/ Low Fat meal  

For those with cardiac/hypertension problems

Instead, the offering may include Meat, chicken, fresh vegetables, cereals, lactose-free fruit, soya milk, and nondairy products.

6. Meals for the Infants

Under 2 years of age – includes strained fruits, vegetables, and meat. Toddlers – soft, easy-to-chew foods, may include finger foods.

7. For the Vegetarian Meals

No meat of any kind.

When you make flight reservations at that time please request your special meal.

Meals included Butter, cheese, milk, ice cream, eggs, soya and soya products, all fruits and vegetables, legumes, pulses, dried beans, herbs, spices, oil, and margarine of plant origin.

8. For the Food Allergies

The Egyptair flight cannot guarantee you that the meals and snacks of the flight served on board are completely free from traces of nuts or any allergens.

This is owing to the nature of our production facilities that may be handling such ingredients.

  • To provide their own food subject to security and local laws the  Egyptair flight advises all passengers with dietary requirements that we cannot meet.
  • Onboard notice is that our cabin crew is unable to make announcements or alert other passengers to individual medical conditions. ​

Inflight Entertainment

Egyptair flight provides you with a vast selection of movies, audio programs, games, and shows in the inflight entertainment package. You can sit back in the comfort of your seat and be entertained by the all programs or shows that you want to see. ‘Horus’ is the inflight magazine. 

You can also enjoy inflight entertainment on your next flight​ with a vast selection of movie shows from around the world, TV programs, and Audio channels for all members of the family. Your comfortable seat with the features of sitting back, relaxing, and truly letting us entertain you. You can Entertain all programs that are subject to aircraft and schedule changes. The Inflight entertainment system that can onboard your flight will be shown after you enter your aircraft type and click ‘Go’. Here the flight passengers see the program timetables and want further information on the aircraft type operating your flight.

In-flight Entertainment

  • Movies
  • Audio
  • KIDS Program
  • TV Shows

Baggage Allowance

There are certain rules and instructions for baggage allowance to carry over your flight journey whether it’s in-cabin or hand luggage or hold baggage or checked baggage. Baggage allowance for EgyptAir will all depend on the travel class you would be flying.

In-cabin baggage

In-cabin baggage is one that can be carried out in-cabin along with you over your flight journey. These baggage are comparatively smaller in size and less in weight than the checked baggage which is been transported in the hold of the aircraft. The baggage allowance for cabin baggage also depends on the travel class you have booked your tickets in.

So when you have a flight to some other international destinations then in the business class travel ticker you would get an allowance of 2 in-cabin or hand baggage whose weight must be within 8 kgs each. And when traveling on an economy class international flight, only 1 carry-on baggage or handbag is permitted to carry of maximum 8 kgs.

Over domestic flights of EgyptAir when traveling in Business class you will get the permission of taking up to 2 in-cabin baggage and the weight must be within 8 kgs each. Whereas when traveling in Economy class of domestic flight only, then only 1 in-cabin is approved by the company which must be weighed not more than 8 kgs.

The cabin baggage onboard had to keep in the overhead compartment above the passenger seats in the cabin. You can even place your baggage under the seat in front of you.

Checked baggage

So when you are sending your luggage as checked baggage in the hold of the aircraft, then you have to keep a check over the dimensions and the weight of your baggage. If the free baggage allowance limit is crossed then your baggage will be considered to be excess baggage, whether it’s overweight, oversized, or the number of baggage.

So in an international flight with EgyptAir, you are allowed to transit 1 piece of checked baggage whose weight must be within 32 kgs and the dimension of the baggage must be 158cms in total which is the sum of length, width, and height.

When you are flying on a domestic flight in Business travel class then also you are permitted  1 checked baggage which must be weighted like 32 kgs and the size must be measured within 158 cm as a sum of the length, width, and height of the checked baggage.

Up to one extra baggage of the same size and weight can be accepted as excess baggage with additional fees for the same. This is for both international and domestic flights scheduled by EgyptAir. When you have MS flights you will either target a 50% discount on the excess baggage fees or you can carry 1 freehand baggage of 10 kgs.

Pet Policy

So on the EgyptAir flight, pets are permitted to take along with you in-cabin or you can even send it to the hold or cargo department. Under the EgyptAir pet policy, you are only allowed to carry dogs and cats as pets.

For pet transport, you have to inform EgyptAir in advance of all such details they want to know. At least you need to tell EgyptAir reservation by calling them 48 hours before the departure time. If in any case, you fail to inform them before 48 hours of the flight timing, your pet will not be accepted at the check-in point for transport whether you want to send it in cargo or in-cabin.

In-cabin pet

  • The total weight of the pet including the carriage must be within 8 kg.
  • Carriage dimensions must be measured as 55 cm in length, 40 cm in width, and 20 cm in height.
  • Each cabin pet container must only have one pet locked inside, whereas one passenger in-cabin can carry just 1 pet cage.
  • So the service of a pet in-cabin is applied on a first come first served basis. In general, airlines only accept up to 2 pet carriers in every travel class in aircraft. More than that will be sent as checked baggage in cargo or hold.
  • Apart from dogs and cats, Falcons can also be accepted in-cabin to travel, but it depends on the EgyptAir rules. For further details, you have to contact the EgyptAir office call center. 

Any adult can carry a pet carriage in-cabin, but passengers with some medical device support are not allowed to carry pets along with them in-cabin. And a child flying as an unaccompanied minor is also will not be accepted for travel with a pet carrier.

Pets in the cargo hold

  • In the cargo hold also EgyptAir accepts only dogs and cats as pets to transit as checked baggage.
  • You have to send your pet in a locked container that must be leak-proof and must be made of hard rigid so that pet locked inside didn’t get escape from the carriage so easily.
  • Pet containers must be spacious enough according to the size of the get locked inside so that they can sit in their most natural way, can take a round turn, and lie down comfortably.
  • Even when sending a pet carriage to cargo or hold, one pet carriage must have only 1 pet inside. But the condition you can lock multiple pets in the same containers are:
    • Any 2 pets of comparable size who are familiar with each other and whose weight together is not more than 23 kgs can be locked in the same pet container and can send to cargo for transport
    • And the second condition is if the pet’s age is less or up to 6 months then 2 pets of the same breed whose weight must be within 23 kgs in all together can be transit in the same pet container.
  • In case your pet’s weight exceeds the weight of 23 kg together then will have to ship separately and will be counted as 2 pieces of pet carrier to send in cargo. You have to pay for both separately.
  • On the E170 aircraft of EgyptAir, pets are not accepted to transport in the cargo section as checked baggage due to certain reasons.

Travel with infant

A Baby whose age has been measured to be 7 days old till 24 months of age is considered to be an infant traveler in EzypyAir flights and above the age of 2 years are meant to be a child. So to travel on the flight your infant should be in a healthy fit state to fly.

You have to bring the age proof document of the infant or the child you will make them fly like a birth certificate. You will get a fine service from the cabin assistance to the passenger who are been traveling with infants or children to make their flight a little easier.

Passengers with infants or children can bring their own food to feed them on the flight. Can also bring an infant bag for stuff like napkins medicines or food etc. The infant will not be allowed to settle over the seat near the Emergency gate exit on the flight.

Usually, infants whose age is less than 2 years have to travel in the lap of an adult whose age is at least 16 years. And one adult can travel with 2 infants, one over the lap of the adult and the second one over a separate seat which will cost you an infant ticket fare. And if you are carrying your infant in a car seat then you would need a separate seat in the cabin and that will charge you as a child fare.

When a mother and father both are carrying 2 infants then EgyptAir prefers to allocate cross-aisle seats for them just because of safety reasons. In case your infant child ticket is applied on both the departure and arrival tickets and in the return your infant turns child more than the age of 2 years then you will have to issue the ticket on the child fare basis.

Pregnancy Policy

There is no such big pregnancy policy for the pregnant passenger to fly in-cabin of EgyptAir. But there are certain rules and regulations for the safety measure of the woman and the baby she is carrying in her womb.

So the pregnant women have to submit her medical assurance of her, in which it should be mentioned, that you do not have any type of complications in her pregnancy, her expected date of delivery, and a shot detail of uncertainty of continuance of the pregnancy.

You have to clear the medical clearance by a doctor and even with EgyptAir staff present at the check-in point of the airport. And the medical certificate issued by your valid doctor must be at least 7 days before the flying date.

There is a declaration form for the Pregnant women passenger of EgyptAir which they have to fill out and submit before departure. So the condition on which you have to fill the form is:

  • If you have an expected day is within or less than 4 weeks from the date of the flight.
  • If your doctor has announced the uncertainty about your pregnancy or the expected date of labor.
  • If you have been expecting multiple births or any complications in your delivery, they also have to fill out the form.

Pregnancy Women who are strictly not permitted for flight journeys are

  • Women who have expected delivery within 7 days before the date of the flight.
  • Women who had delivered a baby within 7 days from the date of the flight.


After all, this, if you have any queries regarding EgyptAir Reservation, then you can get in touch with EgyptAir customer service, which is through voice call, by mail, or by posting in their registration address. You will definitely get your queries with a suitable solution.

Phone number

You can call over their customer support phone number to forget a quick answer to your question or if you are facing any problem and want a solution as soon as possible, then the customer support voice team is sitting for your help.

+1 212 581 5600

Toll-free number: +1 800 334 6787

Customer support over call is available from Monday to Friday at 09.00 AM – 1700 PM

Email id

If in case you want some complaints or suggestions registered to the company, then you can even mail them or any questions you have in your mind. So they have a specific mail id which is:


For any legal action or legal letter, you can even post the letter to them, over their registered address:

90 Broad Street,
Suite 501,
New York,
NY 10004,

It’s not only for legal action but also you can send a letter informing them about their loopholes or your complaints, with possible suggestions. EgyptAir might react to them with solutions.

Social Media

Social media is one such digital platform, where you can reach out to a huge amount of audience. So EgyptAir gives every update regarding their policies and reservation or booking updates. You can even get in connect with them by messaging them over their social media account. So these are the account they have multiple Social media:

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last-minute unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

EgyptAir Covid Policy

EgyptAir’s first priority is the safety of its passengers. They are taking all the possible measures to help you fly safely with them.

Change fees

  • You can change or reschedule your flight without getting charged extra just once. If the date of the ticket is gone, then also you can get it changed. 
  • For a refund, you have to convert your ticket fare to a Travel Voucher, which can be used to pay your part of the fare of the future trip with EgyptAir. Apart from ticket fare share, you can even use this travel voucher for availing yourself of any other services given by EgyptAir.
  • These rules can be changed by the airlines, please be updated with them.

Travel restrictions

  • Due to the current situation, many countries/regions have issued traveler entry restrictions. These entry restrictions may be changed within a short period of time. For this reason, the Airlines recommend that all passengers check the latest restrictions issued by the government.
  • You will be required a Covid negative report in most of the destinations, so you are advised to get it done on time, 3 days prior to the departure.

Safety Measures

  • Please check-in online and use the electronic tickets instead of getting them printed.
  • The check-in procedure will take time, so try to be early at the airport.
  • You will have to wear a mask from the time of entry to the airport, and your temperature will be checked. Make sure you are healthy while traveling.
  • The staff will get checked regularly and will be wearing masks, shields, and everything required to be safe and keep you safe.
  • The lounges are open, but you will only get the packed food there.
  • At the time of boarding, there are stickers on the floor for you to stand to maintain social distance.
  • The aircraft are cleaned regularly with all the global aviation standards.
  • The HEPA Filters will clean the air on the flight.
  • You will get the hygiene kit on the flight.
  • In-flight payments won’t be allowed in cash.
  • Lavatories are cleaned regularly.
  • The pillows ad magazines won’t be provided for some time.

You will be guided properly by the EgyptAir crew members about all the measures and steps to be taken on the flight.

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