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Emirates Reservation: Flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Emirates is basically a Dubai-based airline that is 35 years old. It’s been started in 1985. Till now, they have successfully flown157 destinations from all over the world. They have achieved quite a good amount of customers fly all over the world by Emirates airlines. Their service whether it’s on the ground or its inflight service is up to mark.

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Rebooking ticket: if you have booked your tickets just before 31st May 2020 to travel within 31st August 2020, then cancellation tickets can be rebooked for traveling within 720 days from the date of travel you booked before cancelation.

So whenever you want to travel again you can use your booked ticket by just rebooking, the only thing is the traveling date must be within 720 days from the date the ticket was issued.

Travel Voucher: if you do not want to rebook your ticket which has been canceled due to COVID-19, then you have an option for requesting a travel voucher for your canceled ticket. So you have tissue the travel voucher by requisition, and from the date of issue, your travel voucher is valid for a further 1 year.

This voucher can be used for Emirates Reservation or any service from Emirates, in spite of any destination you are flying from or to, or travel class you are flying. To issue this voucher, it’s totally free without any charges. So you are free to plan or book your next travel journey with Emirates.

Refund: So there is a refund and cancellation policy for those whose ticket has been canceled due to a pandemic situation, who can ask for a refund. Though in case you have opted for rebooking or for a travel voucher from the Emirates, then also you can apply for a request for a refund of your ticket fund. But once the valid date of the rebooking or voucher gets off, then you can not apply for a refund.

Emirates Reservations in-flight service

Service given either in-fight or on the ground by Emirates Reservation, both are helpful, and the staff serving these facilities are so cooperative and understanding. So some of the services which are usually needed for passengers are been informed below with a little description.

In-flight entertainment

The inflight entertainment service of Emirates flights has many sources. Any passenger traveling in Emirates aircraft will not feel bored or will not feel wasting time, as they have access to a wide range of videos and audio, which will make you engage in enjoying the flight journey.

For communication or access to the digital world, while traveling on a flight of Emirates, they have given access to wifi connections available onboard. You have to buy the plan according to your will. Or if you have an Emirates Skywards member, then you can have wifi free.

Plans for wifi given by Emirates are

  • If only one wants to communicate with people even on the flight, i.e access to any of the messenger apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, or Viber which are only giving messaging or text services. This plan will cost you USD 2.99 – USD 5.99 depending on the length of the flight.
  • Want an internet connection from Emirates onboard wifi, then you have to pay between USD 9.99- USD 19.99, depending on the time duration of the flight.
  • And if you want only 50 MB of the internet from the Emirates onboard wifi connection, then you only have to pay USD 9.99 charge for the same.
  • If you have an Emirates Skywards member, you can access the internet only for messaging purposes, i.e under membership, you will get free text app wifi connection.

You have to purchase the wifi plan on board after you have taken -it off. Simply turn on the wifi option in your electronic device, then connect with the OnAir wifi network name. If you are under the membership, then you can directly log in and use the facility, or you have to buy the corresponding wifi plan of your choice for your flight. After that pay online and enjoy the wifi connection.

Baggage allowance

Baggage allowance given by Emirates will differ from travel class or metric & Imperial. In-cabin baggage or checked baggage limit will also vary. So you must be kept in mind while packing your baggage for your travel inflight of Emirates. So below we will describe the details for the free baggage allowance for in-cabin or checked baggage.

In-cabin baggage:

In-cabin baggage free allowance depends on the routes you are traveling to or from, even the travel class you have booked your tickets in, and in some cases, the membership status card plays a role in your free baggage allowance in-cabin.

So when you are traveling in Economy class of Metric type of Emirates, then you are permitted to take only 1 piece of free baggage in-cabin whose weight must not be more than 7kgs whereas the dimension of the in-cabin baggage must be within 55 cm of length, 38 cm of width, & 20 cm in height. The in-cabin baggage is usually called a carry-on. 

When booking tickets in business class, then you’re allowed to take in 2 pieces of in-cabin-free baggage, one in the carry-on and the second one in a handbag. Each one’s weight should not exceed 7 kgs individually. Whereas the size of the carry-on must be within 45 in length, 35 cm in width, & 20 cm in height, and for the handbag, the dimension should be kept under 55 cm in length, 38 cm in width & 20 cm in height.

Apart from it, When you are traveling from Brazil, then you are permitted to carry 10 kgs of carry-on baggage for free. If you are traveling with an infant then, you can bring a whole whereas you can even carry an infant’s food in extra baggage which will be permitted apart from the free in-cabin baggage allowance.

So the free allowance in-cabin carry-on baggage must be placed in the overseas compartment or can also be placed under the passenger seat in front of you. In case if you have a seat allocation just in front of the emergency exit gate of the aircraft, then you are not permitted to keep under the seat. Whereas you can even not place your carry-on beside your leg or in aisles.

Checked baggage

So under the baggage allowance for checked baggage for Emirates flights, it has been a little different from any other baggage allowance. They have weights and piece concepts for checked baggage which will be sent to the hold or compartment of the same aircraft in which you will be flying.

So under the weight concept of the Emirates, your checked baggage will get permission on the basis of the weight you are carrying in total as checked baggage regardless of the pieces of luggage. So this weight limit for each passenger varies from the ticket fare, travel, class, and even where to travel to or from. 

In the economy class, you are generally allowed to send 25 kgs, but for the special ticket, you are permitted only 20 kgs, for the flex fare ticket it’s 30 kgs, and for the super flex economy class fare ticket, then permitted to take 35 kgs checked baggage. When traveling in Business class then you can send 40 kgs as checked baggage, and in the first-class travel ticket fare, you will get a free checked baggage allowance up to the weight of 50 kgs.

So the baggage which is been sent as checked baggage under the weight concept must be kept under the dimension limits given by Emirates which is  300 cm in total including length, width, and height.

The piece concept for checked baggage of Emirates flights is only applicable when you are traveling to or from the Americas and flights only from Africa. But each piece of baggage has a certain weight and size limit which you have to keep. It also depends on the ticket fare and traveling class of each passenger.

When traveling in first class and a business travel class ticket, then you are permitted to carry up to 2 pieces of baggage and weigh 32kgs each. When having an economy travel class ticket then you are allowed to take only 1 piece of checked baggage of weight not more than 23 kgs when you have special fare ticket. Whereas when having Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus fare economy ticket in Emirate then you can come up with 2 checked baggage and that too of 23 kgs each.

Pet Policy

Pet transportation is accepted by Emirates flights. Pets like dogs, cats, and falcons. You can not bring the pet in the cabin you have to send your pet as checked baggage in a hold which will be charged according to the size and weight of your pet. You have to lock your pet in a strong container pet cage.

There are certain rules which one has to follow to let your pet be approved to travel in a flight of the Emirates.

  • When your pet and cage is weight within 23 kgs and dimensions must not exceed 150 cm in length, width & height sum in total. Then Emirates will charge USD 500 for pet transport.
  • When the weight of the pet including the container exceeds 23 but within 32 kgs and the dimension of the pet container is also included within 150 cm to 300 cm sum of length, width, and height in total. Then Pet transport will be charged USD 650 by Emirates.
  • If the weight of the pet and the carriage exceed the weight of 32 kg, but dimensions should be between 150 cm to 300 cm sum of length, width, and height in total. Then fees for pet transport will be USD 800.
  • In case if along with weight, the dimension of the pet carriage also exceeds from 300cms, then you have to contact the Emirate cargo service.
  • When pets travel within Dubai or to or from Dubai, they have to send it under the Emirates cargo service locked in the pet cage.
  • And the last condition of the pet policy is if you are flying to some country that does not accept live pets to transport as checked baggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft, then also you have to contact the Emirates cargo service.

Travel with infant

So according to Emirates traveling with an infant, your baby must be less than 2 years for a considered an infant. In-flight Emirates, cabin staff will give you a special seat belt extension for the safety of the infant. Apart from it, the infant has to travel sitting over the lap of the adult accommodating him/her. 

The price for infant travel on the flight will be an absolutely full discount from the price of adult ticket fare. If in case you are coming up with an infant carrying in a seat car, then you have to book a separate seat for it, which will cost as child fare scheme of the Emirates.

But car seats are meant to be accepted for infants or children who are between the ages group 6 months till 36 months. They will occupy a separate seat in the cabin of Emirates flights. Seat cars that will be used for your child must according to the Emirates measures for seat cars.

The first one is, it should be the type of forward-facing and it should also have a lap seat belt to place the car seat in the passenger seat. It should also not have any shoulder harness like 2 point seat belt is not allowed. All these measures will be checked at the check-in point of the airport, and after that, you will get permission to take away a seat car on the flight for your child.

An infant less than 7 days old is not permitted to fly on the flight though. In any case, if an infant travels before 2 years, and on a return flight, he or she turns to be 2 years old then the guardian accommodating their child has to book their child’s tickets with child fare. Booking can not be done online, you have to contact the local Emirates office.

Pregnancy Policy

Traveling on an Emirates flight while pregnant is accepted. You are good to go without any hurdles until you are in the 29th week of your pregnancy. Only you must not have any medical concerns or pregnancy complications. Otherwise, you have to go through medical clearance from the airlines.

Once you have jumped on to the 29th week of pregnancy, then you have to come up with a medical certificate at the time of check-in for the Emirates flight. A medical certificate must be signed by the doctor who is treating you. A passenger is pregnant for more than 29th weeks, then they are bound to take a medical certificate along with them, otherwise will not be accepted for travel in flight.

In the medical certificate or letter, some information must be needed which are:

  • Mentioned whether it’s a singleton or multiple pregnancy.
  • Mentioned there is no such serious complication in pregnancy
  • Mentioned the estimated date of delivery
  • Mentioned that woman is fit to travel in flight
  • The expected time period mentioned by the doctor for traveling
  • There is no such reason which may become a hurdle in your travel

When you have multiple pregnancies then you are strictly not allowed to travel on an Emirates flight from the 32nd week of pregnancy and when you have been expecting single pregnancy, then from the 36th week of pregnancy you are not allowed to travel on an Emirates flight.

In any case with these pregnancy conditions, you have to travel then you need to fill out the medical clearance form for Emirates, submitting all the medical information airlines will ask for. So you have to fill out the Medical Information Form, to get approval for the flight.

Precaution is taken for the safety of the pregnant passenger on the flight:

  • You should keep your comprehensive travel insurance covered, during your flight journey when you are pregnant. As it will be helpful in case you start your labor on the flight only.
  • You should keep an eye on the rules and regulations of the country you are flying to, as in some countries of the world is been restricted for the outside passenger with the medical state of pregnancy to travel in their respective country. So before you leave for the country, check their local consulate or reach the embassy for the same.
  • Walk onboard freehand and let the heavy baggage carry you to some other accommodating with you as a travel partner.


Apart from the above service, if you want more Emirates reservation information, you can contact their customer service. They are sitting for you to solve your queries with the most possible solution to the same. So get in touch with the Emirates customer support team, through email, by calling, or by post.

Phone number

By calling the Helpline number+1-800-831-1547 you can get in contact directly with the customer care staff by voice princess. They will be available for you from 8 am in the morning till, 6 pm in the evening.

So the general phone number to ask your question is:

Email ID

As you know email id is the official form of getting connected with anyone. And thus Etihad has an email from which you can connect them for any official legal work. Email id of Emirates airlines for any queries or problems, you can mail


Apart from mail or call, you can even post your letter mention about your query, or problem or complaint, or any suggestion you want o give them. Their registered address is:
Emirates Group Building,
Sheikh Zayed Road 686

They also have feedback or complaints about a forum where you can give your valuable comments. And Emirates Airlines will definitely react to them, and work on them.

For travel, the feedback link is:

For any formal complaints, the link is:

Social Media

The social media platform is a rising digital platform where everyone is active most of the time. So any updates of the airlines if done on social media will be reached mass audiences in today’s digital world. So Emirates has an account on some of the social media platforms. They are constantly updating their passengers through their posts. You can also reach them by messaging.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last-minute unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

Emirates Covid Policy

Emirates is taking all the measures that are required for you to fly safely.

Safety measures

  • You are required to wear a face mask every time while traveling.
  • you can use the separate self-check-in and bag-drop kiosks.
  • Keep your documents handy at the airport.
  • Your temperature will be checked by the airline’s staff at the airport.
  • The aircraft gets disinfected after every flight. 
  • Emirates and Dubai International Airport (DXB) are strengthening preventive measures at the airport and on board to help protect the health and safety of their employees and customers. This new measure was introduced after the rapid COVID-19 test was launched for DXB passengers.
  • Now, all cabin attendants, boarding staff, and ground staff who are in direct contact with passengers will wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes disposable protective clothing on their uniforms, a safety mask, masks, and gloves.
  • At Dubai International Airport, all customers and employees must wear gloves and masks. Thermal scanners can monitor the temperature of all passengers and employees entering the airport. Physical evacuation indicators have been placed on the ground and in the waiting area to help passengers maintain the necessary distance during check-in and boarding.

Cancel/Change Policy

  • If you booked your ticket on or after April 1, 2021

You can change it to another destination in the same region and in the same travel class for no extra charge. If the itinerary on your original ticket did not include Dubai, then you are only able to rebook your flight for a similar itinerary that does not include Dubai.

  • For tickets issued on or before September 30, 2020, with a travel date on/before December 31, 2021

The fare you paid will be accepted for any flight to the same destination or within the same region in any booking class. For example, if your original booking was for London, you can rebook it for Amsterdam for no extra charge. If the itinerary on your original ticket did not include Dubai, then you are only able to change your flight for a similar route itinerary that does not include Dubai.

  • For tickets issued on or after October 1, 2020, with a travel date on/before December 31, 2021

The fare you paid will be accepted for any flight to the same destination or within the same region in the same booking class. For example, if your original booking was for London in Economy Class, you can rebook it for Amsterdam in Economy Class in the same booking class for no extra charge. If the itinerary on your original ticket did not include Dubai, then you are only able to change your flight for a similar itinerary that does not include Dubai.

All tickets issued from April 1, 2021, will automatically be valid for travel for 24 months.

Travel restrictions

  • Every destination has its own restrictions and requirements. You should check it before to see what you require to visit that destination.
  • Almost all the destinations require Covid Report, you must get it done within 3 days before the flight.
  • The requirements change at the short notice, stay updated with them.
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