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EVA AIR Reservations

EVA Air Reservations, flights & Ticket Booking Tips

EVA Air or Evergreen Airways, a member of Star Alliance Network, is Taiwan’s second-largest carrier and is based at Taoyuan International Airport. 

It was awarded a 5-star rating by SkyTrax in 2016 and also ranked 3rd in the “Top 10 World’s Best  Airlines ‘ in 2019 by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site,  in recognition for its excellent customer service and in-flight perfection. 

One popular feature of  EVA Air is its ‘Hellokitty ‘model which makes your journey a memorable one, especially if you have kids or teenagers traveling with you.

Cabin Classes

There are 4 types of cabin classes to choose from the affordable economy class to the luxurious Royal Laurel Class.

Royal Laurel Class 

EVA has redesigned seats for this cabin class with adjustable privacy panels and built-in storage cabinets. In this cabin, passengers are  provided with  adequate sleeping space 

It has the latest Inflight entertainment system that includes HD touch screens, USB charging port, etc, and serves top-notch champagne. There is also a facility for ordering meals online before 21 days for Royal Laurel Class passengers 

Premium Laurel  Class/Business Class

 One of the facilities for Premium laurel cabin class is the provision of a   mobile office on certain fleets like access to adjustable LED reading lamps and satellite phones that help you to connect anywhere. It has state-of-the-art facilities like Luxurious seatings and you can use the inflight entertainment system “StarGallery” to play games, watch movies, play music and so on.

They also offer an exclusive skincare kit for travelers also 

Premium Economy Class

This class is available on Boeing 777-300 ER fleets characterized by its wide seating  space and ample legroom 

Economy Class

One feature of the Economy Class is the ergonomic design of the seats with comfortable cushions and an adjustable headrest makes it unique and helps to reduce fatigue. They serve you delicious food and try to solve your problems and requests.

Inflight Entertainment 

Star Gallery, the airlines inflight entertainment system is available in all fleets except Airbus 321 Economy class. You can watch a range of wide movies or TV shows or games, enjoyable music so that you don’t feel bored while traveling 


The airline offers wifi for all its cabin classes but only on specific fleets like

 787,A330-300 ,777-300ER aircraft .If you want to upgrade data plans or if your tickets do not show the available free wifi service, then you might have to purchase one of their wifi plans if required. 

Wifi Plans 

  • Lite Messaging Plan 30MB  but its not useful  for media streaming or web browsing .
  • Standard plan 100 MB 
  • Business Plan 300 MB 

Duty Free  Shopping 

Enjoy shopping ? Want to know what special feature this airline offers related to shopping. One interesting feature is that customers can preorder duty-free products online before their flight and also onboard using the EVA SKY SHOP catalog on the official website or from the seatback monitor.

Tips on flight EVA Air reservations

            Passengers can book for EVA AIR using their EVA Air Reservations phone number or online from the airline’s official website.

You can contact the EVA AIR customer service number to book your tickets, to change a schedule, to add itineraries like special meals, and so on. An alternative to this is to visit the airline’s official website 

Online booking via the website on EVA AIR

  • You can visit their official website on 
  • click on Book Online under Plan and Book tab from homepage .
  • Enter required details and  follow the instructions and 
  • click on ‘search and  book ‘ tab 

Once you complete the online booking, an EVA Air reservations reference number and ticket number will be generated automatically. For each transaction, you can purchase a total of 9 tickets excluding infant tickets. It’s compulsory to include one adult, which means, who is over 16 years old . The adult may only bring one infant, one child, or a maximum of 3 children. You are required to contact the EVA Air reservations office if you want a separate infant or child ticket.

General Information 

One important thing to note is to use the same name that appears on your passport while making EVA Air reservations .or booking a ticket. 

Form of payment 

While booking online, the payment methods for EVA Airways mainly are :

  • American Express
  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • UATP 

The Airline does not accept anonymous prepaid credit card payments which means your name must be stamped on it. 

Other Methods of Payment 

  • Paypal 
  • Union Pay 
  • Google Pay or Apple Pay 
  • IDEAL 
  • Alipay
  • ATM 

One important thing to note while EVA Air check-in is that you are supposed to provide the credit card used during purchase which has your name stamped on it. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a full-fare ticket at the airport counter. 

In case if you are only the credit holder and not the passenger or traveling, then you are required to visit any EVA AIR office or the counter at the airport and sign an Indemnity of the Payment form.

However, there is an exception to the above. If your credit card transaction has been authorized via Verified by Visa /MasterCard SecureCode or American Express SafeKey or JCB J/Secure then you don’t have to present your credit card during check in or be one of the passengers.

What to do if you want to change or refund tickets on EVA Air?

IF you come across a change in your travel plan and want to modify your booking like a change in travel dates on EVA Air, then visit one of the EVA Air ticketing offices in order to make the necessary changes. 

If you wish not to travel after purchasing a ticket, then apply for a ticket refund.

 If you have purchased your ticket online from EVA Air’s official website or mobile app, then please choose the CHANGE DATE/FLIGHTS on the EVA website to modify it.

For any EVA Air cancellation , contact ticketing offices in advance.

For refunding tickets purchased via travel agencies, you must get in touch with the travel agency itself.

Any refund service charge and the no-show fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.

EVA Airlines will refund back to the original credit card within 7 working days.

For cash and check, they will refund within 20 working days.

After purchasing the ticket, you can assign seats online which is available up to 12 hours before flight departure . This service is not available online for Standby and waitlisted passengers. 


Complete the check-in procedures at least one hour before the flight departs.

You can also check-in online 48 hours to 70 minutes before departure.

For online check-in :

  • Visit  the official website of EVA Air 
  • Choose Manage Tab and 
  • click on Manage your trip 
  • Select Online Check in 
  • Enter details and login 

Special meals 

As a matter of fact, the airline offers a variety of meals for you to choose from and they do have special meals for religious medical and health needs and for children and infants. Order your meals at least 24 hours before your departure.


You can provide the ticket while checking in at the airport or provide any one of the below items :

  • Name on the ticket 
  • Eticket number 
  • Infinity MileageLands card number 
  • Flight number and date of travel for checkin 


1)What to do if you don’t receive an electronic ticket after buying online?

    Normally an EVA Air reservations reference number and ticket will be displayed on the screen after you make a purchase or delivered to your inbox shortly. In case you don’t receive it, it would be advisable to contact EVA AIR Reservations by phone who will then email the ticket to you.

2)Will I be additionally charged while purchasing an EVA AIR ticket?

You might have to pay additional travel taxes and fees in addition to your travel fare which is set up by government or airport authorities.

3)Where do I get the online ticket?

When the electronic ticket is issued, the ticket data is stored on the EVA AIR  airline’s electronic database. Hence you can get your boarding pass after showing your passport and credit card used to pay the ticket at the time of check-in.

4)Is it secure to purchase an air ticket on EVA Website?

Of course yes, it’s secure.

5)Could you explain more about the ‘Keep your Fare “ service option on EVA AIR?

This service lets you hold the fare you require and your booking for 72 hours before your ticket is issued and is available for bookings that are made at least 7 days before the flight departure.

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