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Finnair Reservation: Flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Finnair is one of the biggest flying airlines giving service in Finland. They started in the early 19’s in the month of November in the year 1923. Till now they have covered 116 destinations from all over the world. Being quite an old company they have gained many customers’ hearts with their outstanding Finnair reservation service either in flight or on the ground.

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How to Book Your Finnair Flight Ticket Online

If you wanna book your flight ticket on Finnair then you can book your ticket easily on the website of Finnair. You can also book your Finnair ticket through the helpline number. Here we will discuss both ways to book Finnair’s ticket. In case, if you will get a chance of booking your ticket at discounted rates on other sites then you can book your ticket on that site. Like our website Treknova which is the most trusted site for booking an airline’s flight ticket. Here you can avail of the discounts and get better and cheap deals for flight booking. If you want to know how to book your Finnair flight then you can follow the given steps.

Step-By-Step Guidelines For Booking Finnair Flight Ticket Online

  • Open the browser and enter the link to the official website of Finnair which is
  • After that log in with the official account with your credentials. If you don’t have a login id then signup for the further process.
  • After login, you are on the homepage of Finnair where you’ll find the ‘Book’ tab in the menu just click on that.
  • Select the trip type either one-way or round-trip. If you don’t have a plan to return again to the same destination then can select one-way.
  • Now you have to enter the destination and the origin place where you are going to fly then select the number of passengers and the departure date and click on the search button.
  • After doing the above steps you will get all flight details available at a different time basis on your search. You have to choose any one of them which suits your time and comfort with a price.
  • Choose your ticket fare class from the categories economy, premium economy, and business, and then click on continue.
  • Now you are on the passenger details page where you have to enter the passenger’s name, surname, gender, date of birth, and contact details and click on continue.
  • After doing the aforementioned steps you are now on the payment page where you have to pay for your bookings. You can pay through your debit card and a credit card or through the payments application.
  • After your successful transaction, you will be notified through email. You will get the booking reference number in your mail which is your unique code.

Book your Finnair ticket offline

You learn how to book your flight ticket online now we’ll discuss how to book your flight offline or you can say via the helpline number. If you are not handy with the technology or may be stuck in a place where you cannot connect to the internet then you can call on the helpline number and ask customer care for bookings. They may ask some questions regarding your flight journeys like the date of departure and the origin with the number of passengers. After getting your journey details they inform you about the availability and the price of the flight. If you are satisfied with their information then you can ask to book your flight through online payments.

Finnair Reservations in-flight services

Service has been given either in-fight or on the ground by Finnair Reservation, both are helpful, and the staff serving these facilities are so cooperative and understanding. So some of the services which are usually needed for passengers are been informed below with a little description.

In-flight meal

There is a service of meals on every flight, which will satisfy your hunger on the flight journey. You will get a variety of food options onboard, which may also vary from the travel class you are flying in.

Even destinations you are from or flying to also affect the food menu in flight. You can even book your pre-meal even on the day of departure, just 7 hours before the flying off time.

You can purchase food meals onboard, by choosing from the menu available on the flight. Or you can book meals for the flight journey in advance while you are booking your flight tickets. 

When you are traveling on short-haul trips with Finnair, you will only get a snack meal with a drink such as a sandwich or salad with tea or coffee, or juice. Whereas when you are on a long-haul flight of Finnair, then you will be provided a full meal box.

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In-flight entertainment

Finnair has all arrangements for passengers’ entertainment in the flight journey, whether it’s a domestic flight or an international flight. They will get access to lots of movies, TV series, and Documentary videos. Apart from it, you can even listen to music. They have a huge collection of albums.

These are something that you can get to have in the back seat screen available for each passenger traveling on the flights. You can even get to play different games to make fun of your flight journey.

You can even get an onboard internet service which you have to buy. By using an onboard wifi connection, you can get connected to social platforms, or can even do messaging.

Apart from it, you can even purchase the Nordic Sky portal service on international flights of Finnair reservation flights. By availing of this, you can get access to newspapers and magazines on your own electronic device like a phone, tab, laptop, etc.

Baggage allowance

Every passenger when flying with Finnair flights will get a limit for baggage under the free baggage allowance. Baggage can be carried out as carry-on baggage in-cabin or checked baggage(with online check-in) will be sent in the hold of the aircraft.

Carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage is one which you can take along with you in-cabin. This baggage is usually carried out so that passengers flying in flight can access some essential items or products they may need. Carry-on luggage limits get varies from travel class on Finnair flights.

In business class, 2 pieces of carry-on baggage and one personal item are permitted to carry in the cabin. The weight of all in-cabin baggage together must be not more than 10kgs. Whereas carry-on baggage dimensions must not exceed 55 cm in length x 40 cm in width x 23 cm in height.

And the size of personal items baggage such as a handbag, a laptop bag, or a small backpack whose size must be within 40 cm in length x 30 cm in width x 15 cm in height. 

In Economy class, each passenger will get only one carry-on baggage allowance for in-cabin and one personal item. The combined weight of all baggage in-cabin must be within 8 kgs.

Whereas the dimension of the carry-on baggage policy of Finnair will be 55 cm in length x 40 cm in width x 23 cm in height and the personal item size must not exceed 40 cm in length x 30 cm in width x 15 cm in height.

Book your reservations by using Finnair Plus Points

You can use Finner Plus points to purchase tickets for Finnner Road. Start booking by selecting the ‘Reward Flight’ option on the homepage.

You can also use currency and points to pay for flights – this is called ‘any seat reservation’. Start booking flights on our website as usual. On the fourth page, select the ‘Terms of Use link (‘Value’) in the online booking system and sign in with your Finnish Plus username and password.

How to use Finnair Plus Points

  • Launch your favorite browser and visit
  • First, all customers must choose their place
  • The airline’s home page will now appear on the screen.
  • Go to ‘Search & Place Flights’ on the airline’s homepage.
  • There, you need to choose between two options: the preferred travel type and the one-way according to your preferences.
  • In the fourth stage, passengers are required to enter the exit airport in the ‘K’ field and the destination airport in the ‘K’ field.
  • Increase the total number of passengers included in the trip. Be sure to include other passenger categories, such as adults, children (12 to 15 years old), children (2 to 11 years old), and children.
  • It is time to choose your travel nest. Finnair offers two economic and commercial options.
  • Don’t forget to add the date of the trip. If you choose an outbound flight, please enter your departure and return dates, otherwise, you can only add a one-day departure (departure/return).
  • Once you have entered the above information, you will be rewarded with Finnair flights. If the price shown matches your budget, go ahead and click the “Book Now” button and review the flight options available on the selected day and route.
  • Enter passenger details and pay a fee to verify Finnir’s registration.
  • These steps will help you to register for a flight online. However, if you still have problems or need travel assistance, please call the Finnish Customer Service Phone number. The flight attendant will solve your problem and help you complete the flight booking process.
  • If you are a tech-savvy passenger and want a more personalized flight booking experience, you can easily download the Finfiner app on your smartphone and order tickets. Some of the benefits you can use through the Finner app include:
    • Reduces the hassle of connecting flights and shows flight schedules and transmits airport information.
    • Allows you to complete simple registration procedures in no time.
    • If you are a member of Finnair Plus, you can easily and automatically view all travel details in the app. So what are you waiting for? Book a Finnish booking to make your trip enjoyable.

How to Choose Finnair Seat Reservations?

Whether you are traveling for business or personal travel, Finnair gives you the ultimate travel experience. The airline operates from its headquarters and operates approximately 20 destinations in Asia and approximately 100 flights per week. Therefore, the Finnair Airlines booking process is much easier for passengers through the airline’s simple booking user interface. Ticket booking can be done in two ways:

Completing a seat on a Finfine flight is not difficult, as you need to follow the instructions here.

  • Go to Finnair’s official website.
  • Click Search and book your flight.
  • Choose the type of travel trip or one route.
  • Enter the destination city in the ‘Home’ section and the destination city in the ‘Home’ section.
  • Select the total number of passengers and then select the destination.
  • To book a Finnair, enter the route and click the “Book Now” button.

Book Finnair Ticket Through Reservation Helpline Number

Finnair Airlines’ booking number is available to the customer’s customer service agents 24×7 / 365 days a day. Passengers can call this number at any time, and quickly contact qualified airline agents, who will explain various plans, packages, deals, and discounts. So it is easy to book air tickets with amazing deals and bring a fun trip for travelers. In addition, tickets for seniors will also be discounted.

Benefits of Booking Finnair Airline Reservations Online

Get amazing discounts on Finnair airline bookings now:-

  • Take flight fast.
  • Earn points and enjoy discounts.
  • Browse and edit all bookmarks in one place.
  • Finnair Airlines offers discounts and promo codes.
  • Check the availability of travel cabin upgrades.
  • Get three points for renting a car.
  • Transfer and exchange points.
  • Finnair plus 24/7 support and more.

How to get cheap deals on Finnair Airlines?

Finnair Airlines’ customer service is available 24 hours a day. In this way, passengers can contact agents at any time and get the latest flight information and best flight deals about their destinations. With Fine Airline tickets now it is easy to reach your preferred destinations. So hurry up! Book your tickets now. As a result, Finner’s flights to Europe, Asia, and the United States will serve 100 exciting destinations. So, get an attractive discount today!

Checked baggage

So when traveling with Finnair flight and getting to know more about the checked baggage allowance, then you should be knowing that the limits of baggage are different for different traveling class tickets. Apart from it, even the destination to or from your flight also gives effect the limits of checked baggage allowance.

So when you are traveling to or from any location within Japan, then every passenger will get to take little extra baggage on the flight in comparison to flying to/from some other destination.

In the Business Flex and Business Classic travel classes of Finnair, you can take up to 3 pieces of checked baggage. Whereas in Economy Flex and Economy Classic travel class of Finnair, you would be allowed to take up to 2 pieces of checked baggage.

Apart from inside Japan when you are flying to any international location, then in the Business flex and Business classic travel classes of Finnair flight you can carry up to 2 checked baggage whereas when you have tickets in Economy Flex and Economy Classic travel class of Finnair, you can have only 1 piece of checked baggage allowance.

So this baggage allowance is for both adults and children. But for infants, the baggage allowance will be only 1 piece of checked baggage regardless of any travel classes on the flight in Finnair.

One of the travel classes of Finnair is Economy Light, in which passengers will not get any checked baggage allowance, but only carry-on baggage permission is there to carry luggage in-cabin.

Weight measured for business class checked baggage is 32 kgs, whereas, for Economy class, passengers can take checked baggage for 23 kgs. And the dimension of the checked baggage for all the travel classes is 158 cm in the total sum of length, width & height.

If it gets exceeded as overweight, oversize and the number of baggage, then it will be counted as extra and will have to pay excess baggage fees.

Pet Policy

So Finnair accepts pets to travel and transport both from in-cabin as well as in the cargo hold as checked baggage. Your pet’s size and weight decided where your pet will travel in the flight journey. So to know, contact customer service in advance and book your pet travel ticket according to the instruction of the customer support of Finnair.

So you have to inform your pet transport in advance by calling customer care for Finnair. Apart from it, the pet carriage’s total weight and dimensions will also be considered to decide where your pet will travel from.

If you have booked your tickets earlier and later on you have a plan for pet transport you can let Finnair customer support afterward also by filling out the pet booking form. In case your flight has been managed by Finnair codeshare, then you have to follow the respective codeshare airlines’ pet policy rules.

You have to submit certain documents related to your pet for safety purposes. So you need a medical certificate of your pet signed by a veterinary doctor as well as an updated document for pet vaccination to get approval for your pet to travel to another country.

Some countries have different rules for pet transport by air. So you must consult with the agency of the respective country you are flying to and get your et approval papers ready to make them fly to other country lands without any struggle. You can get a look over the pet transport information when traveling to or from Finland on the website of the Finnish Food Authority.

On flights to any European destinations your pet is not allowed to travel in-cabin as well as in hold of the baggage of the aircraft, but has to send in the cargo hold service of the airlines. So need some extra documents for your pet, and for that, you have to get in contact with the embassy or agent to prepare the documents for your pet to travel to Europe.

Traveling with infant

So when traveling with an infant its age must be prior to 2 days from the day of birth and till the age of 2 years, your baby will be considered an infant. So many differences between the infant and child are infant has to travel in the lap of n adult whereas the child has to occupy a separate seat in the cabin.

So as said on the flight Finnair, your infant can not have a separate passenger seat, they have to sit over the lap of an adult who is accommodating him/her. Whereas if you are a caring car sea or baby basket then you have to book one of the seats on the flight to travel.

So you need to submit the document for the infant also, it may be a passport or birth proof certificate along with the country infant is birth at. Before you fly with an infant to any other country, do check out the rules and regulations of the respective country. So that you do not have to face any complexity upon your arrival.

For booking an infant ticket you have to pay only 10% of the adult fare ticket. On the flight, you can avail of infant or child meals to feed your infant on the flight journey. You can pre-book the meal at the time of booking tickets or even after booking by managing tickets.

Pregnant policy

So Finnair flight permits pregnant passengers to travel on the flight, only its duration is not more than 2 hours when you are in your 38th week of pregnancy which means 37 weeks + 6 days. Whereas you can exceed this flight hour only in the condition that you are in your 36th week of pregnancy or less.

Once you have crossed the 28th week of pregnancy, then you have to be more careful and usually suggested avoiding traveling in flight. If in any case, it’s an emergency, then you can fly with Finnair only on the condition that you take along your medical certificate signed by a doctor.

Apart from it, Finnair has its own medical clearance certificate form which a pregnant passenger has to fill up to travel on a flight.

Your pregnancy must be normal without any complications that can harm the mother-to-be and the baby inside. As general information, the medical certificate must be signed by a valid doctor who is treating your pregnancy. But trailing to Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden you can sign the certificate from the midwife too.

So you have to submit your medical clearance form which must be attached to the medical certificate issued by a doctor. And submission must be given within the closest business day from the date of your flight. So that you get clearance on the day of departure and do not have to face any problem check-in.

So pregnant women have to be concerned about the safety of their health and that’s why in any case your medical can not be cleared or you are facing any medical problem on the day of departure, then Finnair will not allow traveling strictly.

Even though you are less than 28-week of pregnant, still it has been suggested that before your flight, you must consult with your doctor about your fitness and get approval to travel on the flight by them.

Contacts Of Finnair

To contact Finnair Customer service, you will get lots of options for the same and get a suitable solution to your problem from the customer support team. You can call them, mail over their email id, or post a letter with the problem to their registered address.

Phone number

When you contact Finnair through the voice process of the customer care center, the staff on the other side are cooperative and under your problem. They are available to you 24 x 7 to answer your question or queries.

SO different countries have different calling numbers but the standard local toll-free phone number of Finnair is:

+358 9 818 0800 

Email ID

You can even mail them over their official email id. You will definitely get a revert to your message with a possible solution you want to know. Or you can even send a mail regarding the complaints you have from Finnair. So the Email ID is:


Apart from calling or emailing, if you are somehow engaged with some legal work to Finnair, then you can send a letter or paperwork details by posting them over their registered address.

01053 FINNAIR,

Social Media

As everything is growing digitally, social media platform plays a crucial role to get more updated. So Finnair has many social media accounts on different platforms. And customers following these accounts will get to know the needful information they may need.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last-minute unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

Finnair Covid Policies

Finnair has the responsibility to look after you while you travel safely with them. 


  • Finnair has a book with a confidence policy for its customer so that they can make changes and cancellations without any tension of change fee.
  • This policy is till 31st August 2021.
  • You can do unlimited changes to your booking status.

Travel updates

  • Each destination has its own travel requirements that are needed to be followed, so do check out all documents you require before taking the flight.
  • Most of the destinations want a covid negative report, so it is advised to get it done and keep it handy with you.
  • The requirements are subject to change at any time, keep checking them regularly. 


  • You can check in online on the Finnair app to save time and stay safe.
  • You are required to wear a mask that covers your face and mouth properly.
  • Please be early to the airport, a maximum of 3 hours early before the flight.
  • You can get yourself a pre-order that you want on your flight. Only pre-ordered sandwiches will be served on the flight.
  • You won’t be allowed to take the flight if you show any symptoms of not being well.
  • Maintain a distance at the airport and on the flight.
  • Keep sanitizing yourself with the sanitizer installation at the airport.
  • Temperature screening might take place at the time of boarding.
  • Whenever the aircraft is on the ground, it gets cleaned and disinfected properly.
  • Boarding and deboarding will take place in small groups, please keep patience and listen to the staff.
  • All the surfaces are cleaned at the airport.

 It is your and Finnair’s responsibility to keep everyone safe. Let’s just be responsible and travel safely.

The rules and policies of the airlines might change at a short notice, stay updated.

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