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Hainan Airlines Reservation & Flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Hainan Airlines is basically a China-based air flyer company. Being a quiet old company set up in 1993, they have successfully flown to more than 100 destinations around the world. Its service for a passenger under the Hainan Airlines reservation is quite good. They have gained faith in their passengers who are flying regularly with great comfort in flight as well as service on the ground.

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How to Book your Hainan Airlines Flight Ticket Reservation Online

Hainan Airlines is a China-based Airline that provides cheap flight tickets for passengers. Hainan provides its own platform to book flight tickets through the help of its official website. They are giving access to the passenger by registering on their website. Here we will discuss how to book your Hainan Airlines flight ticket online.

  • Open the official website of Hainan Airlines in the browser.
  • Then log in with your credentials. You have to sign-up with your email id to register yourself if not yet registered.
  • After log-in, you are on the homepage where you will get the “Plan & Book” tab in the menu. Just click on it. The new drop-down list is open where you have to click on the “Search Flights” option.
  • After that, you are on the next page where you have to enter some details like the origin and the destination place with the date of departure.
  • On the same page, you have to enter the number of passengers who are traveling on the same ticket or going to travel together and choose the ticket fare class and click on “Find”.
  • You have a list of available flights with the time and the price. You have to choose any one of them according to your convenience.
  • Now you are on the next page where you have to enter the details of the passengers like passengers name, surname, age, gender, and contact details. Fill out all the details and then continue.
  • After doing the aforementioned steps, you have to pay the fare through credit cards and the payment application.
  • After your successful payment, you will get notified through email. You will receive the confirmation message in your mail which includes the Booking reference number.

Hainan Airlines Reservation in-flight service

Service given either in-fight or on the ground by Hainan Airlines Reservation, both are helpful, and the staff serving these facilities are so cooperative and understanding. So some of the services which are usually needed for passengers are been informed below with a little description.

In-flight meal

In-flight meal service by Hainan Airlines, you will get multiple options that are available on the flight journey. They are freshly made food that is been served with love for the passengers to shuttle down your hunger while in travel.

Business-class meal:

So in the business class of Hainan Airlines, in-flight meals are available. The food provided are been made with special ingredients and methods, to serve you the most authentic tasty flavourful food. Its been healthy and freshly made for the passengers just before departure time.

Economy class meal:

So for Economy class, they give you some delicious food and drink choices for your flight journey. When you are traveling in an Economy class of long-duration flight, then passengers will get 3 meals in 1 flight journey. 2 times it will be a Chinese meal and one will be a western meal.

And in short-haul, you will get only a one-time meal on the whale journey. It will be a metal box with a favorable drink you want. The meal can be of snacks, salad, or heavy metal. You can even get a dessert and fruit on the flight.

Apart from the specific travel class meal. You can even purchase snacks like peanuts, drinks like juice or coffee. You can even ger beverages like a variety of Wines. Even meals in-flight of Hainan Airlines serve special meal food for passengers, which you have to preorder at least 24 hours before the departure time.

Under a special meal, you will get Religious based Meals like Hindu, or Kosher or Muslim meals in flight. Apart from it, you can even get a variety of vegetarian food meal menus. Food for infants or children is also available in-flight. Even if you need some dietary food items in flight then you can avail of the special meal option for the same.

In-flight entertainment

In Hainan Airlines, you will not get boarded in the whole flight journey. As for passenger entertainment, you will get an HD screen set in the back of each passenger seat. Over the screen, you can watch a series of movies, TV serials, or can worm your ear with music. Apart from it, you can even play games installed on the screen.

Movies loaded on the screen are available in every possible language which Hainaa Airlines can give. You can watch any language movie in whatever language you want. It means you will enjoy your flight with so many movies of your choice.

Apart from movie videos, they have a worldwide famous TV serial, which you can watch in your preferable language and of various jokers which will keep you entertained in the flight journey.

Baggage allowance

The baggage allowance for every passenger will be different for every airline. Whereas in Hainan Airlines Reservation, your free baggage allowance depends on the travel class of the flight you have booked your tickets in.

Baggage can be of 2 types. One is carry-on baggage which can be carried out by you in the cabin of the flight, and the other one has checked baggage which will be carried out by the airline hold baggage compartment of the aircraft you are flying in.

Cabin Baggage

So cabin baggage is meant to carry in-cabin has a limit on weight, size, and the number of baggage per passenger. Even the travel class you are traveling depends on the changes in limits of cabin baggage allowance. In-cabin baggage category, there will be two different types of luggage that can be carried one is a handbag and the second one is the carry-on baggage

Handbags are those which are included in the standard cabin baggage allowance on the basis of weight for each passenger traveling in Hainan Airlines reservation flight. So the weight of the baggage must not exceed 10 kgs and its dimension should be within 20 cm in height, 40 cm in width, and 55 cm in length.

When you are traveling in an Economy class, then you’re permitted to take only 1 cabin bag whereas, in First and Business travel class, every passenger is permitted to take 2 pieces of cabin bag along with them.

And if you are having Fortune Wings Gold/Silver Membership Card, or you are the company’s VIPs and CIPs, then you’ll get an allowance to take as much cabin baggage as you want in your flight journey. But Size and weight standardized by the Airline must be maintained.

Cabin baggage can be placed under the passenger seat in front of you or you can keep it overseats compartment for cabin baggage. It’s for both international as well as domestic Hainan Airlines flights.

Apart from the handbag, you can even carry one piece of Carry-on baggage for which you will be charged, for both domestic as well as in international flights. You can even bring one personnel item with you in-cabin like  a wallet, a briefcase, a laptop,

Checked baggage

Checked baggage allowance will get change with the travel class as well as the destination you are flying to or from. There are certain limits which you have to follow as a passenger of Hainan Airlines.

  • In the American destination flights, checked baggage for each passenger flying in the Business and Economy class of Hainan Airlines reservation are permitted to take 2 free baggage allowances. But if you have a Fortune Wings card membership, then you can take along 3 checked baggage.

    The weight of the baggage in total will be of 32 kgs for business class travel and in Economy class weight of the checked baggage must not exceed 23 kgs in total. Apart from it, the dimensions of each baggage as an individual must be within 158 cms in total (Length+width+height) for all travel class baggage allowance.
  • When Hainan Airlines is flying in European routes, then there will be a change in the number of baggage to take as checked baggage. In Business class you can take 2 pieces and in Economy class, you can take 1 baggage only. Except when flying to or from Russia, you will have 2 pieces of checked baggage allowance.

    Other limits like weight and dimensions are the same for all the routes according to the travel class. But if you had a Fortune Wings card membership, then you can add one extra checked baggage along with the standard limits of the travel class baggage allowance in the routes of Europe.

For further more details about the checked baggage allowance under the Hainan Airlines reservation flight, click here.

Hainan Airlines Covid Policy

In this pandemic situation, it’s hard to travel and it’s not even safe. So concerning the safety of the passengers every country’s government has announced to cancel the flights. And thus Hainan Airlines also have to cancel all the scheduled flights. You will definitely get a refund for these cancellations by giving benefits to thor passengers.

The refund will be given back in the same way, it’s been purchased. The amount of refund you will get will depend on the date of cancellation. And even then if you have partially used your tickets. Tickets canceled due to Covid-19 even can re rebook and make changes according to you.

As for now Hainan airlines has opened its service of Hainan Airlines reservation and flying to the desired destination you want. But before entering the airport for departure, every passenger has to go through Nucleic Acid Test, and if it’s negative then you have to issue this certificate prior to 3 days before the flight date.

  • The body temperature of all passengers will be measured before boarding. At the same time, a non-contact thermometer will be provided on the plane to check the body temperature at any time.
  • In order to reduce contact when boarding, you can find online self-check-in tools in Hainan Airlines application, WeChat official account, WeChat applet, official website and mobile official website.
  • When you enter the airport building, all guests must wear masks at all times. If you show symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever (above 37.3 degrees), dry cough, or discomfort, you will not be able to fly. If you have traveled to a medium-to-high-risk area in the past 14 days, please inform our staff immediately.

To ensure the health of passengers and employees, Hainan Airlines has formulated and implemented numerous safeguard measures.

  • During the check-in process, your COVID-19 test needs to be shown. The test must be performed within the time frame given for each flight route.
  • The staff will measure the body temperature of all passengers before boarding and check other documents (health documents, nucleic acid testing, etc.) to ensure that all passengers meet the epidemic prevention requirements of the route.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer for each boarding passenger at the boarding/aircraft gate.

Quarantine area

Passengers with fever, fatigue, dry cough, and other symptoms will be isolated in an isolated area and will be serviced by dedicated staff. Passengers were also provided with masks, disinfectant wipes, and disposable medical rubber gloves. In addition, according to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, passenger information on the same row, three rows (a total of seven rows) will be collected.

Passenger’s self-protection

Passengers are reminded to take self-protection measures during the flight, including wearing masks correctly and reducing congestion near toilets. According to the epidemic prevention requirements of the destination, please prepare a health statement and an epidemic prevention inspection after landing.

Flight crew preventive procedures

The flight crew conducts temperature checks and reports their physical condition before and after the flight mission every day. If fever, fatigue, cough, and other symptoms occur, the crew will stop working.

According to the risk level of the flight route specified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the flight crew and the crew are distinguished and wear various protective equipment, such as masks, medical-grade protective gloves, glasses, protective clothing, etc.

Pet policy

Pet transport is acceptable with the Hainan Airlines reservation flights. They can be transported by the airlines on domestic as well as in international destination flights. There are certain rules and instructions which you have to follow to get approval for your pet travel.

On the Hainan Airlines flight, your pet can travel wither in-cabin or in the hold as checked baggage. So to make your pet eligible to travel in the Hainan Airlines, your pet must be a dog or cat. Your pet will travel on the same flight but it should be under the weight limits suggested by Hainan Airlines.

Your pet should be shuttled and must not be one of the aggressive types. Otherwise, Hainan Airlines can refuse to take your pet to travel on the flights s it may create harm to others when in-cabin or can hurt themselves when in the hold.

So the instruction you must follow for the safety measures of your pet as well as the passengers traveling along in-cabin are:

  • Your pet must not be less than 6 months old. 
  • Pregnant pets are strictly prohibited to take to the air travel.
  • Pets who had given birth just before 48 hours from the time of departure are not accepted to travel.
  • If a pet is suffering from any of the medical conditions like otorhinolaryngological, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, respiratory, and digestive problems are even not accepted.
  • Pet who had undergone through any surgery within 48 hours of your departure flight
  • If at the time of check-in your pet seems to be anxious, squeamish, or weak, they will not get approval for flight.
  • Apart from it if your pet is not comfortable with the hight temperature change or afraid of high altitude, then do not risk their lives and get air travel.
  • In case your pet is not used to stay in a closed box for a longer time then avoid ai travel.
  • If your pet is taking any medicines which turn to be sedatives like sleeping pills, then also not accepted.
  • And last if your pet is smelling foul or odor is unbearable then, Hainan Airlines will refuse to transport them neither in-cabin nor in the hold.

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Travel with infant

Hainan Airlines welcome passengers who had to travel with Infant. There are some conditions that one infant has to follow to get approval to travel on the flight. So very first condition is infant can start traveling at the age of 16 days old, not less than that.

Generally, infants must be accommodated with an adult, but if you want to make your infant travel occupying a separate seat, then you have to pay for it. On both domestic and international Hainan airlines flights, you will be charged 10% of an adult ticket fare for the infant travel.

In case you have 2 children and both are under the infant category. So 1 adults can get permission to take up to 2 infants. Its travel will be chargeable for the second infant inflight. In domestic flights, you will be charged 50% of the adult ticket fare, whereas, in an International Hainan Airlines flight, you will be charged 75% of an adult fare for infants to travel occupying seat in-cabin.

In case of any emergency in Hainan Airlines flight has infant size oxygen masks are available in the flight. You can also ask for baby bassinets, which are available for an infant in the cabin of international Hainan Airlines flights. You have to inform the airlines 24 hours before the departure time.

Pregnancy policy

A passenger who is expecting to be a mother is warmly welcomed by Hainan Airlines in their flight. So pregnant women who are less than 8 months or 32 weeks are permitted to travel on the flight without any specific documentation. 

In case you need any help in the airport or in-flight assistance then you must fill up this form for vailing the service from Hainan Airlines.
Service Application Form for Special Passenger Class A

If you have crossed the pregnancy period of 32 weeks but less than 36 weeks, then you have to submit certain requirements to allow the expected mother to travel in the Hainan Airlines.

  • You have to submit the 3 copies of medical certificate issued by some valid doctor you are getting from, with signature mentioning that the Expected mother is fit to travel in the flight.
  • The certificate must be in English or can be of the local language you are traveling from and must be issued 24 hours before the departure time of your flight.
  • Your medical certificate must have a Doctor’s signature and official stamp of the Chinese county or municipal medical institution, either traveling from China.
  • You have to fill the form for Service Application Form for Special Passenger Class C, which is mandatory for all the passengers who are pregnant.
  • For a medical certificate, you must check out the form for the same issued by Hainan Airlines.
  • You have to get approval for your flight when you will submit all these requirements to Hainan Airlines. Submission is accepted prior to 60 mints before the flight departing time.

If you have crossed your 36th week of pregnancy, then you are strictly not permitted by Hainan Airlines to travel in their flights. There are certain more measures that will apply to Pregnant passengers to restrict air travel. 

  • Passengers facing complications in the pregnancy even in the early stage.
  • Passenger expecting to have multiple pregnancies
  • Passengers who are close enough for the expected date given by the Doctor.

For the health safety of the mother, if a passenger has given birth to a baby just 7 days before the flight date, then you are not permitted to travel. Whereas even if you have been treated by a doctor for your premature baby, then also you are not allowed to travel in the Hainan Airlines flight.


Contacting Hainan Airlines for enquiring about your questions or for availing of any service, they have a Hainan Airlines customer support team to help you out with anything you want. Customer support staff are sitting for you to solve your queries and give you back a  quality response with possible solutions.

Phone number

Many customers of Hainan Airlines want to have a voice process service to talk to the staff of airlines direct to get a solution to the problem they are facing with the Hainan Airlines reservation.

Reservation related Service: Available 24*7

Agency Service-Hotline & Special Passenger Service: Available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Email ID

You can even get in touch with the Hainan Airlines organization with your problem and queries by mailing them over their mail ID. you will get a revert on your mail with the most possible step they can take. So the mail id is:

For any feedback, complaints, suggestions you can mail on


So when you want to send any letter or want to post directly to Hainan Airlines then you need to send it to their registered address or headquarters address.

Haikou City, Hainan Province, P.R. China
HNA PLAZA, No.7 Guoxing Road
Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Postcode: 570206

Social media

In the fast-growing digital platform, you need to be active on Social media. And hence Hainan Airlines has done the same, they have created various accounts over different social media handles and get actively participate in every possible update which will be helpful for the customers.

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