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JetBlue Airlines Reservations

JetBlue Airlines Reservation, Airlines Flights & Online Ticket Booking Tips

Do you know how important is to know the reservation policy of the airline before booking the flight?

Let me tell you the importance of this.

Suppose you booked your flight ticket with JetBlue Airlines by paying some specific fare, and after your booking, the ticket fare is reduced on the same day. According to the JetBlue reservation policy, if it is happen ever, then the airline will refund the fare difference amount with the extra $50 to your JetBlue account. They will give the refund after submitting the request. Now you think, if you are not aware of this rule, can you get the benefit?

That’s why we suggest knowing everything about the reservation and check-in policy will give you more privileges.

JetBlue offers many flexible policies to its customers due to Covid-19. If you are going to book the ticket through JetBlue Airlines, then you must have to get all the details that give in the article. It will help you to know more about reservation tips.

But before proceeding, you should know a little about JetBlue Airlines.

JetBlue Airways is the low-cost carrier and the 6th largest airline when it comes to measuring its fleet size and passengers carried. The airline was founded in 1998 as New Air and started operations on the 11th of February in 2000 as JetBlue Airways. JetBlue operates more than 1,000 flights daily and serves both domestic and international networks to over 100 destinations in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Financially the airline ranked 399 on the fortune 500 list of the biggest US corporations by total revenue in 2019. Over a thousand daily flights and 100 domestic & international destinations in Mexico, Central America, the U.S., the Caribbean, and South America are operated by JetBlue Airlines.

If you have come here for JetBlue Airlines reservations, you can just visit our homepage to book flight tickets & compare the best deals from top Airlines. You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us. Meanwhile, continue reading to know in detail about the airline’s history, flight reservation services & other FAQs.

Codeshare Agreements

JetBlue has codeshare agreements with 21 airlines which includes the airline members of the 3 major alliances and unaffiliated airlines but it’s not a member of Oneworld, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam.

  • Aeroflot
  • Air India
  • Asiana Airways
  • El Al
  • Etihad Airways
  • Aer Lingus
  • Air China
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • Emirates
  • EVA Air
  • Japan Airlines

Jetblue Airlines Cabins


Mint cabin is known as the premium class of JetBlue and is available on select Caribbean routes and coast to coast on configured Airbus A321s. The seats are fully lie-flat seats which include sliding panels for extra privacy.


The core cabin is also known as the main cabin offers leather seats, complimentary entertainment screens with DirecTV, movies, complimentary WI-FI, Complimentary snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages, and Sirius XM Radio. 

Steps for Making JetBlue Airlines Bookings

Making online flight bookings on JetBlue Airlines is not a difficult task. Travelers must follow some recommended steps from JetBlue Bookings. Passengers can also enjoy some other benefits when using JetBlue to make seat reservations. At the same time, if they encounter problems with the reservation, they can contact the live chat team and resolve all questions during the trip. Here we discuss the step of how to do JetBlue Reservations on the official website of JetBlue.


  • If you want to book JetBlue Airlines tickets without any hassle then make sure that you are booking with the official website of JetBlue Airlines which is the easiest way to confirm your booking.
  • After opening the official website you can see the book tab on the left side of the homepage of JetBlue Airlines. Just tap on it or if you have a registered login id then enter your login id and password and if don’t have a login id then register or signup which is more beneficial in the future.
  • Then the next step is to click on the “Flights” option to start the booking procedure with different origins and the destinations according to your wish.
  • The next step is to choose your travel types like one-way, round-trip, or multi-city, and then select the date of travel and the number of passengers.
  • After doing all the above steps, then you’ll see the promotional code box where you have to fill in your promotional code if you have any.
  • After filling all the above-mentioned fields you have to click on the “search for flights” tab. This step helps you to find and display all the flight-related to your search with the prices of the ticket whichever class you have chosen.
  • The next and final step is to choose one of the flights which are suitable for your date and time with the price. Selection of them.
  • Then enter the field which is asking for the Passenger’s name, Last name, Traveler’s date of birth, and contact information.
  • The next step is to pay for it through your debit or credit cards.
  • If your transaction is successful for the flight reservation your ticket is allotted to you and you’ll get a confirmation message for your reservation in your email.

If you still encounter any problems when booking with JetBlue airlines, you can contact JetBlue airlines customer support or call 00 1 801-449-2525 for more information. You can also contact any JetBlue booking agent and get its services for any inquiries related to JetBlue flights to make your journey an unforgettable one.

How to get low fare tickets from JetBlue Airlines

Any passengers want to travel from a flight at a low cost or at a discounted price. Here Jetblue airlines give the service of the BFF (Best Fare Finder) where they provide the service to choose the best time at a discount price. They help to reconnect with your favorite people at a low cost the only thing you have to do is click on the link of Best fare finder and fill out the fields of origin and destination and then click on explore fares. This step will help to show you the dates with the low-cost fare.

How to know the best vacation packages through JetBlue

For the convenience of the passengers, JetBlue gives the option of the BVF Best Vacation Finder where they’ll get the best package options for the vacation at a discounted price. Where passengers can get offers and coupons for vacations. Here you need to enter your origin and the type of vacation you need like you want to go with your family or want with friends to nightclubs or at the beaches you have a drop-down list where you can choose vacation and then click on the Explore packages by date. After this step, you have many options to display choose one of them.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Reservations Services

JetBlue Airlines provides the services for their Passenger to comfort and ease their trip while traveling, let’s check together about the services that they provide on-board to their customers.

In-flight entertainment

JetBlue’s in-flight options include gate-to-gate Fly-Fi carrier, imparting over a hundred channels of Sirius XM Radio, DIRECTV, and films, and at the Airbus A321 and newer retrofitted Airbus A320 plane, a fifteen-inch interactive display which is not available on the rest of the fleet. 

JetBlue’s partnership with Amazon we could clients watch Amazon Prime movies with the aid of connecting to Wi-Fi and downloading the Amazon Video app on their cell phone or tablet. The in-flight WiFi below the “Fly-Fi” network is complimentary on all flights, at speeds of 12–15 megabits/second.

Mileage Program: TrueBlue 

This is known as JetBlue’s frequent flyer program. Flights were worth 2, 4, or 6 points according to the distance of the flights and for online booked flights double points were awarded under the original TrueBlue program. 

The TrueBlue program was changed by JetBlue in September 2009. The new program consisted of members receiving 3 points on each dollar that is spent which excludes taxes and fees, plus if the booking is online directly from then an additional 3 points on each dollar.  

If the member uses the Barclays JetBlue Mastercard credit card to purchase the flight, then only the additional points are awarded. 

JetBlue announced in June 2013, that the TrueBlue points will never get expired for any reason.

Baggage Information

Every passenger is allowed to carry one carry-on bag with one personal item (backpack, briefcase, laptop, purse, etc.). Carry-on baggage shouldn’t exceed 55.88 cm in length, 35.56 cm in width, and 22.86 cm in height which includes handles and wheels also. 

Personal items shouldn’t exceed 43.2 cm in length, 33 cm in width, and 20.32 cm in height.  

From the booking to when the passenger arrives at the airport, the passenger can add up to 2 checked-in baggage anytime. If the checked-in bags are not included in the fare of the ticket, the passenger can save money by buying them from or the JetBlue app in advance.

The check-in baggage shouldn’t exceed 157.48 cm of overall dimensions including length, width, and height and it shouldn’t weigh over 22.68 kg. If the dimension or weight is exceeded then an additional fee will be incurred at the airport.

For further more detail read JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy.

Meal and Beverage

With every JetBlue Airlines Reservation flight ticket, they provide both complimentary meals and drink to their passengers. The meal they provide is a pack full which will set your stomach up for a short trip in flight.

Drinks contain juices, soft drinks as well as hard drinks of limited brands of airline choice. But this complimentary food meal with a drink is only free if you are having more than 2 hours of flight with JetBlue airlines.

Pregnant Passenger Policy

Traveling to be pregnant is absolutely acceptable by the Jetblue Airlines reservation. The only condition is that you must not be expecting delivery in the upcoming 7 days. Then the pregnant woman will not be allowed to travel on the flight.

But still, it’s an emergency for you to travel to another destination, then you have to palace a document or certificate of doctor singed within 72 hours of the departing time, then JetBlue Airlines will permit you to fly, though it’s suggested not to fly in this health condition.

Certificate or document stating that:

  • The doctor has examined the pregnant woman and the baby inside are physically fit and fine to travel by air both the way.
  • The estimated date of delivery after you return back from your flight should also be mentioned in the medical document.

Though this rule is just for JetBlue, instruction for pregnant woman passengers might be more strict in its partnered or codeshare airlines.

Seat Assignments

JetBlue Airlines allow their passengers’ seat assignments whether you have booked your tickets directly from the JetBlue official site, or you have booked your tickets under any travel agent.

You can assign a seat for yourself by looking over the Interactive Seat Maperve the seat of your choice in advance with the help of GDS. You may contact the help desk if you want to know detailed information on how to use the GDS service.

Jetblue will permit you for seat assignments at the end when airlines have already scheduled the flights. This service of seat preference is available on all flights of JetBlue Airlines.

Assigning a seat of your choice is not free of cost service, you have to pay for this in advance, before boarding the flight of JetBlue Airlines reservation.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy

FAA-approved aircraft of JetBlue Airlines safe for pet carriers. So airlines accept species of dogs and cats to travel on the flight of JetBlue airlines. Booking of pet travel is done online on the website or over the JetBlue app or simply by calling the customer care center for pet booking.

  • On the flight, you have to take your pet along with you in-cabin in a closed container.
  • The Pet container must have to place under the seat of the passenger in front of you.
  • Basic pet transport fees are $125 for every flight. Though extra charges may be applied at the time of booking.
  • Every passenger is permitted only one pet to take along in-cabin.
  • Every flight has a limited number of pets transported allowed by JetBlue. So it’s better you do your pet travel booking in advance to get availability easily.
  • If you are flying in one of the codeshare or interlines airlines then pets may not be accepted in the flight, except JetBlue Airlines reservation is done from, travel agency, partner airline’s website, etc.
  • If you have a flight to or from Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia, the Cayman Islands, or Trinidad & Tobago, you are not allowed to fly with your pet, due to the country’s norms of pet transport.
  • And if you are a member of the TrueBlue mileage program, then on pet booking for each side, you will be earning 300 extra points apart from your flight booking.

If you voluntarily cancel your scheduled ticket in March due to the corona situation, then you will get a back refund of it which will be saved as in JetBlue Travel Bank Credit. It will be applicable until 24 months from the date ticket has been issued.

Read to get to know more about the JetBlue Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Whom to contact for help

The passengers can contact us at any time. The help is available 24 hours 7 days a week. 

United States(1-800-)1-800-538-2583
Costa Rica0800-012-1666
Dominican Republic809-200-9898
Grand Cayman1-855-710-2951
Saint Lucia1-877-766-9614
St. Maarten001-877-306-4939
Trinidad & Tobago1-800-538-2583
Turks & Caicos1-877-390-5447
All other countries (toll call)1-801-449-2525

For more sources to reach out to the JetBlue Airlines Customer support team.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get last-minute unpublished deals & discounts. For Deaf or hard-of-hearing customers(TTY/TDD) call the airline at 711 or 1-800-336-5530.

If you want to complain about the Jetblue service or want to give feedback then you can fill out the response form or in other words feedback form. Click on the link to fill out the response form.

Jetblue Airlines History 

In August 1998, JetBlue was integrated into Delaware. Under the name “NewAir”, the airline was founded by David Neeleman in February of 1999. Low-cost flights were offered by JetBlue airlines like Southwest airlines but they differentiated themselves by providing amenities such as TV at every seat, Sirius XM satellite radio, and In-flight entertainment.

History of JetBlue airlines
History of JetBlue airlines

75 preliminary take-off/landing slots were awarded at John F. Kennedy worldwide airport in September 1999 and obtained its USDOT CPCN authorization in February 2000.

It started out operations on February eleven, 2000, with offerings to Fort Lauderdale and Buffalo. JetBlue as part of their Return To Profitability plan got rid of a row of seats from their Airbus A320s to lighten up the planes by 410 kg in December 2006 and the cabin size was also reduced to 3 from 4. Lightening the flight and the removal of seats from the cabin resulted in less burning of the fuel.

JetBlue never canceled flights because of which when the ice storm hit, the airline was forced to keep some of the aircraft on the ground. Which in turn kept the passengers waiting at the airport for the flights. However, the airline had to cancel the flights eventually because of the bad weather conditions.

Commencing the 10th of January 2008 JetBlue expanded service to the Caribbean which included Puerto Plata and St. Maarten. With such destinations, the airline serves Caribbean/Atlantic destinations like Barbados, Cancun, Aguadilla, Aruba, Nassau, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ponce, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Santiago.

Orlando and Florida were added by JetBlue as a gateway focus cities to the international destinations in Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean on the 19th of March 2008. Mexico, Barbados, Cancun, Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Nassau, Bridgetown, San Jose, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Bogota are the new international routes from Orlando international airport.

JetBlue ranked highest for customer satisfaction among low-cost carriers in North America by J.D power and associates on the 13th of June 2012, the customer satisfaction received for the 8th consecutive year in a row.

The first commercial scheduled flight between Cuba and the United States in 55 years was on the 31st of August 2016 JetBlue airlines flight 387, fly to Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.

Southwest and JetBlue airlines both were ranked highest in customer satisfaction among low-cost carriers’ by J.D. power on the 29th of May 2019.

Social media handle details

To get the latest updates and news about the airline regarding their discounts and promotion, you can join their social media as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUES: How do JetBlue airlines reservation booking online?

ANS: You can book or manage your JetBlue airline flight tickets online from the JetBlue Airlines home page.
For JetBlue Airlines manage booking flights, click on the link to know more.

QUES: How to check JetBlue Airlines flight status?

ANS: Checking status can be done in two ways one by the route and one by your flight number. From JetBlue Flights trackers and status you can check it live.

QUES: How t do JetBlue Airlines reservations check-in?

ANS: You can check-in for a JetBlue flight ticket online before 24 hours of your departure time, which will avoid you to stand in a big check-in queue at the airport.

Know how to do online JetBlue Airlines Check-in by clicking.

QUES: Which class of JetBlue airlines reservation flight tickets permits cancellation?

ANS: The cancellation policies of JetBlue airlines depend upon the ticket fare class whereas some ticket is refundable which is mostly the premium tickets and some are non-refundable. But if you want cancellation and want to get a full refund then you have to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of your ticket booking. This policy is applicable to all ticket types.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call-only deals, and discounts on your flight booking with us.

JetBlue Airlines Reservation

More useful links for you:

JetBlue Airlines Covid-19 policies

Want to know about the JetBlue Airlines covid policies? JetBlue Airlines have the most space between rows in all the US Airlines. Also, travelers of JetBlue Airlines will be given a facility of getting the test done at home and get the result in 48-72 hours, as the travelers require the negative covid report before traveling, they can opt for it. 

Safety Measure took by the Airlines

  • Regular temperature checks are conducted for the staff of the airlines.
  • Staff are given paid sick leaves and proper time between the flights to rest so they don’t feel sick during the flights. 
  • Crewmembers will be wearing all the required coverings in the flight and not venting it even for a second.
  • Every counter of the places where the surface is touched frequently by the travellers gets cleaned frequently. 
  • The travellers are provided with the PPE kits, masks, sanitizer wipes and everything required for their safety in the flight. 
  • JetBlue Aircrafts have air filters which filter the air every 3 minutes and clean the air 99.97%. 
  • Aircrafts have a lot of space in between the rows helping in social distancing between the travellers. 
  • It is mandatory for all the travellers to wear the masks before entering the airport, people who have some issue with wearing masks should postpone their plans. 
  • Everyone above the age of 2 are required to show the Covid reports at the airport without which they won’t be allowed to travel. 

Cancellation or Change fees

  • Flights and vacations booked with JetBlue up till 6/7/21 will not be charged any fees for cancellation or changing the schedule of the flight.
  • The cancellation refund will be credited to your JetBlue Account and you will have to reimburse it in the next 12 months. 
  • The difference in the new bookings will have to be paid by the customers themselves. 

Some points to Remember

  • You can get tested at home, at the destination or some airport terminals if you are a JetBlue customer. 
  • Every destination has different policies of the documents required, do check once before reaching there.
  • JetBlue may update their terms and policies anytime, do check before leaving for the airport.
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