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LATAM Airlines Reservation

LATAM Airlines Reservation, flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Newly established airlines in South America, LATAM Airlines is been running its service for air carriers since 2012. Even in such a small period after opening, they have successfully flown to over 137 destinations crossing 24 different countries worldwide.

Their dedicated service towards their customers and quality facilities helped them to achieve the faith of customers and make them fly with LATAM Airlines’ reservation. You will get co-operation from the staff whether you are on the ground or in-flight. They are ready to help you from the day you book tickets with LATAM Airlines.

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The pandemic situation created by the Corona Virus worldwide is dangerous. And thus to stop the increased chain of spreading, every country’s government has announced to cancel the flight which is been scheduled or has booked for future.

As per the rules LATAM Airlines had to follow and suspend all flights to or from the country. So giving concern about the passengers, they have given the facility to rebook or change or refund the canceled tickets.

So every passenger whose flight has been suspended will get the opportunity to rebook their tickets with a little extra fare difference which you have to pay. In case you had a change in plan and want to change the traveling date as well as the destination you will get to do so without any penalty money but you have to submit the fare difference for the new booking tickets.

Apart from this, if you are not planing for any travel for about the next few months then, you will also get the facility of refund of your tickets to fare in the form of a travel voucher which can be used further at the time of new booking or availing any service. The travel voucher is valid until December 31, 2021.

LATAM Airlines Reservation in-flight service

Service has been given either in-fight or on the ground by LATAM Airlines Reservation, both are while helpful, and the staff serving these facilities are so co-operative and understanding. So some of the services which are usually needed for passengers are been informed below with a little description.

In-flight meal

Under LATAM Airlines’ reservation, inflight meal service is available in all travel classes of LATAM Airlines. You will get a wide range of foods and snacks in the cabin.

When flying over an international destination with more than a 7-hour flight duration then you will experience gourmet-style food as well as local dishes if you want to have one. You will get both non-veg as well as vegetation menus. So you can feel relaxed to fly with LATAM all over the world. 

Whereas when flying in a flight which is in between 4.5 hours to 7 hours than with a 2-time meal, you will also be served 2 entry or dessert options after you are done with the meal. At the starting of the flight, you will start serving fresh fruits.

When you have a flight of fewer than 3.5 hours, then you will be only given snacks like sandwiches, muffins, and various other options depending on the flight. Along with snacks you will be provided free drinks like coffee or tea and in premium travel class you can even ask for beverages.

In-flight entertainment

LATAM Airlines has a wide variety of entertainment sources that will keep your journey enjoyable and worth spending time on. So the usability of the entertainment onboard can be seen in advance, so you can check it out before the flight takes off.

You will get multiple movies, videos, news, music to listen to, and various TV shows. LATAM has its own entertainment application, which can be downloaded to the device and accessed in your flight journey. Though it’s free of cost when you are traveling within domestic destinations and within Latin America

You can open up their application on your cell phone, tablet, and notebook or you can also avail of this on your individual screen in the airplanes. So you will get more than 90 movies, 270+ TV  shows, 2800+ variety of songs. Can get a flight map and daily news updates. And you can even get your child to engage with the kid program in the App.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance for each passenger having ticket booking with different travel class or travel type will get vary and even a destination you are flying to or from paly a role to decide the limits for baggage whether its a cabin bag or for checked baggage send in a hold of the aircraft.

In-cabin baggage

You need to carry some usable products along with you on the flight journey. So LATAM Airlines has an in-cabin baggage allowance too, where you can carry some luggage with some limitations and restrictions.

Every passenger is allowed to carry 1 piece of carry-on baggage and one personnel item along with you in the cabin. The weight and size of the baggage must be under certain limits so that you can place it under the seat or over the seat.

When you are traveling in an economy travel class then you are allowed to carry up to 10 kilos, whereas if you are having booking in Premium Economy or Premium Business, then you are permitted to come up with cabin baggage of 16 kilos but not more than that. And the dimension you have to keep your baggage under is 55cm in length, 13cm in width, and 25cmin height which also includes pockets or, wheels or handles of the bag.

Personnel items can be small in size in comparison to carry-on baggage. They can be a purse, a laptop bag, or a diaper bag. It’s been suggested that you should keep under the seat in front of you, except when you are occupying a seat near the exit gate or row.

You have to be careful and will be responsible for your own towards your baggage carried out in the cabin. Though the size of the personnel items must be within 45 cm in length, 35 cm in width, and 20 cm in height including wheels, handles, or pockets is the perfect dimension mentioned for the free in-cabin baggage allowance.

Checked baggage

Though your ticket fare, travel class, the destination you are flying to or from all will be considered for the free checked baggage allowance limits. 

You must keep up your mind while packing your checked baggage so that it must not exceed the restricted weight and size. Must bot carrying any prohibited items listed by the LATAM airlines for checked baggage allowance. Your checked baggage will be taken away from the check-in point if the airport only.

The general weight which will be permitted to let your checked baggage send to hold of the same aircraft you are flying is not more than 23 kgs. And the restriction on the dimensions of the baggage must be within the sum of length, width and height are 158 cms.

When you are flying in the Economy Plus travel class then over every route you will be allowed to take 1 piece of checked baggage whereas when in Economy Top travel lass you can carry 2 pieces of the baggage of 23 kgs each. Apart from this, you will be charged according to the destination and can contact LATAM Airlines customer support to know the checked baggage allowance for your destination with a travel class.

But when you are flying in a premium business travel class then you will get permitted to 3 pieces of checked baggage to send in hold each of 23 kgs over any travel type like plus, top, or miles ride.

When you are traveling with a baby then you can carry 1 extra baggage for free but it should not exceed the size of 45 cm in length x 35 cm in width x 20 cm in height. If in case you exceed any of the checked baggage irrespective of travel type and class, you will be charged with the excess baggage fees.

Pet Policy

LATAM Airlines accept pet to travel with their passenger either in-cabin or can transport in the cargo hold to get back to their owner in the arrival. So to let your pet get approval for travel on the flight then you have to follow the LATAM Airlines pet policy. 

Pets in cabin

So when you want to travel your pet travel along with your in-cabin flight journey then routes and the size of the pet will be considered to get approval for the same. Even the breed of your pet will be checked whether they are fit to travel in air flight.

But only dogs and cats species are permitted to take along with in a flight cabin. Your pet should be in good health condition, must be at least 8 weeks of age. But when traveling towards routes of US, then 4-month-old age is mandatory to let your pet fly in-cabin.

You have to keep your pet locked in the pet carrier. Whose weight must be up to 7 kgs with altogether, when traveling to Colombia ten 10 kgs weight of a pet with pet carriage will be accepted? And the dimension of the crate in which the pet will be locked must be not more than 36 cm long X 33 cm wide X 19 cm high. In case you are taking your pet in the soft pet bag, then the height of the carriage may exceed up to 23kgs.

Pet crates must be strong enough so that pets did not get an escape so easily. Even if you are carrying a pet in a soft pet bag then make sure it’s not a tearable one. The crate should have proper ventilation and be up to the limits of the pet policy.

So pet carriage should not have wheels attached, the size must be comparative so that it get fir under the seat of the passenger. The crate must be made up of non-toxic good durable material. Pet size must be that much enough, so that carrier becomes comfortable for the journey.

Pets in hold

When you have to send your pet to travel in the hold of the aircraft then you have to get your pet approval with every instruction given for the pet to travel in the hold. Pet carriage in which pet will travel has some limits which must be kept in mind.

The crate must be wide enough so which pets can sit, stand, and take around comfortably. It’s been suggested that the width of the pet crate must be twice the width of your pet. The crate must be wheelless and made up of strong material that is not breakable easily by an animal.

The door of the pet crate must be of metal with a double lock for safety and secure your pet inside the cage. Carriage must not have large holes or gaps by which pets can bring their paw or tail out getting harm themselves or others.

The base of the pet crate must be leak resist and water resist. You can put a water dispenser for the pet to get water drunk. The cage must be spacious for the pet to get a comfortable journey in flight.

Pet carriage must have proper ventilation in it so that pets do not get suffocated inside the hold. As the door of the crate will be open type, but still you should have open space in other walls of the crate.

In case if your pet crate fails to satisfy the requirements for approval for the pet to travel either on board or in the hold. Then your pet can get refused for the flight journey. So before you go on-board, check all the conditions for pet transport in LATAM Airlines.

Travel with Child

LATAM Airlines know the importance of family trips together. So while you are traveling with infants, or children, or teenagers, they give a special concert about a child traveling either alone as unaccompanied or traveling with an adult.

So the age of your child will depend on the traveling type.

  • Infant or children whose age is between the age of 0 and 7 years. They are mandatory to travel with adults aged a minimum of 18.
  • Children age between 8 to 11 years are been suggested to accomodating with an adult age 18 years. Or they can even travel alone under the Unaccompanied Minor service.
  • Or teenagers age between 12 to 17 years old can travel alone without any adult under Unaccompanied Minor service.

You need to submit a valid identification document for your baby or can even submit a passport if it has been issued by the flight date. Or if you do not have any of these then you have to submit the birth certificate of your infant.

In case your child is traveling alone as an Unaccompanied minor then you have to take a written notarized statement from both parents. Furthermore, information regarding the requiems of the document will can from country to country and thus have to look over the instruction for traveling to the respected country. 

When your infant is less than 7 days, then it’s mandatory to submit Medical Certificate. For the health of the mother and the infant. You have to send these documents 46 hours before the scheduled departing time, through the Contact Form.

Pregnancy Policy

Being pregnant while traveling LATAM Airlines flight is not been restricted until you must have good health without any pregnancy complications. In case you are facing any disturbance in your health or in your pregnancy before the 29th week of pregnancy, then you have to submit the corresponding medical certificate for giving confirmation that you are fit to travel in flight.

At the time you crossed 30 weeks of pregnancy then it’s mandatory by LATAM Airlines that you have to clear the medical with a proper medical certificate by the entrance gate only of the airport through the authorized medical department of LATAM Airlines. Apart from this, you must also look over the rules and regulations of the country you are flying in when being a pregnant passenger.

If you have a single type of pregnancy then from 30 to 35 weeks you have to come up with only a medical certificate, but when you are trying to fly from 36 to 38 weeks of pregnancy then you have to get medical clearance from the medical department of LATAM Airlines. 

In your multiple type pregnancy when paling to fly in 30 to 31 weeks of your pregnancy then according to the norms of airlines, they have to submit the medical certificate whereas if you crossed the 32nd week of pregnancy then you have to get your medical clearance from the medical department of LATAM Airlines. Though with multiple pregnancies you are allowed to take a flight up to 38 weeks of pregnancy. 


Contacting LATAM Airlines customer service is sometimes get necessary cause you may face any queries or problems regarding your reservation or booking. So you may get in touch with them through, voice-over, or through the mail, or you can directly post to their registered address. They are available to their customers to understand their questions and queries with the possible solution they could give. 

Phone number

The Customer Support team of LATAM Airlines has a service of voice over, where personal will talk or will have a conversation with you or you will listen to your queries and problems and then provide you a respective solution they can give from their side. So the phone number to get connected with them are:

1 866 435 9526

Email ID

LATAM Airlines will also look over your queries or questions which you will send through the mail. You will get a revert to your respected mail.


Apart from it, if you want to take any legal action and had to send those papers, then you can send it to their registered address. Or you can even send a written complaint or alternative suggestion for your queries.

Servicio al Cliente
Ave. Americo Vespucio 901, Piso 3-A
Renca, Santiago de Chile

Social Media

Being the 20’s established airlines company, they are following all the modern terms to reach out the smart customers. Thus in this digital growing era, LATAM Airlines has also set its step up and created all possible social media accounts over different platforms. They are becoming active and trying to get the latest updates and information regarding LATAM Airlines through social media only.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last-minute unpublished call-only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us.

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