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Philippine Airlines Reservation

Philippine Airlines Reservation and Other Services

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is one of the airlines offering easy and affordable flights to the Philippines from all major cities in the world. The Asian financial crisis of 1997 had a significant effect on PAL, one of the major East Asian airlines. In one of the greatest business setbacks in the Philippines, PAL was forced to fully halt its international activities by slashing services to Europe and the Middle East, cutting off nearly all domestic flights, bypassing routes operating from Manila, reducing its fleet size, and laying off thousands of staff.

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Destination:- More than 20 domestic airports are serviced by Philippines Airlines. To Manila Jetty.

Headquarters:- PNB Financial Center, Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay, Bay City, Philippines.

Airlines Hub:- Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila)

Airlines Secondary  Hub:-  1. Clark International Airport.

           2. Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

           3. Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao).

Philippines Airlines Reservation

Official Website:-

Customer Service Number:- Call +1-800-831-1547  anytime. If you have any queries regarding this then contact the customer service staff of Philippine Airlines to learn about the best deals, offers, cheap flight booking, check-in options, rewards. 

Refund and Cancellation Service:- There can be several possible reasons why you usually need to change or cancel your booking, but don’t worry, Philippine Airlines will let you do that. So make sure that you know the necessary rules and policies associated with it. Learn more about the Philippine Airlines Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Baggage Information:-  If you are traveling within the United States and Canada, prices are around $ 30 for 1 bag, and about $ 40 will be charged for the 2nd bag. But if you fly to other destinations of your choice, the itinerary will vary. More information here- Philippine Airlines Bag information.

Manage Booking:-  As per your plans and needs, you can easily make necessary changes for your booking and more travel: –

Social Media Profile:- Facebook

Philippine Airlines Reservation Services

Each airline is providing some valuable services for the comfort of its customers, and the Philippines is providing the following services to its customers.

In-Flight Entertainment

Philippine is the best airline in the United States providing free entertainment resources. There is everything to entertainment like – music, movie, videos, the latest web series, or news. This means that passengers traveling on Philippine Airlines will enjoy going to their destination without getting bored.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Are you missing loved ones, want to connect? Don’t worry Philippine Airlines Reservations makes you the connection with loved ones while flying in the sky and enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi is automatically connected with your phone as soon as you can board the flight. 

On-Board Meals

Philippine Airlines provides the passenger fresh food and drink services based on flight destination and flight lengths. The passenger also carries its food and beverage to enjoy their beautiful trip.

Passenger In Flight

Adult Passenger

The age between 12 or 12+ passenger is considered to be in the adult passenger. Although the age group of 12 to 14 years should be accommodated with some elderly who should be at least 16 years of age. Or if they are traveling alone, they are considered to be unacceptable minors.

Children Passenger

The age between 2 to 11 years old is considered to be in the children passenger.  If the passenger age is 5 or less than 5 is not allowed to fly alone on Philippine Airlines. But passengers up to 11 years of age above 5 years must travel with adults at least 16 years old or can travel alone under Unaccounted Minors.

Infants as Passenger

Passengers who are currently at bay or up to 2 years old are considered infants by Philippines Airlines and do not require a booking for seat allocation. Although if you are carrying your baby in a baby car seat, you must book a flight seat as a children’s passenger.

For more information in this regard, please contact the Customer Service Center of Philippines Airlines.

Philippine Airlines Baggage instructions

Each passenger is allowed a piece of carry-on baggage, with a maximum dimension of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (22in x 14in x 9in) in the overhead bin or under the passenger seat of the aircraft cabin and maximum weight can be placed. 7 kilograms. (15 lbs).

A carry-on bag that exceeds the permitted weight or dimensions will be applied and an additional baggage charge (EBC) will be charged, if applicable.

In addition to the free carry-on baggage allowance, a passenger is permitted to carry a maximum of two (2) on any one of the following items:

  • A small handbag
  • Pocketbook or purse
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • A small camera or telescope
  • Laptop with case
  • A fair amount of reading material
  • Duty-free bag
  • Baby food for flight consumption
  • Crutches and/or pair of braces, walking sticks and other artificial devices for the use of the passenger, provided the passenger is dependent on them

Note: Multiple items will not be counted as (1) pieces simultaneously.

For persons with disabilities, the foregoing will be in addition to assistive devices, which are allowed to be taken for free.

Philippine Airlines Check-in Policy

Online check-in is possible from 24 hours to 90 minutes (International flights)/60 minutes (domestic flights), pre-flight with all passengers on board. For more details visit here Check-in Policy.

How to Book a Philippine Airlines Reservation Online

If you are going to book your Philippine flight ticket online then you can do it without any hassle on their official website. Philippines Airlines is now using upgraded technology for connecting with its customers. They give access to their customers by registering on their website. Most people are now using the internet and are very handy with smartphone which helps to connect the world. They don’t want to go to the airport and wait in a long queue for their turn or waste their time going to the ticket service offices. So people also prefer booking online flight tickets to save their time as well as mental peace. Here we’ll discuss step-by-step guidelines for booking Philippine Airlines flight tickets online.

  • Open the official website of Philippines Airlines in the browser.
  • The next step is to log in with the I’d and password. If you don’t register yet then you have to signup for proper and better two-way communication.
  • You can book your flight ticket through the other traveling website if you can get a better deal than the official website. Treknova is one of the most trusted websites for flight booking you can also get a discount on every flight booking.
  • Now you are on the home page where you’ll get the booking option with many empty fields.
  • You have to select the one-way or the return ticket if you want to return from the same flight.
  • You have to enter the destination and the origin point with the date of departure.
  • In the next line, you have to enter the number of passengers with the ticket fare class. If you have any promo code then put your promo code for an additional discount and click on the search button.
  • Now you are on the next page where you will get the number of flights on the basis of your relative search with price and time of scheduled departure, select one of them according to your wish.
  • The next step is to enter the details of the passengers like name, surname, age, and contact details the passengers.
  • After that, you have to pay for your chosen ticket, you can pay through the payment card or the payment application online.
  • After your successful transaction, you’ll get the confirmation message on your email.

Manage Booking of Philippine Airlines Reservation Services

  1. With the help of Philippine Airlines, you can enjoy other services of the airline regarding your current booking or previous booking. You can get access to such services which are available on their official website. To enjoy those additional benefits of Philippine Airlines, tap on the details below.
  2. You can cancel your flight with the help of a managed booking service.
  3. Or if you want, you can also change your flight details in case of modifying your plans.
  4. You can also update your flight seat if you want to travel to another category.
  5. You can even reserve your flight seats at the time of booking.
  6. Also, check on the luggage and pet policy.
  7. And so you are done with the flight reservation process and Philippine Airlines manages the reservation services. For any further information, please contact customer service.

A quick guide to the rebooking policy on Philippine Airlines Coronavirus.

COVID-19 has left the world in a serious epidemic situation and has led to many airlines making serious changes to their policies. However, travelers have also faced problems with canceling their bookings and are now exploring options for their future travel. However, they can either change their ticket price to travel vouchers or simply redo their booking.

When it comes to Philippine Airlines, the airline has taken advantage of its rebooking policy due to COVID-19. So, if you have booked your flight tickets with this airline before the epidemic crisis, here is all you need to know about the PAL airline booking policy due to coronavirus.

Important guidelines from the Rebooking policy on Philippine Airlines

  1. Pal Airlines allows you to make a free rebooking once on the same cabin on 30 November 2020 or 7 days before your scheduled departure date. 
  2. For further re-booking, you will have to pay, including the fare difference on PAL Airlines, and rebooking fees. 
  3. Your flight must be canceled at least 24 hours before the departure date to not pay any show fee based on the basic booking class on any kind of fare terms and conditions and the original airlines. 
  4. If you are traveling to/from Canada or the United States, then the blackout dates specified by PAL Airlines are June 15, 2020, to July 31, 2020, if from Canada / United States to Manila.
  5. Jul 15, 2020, 15 Traveling by September 2020, if traveling from Manila to Canada or the United State.
  6. You are required to travel within the ticket validity according to PAL Airlines’ new booking guidelines and any fare differences, taxes, and no show fee may be charged depending on the time of booking.

For more information about reservations, you can contact the airline’s customer services and get information from experts accordingly.

Steps to rebook Philippine Airlines flights

Philippines Airlines is a leading airline in the Asian country, Philippines and offers direct and connecting flights to many destinations worldwide. But when traveling by Philippines Airlines, many times people cancel their flights. However, if they want, they can always rebook flights with the help of a few steps. So if you want to rebook flights with Philippine Airlines then you can follow the points given below to re-book flights with Philippine Airlines.

  1. If you want to rebook your flights again, open the official website of the airline and go to the management booking section.
  2. Now under the management booking section, you can enter the booking number of your flight and get all the flight details online.
  3. As per the requirement of flights, you can change your flight booking as per requirement.
  4. You can change, cancel, or adjust your flight booking 24 hours before you fly.
  5. In addition to the online process, a passenger can also call the airline’s helpline number and request to adjust the flight booking.

And so, with the following steps, travelers can easily rebook their Philippine Airlines. In case of any doubt, you can also contact the airline’s customer care team.

Steps to confirm my flight with Philippine Airlines

If you may not get confirmation while you are flying with those airlines and booking a flight with them, this could be your problem. But if you want to fly with Philippine Airlines, it won’t happen to them. You can get a confirmation by email as soon as you book your flight with this airline. You should take the instructions below to figure out how to proceed.

Steps to confirm Philippine Airlines

  1. Go to the booking link of the website from the preferred web browser.
  2. Tap on the “Plan my booking” option at the top of the page and select one of the three options depending on the type of your trip.
  3. Going forward, you need to enter other travel details including the number of passengers traveling, travel dates, departure and arrival cities, etc., and tap “Next”.
  4. Fly from the list in front of you by tapping on it and after selecting the cabin go ahead to select the desired seat and tap “Next”.
  5. Moving towards the end of the Philippine airline reservation, you will have to enter personal details such as name, contact number, address, etc., and select the mode of the payment.
  6. Once you confirm the payment, the reservation confirmation will be sent to the email you entered at the time of booking.

This email may take up to 4 hours to confirm. Therefore, with the help of the above steps, passengers will get confirmation and other details without any hassle. Passengers who face any concern or have a query will not be reluctant to confirm a reservation or any other issue you can contact the Philippine airline’s contact number which is present on various platforms.

Help For Philippine Airlines Reservation

For the convenience of the traveler, he has provided a support center for his customers, which is available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. For different departments, they also have different numbers and times. If you wish to cancel your Philippine Airlines booking, you can do so by visiting their official site or by calling our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547

To contact with official information is mentioned below:-:

Philippine Airlines Reservation Number(+632) 8855-8888
Philippine Airlines Reservation Number Direct+1 (888) 498 3449
Philippine Airlines Baggage Tracking Number+011 63 2 851 3011
Philippine Airlines status check number+(02) 855 – 888
Check PNR Status Philippine Airlines No.+1 (808) 300-5769 
Philippine Airlines Customer Service Number+1 (800) 435-9725

Customer Service Officers help individuals a lot as they provide them the help they need. The resolution provided by the experts is free and the services are active round the clock. Therefore, travelers will not have to wait for the right time to get help and they can stay in touch with experts regardless of the time zone.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1:- How can I book a reservation with Philippine Airlines?

Answer:- Passengers can book a flight with Pal at least 2 hours in advance. And the process of booking tickets is to go to the official site of Philippine Airlines. And then find PAL (Philippine Airlines) toll-free number (+632) 8855-8888. And other travelers can try the 3rd party flight ticket booking company Hotline @ 1888-349-3449. After that passenger issue is not cleared then visit any Pal Airlines ticket office.

Ques 2:- How can I check my flight ticket for Philippines Airlines?

Answer:- Passengers need to take a few basic measures to check their flight tickets at Philippine Airlines:

1. Visit PAL airline’s official website.

2. Please open the Flight Status page.

3. Please enter the date of departure (information is available for a limit of 2 days before, and two days after the specified date)

4. First, there are two options: search by flight number, or search by origin and destination.

5. Click on your desired alternative, enter the necessary details, and click Check Status.

Ques 3:- How can I check if my flight (PAL airline) is confirmed?

Answer:- For PAL confirmation, airline passengers need to reconfigure their booking with your airline, it is a good idea to visit your airline’s site before your trip to guarantee your trip. The schedule has not been changed by any section of the imagination. What’s more, for PAL airline visit the site on which you have booked the flight. And later, click on the connection to the landing page called “Flight Status”. Next, type your booked flight number in the crate and snap on the “Check Status” or “Go” button. Then call the cost-free reservation number for the airline.

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