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How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Spirit Airlines?

For any business industry that caters to its customers by offering products or services, the need for quick and hassle-free communication with regard to customer assistance also arises. This is to let you know how do I speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines.

The customer service of any given company plays an important role as it is the first line of contact between the customers and the company. The same is with Spirit Airlines. Customers reach out to the airline company via its customer service centre in order to have their queries or problems taken care of quickly.

If you are in need of talking to a live person at Spirit Airlines’ customer service centre and need some assistance going about it, we are here to guide you. Our website Treknova provides useful information that travellers will find quite handy.

A Short Introduction about Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, or just Spirit, is a low-cost airline carrier that is headquartered in Miramar, in the U.S. state of Florida. Currently, the airline company has over 150 fleets and operates daily flights in more than 70 destinations throughout Central America, the Caribbean, South America and the United States.

The airline company has been in service for more than 30 years, catering to its passengers’ travelling needs and experience, whether a person is flying on business purpose or a holiday with family.

How To Speak To A Live Person At Spirit Airlines & Spirit’s Customer Service Centre

Generally speaking, there are several ways through which you can contact Spirit’s customer service centre for the assistance you need. These include phone, live chat, e-mail and mailing addresses. Additionally, social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp can also be used to assist customers. Thus, with the help of these communication mediums, you can query, seek information, purchase products and services or even make complaints and provide feedback. Also, the live customer service representatives are available 24 hours and seven days a week.

In the following sections, we are going to share with you the contact details which you can use to get in touch with Spirit’s customer service centre for assistance on the go.

Flight Reservations and Seats

Spirit’s website lets you book your flight reservations easily and within minutes. However, you may also call their representatives at the customer service to get the job done for you in no time. They have a dedicated phone number, where the representatives attend to calls regarding general sales and services. So, if you are flying with Spirit for the first time, you can talk to a live person at their customer service and book a reservation from your home or a hotel.

You can contact Spirit’s customer service representatives on their toll free phone number 1 855 728 3555 or contact them on their WhatsApp number 1 801 301 2222. For hearing and speech impaired persons, you can dial 711 for TTY/TTD.

Flight Status, Changes and Cancellations

You can easily check the status of your flight’s departure schedule by simply visiting Spirit’s website Additionally, you will also be able to check status of changes, if any, that was made to your flight’s schedule by the airliner. Or at the worst, a cancelled flight, for reasons that are beyond your airliner’s control. A few such reasons that are inevitable include bad weather, air traffic control system, technical error, government intervention, political unrest, act of terrorism etc.

You can contact the airliner’s customer service representatives on their toll free phone number 1 855 728 3555.


In situations where your flight has been cancelled either by the airline carrier (Spirit) or by you, for some reason, and you need a refund, the customer service representatives can assist you. Know a little more about Spirit airlines cancellation and refund policy. Generally, refunds may be allowed on conditions, which include:

  • You purchased a refundable ticket.
  • You purchased a non-refundable ticket, however, you cancelled your reservation within 24 hours of the time you purchased the ticket.
  • Your airliner abruptly cancelled the flight you are to travel in, due to reasons not in their control.

Their website lets you request a refund on cancelled flights with or without the need for signing in to the website. Or, you can simply talk to a live person at Spirit’s customer service centre to provide you assistance.

You can contact the airliner’s customer service representatives on their toll free phone number 1 855 728 3555.

Other Spirit Programs

Spirit may offer various programs to its customers that may include bonus miles etc. Such programs are made available to passengers that are frequent flyers with the airliner. Passengers are required to obtain a Spirit Account that keeps records of your used and unused miles, which can be used in future travels. If you need assistance with services related to your Spirit account, you can always talk to a live person at Spirit’s customer service centre.

You can contact the airliner’s customer service representatives on their toll-free phone number 1 855 728 3555.

Baggage Information

Airlines have restrictions over quantity, size and weight of baggage that passengers are allowed to carry with them on the flight. Spirit Airlines is no different in imposing such restrictions. Usually, passengers are permitted to carry handbags and small carry-on items inside the flight, while the rest of their baggage is transported via cargo or on a separate airline. There is, of course, a facility at the airport that manages all arriving baggage items of passengers. However, in case your baggage does not arrive at the same time as your flight, or if your baggage happens to be lost, there is a way you can contact the staff in charge for information and assistance.

You can contact the airliner’s customer service representatives on their toll-free phone number 1 855 728 3555.

Ground Transportation

When you are flying with Spirit Airlines and arrive at your destination city, the next thing you will need is a ride to your home or a hotel. The airline can also assist you with this, although the airport’s help desk is available at your service as well. For instance, you can contact your airline to assist you with a shuttle or renting a vehicle to take you home or to a hotel.

You can contact the airliner’s customer service representatives on their toll-free phone number 1 855 728 3555.

Feedback and Complaints

Sometimes, when customers are not quite happy with a company’s product or service, or they want to offer suggestions so that the company can improve on its flaws, this is where your feedback or grievances comes into play. When you submit your feedback, whether it is positive or negative, it can make a difference for the company.

They usually provide an online form on their website’s contact page, where passengers can write their feedbacks and grievances and then submit the form. Their official website is

You can also reach out to them via the e-mail address or on their, Twitter handle @SpiritAirlines on and on their Facebook page

Getting Help Through Spirit Airlines Customer Service Centre

If you are in need of assistance and wish to talk to a live person at Spirit Airlines’ customer service, below are few simple steps you need to follow.


1. First, you need to dial their toll-free phone number to get connected with one of the representatives at Spirit Airlines customer service. You can do this using either a fixed-line phone or a mobile phone. The phone number to contact their customer service centre is +1 855 728 3555.

2. Upon dialling the customer service phone number, you will be greeted by an automated voice system. This automated voice system, also called IVR (Interactive Voice Response), then provides you with a couple of options based on the service for which you seek assistance. These options are listed as under:

  • Press 1 to check in for flight today or tomorrow is on time
  • Press 2 for baggage help
  • Press 3 for updates and changes to an existing reservation
  • Press 4 to book a new reservation
  • Press 5 for other general information, including free spirit and memberships
  • Press 6 for Spirit master card priority service
  • Press 0 to repeat menu

Spirit Airlines Sub-Voice Menu

  • Press 1 for general inquiries and information to help you travel with us
  • Press 2 for free spirit help
  • Press 3 for $9 fare club help

Note: If your query or grievance is with regard to any of the services listed above, you can simply say the option as offered to you.

3. At the first prompt, you only need to select your desired option. The automated voice system will then ask you to choose the relevant service.

4. Next, the automated voice system will ask for your confirmation for the service that you have selected.

5. Now, depending on the type of service that you have selected for which you need assistance, you will be immediately connected to the relevant customer service department. And a live person will be there to answer your queries.

These are all the steps you need to get connected and talk to a live person at Spirit Airlines customer service centre.

Other Ways to Contact Customer Service at Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines also caters to its customers’ queries and problems via the internet i.e., using social media. The use of social media has grown exponentially. So, if a person is unable to get through to the airlines’ customer service via phone, he/she can easily get connected through the company’s social media channels, which are usually Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp etc. Now, in order to get assistance with Spirit Airlines’ customer service on social media, you must have an account on these online channels as well.

You can connect online with a customer service representative on the Spirit Airlines’ Twitter page @SpiritAirlines on and on their Facebook page Additionally, you can contact their customer service on their WhatsApp number 1 801 401 2222.

Both their telephonic and social media customer services are available 24/7. So, this means that you can easily contact them at your convenience, and no matter if you are at home or outside.

You can also mail your queries, feedback or grievances to Spirit Airlines via their mailing address, which is given as follows:

Mailing Address:

Spirit Airlines, Inc.

2800 Executive Way

Miramar, Florida (FL) 33316

United States

Spirit App for Smartphones

Spirit Airlines also offers their mobile app that contains more or less all the services that customers are usually able to access from their official website. So, no matter where you are, with their mobile app, you can easily book your flight, check flight status, cancel your flight, find ground transportation or even get assistance from their live customer service representatives, while on the move.

Their Spirit mobile app can be downloaded on iOS via App Store and on Android via Google PlayStore. If, however, you require assistance, you can contact the airliner’s customer service representatives on their toll free phone number 1 855 728 3555.


Getting in touch with the customer service representatives and talking to a live person at Spirit Airlines can often be a great help, than getting no help at all.

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