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How to Set Up Google Flight Alerts For Better Flight Value?

Have you ever wondered what this special feature is all about, or have you ever known why it exists? Nowadays there is a problem for air travelers that they couldn’t find the right prices for their journey. Sometimes they have to just merely buy the plane ticket to save their miles and get better value. But this makes no sense if you are a savvy air traveler. You might come up with a new and sophisticated method to get your airline ticket price reasonable and this is to use the Google flight alerts.

Google flight alerts can enable you to track the cost of the airfare and you can find the best time to book your flight. To make it even handier for you, it can email you when your flight ticket prices changed. You can also use the google search engine for checking the cheap price for flights 

How To Set Up Google Flight Alerts?

Below are the steps on how you can set up the Google flight alerts for a better experience in airline ticketing. 

1. Enter your travel details

Enter your travel details;  How To Set Up Google Flight Alerts?

First of all, you have to enter the basic details of your travel. In Google flights, enter the number of passengers going with you, enter the airport from which you depart and enter the arriving airport. 

2. Choose your travel date

How To Set Up Google Flight Alerts?;
Choose your travel date

If your travel dates are inconsistent, you can have the facility to choose your current cheapest date otherwise just simply enter the travel date. After you are done with the tour travel date, then proceed by clicking the “Done” button and followed by the “search” button. 

3. Click “View all”

Click "View all"; How to Set Up Google Flight Alerts?

Now you can look at the entire history of the flights you are tracking and the ones which you had tracked recently. 

For this, you have to click on the “View all” link that appeared in front of the “tracking prices” box.

4. Track your flight prices

Track your flight prices; How to Set Up Google Flight Alerts

Now, you will be able to see some of the flights based on the criteria of the above details. Now comes the main functionality of the google flights alerts as it can let you track the flight prices based on the search details. 

For this, you need to sign in to google. A pop up will show you to log in to google. You won’t be able to track flights unless you sign in to google. 

After successfully login, you can now track the flights that can have a match with your search details by clicking on the track prices box which appears below the best departing flights. 

5. View the flights you’ve tracked

View the flights you’ve tracked; How to Set Up Google Flight Alerts

The outcome of this functionality enables you to find out the possible increase in fares of the flight you are tracking. At the same time, you can also judge the reliability of the google flight alerts regarding providing you the cheapest and easiest way to travel by airways.

Now you can see Google’s data on the flights you have tracked previously. At first, you can have not much to say with these flights after you’ve set the google alert but after a few days, you can see how the prices of these flights have changed in the meantime. For this, you have to click on the “price history” dropdown that shows below the concentrated flight. 

6. Look To Your Email 

How to Set Up Google Flight Alerts; look to your email

Another important aspect is that how can we receive the Google flight alert. For this, you have to register your email id at the time of signup to Google flight alerts. Google will mail you the updated prices of the flights you have been tracking on your registered email id. This will help you to save the time that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 


In the end, we can say that Google flight alert proves to be very handy for the air travelers who want some kind of perfection on the flight’s prices. In addition to your further benefit, you can use your credit card to earn bonus miles or points on airfare ticketing, Such as chase sapphire preferred card, ink business preferred credit card. 

If your traveling dates are preferably close, then you can or might find the limitations of the Google flight alerts as it can’t provide alerts immediately for the flights you have requested. There are also other sites such as that provides a similar means for the airline passenger. But preferably, Google flight alerts generate trust which is key. 

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