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Guide On How To Use Kayak To Find Cheap Flights

Finding cheap or budget flights for your trip to any destination is no longer going to be a challenge. There are many travel sites and flight search engines that can let you do so easily. But, while there are many, we will specifically look at one – Kayak. If you have not heard of this flight search engine yet, it is a great platform where you can find cheap flights and the best deals, too.

In this travel guide blog, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to find cheap flights on the Kayak flight search engines.

How Kayak Flight Search Engine Site Works

Kayak, like many other flight search engines, queries several sources and fetches results using aggregators. It searches and compiles the results from airline carriers and hundreds of other online travel agencies (OTAs) and puts them all into one place i.e., on their site.

Additionally, Kayak also queries major OTAs, like Expedia and Orbitz, as well as small, lesser-known (or not at all known) OTAs that many other travel sites simply overlook.

Although Kayak’s site may appear confusing to use to some users, however, their results are highly customizable. It allows you to search flights by a wide variety of filter options, such as flight duration and the total number of stops to which flights arrive or depart early enough to get you to your destination on time.

Aside from delivering the best flight deals for travel, Kayak also includes budget or cheaper airfares that you can get for a grab. To learn more, below are the steps to find the cheap and best flight on Kayak.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Finding Cheap Flights on Kayak

Here are a few steps to find cheap flights on Kayak’s website.

Search Flights for Your Trip

First, go to the Kayak flight search engine site at [make hyperlink:]. When on the site’s homepage, select the type of flight i.e., round-trip, one-way or multi-city. Next, fill in the names of your preferred airports or cities in both the “From” and “To” input boxes. Also, provide your preferred travel dates.

Likewise, if you are in the early planning stages or simply don’t care where you want to go, you can also use Kayak’s “Anywhere search” function. Here, instead of filling in your destination airport, simply click on the box that appears and you will be able to search for cheap flights to, well, just about anywhere.

It is both a great way to find creative holiday ideas and maximize savings on your travel budget.

Review and Compare Results of Flights and Airfares

After having selected your preferred flight(s), you will see all the available flight results along with different options to easily manage the search results.

The site’s flight search results are automatically sorted in terms of the “Best” category. The “Best” category option is usually pretty accurate. However, you can choose to sort the results by selecting a few other category options, such as “Cheapest” or “Quickest”, as well as highly specific options, which include flights with the earliest landing or having the least CO2 emission, etc. All of this can be done by toggling through and clicking “Other sort” located above the search results.

Also, pay close attention to the details in your search results. The cheapest flights might have an enticing price tag but take twice as long as the “Best” option.

You may, of course, still filter the search results further by using the filter options located on the left panel. You can use these filters to narrow down your searches by applying common options, such as the number of stops, departure and arrival times, specific airlines, and more.

Purchasing Flights

Kayak, being a flight search engine, will not directly book your flights. Instead, it will redirect you to the relevant website, either the carrier’s or OTA’s, in order to complete the flight booking procedure.

When you have selected your airline carrier, flight itinerary, and travel dates, click the “View deal” button and Kayak will automatically redirect you to the OTA’s website, where the deal can be found and you can complete your booking there. However, most flights will have a drop-down list box next to the “View deal” button, if there is more than one way to purchase.

Upon clicking the button, it will show you several other sites where you can book that same flight with different prices displayed next to them.

How to Use Filters and Customisations on Kayak’s Site

Using filters and other specific customization options can greatly help you find the best flight deals for your travel.

Set Flexible Dates

To increase your chances of finding the dates with the best deals on flights, Kayak allows you to use filters for setting flexible dates. It also includes an in-built calendar with expected flight prices for the selected month of travel. You can choose flexible dates via the plus/minus 1, 2, or 3-day options and the table will automatically adjust your travel dates. Or, if you just click to choose the date, a color-coded table will show you the estimated price for specific dates.  These two options make it very easy to find the cheapest flight, as long as your travel dates are flexible.

At Once Multiple Destinations

As mentioned already, Kayak is one of the flight search engines that lets you specifically search for multiple destinations at one time.

For example, if you are searching for a flight from Dallas to either Lisbon or London you can enter both airports or cities in the destination box for your next holiday. This way, you get to pull flights to both cities in the same feed, rather than having to do two separate searches.

Use “Explore” for Non-Specified Destinations

If you are unsure of which destination you want to go to, or maybe you are just planning for a weekend holiday anywhere, you can use Kayak’s “Explore” feature and search from a location to anywhere.

Kayak will bring up a map that shows prices and several other filters you can use to narrow down your desired options. Explore is a great feature for travelers that want to look for on-the-go flexible and adventurous destinations.

Set Up Price Alerts

They send you to set up these price alerts via e-mail, for which you are required to first, subscribe to their website. In addition, what’s great about this feature is that it also gives you Kayak’s recommendations as to whether you should purchase the flight now or wait for later. This recommendation is generally based on the dynamic trends in pricing and whether the fare for that particular flight route and travel dates is either normal, high, or low.

You can also set up price alerts so that Kayak will send you e-mails periodically, i.e., whenever new flights or airfares are available for the route which you had searched for.


Kayak is a great flight search engine for finding cheap or budget flights. You can further enhance your searches by using their filters. Their filters help to find and categorised easily and it is also very easy to use. Their user interface is very easy and convenient t use so, you can go for kayak.

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