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How To Use Momondo To Find Cheap Flight Deals

If you are searching for cheaper flights for your trip, then you should give Momondo a try.

Momondo is a travel website and meta search engine that lets you search cheap flights from various airlines and other travel sites. Its sources also include major booking sites and individual company sites, in order to give you as many cheap airfare options as possible. When you conduct a single search on Momondo, you can find and compare cheap flight tickets.

In this travel guide, we are going to show you how to use Momondo website to find and book cheap flights.

Find Bargain Fares Using Momondo’s Website

In order to find cheap flights and book one for your trip, we have provided you with a couple of simple steps.

However, bear in mind that Momondo does not actually book your flights on its website, instead, it redirects you to the respective airline carrier or OTA’s website in order to complete the flight booking process.


1. When you visit Momondo’s website, you will see their flight search menu. The travel website lets you search flights based on round-trip, one-way and multi-city.

2. After making your trip selection, you will be required to input details, such as departure airport, arrival airport, number of passengers, travel class, and travel dates.

Also, just underneath the input fields, you will see a couple of check-boxes of various other travel websites, to compare airfares. A few such sources that you can select for your search include Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, CheapOair, and more.

3. When you have filled in your trip details and also chosen additional sources for finding bargain fares, click the Search button.

The search will take a few moments, depending on your selections, and will then display the results.

4. Once the search is complete, you will see a list of flights that are available with the cheapest airfares.

In addition, the site also allows you to use a few filters located on the left-hand corner to help you narrow down your search. These filters include trip booking sites, airline carriers and/or alliance(s), travel class, number of stops, airports, departure and arrival schedule, trip duration, price, booking sites, and more.

Note: To be certain that the airfares are really the cheapest, you can compare it with Google Flights, for example. Fortunately, you may find better bargains at Momondo.

5. If you are okay with the results and airfares displayed on the website, you proceed by clicking the “Go to site” button. This will automatically redirect you to the site to complete the flight booking process.

The site also provides the “Details” and “Prices” buttons in the bottom left corner of the flight results page. These let you find more information about a flight’s route and view prices of airfares for the same flight route by different online travel agencies, respectively.

Your flight’s booking process will be carried out by the relevant online travel website or the airline carrier via Momondo. Also, bear in mind that the airfares which are displayed on the site are inclusive of taxes.

Pros and Cons of Searching Flights on Momomdo

There are also a few advantages and disadvantages of using Momondo for finding cheap airfares.


  • It searches and compares billions of real-time prices on flight tickets so you can easily find the cheapest, quickest, and best flight deals.
  • It searches everywhere at once. In other words, instead of searching airfares on various online travel agencies one-by-one, Momondo makes it rather far quicker, easier and convenient to search them all simultaneously.
  • It finds the cheapest airfares for you. Many people believe that the cheapest airfare for a given flight can be found only at Travelocity or Orbitz, for instance. However, this is not always true. Sometimes, you may be surprised to find the cheapest airfares on a small upstart online travel agency as well.


  • It does not search flights on a range of dates. Though Momondo does really well at finding the cheapest airfares for a specific travel date, there is, however, no good way to see the cheapest fare over a number of weeks or months.
  • It does not offer searches for flexible destinations. This is another downside of Momondo. You can only search one specific destination city at a time rather than searching multiple cities at once. Though you can put in regions, like Western Europe, you may find the results to be pretty unreliable.
  • It does not complete searches quickly. Searches are slow which may be annoying to some individuals. It can take upwards of a minute for results on its site to load because it is searching hundreds of sites at once. Google Flights, on the other hand, takes a fraction of a second to pull up fares.


Momondo is a great website to find cheap airfares for your trip. But, it does not actually book flights, which is done by the OTA or airline carrier via their respective website.

So, if you want to search for bargain flight fares, you will be glad to find one on Momondo’s website.

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