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Things to Know About One-Way Flights When Travelling

When flying from one city to another, some passengers often book a reservation or purchase a last minute flight ticket and without scheduling a return trip. This is common for many travellers. If you are planning a trip within your country or to a foreign country and want to know more about travelling one-way or round-trip, you will find helpful information through our travel guide.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at what is a one-way flight. Also, we will find out if it is a good or bad option when compared to a round-trip flight.

What is a One-way Flight?

In simple words, a one-way flight is a trip to a traveller’s destination, but which does not include a scheduled return trip to the origin city of departure.

Basically, when on a one-way trip to either one or more destinations, a traveller does not intend to book a return flight in advance. In such a case, if the traveller wishes to return to the city he/she had originally departed from, two separate one-way tickets must be purchased. This could be expensive, taking into consideration the price difference between two one-way airfares and a round-trip fare, route of your airline carrier and more.

Common Reasons Travellers Choose One-Way Flight Trips

There can be several reasons travellers would opt in to purchase one-way flight tickets when flying to their destination.

  • You are travelling to a city either within your country or in a foreign country and do not plan on early return.
  • You are on a long holiday tour and want to visit several places.
  • You are immigrating to another city or country and wish to settle there.
  • You want to fly to your desired destination, but wish to return to your city through some other means of public transportation, such as via road, rail or sea.

These few reasons cited above are the most common ones that travellers look for in their travel plans.

But, there are more to it as well, such as deciding when to select one-way and round-trip fares, which we shall see in the following section.

Is Purchasing Two One-way Tickets Better than a Round-trip Ticket?

The cost of an airfare, whether it is for one-way or a round-trip flight can significantly vary from one airline carrier to another.

For instance, if you are travelling on a domestic flight, purchasing a one-way ticket could give you a better value. On the other hand, if you are travelling on an international flight, then purchasing a round-trip ticket would be a better deal in most cases.

If you purchase a round-trip flight ticket, but later decide to cancel or not board (intentional no-show) your return flight, then the airline will consider your airfare as a throwback ticket. Thus. This throwback ticket of yours may even be offered to a standby passenger travelling on the same route.

However, before you make a decision, there are a few important things that you should consider. These will help you make the right decision that best fits your travel needs.

  • The type of aircraft, i.e., whether it is a low-cost carrier or a full-service carrier.
  • The type of travel class you want to travel.
  • The type of trip, i.e., whether it is domestic or international.
  • You wish to include one or more stopovers in your itinerary before arriving to your final destination.
  • Distance of the airport from the city in order to fly into or out of.
  • Whether the airline you purchased a ticket is offering any type of promotional sale of its products and/or services.

Thus, looking at the these considerations mentioned above, we can say that both one-way and round-trip flights serve their purpose as needed.


One-way flight trips can be seen as an ideal option of transport for persons that seek more savings during travelling. Or, for instance, when relocating to another city for some time, or perhaps, permanently.

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