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Icelandair Manage Booking Seats, Flights & Reservations

To know more about Icelandair manage booking, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

The Iceland flag carrier, Icelandair founded in 1937 with headquartered at Keflavík International Airport near Reykjavik city. The airline served services to 48 cities in 16 countries in April 2018 and it is a member of the Icelandair Group.

Icelandair hub is at Keflavík International Airport. The popular business strategy of the airline is being non-stop transatlantic flight due to the geographical position of Iceland with traffic from and to the country. Icelandair is flying from Iceland to 26 destinations in Europe along with 23 destinations within North America. However few destinations are seasonal.

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Icelandair Manage Booking

Icelandair gives option to their customer to make changes if any change may possible which permits by the ticket you have purchased. You can book your flight online, make changes also at the online platform and search for the new flight with your desired destination, and date, and get all details while comparing the fares to select the best deal and decision to fly according to your comfort. Manage your booking includes:

  • Check-in and boarding pass
  • Select your seat during check-in
  • Pay your reservation
  • Change or cancel your flight
  • Add extra baggage
  • Add more services to your trip

For the comfort of the passengers, the airline provided an app for android as well as iPhone to keep track of your flights, check-in, and itinerary. The app is helping you to book your flight and store your traveling history.

Also, it gives you real-time information. Apart from booking and checking, it is easy to book a seat and get your boarding pass easily and quickly only by having an app on your phone.

Icelandair manage booking

Procedure and Steps of the Manage Booking Online

  • Firstly you have to open the official website of Icelandair Airlines and log in to your account.
  • The next step is to enter your details which are asking in column-like Last name, and the booking reference number. This step will retrieve your ticket details which you need to change.
  • After clicking next you can see here all the alternatives related to your change(ticket date, time, or destination, cancel your booking, pay for extra baggage, correct your name on the ticket).
  • If you are eligible for the changes which are permitted by your ticket you can change it according to your wish and then pay for it online with your cards.
  • Lastly, after successful payments for your changes, you’ll get a confirmation mail on your email id

In the manage booking section, you can also cancel your booking of Icelandair. Manage booking is helping you to save money and time and make your travel a lot easier.

Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fee

The baggage allowance that each passenger can carry clearly depends on the class of service for the reservation that the passenger has been made. And passengers are allowed to manage baggage online at the official website.

Checked Baggage.  The sum up a size in length+ width+ height considered for the checked baggage should not be more than 15cm or 62 inches. The size is included in wheels and handles. Also, the maximum size allowed should not be more than 23kg or 50Ibs.

Carry-on Baggage.  Your carry-on baggage should be fit in the compartment which is fixed on your overhead. And the maximum size should not be more than 55 x 40 x 20 in cm or  21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 in inches. All the sizes are included the wheels and handles.

The maximum weight should not be more than 10kg or 22Ibs. However, you can carry onboard one small personal item like a backpack, handbag, or maybe a laptop bag but it should be fit beneath of seat in front of you with a maximum size of 40 x 30 x 15 cm or 15.7 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches.

Special baggage allowance: For children between the age of 2-and 11, the baggage allowance is considered the same way as an adult. However, the folding stroller is allowed to carry free of charge along with child seats for Infants who are under 2 years old, they can have one checked bag with no carry-on bag. For the economy light, they don’t allow to carry any of that. But always the car seat or stroller is included.

For those members of Saga Gold & Silver, they are allowed to carry one extra checked bag in addition.

Baggage allowance for traveling with multiple airlines: Those whose travel itinerary to reach the destination is more than one airline, get the other baggage allowance. And passengers can only buy the extra baggage allowance at the airport.

Icelandair seat selection

Icelandair is providing a complimentary seat for the all-ticket. However, you can go through Icelandair Manage Booking or during check-in at the airport, to get your preferred seat like extra legroom to enjoy more place and relaxation while flying. 

You can select your seat while booking your ticket. You may get in the situation that the seats are not available to request while booking but don’t be panic, it just means that whatever seats are left you can only apply to allocate or assign them at the airport.

No airline is overbooking for their flight which means once you paid for the reservation, you will be allocated seats onboard.  Those whose travel includes multiple airlines, cant select their seat and they need to contact the operating carrier of the flight for their seat selection.

Another way for booking your preferred seat is to do it while check-in at the airport. The seat selection at the airport during the check-in is available 24 hours before the flight departure operated by Icelandair for all destinations.

The airline is helping their passengers to enjoy full freedom for seat selection to have a comfortable and joyful experience during flight. To be more secure about the seat selection and confirm your seat, you can buy the seat with more legroom by going through the purchasing option here.

Icelandair cancellation/changing/refund

The airline is made clear guidance for those who need to cancel or flight change, and refund their ticket. For the flight to or from the USA, the tickets are sold in Dollars.

Icelandair airline is letting the customer cancel their ticket with a full refund and without a penalty fee if only the passengers cancel their ticket within 24 hours of the purchase and there are 7 days or more left to the departure of the flight.

If the ticket gets delayed and canceled or even diverted, the airline will inform the customer every 30 minutes. In such a case, you can cancel and receive the travel credit voucher for rebooking your ticket. For those who booked the ticket through third parties, they need to contact the source, and those who booked through the Icelandair Holiday package, have to contact the airline through this form.

Change your booking

If you booked your flight online, you need to go the Manage Booking enter your last name and booking reference, and continue the procedure to change or rebook your ticket. And if you book through third parties, you need to get in touch with the sources that you did your booking.

Icelandair change booking

And if the Icelandair Holiday package has been used, then contact them through this form. The booking also can be changed through the Icelandair app if only you used the online booking or via the app. The app can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store. You can change your reservation under the following circumstances:

  • The ticket should only be an Icelandair ticket and they are specified with the number starting 108.
  • The reservation should be valid for all classes of service in Icelandair.
  • You cant change the ticket if you applied for a change fee waiver.
  • The fare may be applied differently.
  • You can not change your destination.
  • You have to complete the traveling within 12 months of your original ticket.
  • Contact Icelandair Holiday Booking if you used this option.
  • Those who went through the third party need to contact them not the airline.

Icelandair Important numbers (Customer Care)

To get in touch with Icelandair reservation and get more accurate answers during your requirement go through the following details:

Customer Service: +354 505 0100
Baggage Tracking: Click on Find my bag to track your baggage.
Icelandair email:
Icelandair Website:

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