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Qantas Airways Manage Booking Seats, Flights & Reservations

To know more about Qantas Airways manage booking, we started with a briefing about the airline itself.

Qantas Airways is an Australian flag carrier and measured by fleet size, international flights and destinations is the largest airline in Australia and the third-largest airline in the world. though the airline started in Nov 1920 it has started international flights in May 1935.  Qantas is an originating member of the Oneworld airline alliance. The airline base is in Sydney with the main hub at Sydney Airport. By March 2014 Qantas airways had a 65% share of the Australian domestic market which carried 14.9% of passengers who were traveling inside and outside of Australia.

Qantas airways are owning the low-cost airline of Jetstar Airways which serves domestic and international services within New Zealand and Australia.

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Qantas Airways Manage Booking

By going to the homepage of Qantas Airways ( and clicking the Manage Booking tab. By entering your booking reference and last name, you can check the flight’s heading or click on the flight’s details to see your booking. Also, you are enabled to cancel your itinerary,  make changes, or use additional services like seat selection or purchase an extra baggage allowance. Other services you can use while viewing your booking online is:

  • Redeem for the Flight Credit
  • Make passenger details for the trip to/from the USA, Canada, and New Zealand
  • Print/email your itinerary
  • Update your contact details
Qantas Airways manage booking

Flight change and cancellation

To make changes or cancellations are required to check Manage Booking or flight status for the latest updated information on flights. You are required to check the conditions applicable for your fare type to check information related to the fees before changing or canceling your booking. If you need more help to cancel/change your booking, contact the Qantas office. There may be service fees charges while changing or canceling your booking.

Qantas Change flights

Procedure to change booking: There are a few simple steps to change your booking if only your reservation is capable of changing;

  • You need to enter your details below or login to Qantas Frequent Flyer and direct to Your Booking for selecting the booking change.
  • Click on the red button to Change.
  • If your ticket is applicable for changes, proceed with the steps, and accept the fees difference.
  • Confirm changes.

Changes in the flight are only applicable for single passengers at the time. Therefore if there is a group booking, initially you have to separate them from booking and place the passengers in new bookings with a separate booking reference. And now you are allowed to make the required changes.

Procedure for booking cancelation: In case your booking was made by Qantas flight booking or Frequent Flyer Classic Flight Reward at or by selected Qantas offices, you can cancel your ticket by proceeding with these steps:

  • Enter your details with a booking reference and the last name to retrieve your booking.
  • Click the red Cancel button.
  • Continue with the cancellation procedure.

In case the cancel button doesn’t show up then you are required to contact the Qantas office or a travel agent if your ticket was booked by them. You need to know while canceling your ticket other services which you booked also will be automatically canceled. Services like extra baggage, car hire, and book seats.

However cancellation applies to individual passengers and if you have a group booking, you need to separate them initially and you will receive a new booking reference. Then you can proceed with your cancellation.

Refund policy

Depending on the conditions for your fare type, you will receive any of the following while canceling your booking:

  • The refund of value after the fees are reduced from your booking.
  • Credit will be added to your account to book a new reservation. Details will be sent by email to passengers to redeem the credit online. For those who are Qantas Frequent Flyers, the credit will appear in their booking list.

Qantas Airways check-in policy

In Qantas airways, most people use online check-in because it saves us from crowded queues and it also saves our time. In online check-in, you have an E-ticket to complete the online check-in process.

Kiosk check-in, this is a type of self-service in the airport you can see a machine this machine is for self-service check-in in this check-in you can normally fill in your details and your flight details just like flight number your name and then complete the payment process via credit or debit card and then complete your self-check-in process.

In counter check-in, you have to go to the airport before the departure of your flight and complete your check process but the counter check-in process is a very time-consuming process so at least you have to go to the airport before 2 or 3 hours departure of your flight.

 Qantas Airways Baggage policy

To check about the baggage allowance specific to your booking, you are advised to check at manage booking or ask your travel agent. However, while you’re booking on the website prior to payment, the ticketed baggage allowance will be shown on the review page.

Here we simply refer to the domestic and international flights and international flights for America.

International flights, weight/dimension-based baggage allowances

For tickets issued on Qantas international flight except to and from South/ North America the baggage should not be more than 32 kg/70Ib and the weight allowance is as follow:

Travel classAdultQantas Club members & Silver Qantas Frequent FlyersGold Qantas Frequent FlyersPlatinum & Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers
Premium Economy40kg/88lb52kg/114lb56kg/123lb60kg/132lb

It is required to know that per size of the baggage should not be more than 158cm/62in. Which is the sum up of the width, height, and depth of each baggage.

North & South America flights, weight/dimension-based baggage allowances

For the USA and Canadian regulations you need to know that in case the final ticketed destination/ origin is within Canada or the USA, the baggage allowance will be considered according to the flight number that appears for the first flight on the ticket. Though for travel between the USA and Australia Qantas baggage rules usually will apply.

The passengers are not allowed to have baggage that is more than 32kg/70lb per piece. And the total dimension for the three pieces should not be more than 405cm/159in. For two pieces of baggage, the recommended dimension is 270cm/106in. While no single piece has to exceed more than 158cm/62in. The calculation is the sum of up width, height, and depth of the baggage.

Travel classAdultQantas Club members, Silver & Gold Qantas Frequent FlyersPlatinum & Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers
Economy2 Pcs each 23kg/50lb 3 Pcs each 23kg/50lb 3 Pcs each 32kg/70lb 
Premium Economy2  Pcs each 23kg/50lb 3 Pcs each 23kg/50lb 3 Pcs each 32kg/ 70lb 
Business3  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 3 Pcs each 32kg/70lb 4 Pcs each 32kg /70lb 
First3  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 3  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 4  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 

Domestic flight within Australia 

The baggage allowance for domestic flight within Australia can not be more than 32kg/70lb for each bag. The table below has a clear specification for allowance baggage.

Travel classAdultQantas Club members & Silver Qantas Frequent FlyersGold Qantas Frequent FlyersPlatinum & Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers
Economy1  Pcs of 23kg/50lb1 Pcs of 32kg /70lb2  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 2  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 
Business2  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 2  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 2 Pcs each 32kg/70lb 3  Pcs each 32kg/70lb 

While transferring from Qantas domestic to international flights or vice versa, on the same day, the international baggage allowance will be considered for both flights. Therefore you need to show both of your tickets while doing check-in of your baggage.

To know more about baggage allowance and extra fees that you may need to pay it is suggested to check the Qantas Airways baggage calculator.

Seat Selection

Available seats for the airline are window seats, aisle, and legroom for space to stretch out. For seat reservations, you can select your seat after booking or while booking. The airline is having complimentary seats for passengers who are:

  • traveling on any of the Qantas-operated domestic services.
  • traveling internationally in any of the Economies on a Saver/ Flex fare.
  • traveling internationally in any of the First/ Business or Premium Economy cabins
  • Member of the Platinum One, Platinum, Gold or Silver Qantas Frequent Flyers or Emirates Skywards Frequent Flyers and equivalent Oneworld.
  • traveling on an Economy Classic Flight Reward
Qantas Airways seat selection

Seat selection is chargeable for passengers traveling in the international Economy on sale fares. To select your seat, you are required to go to the Qantas homepage and enter your booking reference along with the last name in the Your Booking tab and select your seat.

Qantas Airways Important numbers (Customer Care)

To get in touch with Qantas Airways reservation and get more accurate answers to your requirement go through the following details:

Customer Service: +61 (2) 9490 1857
Baggage Tracking: Click here to track your baggage.
Qantas Airways email: You can get in touch with the airline via customer care
Qantas Airways Website:

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