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5 Most Popular Places You Should Add In Your Golden Triangle Tour

India is a huge country with great geographic and cultural diversity and would take many months to get to know all its richness. The most common itinerary for the first glimpse of India is the so-called “Golden Triangle” which includes the most popular places like Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. I would add Varanasi and Goa to this lot. A destination decidedly not to be missed, turning the triangle into a Pentagon.


Delhi India Gate; Best Golden Triangle Tour

It is the capital of India and a city where about 13 million people live, most of them at the poverty line. The traffic is incredibly chaotic, dirt lurks everywhere, and there are many people living on the streets. Still, it can be a pleasant city to visit and has undoubtedly many points of interest to know such as India Gate. Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and the must-see Gandhi Smriti Museum. The narrow crowded streets of everything and more of Old city contrast with the wide boulevards and spacious parks of the city.


Agra Taj Mahal; Best Golden Triangle Tour

It is a city that touristically almost has an only interest because of the Taj Mahal. Possibly the biggest attraction of India and one of the largest in the world. The ideal program is maybe to sleep only one night. On the first day visit the Fort and go see the sunset behind the Taj Mahal, across the bridge by the river. An auto-rickshaw driver knows how to go there and is not worth paying to get into the park there, just follow the parallel path to the river. There are cheap hotels to sleep in very close to the Taj Mahal.


Goa; Best Golden Triangle Tour In India

The beaches of Goa are a very popular destination in India and a more relaxed and trendy alternative to spending a few days in the sun. Apart from beaches, you can enjoy the popular restaurants, adventure, temples, churches, and wildlife too. If you want to experience luxury then you must book Maharaja Express Trains as the journey of The Southern Sojourn and The Southern Jewels will take you there.


Jaipur; Best Golden Triangle Tour

Basically, that city is of Maharajas and palaces. The main attractions are the City Palace. The streets within the walled city (Pink City) and the Amer Fort, a few kilometers from the city center. Monkey Palace can be funny to anyone who has never seen monkeys out of cages but apart from that, it’s a mistake. Another great attraction of the city is the Havelis. Ancient Maharajah palaces transformed into charming hotels and that exist a bit throughout India. Even if you do not stay in one, it’s worth it to go have a drink or have a meal to live in the city and get to know.

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Varanasi Best Golden Triangle Tour In India

The City is total madness and a must-see destination on a trip to India. It seems that all of a sudden you enter a film of another dimension, with mysterious and diabolical characters. Who feed on beliefs, strange rituals, and baths on the banks of the Ganges. The action is all by the river and in the old part of town. So it makes sense to stay lodged there although many travel guides advise the area of the best hotels. It is well worth taking a boat trip at dawn and passing through the various Ghats (doors) where the pilgrims are taking the holy bath.

Wrap Up Words

The above discussed was some of the top places to visit in the golden triangle. There are a lot of beautiful places in India since the old ages. Many centuries have passed but the historical and architectural beauty of forts and palaces is still there, including natural scenic views and serene audacies. india has some amazing desserts also with a lot of activities for tourists to enjoy there.

Jam up your pants with modern Delhi, Goa to the old and scenic Varanasi, Rajasthan and Agra. From the era of ancient warriors to Mughals, to Britishers and modern India. The tourists can relive the moment of how the rulers used to live in India in the old times.

So I hope this blog and information will help you to organize your trip and enjoy it without any stressful situation. Thank you for reading this and please share your experience with us.

So don’t waste time just by thinking of the vacation, but take a step towards your dream of exploring the best places to visit in golden Triangle, by booking your tickets to the country which is fully blessed with nature.

Safe journey!!!

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