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Best Nightclubs To Enjoy The Nightlife In Casablanca

Casablanca is one of the largest cities in Morroco which is located on the Atlantic Coast in the western part of Morocco. This city is different from the rest of Morocco where you get a more European feel. There are many offices and headquarters of the leading Moroccan companies and international corporations doing business in the country. There is also the largest artificial port in the world which is one of the primary sources of export and import of goods and services. So, many travelers come here to explore the Arab-Muslim heritage and the legacies of the colonial period. In diverse cultures, people live there by practicing their own beliefs and faith and enjoy it at their own cost. Because of many tourists who came to enjoy their life, there are so many nightclubs to enjoy the nightlife in Casablanca. Morocco undoubtedly offers a lovely evening scene with its lamp-lit streets, live music, and hip discos. Here will list some of the best nightclubs in Casablanca where you can enjoy sophisticated bars and restaurants.

Some Best Nightclubs Of Casablanca

In Casablanca, there are many nightclubs and bars located in the area of Medina and La corniche area. In this article, you will get info about some best bars for nightclubs that the worth visiting there.

Sky 28

This bar is famous for its retro-type looking and is located on the 28th floor of the Kenzi Tower Hotel. If you want to enjoy and feel like 1980s style with unrecorded music then this is for you. It is situated on the highest point of the hotel so you can enjoy the best view of Casablanca from the top. You can enjoy the sightseeing of Casablanca and Hasan Mosque as well as the Ocean. The cocktails are excellent here and the jazz band also makes your night party roll out with Dj playing.

La Bodega

La Bodega Bar is just situated in the north of the central market where you can enjoy the tomfoolery evening. This bar is allowed you to dance, drink and eat Spanish and American food with your friends. If you are a dance lover and enjoy the dance of different styles like Salsa, Jazz, and Latino then you have to go to the first floor. Tourists can enjoy the music from the Arabic and the Spanish beat the whole night. So, if you ever visit Casablanca then you should go to La Bodega once.

Brooklyn Bar

Brooklyn Bar is popular among the young generation who loves Americana. It makes you feel like a replication of the Newyork life in the heart of Morocco. Their traditional brick wall attracts you with urban art. Brooklyn bar’s team awaits you with an open hand for hospitality with their Newyork Style menu and a signature cocktail.

Petit Poucet

The aroma of this bar makes you feel like you are in France. The cuisine available in this bar is also based on the french style. Here traveler is wandering with the 1920s-style decor. It is also a great place for drinks.

Irish Pub

This is an Irish bar where you feel like you move into the Irish city. Here you can see all the wooden things like their floor is made up of wood as well as walls and furniture. This is a typical bar where you can enjoy your drinks with the football match on the television. There are too many crowds on the weekends to enjoy the hospitality of an Irish bar.

Peter’s Lounge

Peter’s Lounge offers a good bar for drinks and a restaurant for the best cuisine. The menu of the Peter’s Lounge offers a decent choice of Tapas and wines. You can enjoy a drink at the room’s square bar or at the high tables next to the reinforced glass windows while standing by, listening to chic music, and observing the people interact with each other. However, it has a little area, but their nice employees and excellent assistance at a fair price make you get attracted there for the next time also.

Armstrong Casablanca

This is situated on the Corniche between Ain Diab and Lalla Meryem beaches and is best for the person who enjoys the nightlife of Casablanca. It is famous for its theme night which is different per day and offers music till 4 am. You can enjoy the dance and the open mic with DJs and live bands.

Maison B

This is also one of the most popular bars which offer a good range of music including Deep house and rap music. It also hosts dinner parties for its guests. If you want to feel the good music with the great drinks then you can go there. It is situated in the Ain Diab.

Le Trica

Le Trica is a pub and restaurant that is great for hanging out with friends and getting a drink after sightseeing (happy hour from 6.30 pm to 9 pm). Here you can get much more crowd on the weekends especially on Friday and Saturday nights when live music and DJ spinning are present. They shut off at twelve and offer their services at reasonable pricing, decent service, and competent employees who provide very well served to their customers.

Duplex Casablanca

Duplex Casablanca is located at Rue de la Mer Adriatique and is one of the best shisha lounges which is most popular among the locals but they welcome foreigners too. Here you can enjoy and experience the full Moroccon style and also enjoy the hookah with drinks. They also provide the famous Moroccan mint tea which is popular with locals. All over you can enjoy yourself with the local Moroccan people who are friendly and give you the best hospitable.

In the End

If you ever go to Morocco then it is highly recommendable that visit Casablanca where you can explore the cultural and modern life of the Morrocan people. Casablanca is the cosmopolitan city of Morocco where you can find diverse people. Casablanca is nearer to the European culture and enjoys life with music, dance, and drinks. So, travelers who visit here to enjoy can find many nightclubs and bars where they can enjoy full nights with their friends. We list some of the best nightclubs as per our best knowledge where travelers can enjoy themselves with friends the whole night.

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