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Air Astana Pet Policy

Air Astana totally understands the presence of your beloved pet along with you, when your whole family is going for any outing abroad. There are many such airlines that accept pets to have a flight, but there are even many who don’t allow pets. This airline has an Air Astana pet policy separately explaining every possible need for you to travel with your pets. 

So here comes Air Astana Pet Policy, which thinks for your pet’s safe travel when flying with Air Astana. In this whole article, you will get to know what to do when you have a flight with a pet in Air Astana. Or you can say Air Astana pet policy’s rules and regulations with limits, which will eventually affect the goodwill of your pets.

Though in Air Astana pet policy, you will get the permission of cats, dogs, fish and turtles, and tortoises as pet types that can travel along with their owner whether in-cabin or as in carriage hold according to the weight and size. And So many other things you have to keep in mind while having a flight with pets.

General Rules

Air Astana Pet Policy

For Air Astana’s pet policy, you don’t have to be scared because they are not so strict about the flight of pets. Below are certain some of the general rules or information you should be knowing before a pet’s flight.

  1. Pets like cat or dog weight must be within 8kg with a box if you want to take them along with you in the cabin, and if the total weight of the pet and container exceeds 8 kg then they will be traveling in the cargo hold of the aircraft.
  2. You have to pre-inform Air Astana at least 24 hours, that you had such a plan of making your pet travel with you in flight. This will help airlines to give you confirmed information about whether at that particular time period when you want to fly, space for pets is available or not.
  3. Air Astana always cooperates with you, but in return, they also expect the same. So in case, you are coming up with your pet at check-in counter without having a preliminary booking for them. Then they are not su[pose to allow your pet to take off for flight with you anyhow.

As you are not allowed to move your pet openly whether it’s in the cabin or traveling as held in the airline’s baggage department. You have to lock your pet in a pet box or bag or container. These containers which will be handling pets must be strong enough so that pets can not break them and come out so easily.

The container should have proper ventilation. It should be closely fitted so that it may not leak from the bottom. Holes for feeding your pet must be wide, by which feeding stuff can go but the pet’s tail or paw or mouth does not stick in between.

The size of the container should be large enough according to the pet size so that they can stand or lie down in its most natural way. If wheels are attached with the containers for your convenience at the airport, then at the time of boarding cabin or sending it to carriage section of the airlines, then remove the wheels so that it can be kept secure without any movement

Documents needed

While traveling with a pet you have to do some paperwork to be done before your flight date. So that on the day of departure when you will be asked to place such documents related to your pet at the check-in point at the airport, you don’t have to face any hindrance for you and your pet’s travel journey.

So below are some of the lists of documents you need to show at the check-in point:

  1. Updated passport of your pet
  2. A certificate signed by a veterinarian confirming the good health and with proper vaccination done of the pet to travel on the flight.
  3. If you are traveling from European countries, then your pet should have a unique tattoo or unique identification microchip on your pet’s body. (Though when you are traveling within Kazakhstan or to Russia with pets, you don’t need to show such things)

Though birds and rodents are permitted to transport in a flight, you can’t carry them along with you in-cabin, rather, they will be flying safely in the carriage department of Air Astana airlines as a cargo hold.

If you want to transport your pet like live fish, you have to inform Air Astana before your travel. You have to mention to them how many numbers of fishes and their size & total weight with the container in which they will be traveling on a flight. So while sending your fish with a container, just make sure it must have enough quantity of water in which your fish can service.

Traveling to an international destination

Though Air Astana Airlines are very co-operative towards their passengers or customers regarding pet transport on the flight. But while you have a plan to travel aboard i.e. to some international destination, and you want your pet to be with you in flight, then Air Astana pet travel may change.

This will happen because different countries have their own legislation rules and regulations on pet transport. It’s quite obvious and pet owners had to accept that some countries don’t accept any pet carried out as baggage.

Some of the countries which strictly do not allow pet transport from other countries are India, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia. In fact, due to not being aware of this fact the airline has already got fined for doing so.
(If you want to transport any sort of animal to these countries you  must contact air waybill to transport your pet but separated by you.)

And Air Astana Airlines when they fly to the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, they are giving permission to take your pet out with you. While flying to Malaysia and China (Urumqi, Beijing), you are allowed to take in/out your pet but only cat & dogs. Airline flying to Urumqi is permitted to bring your pet in/out from it as registered luggage.

Pet travel in

According to some measures and limits, Airlines decide whether the pet will travel along with you in-cabin or as a carriage hold in the baggage section of the same aircraft you are traveling. 

It’s obvious that airlines will charge you a fee for the pet travel in both cases if in the cabin or as carriage hold. They will ask this at the check-in point. Before that, you have to inform the airlines in advance that you want to take your pet also on the flight.

Fees are charged on the basis of weight which includes both animal weight and container weight. It is calculated on the basis of per kilo, plus the cost of the excess baggage is doubled, according to the route you are traveling.

The number Of Pets Allowed According To The Aircraft Type

The number of pets is allowed to travel by Air Astana but may vary according to the particular aircraft:

Aircraft TypeIn the Passengers’ CabinIn the Cargo Compartment
(As A Baggage)
A319, A320, A321, B757, B7671 in business / 2 in economy
0 in business / 3 in economy
E1901 in business/ 1 in economy
0 in business/ 2 in economy

In the Pssengers’ Cabin

Air Astana Pet Policy in cabin
  1. According to PETC, carriage of the pet should be 8kg maximum which includes both containers and pets. 
  2. Air Astana Airline’s passengers are permitted to only carry one pet container in the cabin.
  3. Pet carriage should be of 30 x 47 x 27 cms and not more than that in A320/A321/B757/B767 aircraft whereas in E190, the pet box must be of 29 x 43 x 26 cm.
  4. There are soft bag carriers available in pet shopping stops, which is specially designed for small cats or dogs who are traveling in a flight for pets, convenient and comfortable. The normal soft bag is not permitted under PETC transportation.

In The Cargo Compartment

Air Astana Pet Policy as carriage hold
  1. Under AVIH, when you are traveling with a pet whose weight with the pet container exceeds 8 kg but within 50 kg, then they will be traveling as a carriage hold in the airline’s baggage department.
  2. Pets whose weight along with the container exceeds 40 kg about under 50 kg, then they have been traveled as hold in the airline’s cargo and container must be of wooden.
  3. If you want to keep multiple pets together in the same container, then according to AVIH, you are allowed to keep 2 same breeds of pet of almost the same size and of at least 14 kg each can be kept together, if they are familiar with each other.
  4. And for AVIH, you can exceed only 3 animals to stay together in the same box only if their age is under 6 months and of the same breed type are permitted to transport.


  • The animals which are transported in a flight should be at least 3 months of age, as below this, they can’t handle the pressure of height in the flight and can cause risk to life.
  • In E190 aircraft, pets are not permitted to travel as cargo for more than 2 hours due to its built structure. Only in winter from 1st October to 30th April, on the basis of special pet transportation rules, pets are allowed to travel.

So in the end, if you are facing any question or query related to the Air Astana pet policy, then just contact them to make yourself clear as soon as possible. Because it will make your pet flight travel easier.

Just contact the Air Astana customer Support team for any queries. Moreover, you can even contact Treknova on toll-free helpline number +1-800-831-1547, Our support team is sitting just for you to solve your problem as possible as we can.

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