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Air Dolomiti Pet Policy

There are so many in this world whose pets are meant to be life for them. Thus pets flying in aircraft is became normal. When you are flying with Air Dolomiti booking, and even want to take your pet along with you. Then yes, under the Air Dolomiti pet policy, you can do so.

According to the Air Dolomiti pet policy, you will have to follow many such instructions if want to make your pet fly with Air Dolomiti. These orders and limitations are required just to make your pet journey difficult-free. As airlines understand the love for your pets and want to land them safely without any risk.

Airlines Pet Policy

While explaining every piece of information which comes under the Air Dolomiti pet policy. First, you have to make it clear to yourself that you cannot make your pet fly if its age is 3-6 months (whether they are puppy or kitty). So below according to the size, breed, and many more factors, rules, and restrictions for [pet policy has been mentioned below.

Pets traveling in-cabin

While you get permission to travel along with your pet in the same cabin with you. Then you have to follow some rules and restrictions by Air Dolomiti’s pet policy.

  • Only small dogs and cats can travel along with you in-cabin.
  • Air Dolomiti’s Economy class and Business class have permission to make a flight while pets are in-cabin with their owner. Otherwise, they have to travel in a hold.
  • The weight of the pet container or box with the pet inside should be 8kgs in total if want to keep your pet in front of your eye in the cabin of aircraft.
  • The container dimensions should be a maximum of 55x40x23 cm in length, width, and height.
  • The size of your container must be large enough for the small size pet, where it can stand, and lie down in its most natural way.
  • The carrier you will be carrying your pet must be kept under the seat in front of your eyes.
  • You are prohibited to bring your pet outside in any case, throughout your flight journey.
  • One passenger can carry only one pet box along with him/her if flying with it in-cabin.

Fees charged:

  • For domestic flights that are within Italy and Germany, Air Dolomiti will charge you EUR 35 for your pet flight reservation.
  • Whereas when you are having flights within Europe and want to take your pet along with you, then Air Dolomiti airlines will charge EUR 50 for pet reservations.
  • And if want to travel to any international destination along with your pet, then their international pet travel charges are different which you have to confirm by calling them. 

Pets Traveling in the cargo hold

Airlines pet policy in cargo hold

Air Dolomiti has allowed traveling your pet in flight as in the cargo hold also. But they carry out dogs, cats, rabbits, and hares as a pet in the cargo only. Air Dolomiti aircraft are designed in such a way that your pet gets proper ventilation in a carriage department which is followed by IATA regulations.

Here is some more information regarding pet carriers traveling in a cargo hold.

  • While your pet is about to travel in a cargo hold, you have to follow some measures to carry it in the baggage department:
    • Pet container size when traveling as cargo, then its dimensions for length, width, and height must not increase 100 x 65 x 70 cm.
    • Weight more than 8 kg which includes both animal and container will be transported in a cargo hold.
  • As the size of the pet will bit large than the pet who will be traveling in the cabin, thus pet carrier will be bigger than the in-cabin carrier. So keep in mind it must be that much large so that your pet can stand, sit, and lie down to sleep comfortably in the most natural way.
  • The Pet container must be leak-proof as it will be in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Container lining must be fitted with some absorbing material like newspapers, cardboard, or blankets.
  • It’s your duty you should place your pet in such a container, from where they can’t escape easily if they want to come out. 
  • The container in which you will keep your pet for flight must be strong enough, of hard plastic or wooden framed box, which may not harm your pet in any case.
    (But wire mesh cage for pet traveling is prohibited according to Air Dolomiti pet policy when traveling as a carrier bag in the cargo department)
  • Just keep a check inside of the container, such that it doesn’t have any sharpened sides or corners, or nails coming inside, which can harm your pet physically.
  • Before sending your pet container with the pet inside to the cargo department, if your pet container is having wheels then, remove it. So that it gets secure in one place in the baggage compartment.
  • You can fix water and food holders of non-toxic material inside the container only. But the bowls or holders should be kept empty and must be harmless to your pet.
  • Your pet container should have proper ventilation from every 4 sides of the wall of the container.
  • The leash of your pet must not be kept inside the pet carrier, a pet may self harm them. You can attach it to the container, or you can keep it with you.

Fees charged:

  • If the size of the pet carrier is within 60X45X40 cm measures, then:
    • EUR 70, whenever flying within Italy or Germany
    • And EUR 100, when all over Europe
    • For international flights, you have to ask the Air Dolomiti reservation center.
  • And if the size of the per carrier exceeds the above and is between 80X55X55 cm or 100X65X70 cm, then:
    • EUR 150, for Italy and all German locations.
    • EUR 200, within the whole of Europe
    • And fees for international locations must be asked by the support team of Air Dolomiti. 

Restrictions on pet breeds

Traveling your pet in flight, whether it’s in-cabin, or in the cargo hold, you should always be aware of the fact that according to your pet breed type airlines may refuse to carry them. It may be due to the well-being of your pet and sometimes the comfortability of other co-passengers.

Aggressive breed

So there are some breeds of dogs that are quite aggressive and may harm, co-passengers of the plane or the staff who were handling their holds in the cargo department.

So here is the list of the breeds or crossbreeds which has been categorized as aggressive ones are:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bullterrier
  • Bullterrier (Miniature Bull terriers are not considered aggressive)
  • American Bulldog
  • Dogo Argentino (Argentine Mastiff)
  • Karabash (Kangal Dog, Anatolian Shepherd)
  • Caucasian Shepherd
  • Rottweiler

Short-nose breed

And there are some breeds due to their physical buildup, almost every airlines refuse to transport them. Dogs with Snub or pug-nosed are breeds that will face breathing problems when they are taken to a certain height. In history, many such dog breeds had failed their life in aircraft, as they haven’t been able to handle the air pressure. 

Thus under the Air Dolomiti pet policy, the below breeds of dogs are strictly prohibited, not to fly on a flight due to life risks on them.

  • Boston Terrier 
  • Boxer 
  • Bulldog (all breeds except the American Bulldog) 
  • Chow Chow 
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Japanese Chin 
  • English Toy Spaniel (King Charles Spaniel) 
  • Pug 
  • Pekinese 
  • Shi Tzu 

Rules for Assistance and Guide dogs

Under the Air Dolomiti pet policy, pets like assistance dogs or emotional support dogs. These types of pets are those on which their owners are partially depended or sometimes fully dependent.

Thus both types of support dogs when flying either in a cabin or in the cargo hold, have to follow certain rules and regulations, which are described below.

  • Your service dog reservation can be booked at least 48 hours before departure.
  • You should have to bear the training certificate of your service dogs from a recognized institute training institute.
  • You have to take confirmation from the Air Dolomiti sales center before taking your service dog inside the cabin.
  • If you want to take your service dog inside the cabin then your service dog would listen to your command properly and also behave appropriately like don’t jump on other people or barking and growling.
  • If your service dog is very much obedient then you don’t need to put it in the container, just tied it with the harness, and should be in control during the journey.
  • You can bring a muzzle for your service dogs if you are not confident about your service dog and put it on their mouth.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are essential for those who had a disability of hearing and blindness or any sort of handicap person. And these sorts of animals can travel free of cost as a pet carrier when you are with Air Dolomiti.

While at the time of reservation for a pet, you have to mention that your pet is a guide pet and needs to be present with the passenger only. So at the check-in point, you don’t have to face the problem, your ticket will be mentioned with the guide dog service along with your reservation.

For Guide dogs, you don’t need to put them in a pet carrier, but you have to keep them leased and muzzle which is a must require. You have to keep them like that during the flight journey. Moreover, they should be positioned with a safety harness. This is the cause, they could be by their owner’s side, whom the guide dog is accompanying on the flight.

Emotional Support Dogs

While there are some who totally depend on their pet emotionally and cannot leave their pet apart. Thus Air Dolomiti Airlines also accept these type of pets under the Air Dolomiti pet policy.

But the exception is all the flights from/to the USA are permitted to carry out emotional support dogs. And even on those destinations where Air Dolomiti airlines are operating.

There are some rules to follow if transporting Emotional support pet dogs on Air Dolomiti flights.

  • Your pet should be in properly measured containers mentioned by the Air Dolomiti pet policy.
  • Your pet can fly in a container either in-cabin as carry-on baggage, or can ever fly in the cargo hold as excess baggage, based on the size and weight of the pet and container


When even you are traveling with your pet, you have to do their reservation separately. You cant do pet reservations online. For that, you have to call their support team in advance a minimum of 48 hours before your departure for making your pet reservation.

You must reserve your pet’s presence as soon as possible there are according to Air Dolomiti’s pet policy, a maximum of 3 pet carriers can be carried in-cabin per flight. When you have to send your pet carrier as in cargo hold, only 2 pet carriers maximum in each flight will be permitted by Air Dolomiti airlines.

While calling Air Dolomiti for a reservation, they will recite you all the required documents which you have to place at the airport when asked for a smooth flight journey for your pets.

At the time of check-in, please make your pet reservation confirm with your reservation. And your ticket must be indicating the pet transport service along with you.

Keep it in mind, if in your itinerary, Air Dolomiti arranges your flight with another partnered airline. Then before your departure date, confirm with their customer helpdesk whether they accept pets to travel on their flight. 

Even some countries to which you may be flying, do not accept pet transport in flight, so you have to be a bit careful with this information, and if carrying your pet to another location is much more important then, you should be up to date with the paperwork which saying the permission of pet travel to that particular destination you are flying to.

For further queries and questions, do feel free to contact the Air Dolomiti customer support team. They are ready to answer your problem with a suitable solution. If in any case, you can’t get to them, you can contact us, Treknova at our toll-free helpline number +1-800-831-1547 for getting information to you regarding Air Dolomiti airlines.

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