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Air Malta Pet Policy

Pets are the love of many and want to take along with them where ever they go, whether by road or by air. By fast few years about almost every airline, co-operate with animal travel in aircraft. So similarly, under the Air Malta pet policy, Air Malta airlines co-operate with animal transport in their flights.

While flying with a pet, under the Air Malta pet policy, Air Malta, take care of the comfort and safety of your pet in flight. This airline has a set of guidelines, deciding on which type of carrier your pet (either small or big) will fly on.

Below we will discuss all the rules and restrictions of the Air Malta pet policy, which are required for a smooth pet journey in the same plane you are also flying.

Pet Carrier In Cabin

The airline allows you to carry your pets in passengers’ cabins on a flight. But only if when the pet carrier will be easily fit under the seat in front of you. The carrier should not block the main aisle of the aircraft.

The weight of your pet along with the carrier should be up to 10 Kg. For further queries, you can contact the call center of the airline on +356 2166 2211.

There are some points regarding your pet carrier in a cabin:

  • You are allow to carry your pets for the non-commercial transportation.
  • This is only appliable for small pets/animals like small dogs & cats.
  • This service is provided on the airlines network including UK routes only. But this rule is not applicable in the country as per the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of UK.
  • Your pet must be at least 15 weeks old and weaned for minimum 5 days.
  • Your pet carrier should be spacious enough for provide comfort to your pets. Also it should be waterproof that helps to give the protection from leakages.
  • You are allowed to carry two pets of same breed in single carrier.
  • The dimension of your pet carrier should be 40 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm and also must be foldable.
  • Only adult passengers are allowed to carry their pets in cabin and only one carrier per passenger is allowed in cabin.
  • Your pet carrier must be as adjustable to put under the seat in front of the passrenger without any blockage.
  • You are not allowed to keep your pet on you lap or the aircraft seat as well.
  • For the security purpose, you will always get the window seat with your pet.
  • Before 3 days of your departure day, your pet should have gone through a clinical examination by the Veterinary doctor.

Container Details:

The container which has been accepted according to the Air Malta pet policy to carry on to the cabin has some specifications to be followed. These parameters for containers are based on size, properly ventilated walls, and sanitized carrier which is designed waterproof and of strong material that can be carried out easily.

  • Dimensions of the container which must be kept in mind while buying to take your pet in-cabin are 40 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm and the container must not exceed this.
  • Try to buy a soft foldable bag or box or container when flying your pet in-cabin.
  • Pet should be large enough so that your pet can stand straight, lie down, and go to sleep while kept in a pet carrier box or bag comfortably.
  • While locking your pet in a container, make sure, none of the body parts like tail or paw of your pet comes outside of the container.

Fees charged for a pet:

The affordable fees are been kept for pet flights by Air Malta. So that you can take your pet along with you on your vacation. So Air Malta charges €70.00 per flight and for pet container, you are carrying in-cabin. Though if you cancel the pet booking, the fees you have paid for, was not refundable at all.

Pet as Accompanied Checked-in Baggage

The animal whose weight exceeds 10 kg with the container has to travel as extra checked-in baggage. Air Malta airlines have been accepting all size dogs and cats and on the latest update in 2019 under Accompanied Checked-in Baggage (AVIH), passengers of Air Malta can now also take their hares, rabbits, ferrets, and birds as a pet in flights of Air Malta. 

For letting your pet fly as checked-in baggage then you have to give an alert to the airline’s reservation center in advance, at least before 5 days of the working day is required to confirm before you arrive at the airport. You have to do so in advance as they may refuse your pet because aircraft have limited space for a pet as baggage.

To make your pet fly in flight, you have to fill the Pet as Accompanied Checked-in Baggage form before your departure date. The airline will contact you to confirm all the details with proof. Before you fill the form, let your pet’s documentation and veterinary certificate be done. So that there is nothing left that will become a hurdle in your pet flight journey.

There are sub-two categories of forms requesting for pets to travel as check-in baggage in aircraft of Air Malta airlines.

There staffs team checking these forms and confirming the availability of space for your pet on the registered email which you entered in the form. This confirmation mail is one such proof along with other documents required for validating your pet to travel on the flight. You have to show these all at the check-in point of the airport on the day of departure.

Container details:

  • Crate type and size transported as in AVIH must follow all the instructions which are written by IATA regulations (LAR).
  • The volume of the container is in total be measured as 6000 cm3.
  • And the height of the crate must be a maximum of 100 cm.
  • The total weight of the box which will be carried out as checked baggage must be up to 60 kgs in weight.

Fees for traveling pet as checked baggage:

The airline will charge according to the weight of the carriage along with pets. The rate of pet flight will increase with an increase in the weight of the container with the pet. Below are the mention measures and their rates.

Small AVIH1-10 kgs€70
Medium AVIH11 – 20 kgs€100
Large AVIH21 – 32 kgs€150

Terms and Conditions for AVIH:

Your pets if don’t match any of the following terms and conditions, then airlines have the right to cancel your pet’s reservation and tickets are not even refundable. (in some cases they will be referred to transport your pet as cargo hold)

  • Pets with a valid passport and required documents can avail AVIH facility under Air Malta airlines. All the documents and passport must be in English so that it can be understood by any country.
  • Two pets can be accommodated together in the same pet carriage is permitted for each pet carrier reservation for dogs, cats, ferrets, hares, and rabbits.
  • 4 birds who had to feed themselves seeds every time are allowed in the one bird carriage.

Pets in the cargo hold

pets in cargo hold, Air Malta pet policy

There are some routes or itineraries of Air Malta when you can take your pets neither in-cabin nor as baggage. Thus there you need to transport your pet to your demanded country by use of Air Malta Cargo as a hold.

When you have to send your pet as a cargo hold, before that you have to consult with the Air Malta cargo reservation department by calling them. Or you can even contact your cargo agent, they will also load you up with all the procedures for the same.

While your pet has a flight as in cargo hold, then on the departure day, you have to surrender your pet at the cargo center and after you arrived at the destination, you have to pick it up from the respective airport’s congo center. This cargo center is a station quite far separated from the main airport.

Teams and conditions for cargo:

  • All types of pets are permitted to transport as in cargo hold under the Air Malta pet policy.
  • Pet container whose weight has been exceeded 60 kg in weight is allowed to go in an aircraft cargo.
  • The volume of the container must be within 6000 cm3.
  • Whatever be the volume but the height of the box must be not more than 110 cm.

Fees charged for cargo hold:

You have to contact the Air Malta cargo reservation department customer care number to know what airline will charge you for your pet transport in the cargo department. They will help you with detailed pricing of pet reservations as in cargo hold.

At the Airport:

  • On the day of departure, you are with your pet, and it needs quite a time to check-in with pets. So try to come early, at least 3 hours before the departure time at the airport.
  • When u are flight your pet as checked baggage, you have to give the pet carriage with all the documents to the Air Malta’s ground staff who will lead it to the aircraft carefully.
  • While surrounding your pet carriage, you should be placing all the documents which require to permit your pet to fly, your pet’s booking reference, which at the time of booking.
  • You can feel assured about the comfort and safety of your pets. As they are traveling carefully along with other luggage in a baggage department of the aircraft.
  • At on arrive at the destination, you have to collect your pet along with all the documents you have submitted. 
  • This pet flight service under the Air Malta pet policy is applicable to all networks of Air Malta including UK routes also but only when going OUT of the UK’s countries and not when Air Malta flying within the UK’s destinations.

Change  or cancel pet flight ticket

On the day of departure, if in any case, your pet isn’t able to come or get some health issues. You have to inform airlines of the same. You may beg your cancel ticket refund or reschedule your date with your pet tickets.

For further any query regarding Air Malta’s pet policy, please let contact the Air Malta customer support center to clear it up. If you fail to contact us to know the information for the same, then you can contact us, treknova on our toll-free helpline number +1-800-831-1547 available for you 24*7.

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