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Air Mauritius Pet Policy

Air Mauritius is one such airline in the world, that accepts pet travel in their aircraft. They understand that presence of your pet with you wherever you go is quite cheerful. They have launched the Air Mauritius pet policy, particularly for their customer, who want to take their pets along with them on flights.

They understand the fact that these animals are one such member of your family and traveling to other destinations for a vacation with the rest of the family, you need your pets also along with you to enjoy. Thus here Air Mauritius’s pet policy comes into play and is permitted to take your pet to other country lands by Air Mauritius flights.

Air Mauritius airline lets your pet travel on the same flight as baggage or as in the cargo hold. But you cant take to pet along with you in-cabin with other passengers boarding. Though they make sure that your pet’s travel journey completes safely and comfortably.

General rules for Air Mauritius pet policy:

  • According to the latest edition of the IATA Live Animals Regulations Manual, they stated that Air Mauritius airlines are not permitted to accept pets in-cabin.
  • While sending your pet as a carriage, airlines are restricted from breeds of animals in aircraft, which you have to accept, for example, bulldogs, bull terriers, Burmese cats, etc.
  • Before you start your journey with pets, you have to place a proper valid health certificate by the veterinary doctor with all the vaccinations done, and reporting good health, and fit for traveling in flight.
  • Check that your pet is allowed to cross the border of the other countries or not because some of the countries restrict some breeds and don’t allow to enter the border.
  • Make sure that your pet is not barking on other passengers at the airport otherwise they can deny to transport your pet.

Note: The Air Mauritius Airline does not allow you to carry your pet in the passengers’ cabin.

Pets Traveling as Cargo Carriage:

pets as in cargo hold, Air Mauritius pet policy
  • If you are thinking that your pet is alone in the cargo, then let’s be relaxed, Air Mauritius airlines carry out various animals of different breeds. 
  • The journey of your pet in cargo as hold will be comfortable and safe. Air Mauritius airlines always ensure this to you for your pets.
  • The rate applied for carriage in the cargo hold depends on the total weight of both containers and the pet, including any food container in the pet carrier box if you want.
  • While pets are in a cargo department, the staff of Air Mauritius makes sure that every pet container and the number of pets match the standards or measures followed up by IATA. 

Before your departure day please contact Air Mauritius’s customer center for all the formalities to be done to make your pet travel as in cargo hold.

Pet Container Guidelines

  • Your pet’s container dimension should meet the criteria of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).
  • Container should be designed in a manner that your pet can move easily in the container or can sit without shrinking their body.
  • Pet container should have proper ventilation points so that your pet can breathe easily in the container during the flight journey.
  • Your pet container must hold or attached the small bin for the food and water to feed the pet without open the door.
  • Container should made up of strong base material so that they can stay in the container perfectly without any wear and tear.
  • Trained your pet and make them familiar with the container so that they can feel better in the container.
  • Pet container should be neat and clean and also having absorbant material so that it can absorb the water and excretion of the pets.

Pets Traveling as checked baggage

pets as checked baggage, Air Mauritius pet policy

As you are already aware of the fact that Air Mauritius airlines, don’t allow their passenger to carry their pets in-cabin.

  • But you don’t even want to send them in cargo, then yes, there is an option for you where you can check-in your pet as extra checked baggage.
  • Animals as a pet can be dogs, cats, birds, and many more. Before the flight, you should make your self confirm that your breed of pet is allowed as checked baggage.
  • The destination you are flying to will decide the confirmation for the pet flights, as they would have different guidelines for pet policy if you want to carry your pet in a checked bag.
  • You have to inform Air Mauritius that you will be flying with your pet as checked baggage in advance when you are booking your own flight tickets.

NOTE: Any animal/pet of unusual size, whether domestic pets, reptiles, or rodents, you are not allowed them as a checked bag but can let them fly as in cargo hold.

Pet booking

If you want to travel with your pets, you should contact the airline’s cargo office as they will provide you the guidelines regarding pet preparation for travel, help you to complete the application formalities, and also book the space for your pets on aircraft.

Before travel, you just need to ensure about your pet’s health, the date of vaccination certificate should be up to mark, and all the relevant permits should be in order.

When you are traveling with your pets, you should have original photocopies of all the necessary documents like:

  • Export/import/transshipment permits or licenses from your departure/destination/transit country’s relevant authorities
  • You should have a valid certificate of health and rabies vaccination.
  • You should carry the other additional documents that you may require during departure/destination /transit country’s authorities.

For any detailed information about the pet policy for air flying, you must be required to get in touch with the Veterinary Services Department of the concerned Ministry.

For better knowledge of instructions and guidelines by the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security for the Veterinary Service Division.

Rules by Mauritius Government

Air Mauritius wants to have your pet flight without any hurdle coming in between, basically due to any paper or document reason.

So the government says that, where ever you go, your pet may be going through the health examination by the government veterinary official of the country you have landed in. You may be asked to pay for this additional service.

Though you have a certified health certification by a valid veterinary doctor, still government veterinary official confirmation regarding health fitness is required to take out your pet from the destination airport.

To avoid such situations, you may approve the additional documents which may be required at the arrival of the destination, by contacting their embassy and approving your pet legally with the government health certificate before you fly to that location.

End up

Due to the Air Mauritius pet policy, you are able to have to get your pet to the other land with a hassle-free flight journey. Just make sure that the destination you are traveling to has permission for pets on flights whether it’s in cargo or as checked baggage.

To get the full instructions and guidelines of the Air Mauritius pet policy, you should directly contact their customer support team to acknowledge everything regarding it. Moreover, if you get no response in any case, then do feel free to contact treknova, on our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get help from our customer care available 24*7.

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