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Air New Zealand Pet Policy

You are looking for pet travel with Air New Zealand? Then yes, unlike any other airline, Air New Zealand Airlines also allow pets on flights whether within New Zealand or any other international destinations.

They have a built Air New Zealand pet policy under some guidelines, which will help you to make your pet ready to fly within aircraft with all the applied requirements and for a smooth flight journey.

The below rules or guidelines for flights that are flying within New Zealand d and international flights are a little different. Thus we will be describing all the possible information regarding Air New Zealand’s pet policy

When flying within New Zealand

When you are flying within New Zealand, and want your pet to come along with you. then by using the standards of Air New Zealand’s pet policy, you will get permission to fly on a flight with checked baggage.

How to indicate that you are traveling with a pet

First of all, If you are going to travel with your pet then you may inform the airlines at least 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure. If you booked your ticket by travel agents then contact them and inform them about the pet and if you booked your ticket through the Air New Zealand then contact on the helpline number 0800 737 000 and make them informed. The Airline’s executive may ask some questions about your pet like your booking reference number, Pet name, Pet age, Pet type, Weight of pet, and Weight of cage.

General Rules Guidelines while traveling with pets in Air New Zealand

These are the general standard rules you have to follow if you are traveling with your pet in New Zealand.

  • Air New Zealand allows travel to pet animals that are dogs and cats in the flight without taking any transported profit and also it is allowed to travel small caged birds in baggage on all domestic services.
  • If any passenger requires transportation for other types of pets or livestock or wishes the pet to travel unaccompanied,  then the passenger visits our cargo section and gets more information and help for this service.
  • If the passengers have more than one cage, then the passenger must do pre-booking and make pets travel as in the cargo section. This happens because Air New Zealand Link services have a limited space on the flights that anyone who has only one cage will be accepted for travel as checked baggage and the rules are implemented on the flight numbers 5000 and 8000 series.
  • The IATA Live Animal Regulations of Air New Zealand flights sets on implementing the provisions of the minimum standard. In this service, we must ensure that all provisions have complied with the acceptance, packaging, labeling storage, and handling of animals for carriage by air and this is a yearly publication covering acceptance of the flights of New Zealand.
  • The maximum number of pets that are traveling or comparable that are two adult animals and that size up to 14kg are traveling in the same container which means according to these regulations the animals used for cohabitation may be shipped in the same container. If the animal is overweight, 14kg must travel 14kg individually. The maximum months up to six years old animals from the same litter of the and maximum quantities of three up to ship may be in the same container.
  • Check every passenger’s luggage and each animal and cage that is checked in will be counted as a piece of passenger baggage. The passenger paying the excess charges will be applied as they would for additional items of baggage.
  • Be sure you have to bear proper documents and vaccination certificates for your pets. Before the check-in at the airports, these documents will be verified by the officials.
  • Check and verify that your pet is allowed to travel at the destination or not. Because some countries don’t give permission to enter their borders.
  • Before check-in, you should check the eligibility of your pet that airlines allow for travel with you in the same flight in-cabin or travel separately with the cargo.

Passengers pay an extra amount in addition to any applicable excess baggage or prepaid extra bag charges. Similarly, passengers will be charged a pet carriage fee at the airport on the take-off day. The pet carriage fees are given below:-

  • Pet safety is required as a special treatment that is ensured for their life
  • The pet carriage takes up additional space that takes up in the hold of the aircraft and it produces a bad impact to carry other additional baggage or cargo on the airline’s ability.

Charges for pet carriage/pet carriage fees

When flying domestically with pets as checked baggage, then you have to pay for that and the below rates are the same. According to the latest update fees for pet carriage transport by Air New Zealand will be:

  • If the weight of the pet and the container is up to 25 kg. Then the fees charged will be NZD $75.
  • If the weight of the pet and container exceeds then 25 kg, i.e, over 26 kg. Then the charged fees will be NZD $100.

These charges are based on your pet traveling with you as checked baggage domestically and the total weight of the pet and pet carrier. If your pet carrier exceeds your baggage weight then you have to pay the extra baggage charges however you need to pay the pet carrier charges at the airport.

The airline offers their staff into the aircraft to provide care for your pets. After reaching the destination your pet will be offloaded and taken over to you at the baggage arrival area.

You must have checked in with your pets at least 60 minutes before the domestic flight.

  • If you are traveling from Auckland, Willington, Christchurch, or Queenstown, then make your pet should be their cage before arriving at the terminal.
  • If you are traveling from the airport in New Zealand, your pet can be on a leash and must be kept in the cage at the time of check-in.

Pet container

While taking a look over the pet container, the Air New Zealand pet policy is strictly towards its guidelines for pet carriage. Before you get permitted in the check-in point for your pet to go to the aircraft loading area.

Your pet container will be examined thoroughly. And if it satisfies all the points, then your pet is allowed to go in an aircraft to fly. So some of the basic instructions, which you have to follow are:

  • The Pet carriage should be large enough so that your pet can stand straight, lie down, or turn around in the container comfortably.
  • Before you place your pet in a carriage, you should make sure that it should be clean, and leak-proof floor so that aircraft is free from specks of dirt and animal excretion.
  • One more thing, pet containers should be well-ventilated walls, and the door should be locked in more than one way. So that your pet can escape the container anyhow.
  • In case for your convenience you have placed wheels in the container, then at the time of check-in and sending your pet as a checked bag, you have to remove them.
  • The material of the container should be hard plastic, wood, or metal, which must be strong enough so that pets cant break it so easily.
  • Under the Air New Zealand pet policy, you are not permitted to use Fibreboard or wire mesh containers for your pet carriage on the aircraft journey.
  • Be sure the door of the container is locked properly so that the pet cannot be able to open the door and roam freely in the aircraft even flying in cargo or as an in-cabin.
  • The container should be of a proper size so that your pet feels comfortable inside the container and also have a space for the food and water carrier inside.

NOTE: For better safety airline staff will apply a cable tie on the door lock to make your pet secure. So that it anyhow cannot able to come out of the container.

Size of the container:

Apart from the general rules, according to the Air New Zealand pet policy, you have to follow the required mentioned pet container dimensions to let your pet fly in the Air New Zealand aircraft.

So before you go with your pet on the day o departure, you should check all the dimensions of the container, which the airline’s pet policy required permission. And for variant aircraft, the size of the container will differ.

  • A320: The dimension of the container for pets should be 97cm x 79cm x 131cm in height, width, and length (38”x31”x52”).
  • ATR72: For this aircraft, you have to get yourself acknowledged with the measurements of the pet container which would be permitted in this aircraft of Air New Zealand.
  • Q300: The aircraft of this model allows to carry pet containers as of 82cm in height, 75cm in width, and 120 cm in length (32”x30”x47”).

NOTE: within short notice, your flight with ATR72 and Q300 aircraft may get interchanged by the airlines, the reason may be due to anything operational.

Air New Zealand has a pdf for Pet travel within New Zealand, explaining all the standards that come under the Air New Zealand pet policy.

You have to follow all those, to make your pet applicable for pet flights as checked baggage for flights within New Zealand. If anything you seemed to be violating your pet travel will be canceled.

When flying internationally with your pets

pets in cargo, Air New Zealand Pet Policy

If you are taking your pet out of New Zealand, then your international flights with Air New Zealand airlines will allow your pet to travel in a cargo hold. So rules and standards for Air New Zealand’s pet policy for international flights are slightly different from within countries’ flights.

For international flights with pets, Air New Zealand has a form for Pet acknowledgment and indemnity, which you have to download and get completed in advance before your departure day.

By informing Air New Zealand in advance about your pet transport for international flights then the airline will make you aware of all the stuff required in the region you are flying which will make your pet ready to land in another country.

  • Crago hold of the aircraft in which your pets will be traveling to some international destination is well-maintained with all the pressure and temperature measures, which will give your pet a comfortable flight journey.
  • Airlines can’t rush to load your pet in the cargo for the international flight. IATA agent has been allotted for approving pet travel internationally. Fir that all the documents and papers will be checked and moreover, your pet will undergo the veterinary examination.
  • Not all pets are allowed to fly in the cargo department of aircraft. Breeds of cats or dogs which have snub noses are not allowed for their breathing problem at a certain height. Racing greyhounds are also not allowed to fly.
  • But under special request to Cargo Management team of the airline, giving a proof that breed of dog greyhounds has been a domestic pet dog of your family for at least 12 months and confirming that it is not of commercial use. You may get permitted to make them fly then.
  • The cost to fly to any international destination is not defined. According to the destination and size, weight, and documents to be required, fees will be charged for the pet from the owner.

There are some tips provided by IATA about pet travel in flights as a cargo hold. Click and get to know more about the tips and guidelines, you must follow.

Booking and check-in

pets at arrival point, Air New Zealand pet policy

So for booking a reservation of your pet on Air New Zealand flights and information required for check-in, you have to follow some rules for that

  • As you have to carry your pet as check baggage, then, in any case, your pet carriage is increasing the weight of your regular check baggage. In such cases, your pet carriage will be accepted by the airlines but as an extra bag.
  • You have to pay for both pet carriage fees and charges for excess baggage. You can do so either online or on the day of departure at the airport.
  • You could make yourself assured by sending your pet in a checked bag. As our staff carries them safely and carefully to load on the aircraft. So we always suggest you come to the airport as soon as possible on the day of departure and surrender your pet to us, to reach them to the loading area carefully.
  • At the arrival time, the staff there at the arrival destination will unload and carry your pet carriage to the baggage arrival area. You will get your pet carriage after all the other luggage of the passengers had been delivered to them.
  • It’s important to let your agent (from where you are booking your ticket) know that you are carrying your pet along with you. Or if you are contacting directly to Air New Zealand for reservation, you should inform them that you are about to come up with a pet. 
  • By informing in advance, you will get aware of all the requirements you need for pets to fly in aircraft. And also if you contact them regarding pet flight, they will make your pet space allocation as there is limited space in aircraft.
  • For check-in, you must arrive at least 1 hour before the exact departure time when a flight is within New Zealand and if you are having an international flight, you should take a handful of time before departure time so that pet can be carried out to cargo department, not in any rush.

For any problem regarding Air New Zealand pet policy, if you want to get clear, feel free to contact their official Air New Zealand customer support team. Other than this, if they didn’t satisfy your queries, you may get in touch with us, Treknova, on our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get possible solutions by our team available 24*7.

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