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Air Seychelles Pet Policy

It’s quite upsetting when you booked your tickets with Air Seychelles. And afterward plan to take your pet along with you. Let us inform you that, Air Seychelles airlines don’t have any pet policy, i.e they do not promote any aminal transport in their aircraft.

There is no such Air Seychelles pet policy, but in some circumstances, with Air Seychelle’s special permission, your pets can get fly in the flight, but as in cargo hold as extra baggage. Apart from this, below we will be mentioning all the conditions, on which you are permitted to let your pet fly.

These conditions are mandatory to follow as it is forbidden to take an animal in an Air Seychelles, but if by any case getting permission from above, it is good to go after it, for your pet’s flight with Air Seychelles.

Key Points To Remember Before Traveling With Your Pets In Air Seychelles

There are some key points you should keep in your mind to avoid any problems arising during the journey. You can go through the points written below.

  • You should bear the proper vaccination certificate for your pet especially when you travel to other countries.
  • If you are entering Seychelles then make sure that your pet is microchipped which is a 15-digit non-encrypted and it should be an ISO 11784/11785. Your pet’s microchip number is mentioned in all the documents of your pet.
  • Your pet must be healthy and fit because Air Seychelles doesn’t allow the ill pet to travel in the cabin or as checked baggage. It is a safeguard for the passengers as well as your pet.
  • Make sure your pet’s container has made up of very strong base material so that container can hold your pet perfectly without any wear and tear.
  • Make your pet familiar with the container so that your pet can feel comfortable during the whole journey.
  • Your pet’s container should be in a proper size that fulfills the criteria of IATA(International Air Transport Association) so that your pet can move easily inside the container. Their head should not touch the roof of the container as well as they can sit easily without shrinking themselves.
  • Pet’s container should have proper ventilation points so that they can breathe easily in the container during the flight journey.
  • Your container should be neat and clean and also their base material should have absorbent material. So that it can soak water easily and their surrounding is neat and clean.
  • Always cross-check that your pet is allowed to enter the border of other countries or not when you are traveling to different countries because some countries are restricts some breeds of pets to enter their border. So, confirm from the embassy about these.

Terms & Conditions of Air Seychelles Pet Policy

  • Animals that are accepted even with special permission are dogs, cats, falcons, or other pets, you may confirm with their customer support.
  • Moreover, you should have proper documents which are permitting your pet entry, transport, and even exit at the arrival destination from Air Seychelles officials.
  • The destination you are traveling to should have pet transport permission as a carriage, if not then their embassy, should do all the legal paper works for approval of your pet travel in flight.
  • If you get permitted for a pet flight, then you should be knowing that Air Seychelles accepted it as extra baggage.
  • Your pet carriage doesn’t come up in the regular free baggage allowance, even though you have one, but you have to pay for your pet carriage as extra luggage.
  • According to the Air Seychelles pet policy, any guide dog will follow up with its disabled owner, and with special permission, they can do so.
  • In addition, your guide dog will not be charged as extra baggage but will come under usually free baggage for any passengers.
  • Your pet carriage should have a container fitted for food and water supply, which your pet may need in the flight journey.
  • If your pet carriage is not appropriate for your pet’s travel and is not up to the standards of the container, you should follow them, they can refuse to fly your pet.
  • Air Seychelles airlines will not be responsible for any injury to or loss of your pet in the travel, and moreover, if your pet faces any sickness or death while on a flight journey.
Pets as in cargo, Air Seychelles

It’s quite clear from the Air Seychelles’ side that they are not at all responsible for any damage to your pet carriage or pet.

They will only focus on the health and transport document papers required to allow their passenger and their pet to enter & exit other countries or states or territories.

And if Air Seychelles imposes any fine, or asks you a cost to pay, for taking responsibility for your pet to carry as cargo hold on a flight.

Though, you are holly accountable for not arranging the essentials for your pet and pet carriage to fly in an aircraft. And this results in Air Seychelle’s refusal to carry your pet on a flight.

They are not liable for any problem you would face if you come up with your pet carriage for a flight. And if you have to can not board your flight due to the refusal of your pet, Airlines cannot help you out with any such help in this situation.

Your Pets

The airline does not allow your pets in the cabin with you. However, your pets can travel with you but in the aircraft hold. The airline is considered pet-only for cats, dogs, and household birds. You can carry them as a pet with you while traveling. For that, the following information is required:

  • Breed of your pet/animal
  • The weight of your pet/animal
  • The required size of your pet’s cage

Additional information will be applied according to the country where the pet/animal importing or exporting.

Essentail Information requied

As we have already mentioned above that, Air Seychelles does not allow your pet in aircraft, and in case they permit your pet to fly, they are not allowed to carry in-cabin, rather your pet will travel in a cargo department of aircraft as checked baggage.

Apart from these, your destination flying will decide which else information is needed to know by Air Seychelles to permit your pet to fly.

You have read that your pet if you get permitted to fly, will get carried out in cargo as extra baggage which will be charged. You can see Air Seychelle’s charges for extra baggage and estimate the price they may ask for.

As you know Air Seychelles does not allow pets on flights and if you have to get your pet along with you, then you have to let the airlines know in advance and get all the required information to get permission for your pet from the airlines.

Do contact Air Seychelle’s official Customer support team for help and cooperation. If any query wants to know in detail, you can even call us, Treknova, on our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547. You will surely get a handful of help from our side too. 

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