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Air Transat Pet Policy

Pet lovers want their pets in every enjoyable situation and want them to come along with them, wherever they go. It’s quite normal nowadays that pets are flying on a flight. Variant airlines have their standards for pet flight and similarly, the Air transat pet policy is there for passengers of Air Transat airlines.

Air Transat is a Canadian-based airline that allows their passenger to carry their pets either in-cabin or as check baggage, on the same flight under the Air Transat pet policy. This policy for pets has certain rules and regulations for the safe and secure travel of your pet. By following these, passengers can get their pet flight permission.

The first thing that ever comes in the Air Transat pet policy is that Air transat does not allow any animals apart from domestic dogs and cats pets in their aircraft as pet flight.

In addition, there is some type of emotional support or service dog which follows their disabled or needy owners. They are permitted by Air Transat pet policy to fly in-cabin with the passengers with some conditions and limitations. You should be aware that if you are carrying one such dog, then they should be trained and certified for that. Just for more information regarding Assistant Dogs, CLICK HERE

When flying with your pets on Air Transat airlines, then you have two options your pet can travel in the same aircraft which is either by cargo hold as checked baggage or as in-cabin along with you.

So here below we will be discussing, both the options, their rules, restrictions, and standard which you have to flow for your safe and hassle-free flight journey.

Points to remember before traveling with your pets on Air Transat

  • First of all, make sure that you bear all the health and vaccination certificates of the pets which are issued by certified veterinary doctors.
  • Check and verify whether your pet is allowed to travel at the destination or not. Because some countries don’t give permission to pets to enter their boundaries. So, You have to confirm with the embassy or direct it to the officials of that country.
  • The container has a leak-proof base so that the surroundings of the aircraft are free from the specks of dirt and the excretion of the pets.
  • Make sure you have a strong base container to hold the pets which is suitable and comfortable for pets with the proper ventilation.
  • Trained your pet and make it familiar with the container so that your pet feels comfortable during the journey.
  • Always attach the micro-chip to the neckband of the pet which contains the mobile number and addresses with the name. It helps them to decrease the chance of getting lost with your pet.

Guidelines for Traveling with Pets as In-Cabin

So in this section when your pet is traveling in a cabin, there are certain instructions you have to follow, which will give benefit both your pet and other co-passengers.

pets in cabin, Air Transat pet policy

1. Booking and check-in

For your pet flight. You have to reserve their ticket along with space in the aircraft, as Air Transat has limited space for pets in-cabin. You must book your pet’s presence along with you not less than 3 days before the departure day.

For Air Transat Reservation regarding queries, you can contact them directly.

Moreover, you if are directly coming up with your pet on the day of your flight without informing or allowing your pet space in the aircraft, then Air Transat airline will not accept your pet for flight.

Check-in time:

On the day of the flight, you must try to come as early as possible and let your pet surrender to the check-in staff by ensuring that your pet is properly locked in the pet carriage you are giving.

It should be known that you are allowed to enter with your pet at the check-in point a minimum of 90 minutes before your flight. And if in case you check-in your pet is less than the mentioned time, airlines will deny to accept and cancel your pet’s travel.

2. Pet Carriage

When you are carrying your pet carriage as one such carry-on baggage in the cabin, you should be kept in mind some instructions to be strictly followed by the pet owners.

  • Dimensions of the pet carriage when flying in-cabin must be within 21.5cm x 40cm x 45cm in height, width & length. Exceed this size so your pet may not get permitted to fly in-cabin.
  • And second, the thing to remember is the weight of the pet and the container must not be more than 10 kilos. If, in any case, the combined weight gets increased, your pet will be surrendered to the cargo hold.
  • While flying with your pet in the cabin, then you have to place your pet under the seat and even in front of your eyes.
  • The carriage in which the pet will be locked must be leak-proof, has proper ventilation, and the corners of the container from inside and outside, both should be soft and smooth.
  • Your pet should properly fit in the container, such that, the animals in it can stand, sit, take a turn, and lie down comfortably.
  • You have to check that no part of your pet, like a paw, tail, etc must not come out of their container, which may be harmful to them as well as to co-passengers too.
  • If it is found that the container of your pet is too small according to pet size. And make them uncomfortable. Then though it is meeting all the measures, still, airlines have the right to cancel their transport.

You should keep all of these in your mind when making your pet ready to fly along with you as in-cabin. If airline staff found that any of the above instructions do not match up with pet and pet carriage, they can deny your pet flight. And cancel it. 

NOTE: it is hereby informed that if the airline cancels your pet flight, then the charges you paid got pet transport with Air Transat are not at all refundable.

3. Restrictions:

When making your pet fly in-cabin, you have to follow these restrictions given by Air Transat pet policy:

  • Cats and dogs as a pet are allowed to travel in-cabin on flights of Air Transat.
  • Your pet’s age should be a minimum of 12 weeks and not be in the lactation period.
  • When your pet flies along with you in the cabin, you are prohibited to take your pet outside during the complete flight journey.
  • If at the time of check-in, airlines found that your pet is quite aggressive, dangerous, ill, or seems unwilling to fly, then the staff of Air Transat at the airport decides, whether to approve your pet to fly or refuse it.
  • One with the pet flight tickets should arrive with their pets at the airport check-in point minimum of 90 mins before their departure time.
  • Passengers with pets in the cabin are not allowed to avail of Club Class seats or bulkhead seats or seats near the emergency gate.
  • Each passenger are permitted to carry only one pet carrier in cabin. This is advice to book your pet service ticket in advance.
  • If a passenger has to travel with some medical equipment, then these people are not allowed to carry pets along with them in-cabin.
  • The seat of the pet passenger may change according to the comfort of other passengers who are allergic to dogs or cats. Follow up by Air Transat pet policy, pet carriage passengers must be 5 rows or more away from the allergic persons flying in the same flight.
  • Your pet carriage will be counted as carry-on luggage in-cabin. And you can not carry pet containers as additional.

Booking Charges

If your pet is travel in the cabin with you, then you have to pay some charges. These charges are as follows:

EuropeSouthUSAWithin Canada
When you pay up to
72 hours before
When you pay the charges
at the airport

*These charges are per pet, per flight segment. These may vary for the airports outside Canada and the currency will also be charged according to the departure city.

Note:- You have to pay CAD $30 for the inspection by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Arrivals from the USA are exempt.

Pets as in cargo hold:

pets as in cargo hold, Air Transat pet policy

Transporting your pets as in the cargo hold, you have to follow some rules and instructions, to make their journey in the cargo department of aircraft quite well and safely.

1. Booking and check-in

You have to do the booking for your pet. As you know Air Transat has limited space available for pet transport in the aircraft. So while planning to take your pet along with you in flight, then it’s ok to inform the airlines at least 3 days before the departure.

If in any case at the time of booking for your pet, the number of seats allotted for pet travel by airlines gets ended, then airlines can not approve your pet booking, this is the reason, it is advised to reserve your pet space in advance.

At the airport:

You should keep in mind that, you have to hand over your pet as checked baggage at check-in point at least 90 minutes before you are departing. Moreover, if you come exceeding this time limit, your pet may not be accepted for transport.

Before letting your pet go in the cargo hold, you should make it ensure that your pet carriage is locked and they are not facing any problem in it.

It’s a quite pleasant gesture that Air Transat, let pets owner inform that their pet has been loaded to the cargo department of the same flight safely. Same at the time of arrival too, checks the proper delivery of animals to their owner.

In case, if Air Transat flight gets delayed, the airline will make sure that pets who are been transported must be returned to their respective owners.

2. Pet Container

The size of your pet and its container is large enough that it can not be carried as a carry-on luggage in-cabin. At this point, Air Transat cargo hold come and help you to transport your pet to other countries’ land.

As in the cargo department of any aircraft, apart from pet carriage, there are many more things which are been transported, So you have to book your et space in advance in the cargo hold. Thought you can send big animal pets in cargo, but still it has some restricted size, the weight of the pet along with the container, it will be locked in.

So below we will be describing all the measures you have to follow to send your pet as in cargo hold of Air Transat airline, moreover, these instructions are approved by the IATA organization.

  • The weight of the container along with the pet must not exceed 45 kg, making it acceptable for the Air Transat cargo department.
  • And if talking about the size of the container, variant country airlines is flying has different measures to be followed, like when you will be flying:
    • to the South, USA, and flights within Canada accept 81.3 x 122 x 84 cm (32 x 48 x 33 in.) in width, length, height.
    • to Europe and the UK accept 22cm x 81.3cm x 89cm (48 in. x 32 in. x 35 in.)  in width, length, height.
  • The container of your pet must be of strong hard plastic material which is not breakable so easily.
  • If your pet container is of any other material or made up of mesh wires, Air Transat airlines do not accept such pet containers in the cargo hold. (apart from wire door).
  • The door of the container must be locked up with a proper mechanism, So that your pet may not able to come out.
  • Its always be remembered that the size of the container must be big enough so that your pet can comfortable, stand, sit, turn round, and lie down in its possible natural way.

For additional protection, Air Transat airlines, apply supplemental strapping around your pet container. It is been applied to make it more secure and safe for your pet on the flight journey. At the exit gate of baggage, when you will be hand over your pet to you, then you can release the strap with the help of some sharp tool.

3. Restrictions

These are some restrictions when letting your pet fly as in cargo hold:

  • As checked baggage, you are only allowed to carry cats or dogs as a pet carrier.
  • If Air Transat plans your flight tickets with its partnered airlines, then they are not sure about the pet flight service on those airlines.
  • When you have a flight on TGV air, then you should know, that they don’t allow any type of animals on their flight, whether in-cabin or in the cargo hold. But emotional dogs or guide dogs are exceptional cases, in which proper certificate they are permitted to fly.

For further details, read SNCF conditions for pet reservations on flights.

Booking Charges

If your pet is traveling in the aircraft held as baggage, then you have to pay some charges. These charges are as follows:

EuropeSouthUSAWithin Canada
When you pay up to
72 hours before
When you pay the charges
at the airport

*These charges are per pet, per flight segment. These may vary for the airports outside Canada and the currency will also be charged according to the departure city.

Note:- You have to pay CAD $30 for the inspection by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Arrivals from the USA are exempt.


While taking your pets on an airplane, you need to carry some documents which are mandatory to show to your pets as well as to get permission also. Being an owner of a pet carriage in aircraft, your age should be a minimum of 16 years old to carry them.

Before you get to the flight, your pet should be properly checked and examined by your pet veterinary doctor, and get your pet a health certificate mentioning that your pet is well good for the flight journey and had all vaccinations done.

Apart from this, each country has its own rules and instructions for animal transport by air. So before flying there, make sure by contacting their embassy about all the requirements of a pet flight. And if any paperwork has to be done for approval, then make it done before, your departure day.

Limit of Liability

The payment you have paid for the reservation of pet flights in advance, for allocating space from a limited one, in the flight for your pet. If your itinerary gets changed in any case, you should inform the airlines. They expect to get informed about your travel changes with your pets at least 3 days before your flight date. By this, you will be not charged any penalty fees.

In case you have to cancel your pet’s flight, you can do so within not less than 1 month of your pet’s departure flight. If you are contacting them regarding the cancellation in less than the time mentioned then cancelation will not be accepted by Air Transat airlines. And refund of your pet tickets will only be for the service charges you have paid for.

If you want to know anything regarding the Cancelation and refund policies of Air Transat airlines.

So at the end of the Air Transat pet policy, if you will come up with any issue related to the same. they have an Air Transat official customer support team sitting for your help. And if in any case, you feel that they are not responding then, please feel free to contact us, Treknova, at +1-800-831-1547 on our toll-free number and let us solve your problem for pet flights too.

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