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AirAsia Pet Policy

People love to take their pets along with them on their vacation and some are there who don’t want to go their pets out of sight, thus making a plan to carry them during their abroad journey. So by seeing the affection and love towards their pet, transport systems, like railways, buses, or airplanes had thought of permitting animal transport.

So well taking of airlines, there will be numerous airlines who had permitted animals in their flight, whether it’s in-cabin or as cargo hold or as checked baggage. To make your pet travel in aircraft, airlines have a set of rules and restrictions for pets under the pet policies of the respected airlines. So, here we will discuss the pet policy of AirAsia.

Pets Banned in AirAsia, AirAsia pet policy

Here you came to know whether, AirAsia allows pets on their flights, or they have any such AirAsia pet policy which helps in pet transport?

The answer to this question is a big NO. AirAsia does not permit pet in flight and thus do not have any such AirAsia pet policy for your pets.

So it’s sad to say that AirAsia strictly does not allow any pets on their flight. Neither in-cabin along with passengers, nor as in cargo department of the aircraft, nor as checked baggage of passengers. In any of the cases, AirAsia does not support your traveling in their flight. 

But there are some exceptions for the flights which are been operated by AirAsia India and AirAsia Japan, which permit pets on these flights. Not all the flights of AirAsia India & Japan can make your pet transport, only flight i5 for AirAsia India,  and flight DJ for AirAsia Japan can allow your pet to transport to other destinations.

Animals permitted in this to are not normal pets, if the passenger carry is disabled and dependent on their pet, i.e. these pets are called service dogs or guide dogs or assistance dogs (whatever you say). These types of pets are allowed to fly along with their pets.

More you can go to the Support option of their official site AirAsia for detailed information regarding the same.

Before any reservation for your service or guide or assistance dogs, please do consult with the AirAsia support team, they can make you clear and understand all the rules and restrictions you have to follow during the flight journey with your pet.

You can even contact us,, for gathering information regarding the exception case of AirAsia pet transport. Dial our toll-free number at +1-800-831-1547 which is always available 24*7 for you.

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