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Asiana Airlines Pet Policy

Traveling with Asiana Airlines and looking to board your pet too in your flight journey. Then yes with Asiana Airlines you are allowed to carry out your pet along with you. They know the attachment and love you have for your pets. And they fully support pet travel in flight.

Thus, for pets travel flights with Asiana Airlines, there is Asiana Airlines pet policy with certain rules and regulations to be followed to make your pet prepare for a pet flight journey. It’s quite obvious that according to the type of breed or aircraft in which about to fly or the health condition of your pet decided whether animals come up at the airport on the day of the fight.

Reservation Guidelines for Pets

Asiana airlines allowed a reservation for your pets which include only dogs, cats, and birds. But your pet is eligible for the reservation if they meet the airlines’ rules and regulations. Here we discuss some guidelines you must follow for your pets for eligibility for the reservation.

  • For domestic flights, you can make a reservation for your pets 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • For International Flights, the passengers are allowed to make a reservation for their pet only 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Every adult passenger is allowed to bring only one pet with them into the cabin and 2 pets as checked baggage.
  • Pets reservations are not allowed if the rules and regulations of the destination country don’t give permission or do not permit them.

Below we will try to cover all possible topics that one pet passenger should know before the flight on Asiana Airlines.

Pet Eligibility

Asiana Airlines allows you to travel with your pets. But there are some eligibility criteria that you have to follow:

For the Cabin

  • The maximum weight of the pet and cage together should be 7 Kg or less.
  • The maximum height of your pet carrier is 21 cm or less and the sum of three sides is maximum is 115 cm. If you have a soft pet case, then it should be 26 cm or less and must be placed easily under the seat.
  • As a passengers is allowed to carry 1 pet in 1 cage into the cabin, so in case of 2 puppies/kittens under the age of 6 months or a mother bird and her baby, they can be bought together.
  • The cage must be safe for your pets and it is strictly prohibited to take them out of their cage.
  • You can not place your pet’s cage under the seat of business class and business suite, due to the seat structure. Your pet cage will be placed in another area with the guidance of the flight attendant.
  • If you are traveling with your pet, you have to seat at designated pet seating.

Fly in-cabin

in-cabin pet carriage, Asiana Airlines pet policy

When Asiana Airlines when permits pets in-cabin, they have to allow them by checking certain rules and measures. If your pet matched all, then your pet is eligible for travel along with you in-cabin.

So here are the measures you have to look over to make your pet travel with you in-cabin.

  • The total weight of the pet carriage including the pet inside must be within 7 kgs or even less.
  • You can carry your pet in-cabin both in the hard carriage as well as in a soft bag. The only thing to remember while buying is the dimension of the carriage such that it gets under the seat properly, thus container of the pet must be measured:
    • Within 115 cm or less measured which includes all the three sides of the pet container
    • Whereas the height of the pet container must be not more than 21 cm
    • And if carrying your pet in a Soft bag then heigh of the bag may exceed 26 cm but not more than that such it gets fitted under the seat.
  • In one pet container, only one pet is allowed to travel, but if your pet is small and under 6 months of age, then you can keep 2 puppies or kittens but not more than that in a pet carriage and make them carry them together.
  • And if you are carrying a bird as a pet in a cage, then only one bird is permitted in one cage, but if the mother bird and child are paired, then they can fly in a cabin in the same cage.
  • Pet owner is strictly prohibited to bring out their pets from the pet carriage in-cabin during the entire flight journey. It’s been decided for the safety of your pet as well as keeping in mind the comfort of other co-passengers of Asiana Airlines.

If you are flying in the business class of Asiana Airlines, then you must have to know that the seats of this class have been built up in such a way, that you can not keep your pet carriage under the seat.

As the structure of the seat is been built according to the comfort of the passengers, So for the safety and comfort of pets in business class, the pet carriage will be placed somewhere else in the cabin and will be under the guidance of the staff servicing on the flight, attendant escort in taxi, take-off and even during landing.

Flying as checked baggage

pets as checked bag, Asiana Airline pet policy

When the above conditions of traveling pets in-cabin fail for your pet, then Asiana Airlines flight will make your pet travel as checked baggage.

Though pet carriage will be counted as checked baggage, it has also some conditions which a pet owner has to follow.

  • Pet carriage will be weighted at the check-in point if the weight of the pet along with the container is 45 kg or less, it will permit to travel as a checked bag.
    NOTE: in some countries or cities of the world, the weight of the pet along with the container restricts to 32 kg or less for the flight journey.
  • Your pet’s size must be according to the size of the carriage which has been specified by the Asiana Airlines pet policy for a pet carriage as a checked bag.
  • Dimensions of the pet container are measured at 285 cm by summing up all the three sides of the container, but not more than that. And the height of the container must be within 84 cm or less is the condition for a checked bag for a pet’s carriage.
  • The number of pet carriages as checked bags in the baggage department of aircraft is restricted by Asiana Airlines. If the limit is full, Asiana airlines can cancel or refuse the entry of your pet. Thus do the booking of your pet in advance.
  • If you are not taking approvals for your pets, you’ll not able to bring the pets to the airport campus. You’ll be restricted by the security forces.

Cage condition for checked baggage

Asiana Airlines have own set of rules for all the policies regarding transportation or it may travel. If you are traveling with your pets then you have to follow the rules set by the airlines for traveling with your pets as checked baggage.

  • Your cage for the pets has a sealed floor or hard floor so that the leg of your pet is not messed with in it.
  • Pet’s cage must have sufficient space so that your pet can easily move and turn into the cage.
  • Cage for pets must be made of solid materials so that cages must be broken proof. This is for the safety of the pets.
  • 2 pets are not allowed in the same cage. According to the pet policy, only 2 pets are allowed as checked baggage but within different cages.
  • Cages must have proper ventilation so that your pet must breathe properly and be alive.
  • The cage must have been designed with the proper lock area and also locked properly so that pets can’t roam within the checked baggage area.

Pet carriage

For making your pet allowed by Asiana Airlines pet policy’s rules, you have to look after rules for containers also. 

  • Check that your pet container must not be broken or torn up from any side.
  • Check that your pet container’s door must be properly equipped with a strong lock so that your pet can not escape by itself.
  • If in the pet container, the bird is been transported then it’s suggested to cover the cage with a sheet, so that it can not come in contact and get harmed.
  • Your pet size must be only that must big such that it gets comfortable in the pet box measured according to the Asiana Airlines pet policy. 
  • Pet can stand, sit, and lie down to sleep in its natural position, you have to check this while buying a pet carriage.
  • Pet carriage must be a build-up of some strong rigid material, which is not easily breakable, like non-toxic metal, wood, or glass fabric.
  • Whereas in-cabin if you are getting your pet in a soft bag, then it must be of fabric or lather which can maintain the shape and dimension of the container which is required to approve your pet in flight.

Restrictions on pet

Apart from the above rules and regulation, there are many other restrictions that one pet owner has to be considered. Thus here below we will list up such restrictions which you have to face maybe

  • Each country has its own rules and guidelines for animal transport in flight. Thus your pet may not get permission if the country you are flying to restricts animal entry through the flight.
  • Your pet will not be allowed either in-cabin or as checked baggage, if your pet carriage does not meet the standards dimensions like height, width, and height mentioned by the Asiana Airlines pet policy.
  • Noy only dimensions but if your pet container weight along with your pet inside exceeds the standard weight measure then also you can not get approval for your pet flight.
  • Moreover, even if your documents or papers are not up to the requirements of the pet transportation guidelines, then also pet flight can be refused by the Asiana Airlines staff at the airport.
  • If your pet’s age is less than 16 weeks or less, or your pet is in the lactation period depending on their mother, then also you will not get pet travel approval.
  • In addition to the above, if your pet is going under some medicines or using a stabilizer, then also pet is not permitted to fly in flight.
  • Your pet is pregnant or smells foul or uncontrollable dog which is quite ferocious and ready to attack are permitted to fly neither in-cabin nor as checked baggage.
  • If you are proposing to fly a commercial bird which is been used as prey, then also these types of birds will not be allowed in flight.
  • For the health concerns of your pet and the safety of their life, Asiana Airlines may not permit your pet carriage to send as checked baggage in the extreme weather like on hot summer days or on cold winter days.
  • There are some codeshare airlines of Asian Airlines like Air Busan. These flights are not been operated by Asiana Airlines, and if these partnered airlines do not permit your pet flight, then Asiana Airlines can not help you with any such pet service for pet flights.

There is some breed of pets that are not been allowed under Asiana Airlines’ pet policy to fly in aircraft due to their physical build-up. So these types of breeds are:

  • Tosa dogs and their crossbreeds
  • American Pitbull Terriers and their crossbreeds
  • American Staffordshire Terriers and their crossbreeds
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers and their crossbreeds
  • Rottweilers and their crossbreeds
  • Mastiff and its mixed breed
  • Laika and its mixed breed
  • Ovtcharka and its mixed breed
  • Kangal and its mixed breed
  • Wolfdog and its mixed breed
  • American bully, Cane Corso, and its mixed breed

Apart from the above breeds, there is one breed of animals that are short-nosed, and due to their breathing problem, they are been strictly prohibited to fly. And Asiana airlines do not want to risk their lives by check-in on the flight.

Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Brussels Griffon, Shih Tzu, Spaniel (English Toy, Cavalier King Charles, Tibetan etc), Chihuahua, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Chow Chow, Pug, Pekingese, Shar pei, Pitbull terrier etc.

Burmese, Exotic, Himalayan, Persian

Service dog

Though without pet carriage any pets are not allowed to travel in-cabin on Asiana airline flights. But in case the passenger is disabled and has to be followed up with the service or guide dog, then according to the Asiana Airlines pet policy, those animals are approved for travel in-cabin without being locked in pet carriage.

There are certain rules for service dogs also to get approved for travel in-cabin along with their owner.

  • Service dogs or guide dogs are approved to travel only if they are been trained and certified with one such valid animal training institute.
  • Throughout the flight journey in-cabin, they have to wear a harness and stick to the space near the owner’s seat lying down on the floor.
  • You have to present the vet doctor’s certification for the health of your service dog which has been approved within 1 year of your flight date.
  • Emotional support/psychiatric service dogs are permitted to fly to the USA or even depart from the USA.

For further details contact to Asiana Airlines customer care center.

At Airport

pet's check-in, Asiana Airlines pet policy

When you have a plan of pet travel in flight, you have to make your pet ready for the airport by following the procedure listed down below: 

1. Approval from the airport:

  • As you have to inform the airport staff of Asiana Airlines in advance, and they will provide you with an approval letter for your pet flight. You have to place this letter at the check-in point of the airport to let your pet travel either in-cabin or as checked baggage.
  • Your pet travel in flight may get refused according to the destination you are flying to or aircraft is not suitable for pet travel.
  • You have to contact the reservation center at the airport of Asiana Airlines to get confirm the pet travel before the day of departure flight.
  • You have to get a confirmation of pet transport in advance at least 24 hours before the flight on business days, but more than 24 hours on weekends.
  • If any region doesn’t have Asiana Airlines reservation center, then you must contact the local branch of the airline.

2. Quarantine documents:

  • You need to show a Quarantine certificate of the country you and your pet flying to.
  • You can create one such quarantine document from the embassy of the country to which you are flying.
  • Quarantine documents are prepared depending on where your pet in flight is about to fly, whether it’s in-cabin or as checked baggage in the baggage department of the aircraft.
  • So for creating one quarantine document, you have to show the embassy many other papers about your pet.
  • Thus before going for a conforming quarantine certificate, make yourself prepared with every possible paper which may be required for the same.

NOTE: When you are flying overseas to the Republic of Korea, then you should get in touch with the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency’s website of the country for pets rules and limitations on pet transport by air.

How to get a Quarantine certificate?

  • You have to contact the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of the city you  are departing from to get the Quarantine certificate of your pet, for which you have to:
    • Submit a rabies vaccination certificate of your pet
    • Submit the health certificate of your pet
  • Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport of Korea have an Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, which has been open from morning 9 am till evening at 6 pm.
  • So you have to collect your quarantine certificate at the airport on the day of the flight.
  • And if your flight is early morning or late night, then you have to manage booking with your quarantine certificate for your pet early before your departure time to get approved for your pet flight at the check-in point.

3. Arriving time at the airport:

  • When you will be checking in with your pet, you must be knowing that it will be a little time-consuming as all the documents will be checked after that your pet will be approved for flight.
  • Just come up early with your pet before your flight departing time or smooth check-in.

4. Pet rules:

Pet flight fees of Asiana airlines are dependent on where will pet travel, either in-cabin or as checked baggage.

For confirming that your pet is traveling in-cabin, both pets along with the pet carriage will be weighted, if it comes in the standard then transport fees for a pet will be paid for in-cabin flight journey as carry-on luggage.

If the standard weight for the in-cabin journey exceeds then your pet will be traveling as checked baggage.

But your pet carriage will not be counted as a free baggage allowance. You have to pay for your pet carriage as extra baggage, regardless of the fact that you may have limits to carrying your pet carriage as checked baggage.

Pet fees

According to Asiana Airlines’ pet policy, for pets on Asiana Airlines flights, your pet can travel either in-cabin as a carry-on bag or as extra checked baggage. For both ways, the pet owner has to pay additionally for pet transport on their flight.

Thought the fees for your pet depend on the weight of the pet and pet carriage also. Fees will not be including any type of taxes, though you have to pay them separately.

For further information and guidelines regarding Asiana Airlines’ pet policy, do contact Asiana Airlines’ official site or customer support team to get supportive help. Rather than this, you may also contact us, treknova. Dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 available for you 24*7 with all possible help.

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