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AZAL Pet Policy

AZAL is an Azerbaijan Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the country of Azerbaijan which has been flying across the locations of  Asia, the CIS, Europe, and the USA. Passengers fly with AZAL flights very comfortably.

And its happy news for pet lovers that, AZAL flight even accepts animals in their flight, under certain rules and regulations of AZAL pet policy. Animal transport in-cabin or in the hold, both the way, pet owner had to pay charges for the pet carriage, in which your pet will travel.

Under AZAL pet policy, pet carriage has been counted as one such carry-on bag if the pet is flying along with you in-cabin or checked baggage if the animal will fly in the cargo hold. AZAL pet policy allows cats, dogs, and fancy birds as pets that are been transported.

pet transport, AZAL pet policy

General points

These are certain general points which a pet owner who wants to take their pet along with other destination in AZAL flights.

  • Transportation of animals is permitted by AZAL pet policy in both ways. Either it’s in-cabin travel or in the cargo hold.
  • Your pet carriage will never be accepted as in free baggage allowance.
  • Your pet’s carriage will be counted as excess baggage whether it’s in-cabin or in the cargo hold.
  • You have to make your pet close in the pet carriage throughout its flight journey.
  • You will be charging for transportation of animals on AZAL flights, similar to what airlines ask to pay for express baggage.
  • AZAL pet policy has set up some measures by which your pet has been decided whether an animal will fly in-cabin or as in a cargo hold.
  • If the weight of the pet including the pet container is more than 75 kg, it’s been sure that your pet will travel in the cargo department of AZAL flight.

NOTE: You have to book your pet’s arrival in advance to get confirmation and approval for animal transport in an AZAL flight by PNR under the AZAL pet policy as SSR.

Pets transport in-cabin

So when pets are transported as in-cabin along with the owner, your pet carrier will not be counted in the free carry-on allowance given to every passenger but will be carried in as an extra hand carry-on bag, for which you will get charged.

Some guidelines for carrying animals in cabin among other passengers:

  • You have to keep your pet inside the pet container over the entire flight journey.
  • You can put any two pets of the same species in the same pet carriage that can carry in cabin.
  • Just the total weight of the pet along with the pet container must not exceed 8 kg, then you are permitted.
  • When flying in-cabin, then the size of the carrier should not be more than115 cm in total, i.e 55 cm in length x 20 cm in width x 40 cm in height.

Remember if the weight of the pet and pet container exceeds and gets more than 8 kg, AZAL airlines will not allow your pet in-cabin to fly along with you. But you can send them to the cargo department of the aircraft as excess checked baggage.

Fees charged:

AZAL airlines charge 50 EUR (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED) for your pet transport in-cabin of their flight along with you. But remember it will be transported as an excess hand carry-on bag in-cabin. 

Pet transport in the cargo hold

pet transport in cargo hold, AZAL pet policy

As we know that animal carriage has not been accepted in the free baggage allowance that each passenger gets. But you will be charged for pet transport on AZAL flight as the excess baggage.

Fees for pet transport in cargo hold vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the pet carrier.

  • The weight of the pet container along with the pet should be starting up at 32 kgs.
  • And the weight of the pet along with the pet carriage must be limited to up to 75 kgs.
  • If the weight of the pet carriage is up to 32 kg then its dimensions should be within 158 cm to 203 in total sum of height, width, and length. And if get exceed extra fees will be added.
  • If the weight of the pet carrier is up to 75 kg, then the size of the container sum up of the length, width & height should be within 203 cm. And if the size of the pet container even exceeds 203 cm, then you will be charged double the additional fees.

Fees charged:

Weight under 32 kgs50 EUR; (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED)
Weight within 32 kgs to 75 kgs100 EUR; (80 GBP; 120 USD; 420 AED)
Sum of Lenght, width & height more than 158 cm but less than 203 cmAdditional 50 EUR; (40 GBP; 60 USD; 210 AED)
Sum of Lenght, width & height more than 203 cmAdditional 100 EUR; (80 GBP; 120 USD; 420 AED)

You can directly see the detail in AZAL baggage information as AZAL airlines permit animal transport as baggage only.

Guide or assistance dogs

Passengers who are disabled like blind or deaf or physically handicapped were usually followed up with trained dogs known as guides or service or assistance dogs for help in their regular activities.

AZAL airlines allow live animals (only dogs) as service/ assistance dogs to travel in-cabin free of cost. You can bring these types of animals without carriage along with their owners in the cabin. But should be cuffed with a leash and be seated under the feet of their owner.

Though you have to show the trained certificate of your assistance dog and also a certificate of disability of the passenger. And moreover, you have to inform AZAL airlines in advance about your pet as an assistance or service dog you. So that you get confirmation and approval before the departing day.

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It’s all about the AZAL pet policy, for further information regarding the same, you have to contact the official site of AZAL or the AZAL customer care center. You can even contact us. Treknova by dialing our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 which has been available for you 24*7.

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