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Azul Airlines Pet Policy

Azul Airlines is a Brazilian airline and set up in the early 20s, 2008. They were servicing passengers traveling to other destinations from all over the world. Though when it comes to making animal transport in Azul flight, they do not permit pets in their international flight.

Azul Airlines do not allow any pet to travel neither in-cabin nor as in-cargo hold. Thus it does not have any such Azul airlines pet policy. But if you come up with assistance or service or emotional support dogs, Azul airlines will permit these types of pets to travel in-cabin with certain rules and that too free of cost.

As you know there are some people who are deaf, blind or some are handicap. These disabled people for their regular activities keep specially trained dogs with them. So when flying abroad, they need to take their pet (service/ guide dogs) along with them. And Azul Airlines permit these type of pets.

Perhaps Azul Airlines even accept emotional support dogs in their flights as in-cabin for those who are mentally not fit and depend on their pet emotionally.

Assistance pet, Azul Airlines pet policy

NOTE: Azul Airlines allow service/ guide/ assistance dogs in their flights and even emotional support dogs to fly along with their owners in-cabin of Azil aircraft. Keep this in mind that this service or facility of Azul airlines is free of cost.

Key Points To Remember Before Traveling With Pets On Azul Airlines

  • Before traveling with pets you have to follow some guidelines to avoid the restrictions to traveling with pets at the time of check-in. So go through these given guidelines:
  • Because many nations only permit your pet to cross their border after seeing the certifications be sure you have the appropriate documentation or vaccination certificate.
  • To ensure that your pet is comfortable during the trip, your container should have a sturdy base that perfectly secures the animals.
  • The pet’s container needs to have adequate ventilation points so that your pet can travel comfortably.
  • It is highly advised that you check in for your flight at the help desk rather than using the self-service option.
  • Train your pet in a way that your pet is familiar with and accustomed to the container so that they can feel safe during traveling on the flight.
  • The container of the pet should be in size and not exceed the the size limit according to the IATA guidelines which are 43 cmx31.5 cm x22cm (length x width x height).
  • Check to see whether you may bring your pet with you to the destination. Check before flying as some nations may not provide permission to enter their borders or may limit particular unique breeds.
  • To ensure that your pet is permitted to fly with you on the same aircraft in the cabin, as checked luggage, or separately with the cargo, you should confirm their eligibility before checking in.
  • With your airline ticket, you can purchase a ticket for your pet. If you’ve already made travel arrangements, you must do the same for your pet’s ticket or make arrangements with the booking department at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Guidelines for service dogs:

There are certain rules and limits which you have to maintain even coming up with a pet in-cabin to fly.

  • Service dogs must have an identification card or harness for being the guide/service dog and even more help if have reasonably credible verbal assurances
  • You must have a valid document or certificate of training for being an assistant pet of some disabled.
  • Service/ guide/ assistance dogs or even emotional support dogs, their age must not be less than 1 year.
  • If you are accommodating with Emotional support dogs, then you have to place a mental health certificate of the passenger with whom the pet will fly.
  • Proof that the passenger is emotionally or mentally dependent on the pet.
  • A certificate stating that the pet is helping heal up with the mental problem passenger is suffering from.
  • And even have to show that the passenger is under professional treatment.
  • Any documents or certificates issued must be under 1 year of the flight date with the location, date, and type just mentioned. 

If you plan to fly board with your service dog or emotional support dog, you have to inform Azul Airlines in advance not less than 48 hours of the flight that has been scheduled for you.

In case you want to know more about Azul airline’s service dog flight facility in-cabin of Azul Aircraft.

Just keep in mind that you need to show all the above-mentioned documents or certificates mentioned by Azul airlines at the check-in point at the airport. So that you can make your service/ guide/ assistance dogs or emotional support dogs flight confirmed and approved by Azul airlines.

Check the information required at the time of Azul airlines check-in at the airport.

You can contact them directly regarding Azul service dogs or emotional support dog flights by calling the Azul customer care center. You can even feel free to contact us, Treknova, for getting a helping hand of ours for you. Dial toll-free +1-800-831-1547 number available 24*7.

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