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Etihad Airways Pet Policy: How To Travel Pets With Care?

Etihad Airways is a Dubai-baked airline that caters to people to fly over many parts of the world. This company is not very old, it was created only in 2003. Within this short time, they achieved many milestones. The reservation service is improving for their clients day by day.

In the early twenties of the last century, 2003, this airline established its company in the territory of Abu Dhabi. Thus it is clear that they have established their headquarters and headquarters at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. With 102 fleets, they have traveled to 81 domestic and international destinations in the world.

The number of passengers flying on Etihad Airways every year is gradually increasing. This means that their service towards their passengers is good and good along with offers, posters, and travel policies are also suitable for their passengers. They also have an amazing policy for manage booking so that you can make changes to your booking.

In 2006, Etihad Airways launched a loyalty program in the name of Etihad Guest. Under this program, those who frequently fly with Etihad Airways can register and take advantage of some great deals and offers for your reservation. The more trips you make with Etihad, the more miles you will earn, which will be earned and returned in the form of rewards for you.

Etihad Airways reservations allow passengers to make the required modification to their booked flight, and it also gives the flexibility to cancel the flight with a full or partial fare refund (as per the terms and conditions). After killing more than 2,300 people in China, the virus continued to claim the lives of many people around the world and made many countries impose bans and make some adjustments for unexpected months, and their travel agencies to Etihad airways cancellation and changes the daily activities required to fly.

The airline considered only cats and dogs as a pets

If you want to transport your pet with the airline, then you have to pay some charges for that. Your pets can be traveling cabins under the seat in economy class or on the adjacent seat in business class & First class.

But there are some conditions such as your pet’s age should be a minimum of 16 weeks and the weight should not be exceeded 8 kg including the carrier.

Your all pet documents should be submitted at least 5 days before the flight departure.

All the other pets will be transported in Cargo in Etihad Airways. If the container will not be as per the requirement then the airline can refuse to take your pet in.

Key Points to remember before traveling with a pet on Etihad Airways

  • The first thing you should remember is that your pet should not sick and ill otherwise they deny to transport your pet. Your pet has a proper health certificate that is certified by the veterinary.
  • You have to bear the proper documentation of the vaccination and transport certificate issued by the officials.
  • You have to book your pet ticket at least 7 days before the scheduled flight departure.
  • In economy class, your pet will be allowed only in the carrier that must fit under the seat in front of you.
  • In business class, your pet will be allowed on the adjacent seat. You can’t be allowed to put the carrier under the seat in front of you. You have to purchase the adjacent seat in the business class.
  • If you are traveling with your pet in economy class then the carrier of the pet should not exceed 40x40x22 cm so that it can be adjusted under the seat. In the case of business class, your carrier must not exceed 50x43x50 cm.
  • Etihad Airways only allowed more than 16 weeks old age pets to travel on the flight.
  • A person who is traveling with pets in Etihad Airways must complete their 18 years.
  • Your pet container should have ventilation points so that pets can breathe easily during the flight journey. It helps to safeguard from suffocation.
  • Trained your pet to make them familiar with the container and also wear the collar or the suitable harness on the neck of the pet.
  • You have to check all the exit and entry rules of the destination country because some countries do not allow some of the breeds to enter their border.
  • The container for pets should be neat and clean so that the surrounding of the passengers in the aircraft could be free from dirt.
  • Your pet’s container must be made up of strong base material so that container holds the pet perfectly without any wear and tear.
  • Pet’s container base material should also be made up of absorbent material so that excretion material or pee can be absorbed.

How To Travel With Pet In Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways requires that your pet be accompanied by a certificate of good health and that your dog or cat be transported in an approved shipping box. Etihad Airways absolutely allows service animals to travel as checked items of baggage. So, if you are a passenger or you are traveling with a passenger that needs a special emotional support animal. Remember to make your emotional support pet wear a coat that says emotional support. So that, the pilot and other on-plane staff will know and prepare for your pet Etihad Airways Pet Policy.

Also, remember that you have to keep the cage or kennel of your emotional support animal under your seat near your legs. Any other animals should travel as cargo.

When traveling with pets on domestic flights, there is no need to book in advance, and pet rental companies from S to XL sizes can be provided. However, if your pet is large and you want to rent a kennel, you should book an L or XL kennel in advance, as availability may be limited. Etihad Airways Pet Policy – Your pet should be less than 32 kg; otherwise, your pet must be flown as cargo according to Etihad Airways Pet Policy. The weight of pets and other checked luggage shall not exceed 100 kg per person.

Following are some points to remember while traveling with your emotional support buddy:

  • Keep him in an appropriate size cage
  • Check-in as a checked baggage
  • Keep it in a coat, that says “emotional support”
  • It must not howl or bark or growl at other passengers or animals on the plane.
  • Do not feed the animal onboard, you can give it water to keep it hydrated.

Your veterinarian will certify that your pet is healthy enough to travel and is free of human infectious diseases. Etihad Airways also requires you to provide copies of your travel documents and other documents required by the country of travel.

Etihad Airways Pet Policy – The airline’s pet passport package includes:

  • Instructions, in-cabin regulations, flight, and other information regarding the transportation of your pet onboard Etihad Airways according to Etihad Airways Pet Policy.
  • Acclimatization certificate and instructions for its use
  • Veterinary aviation certificate and instructions
  • Pet Passport Folder – Included in the First Class Mail delivery options above
  • Unlimited email support

Etihad Airways does not allow passengers to travel with their pets in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage. According to the UAE government regulations, all animals must enter the UAE as visible goods. Exceptions to this are only falcons and certain service animals., which may include service dogs and cats.

According to Etihad Airways Pet Policy – Etihad Airways will carry, like free checked baggage on any route, guide dogs only to guide the blind, provided all necessary health documents and important licenses are obtained.

To travel with a guide dog or emotional support dog or cat, arrangements must be made at Abu Dhabi International Airport to receive the animals at the terminal itself. Therefore, you must have to make an advance notice to the local Etihad Airways office at least 48 hours before your departure.

Different ways of carrying pets on Flight

  • Traveling in the passenger compartment.
  • Checked as luggage in a pressurized and temperature-controlled area in your plane.
  • They are shipped as goods in the temperature-controlled and pressure-controlled areas.

Pet In-Cabin

The carriage of animals in the cabin is restricted to falcons only and is permitted on all types of aircraft according to the following conditions:

Diamonds are first class

  • Each guest (each seat) can accommodate up to 2 falcons. The cost of each Falcon (6.6 lbs / 3 kg) is 3 times the normal excess baggage fee for the flight.
  • When purchasing additional seats of the same class, you can carry up to two additional Falcons. For additional Falcons, there will be no charge for excess baggage.

Business Class Pearl

  • Each guest (each seat) can accommodate up to 2 falcons. The cost per Falcon (6.6 lbs / 3 kg) is 3 times the normal excess baggage fee for the flight.
  • When purchasing additional seats of the same level, you can carry up to two additional Falcons. For additional Falcons, there will be no charge for excess baggage.

Coral Economy Class

  • Each guest (per seat) can carry one falcon. The cost of a single Falcon (6.6 lbs / 3 kg) is 3 times the excess baggage charge for normal flights.
  • If you purchase an additional seat of the same level, you can bring another Falcon. Extra baggage charges are not applicable to Extra Falcon
  • Etihad Airways does not allow any live animals to fly in the cabin. Service animals assisting passengers with physical or hearing impairments can fly into the cargo hold for free. If all the documents and permits are prepared in advance, only the Falcon is allowed to enter the cabin.
  • Provide a training certificate to ensure that your dog has received special training.
  • Being in a carrier must remain at the feet of the master throughout the journey.
  • Wearing a jacket or robes indicates that he is a helper dog
  • The passenger should have a dog muzzle and use it as necessary.
  • Not to feed the dog – except for water.
  • Pets must be healthy, not prepared to harm other animals, humans, or things, and must not have an unpleasant odor. Pregnant pets will not be accepted, as their health is pink and travel can be harmful to them.

Pet In Cargo

Airlines pet policy in cargo hold
Etihad Airways Pet Policy

The Etihad Shipping team is responsible for transporting pets, horses, and other animals to their respective destinations. This cargo service allows pets to travel to and from their pick-up places to their destinations, that too in a plane that has a special climate-controlled vehicle in which these animals are being carried on. Then they will transfer all pets to a pressure-controlled cabin on the plane.

Cats and dogs are temporarily placed in larger kennels on the way so that they must not panic. Each and every animal requires different documents, that depend on their specific species, their final destination, and also their country of origin. As some countries have different policies for the import and export of different animals. However, you will absolutely need to have a health certificate of that animal, an import and export permit from the country of origin and your destination country, a full vaccination certificate of your pet, and a pet passport.

For more information and to book pets in a flight of Etihad Airways, you can contact the Etihad AVI team directly by putting out an Email at, or you can contact their Etihad airways customer support team by making a call at (+971) 259-900-99 to speak to people outside of United Arab Emirates, and for customer care support within the United Arab Emirates call on (800) 2535

Container Requirements

For more information on different shipping options for your pet and carrier needs, you can contact the Etihad AVI team at or call (+971) 259-900-99 to talk to someone. ‘One outside the UAE and one inside the UAE (800) 2535.

  • The container should be large enough so that the animal will change direction while standing, standing, and sitting with its legs spread. Please meet the following criteria. (Conforms to Chapter VIII of the IATA Live Animals Regulations, container requirements)
  • The pet crate is mainly made for carrying and is made of strong material
  • Structured to allow adequate ventilation
  • Containers with a door (cover) must be arranged so that they can be closed from the outside.
  • Latched containers must be tightly closed.
  • Undamaged and organized such that the animal cannot escape from gaps or joints
  • The containers in the following examples and unsuitable containers as determined by the staff cannot be accepted even if you have a reservation

Send a request to the Etihad AVI team with the desired date, origin, and destination. The AVI team will then send you a confirmation with the air transport document number, order information, and flight details. A request will be sent for all documents required for evaluation and submission. For customers outside the UAE, please contact our GSAs for this period.

Live Animal Care 

Air transport of animals is definitely the fastest and most comfortable way to travel long distances. Etihad Transport provides customized pet transport solutions and professional services for all other animals. We strictly abide by all regulations to ensure the safest handling of all types of products entrusted to us.

  • Customized processing, platform construction, and ramp transportation by specially trained personnel
  • An air-conditioned pressurized cabin ensures maximum comfort
  • Dedicated vehicles transport animals between the aircraft and our animal handling facility

From transporting family pets to assisting in transporting global protection projects, we have extensive experience at Etihad Shipping. We are capable and understand various requirements and ensure that all live animals that we transport around the world are given the highest level of care. It is highly recommended that customers who transport pets from our center in Abu Dhabi make an appointment with a local veterinarian

British Veterinary Centre

Khaleej Al Arabi &

Khalifa City A Branch

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone: +971 (2) 665-0085

Fax: +971 (2) 665-5118


American Veterinary Clinic

PO BOX 31051

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone:  +971 (2) 665-5044

Fax:  +971 (2) 665-5297


German Veterinary Clinic

Khalifa City A

PO Box 34867

Abu Dhabi, AUE

Telephone: +971 (2) 556-2024

Fax: +971 (2) 556-2036


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