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Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

Frontier Airlines, is an American-based low-cost airline, which operates its hub at Denver International airport. The airline serves over 100 destinations within the U.S and over 31 international destinations. Did you know that it’s a pet-friendly airline too? 

Let’s look at Frontier Airlines’ pet policy and guidelines.

As per the Frontier Airlines Pet policy, pets are not transported as checked baggage or in the aircraft hold, or as cargo. However, they are allowed to travel in the flight cabin along with you.

Points to Remember before traveling with pets

Every airline has its own set of rules and policies when providing its services to passengers. In the case of traveling with pets, Frontier Airlines has the most friendly and flexible policies. Passengers should follow these policies for the safety of their pets.

  • First of all, make sure that you bear all the health and vaccination certificates of the pets which are issued by certified veterinary doctors.
  • Check and verify that your pet is allowed to travel at the destination or not. Because some countries don’t give permission to pets to enter their boundaries. So, You have to confirm with the embassy or direct it to the officials of that country.
  • Before check-in, you should confirm with the airlines’ officials to check the eligibility of your pet that airlines allow you to travel with your pets on the same flight in-cabin or travel separately with the cargo or as checked baggage. It all depends on the size and weight of the pets. Charges for travel as checked baggage and travel in cargo also differ from each other.
  • Make sure you have a strong base container to hold the pets which is suitable and comfortable for pets with the proper ventilation so that your pets feel comfortable and have proper breathing while traveling in a cage.
  • Trained your pet and make it familiar with the container so that your pet feels comfortable during the journey. Because some pets are not habitual to staying in the cage for a long period of time.
  • The container has a leak-proof base so that the surroundings of the aircraft are free from the specks of dirt and the excretion of the pets.
  • If you are traveling with pets then make sure that your allotment of seats is not in the front row or in the exit row.
  • Have a microchip on your pet which can decrease the chances of your pet getting lost. It should contain your contact information like your mobile number.
  • The travel container in which your pet is going to travel must be large in size so that your pet can stand easily, turn around, and lay down in its natural position to feel comfortable during the journey, and the standard size for the pet container allowed in Frontier Airlines with maximum dimensions of 18″ long, 14″ wide, and 8″ tall.

Note* Frontier airlines do not allow a pet to travel as checked baggage.

Rules for the pet to travel In-cabin

Only some animals are allowed by the Frontier airlines to travel in the cabin on domestic flights within the USA 

  • Pet dogs and cats whose age is not less than 8 weeks.
  • Rabbits are permitted within the United States
  • Hamsters, Small household birds, and Guinea pigs are also permitted to travel in the flight within the United States.
  • Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, and Birds of prey are never allowed to travel on Frontier Airlines.

Pets that are allowed in the cabin on international flights 

  • Domesticated dogs and cats 

They are required to remain in the pet container at all times during the flight journey.

Pets should be harmless, odorless, and not disruptive in nature.

However, pets won’t be accepted on codeshare flights as per the Frontier Airlines pet policy 

Frontier Pet Fee/Cost 

A one-way charge of $99 can be paid while booking for your pet or during check-in as per Frontier Airlines Pet Policy.

In addition to the pet container, you can bring a personal item or a carry-on bag (carry-on will have an additional charge).

Required Documents and Certificate 

You might be required to obtain a health certificate for your pet depending on the destination. Although it’s not required for domestic travel within the U.S, there might be certain states which require it upon landing or arriving there.

  • A Pet Health certificate is also required for international travel as per Frontier Airlines Pet Policy.
  • Your pet’s health certificate should include the owner’s name and address, animal species and origin and destination, and immunization against rabies within 12 months for adult pets.
  • The immunization must be given no less than 30 days prior to international travel.
  • If you are traveling with your pet to destinations like Mexico, then your pet will need a health certificate within 5 days of arrival. And if traveling to other destinations like the Dominican Republic, you require it within 15 days upon arrival. Also, in these states, your pet’s health certificate should indicate that your pet is free from parasites and has been treated for its prevention.
  • If you are traveling to Costa Rica, then you need to obtain your pet’s health certificate within 14 days and within one month or 30 days for Puerto Rico. On the other hand, if your pet is transported to the USA, then you need to obtain the health certificate within 10 days

To put things more clearly, let’s  see below :

The health certificate must be dated as per the below requirements of the destination state

  • Within 5 days of entry into Mexico 
  • Costa Rica – 14 days 
  • Dominican Republic – 15 days 
  • U.S – Health certificate should be obtained within 10 days of arrival 
  • Puerto Rico – 30 days 

You are required to obtain both rabies vaccination and a health certificate for dogs and cats traveling to /from Canada. The certificates must be issued in English or French by a veterinarian from the originating country. Your pet’s rabies certificate must contain the validity date and the health certificate must have details of animal identification and vaccination dates.

Puerto Rico requires that your pet should have more than one identification tag and a collar.

One ID tag should contain the contact information of your current location during the trip and the second ID tag should have your home address and contact number.

Let’s check some of the requirements for your pet dogs arriving in the United States.

All dogs must appear healthy when entering the United States and depending on the country it’s coming from, it might require a rabies vaccination certificate.

If your pet dog is at least 12 weeks old, then it can be given the rabies vaccination. If your pet dog is taking a rabies vaccination for the first time, you must wait 28 days before starting your journey with your pet. The certificate must be valid for the duration of your travel.

Required Pet Container Size

There are a few things that you should know about the pet container if your want to travel with your pet with Frontier Airlines:

  • The pet container must have enough space so that the pet will stand easily, turn, and lie down in a natural position. Also, the container should fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Some specific seats are not available for the pet owner because your pet can not travel on that seats.
  • The pet container can not exceed the size of 18″ length x 14″ width x 8″ height.
  • Along with the pet container, you are allowed to carry a bag or personal item in the cabin.

Certain species of animals are forbidden or not accepted on the airline. They include:

  • Large birds like parrots,
  • Birds of prey
  • Macaws,
  • Cockatoos 
  • Rodents like mice, Squirrels 
  • Ferrets 
  • Reptiles like snakes, spiders, amphibians, and insects 

Guidelines for the Emotional Support and Service Animals

Emotional Support Animals 

Emotional Support Animals are allowed in the cabin for travel till January 31st, 2021 only, as per Frontier Airlines’ pet policy as per their official website.

Passengers with ESA pets need to notify the airline 48 hours before departure.

Only cats or dogs are accepted as ESA animals in the flight and not other pets. Only one ESA per passenger will be accepted into the flight and must be more than 4 months of age.

You need to submit the Passenger Acknowledgement form, the Medical or mental health professional form and the Veterinary Health form to fly with your ESA pet. These 3 forms should be submitted at least 48 hours before the flight departure and can be obtained from the official website.

The airline will accept animals that are trained properly and must be placed in a carrier under the seat in front of you or on a leash at all times. It can be put on the aircraft floor or on the owner’s lap. It’s not necessary for your ESA pet to travel in the pet carrier.

If your pet does not qualify as ESA, it may be eligible to travel like other pets for a fee. If your ESA pet requires more space, then you might be asked to purchase an additional seat.

You are required to submit all forms at the airport and then proceed to check-in. You may still be required to provide documents in the further part of your journey.

Your ESA pet cannot sit in an emergency row as per Frontier Airlines Pet Policy.

You must also do research on the destination rules for ESA animals while on international flights.

Note* For all reservations booked on or after January 11, 2021, and even departing on or after February 1, 2021, Frontier will only transport service dogs.

Trained Service Animals

As per Frontier Airlines’ pet policy, the guidelines for trained service animals have changed if you are traveling after January 31, 2021. 

Before January 31, 2021, the service animals include dogs, cats, and miniature horses which have got training to assist disabled individuals. Documents are not required but the airline representatives can ask you a few questions to determine if your pet is qualified as a service animal.

If you are traveling after January 31, 2021, the guidelines differ and only dogs will be accepted as service animals that are trained to do work for disabled passengers.

You will be required to submit the DOT’s Service Animal Air Transportation Form no later than 48 hours before travel depending upon when you booked your flight reservation. However, if your reservation is booked less than 48 hours before travel, then you will have to submit the form to an airport customer service agent upon arrival.

A maximum of two service animals is permitted per passenger. The airline won’t accept comfort animals or any other non-task-trained animals as service animals.

Your service animal pet must be properly trained to behave properly publicly and the owner must have a leash or harness at all times in the aircraft and airport.

They should not be disruptive or aggressive like excessive whining or barking, or growling, otherwise, they will be denied boarding.

The airline will verify the customer’s disability as well as if the pet is eligible to be a trained service animal.

You should contact the foreign consulate if you are traveling to another country and also know the USDA Guidelines.

So we hope this guide helped you and your pet. Enjoy your trip.

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