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Lufthansa Pet policy

Are you a traveller looking for information on how to travel with pets with respect to the airline industry? Then this article might be useful as it can provide you with some tips on it. The guidelines may vary depending upon the destination and the airline you choose to travel to. Lufthansa Pet policy is one of the best.

Lufthansa pet policy
Lufthansa Airlines

As a matter of fact, they can travel as 

Cabin baggage –  They must be accompanied by an adult passenger with the pet container tucked beneath your seat on the aircraft. This is applicable for small pets like dogs and cats that can fit into the pet crate.

Checked baggage -Larger pets and animals that cannot travel in the flight cabin can be transported as checked baggage, that is, if your pet is large or does not meet the required length or specifications as set by the airline to travel in the cabin.

Manifest cargo – If you are unable to travel with your pet or if your pet is too large, it can be transported as manifest cargo.

Airline Pet crate requirements

These were set up by IATA and is followed by the world’s airlines. Though it is better to have only one animal per container, the IATA rules suggest that the number of animals can be two in a single crate provided they are under 14kg and from the same species. Your pet must be able to stand and lie comfortably in it. There must be proper ventilation and floors should be leakproof. Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation should be known so that you can save a day as well.

Let’s have a  look at the pet policy of Lufthansa Airlines.

Tips on pet policy for Lufthansa Airlines 

Here we will talk a little about all the tips and tricks with Lufthansa Pet policy:

Does Lufthansa allow you to travel along with your pets in the flight cabin?

They allow small pets like dogs and cats which weigh under 8kg which includes the weight of the pet container also.

Service dogs or emotional support dogs 

Service dogs or  guide dogs are allowed to travel with you in the cabin free of charge 

 You are required to provide two copies of the completed, signed SVAN or ESAN form that is provided by the airline, at the check-in counter.

Emotional assistance dogs are allowed only if they are traveling to or from the USA.

Checked baggage policy for pets on Lufthansa 

Larger animals that cannot fit under your seat in the cabin or if they weigh more than 8kg will be transported to the cargo hold section of the aircraft. However, there is an exception while traveling on flights via Munich except for assistance animals.

  • Hares and rabbits were allowed in the cargo hold but only till 1st January 2020. The minimum age is 5 weeks. For further updates, we would advise you to contact their office 
  • The minimum age for dogs and cats is 12 weeks but 16 weeks for journeys from/to the USA.
  • You can check-in within 2 or 3 hours before departure 
  • The price for transporting animals as excess baggage in the cargo hold will vary depending on the route and dimensions of the size of the pet container. If the container is more than the specified dimensions 125x75x85cm, it can  be transported as cargo
  • Your pet should take the necessary veterinary examinations before starting the journey and also check with your vet if any medication is required during the journey.
  • Ensure that the travel documents like the pet passport are ready.
  • You should register your pet as excess baggage at least 24 hours before departure at your travel agency or the airline’s service center and will receive a booking confirmation number 
  • Make sure that the pet container fits the airline’s requirements, no newspaper or straw to be placed in it and your pet should be familiar with it. You can also manage booking of Lufthansa airlines.
  •   Check with your vet regarding your pet’s food during the flight journey.

If you are traveling with several airlines, make sure that you get confirmation from the concerned airlines for your pet.

Pet transport container guidelines

The maximum size for a pet container in the cargo hold on Lufthansa Airlines is 125x75x85cm. 

A plastic locking mechanism will not be accepted. It should be properly ventilated on all four sides and ventilation holes are allowed on the lid. The floor should be waterproof and can be lined with a blanket or absorbent mat. You are required to carry the pet’s collar and lead with you in your hand baggage.

Containers and their doors and ventilation holes for rabbits should be lined with wire mesh.

More information can be obtained by visiting the official website of the airline 


You can check-in online or via mobile 23 hours before departure and you will receive the boarding pass at the check-in counter at the airport

Restrictions on pets  

Particular breeds like Snub-nosed dogs and cats are restricted on the airline. Some of the breeds which are restricted are Bulldog (except American bulldog), American Pit Bull /Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Boston, chow chow, and Affenpinscher.

Cat breeds include Persian, Scottish fold, Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair, and British Shorthair.

Lufthansa Animal Lounge

Pet owners would be delighted to know that the airline has a spacious  Animal Lounge in Frankfurt, Germany, and is Europe’s largest animal lounge.  This would allow your pet to take a stretch and relax in between. The lounge area is around 4000 square meters and has 3 routes: Export, import, and transit for your pets. It has  42 large stalls for bigger animals like horses and so on.

Cost of pet travel as baggage

Pets do not get a free baggage allowance. Price may vary depending on the animal crate and routes.

For Animals travelling in the cabin 

(maximum total weight of the container and animal  :8kg /Dimensions : 55x40x23cm )

Domestic routes within Germany – 50 EUR /57 USD 

Within Europe  – EUR 60 and USD 69 

Short intercontinental routes – EUR 90 and USD 103 

Medium intercontinental routes – EUR 100 /USD 115/CAD 150 

Long intercontinental routes – CAD 165 /USD 126/EUR 110 

From /to Japan – EUR 70/USD 100/CAD 100 .

Animals traveling as checked baggage  

Domestic routes within germany – 80 Eur /92 USD for maximum size 60x45x40cm and 160 EUR /USD 184 for container size up to 125cm x75x85 cm

If pet is  travelling within Europe – EUR 100/115 USD (60x45x40cm) and 200 EUR / 230 USD (125cm x75x85 cm)

Long intercontinental routes – 190 EUR / 218 USD /285 CAD (60x45x40cm)

                                                380 EUR/437 USD /570 CAD (125x75x85cm)

If the container size is more than 125x75x85cm, it has to be transported with Lufthansa cargo.

What is a pet passport?

Pet passport refers to a set of documents needed for your pet’s journey to another destination.

This could include health certificates issued by your veterinary doctor that your customs officials require. We advise not to transport a pet if it does not comply with the import policies. Your airline might not accept it if the required documentation is not available.

Other guidelines for pet travel  

Do research on your destination country’s pet regulations 

  • Find out how many and what vaccinations are required for your pet.
  • Check if quarantine arrangements are required.
  • Do I need to transport my pet as manifest cargo?

 Make a visit to the veterinarian before traveling. Unhealthy pets should not be subjected to travel stress and fatigue. If so, leave them with your relative or someone who is reliable to take care of your pet at home.

Pets can face a great deal of anxiety especially if they have to be transferred to another plane.

Hence select routes that are comfortable if possible. If you switch to another airline during the journey, don’t forget to recheck your pet. Give time to hydrate and walk your pet in the interval during a long journey.

Avoid holidays and peak periods for the safety of your pet, also avoid cargo travel for your pet during extreme temperatures in the cargo. 

Ensure that your pet container is of good quality and well-ventilated and get a water bowl attached so that your pet can quench his thirst at intervals. 

Don’t forget the identification and naming process – Try to attach the following information to your pet container 

  • Name of pet 
  • Your name 
  • Mobile number 
  • Medical information 
  • Pet photo 

Are you worried about where your pet will be kept in the cargo? Airlines will have a special place for your pets and will be protected from cargo or luggage. 

It’s nice to have a photograph of your pet with you. It might be helpful in case if it gets separated or goes missing.

It is also a good idea to contact the Lufthansa Service Center for more queries or visit the official website also to solve your queries.

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