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Philippine Air Pet Policy

In this article, we will discuss the Philippine air pet policy. Before that let’s have an idea about Philippine airlines. Philippine Airlines is one of Asia’s first well-known elderly airlines, commercially operating about 54 international destinations along with only 31 domestic flight routes in the Philippines. They have the opportunity to do so with the aid of the love of their customers. Currently, the Philippines is a 79-year-old air carrier company that has grown up a lot until now, only with passengers’ confidence. For more details go through Philippine Airlines Official Site & Customer Service Details.

philippine air pet policy
Philippine air pet policy

Onboard Pets- Philippine Air Pet Policy

With the exception of medically trained service dogs and emotional support dogs, Philippine Airlines does not allow pets to fly in their cabins. The only animals recognized emotions support dogs that can travel in the cabin only on routes to and from the United States. Emotional support dog owners must have evidence to a mental health professional or psychiatric practitioner who is treating the mental health disability of the passenger indicating that they are a licensed medical health professional or mental doctor not more than one year old on letterhead and that the passenger has an industry-recognized mental or emotional disorder and wants the psychiatric service animal’s emotional assistance as an air travel accommodation and/or operation at the destination of the passenger. This documentation must be given at least 48 hours before departure at the latest. 

Checked baggage pet- Philippine air pet policy

Suppose your pet is too large to fit under the seat that is not small as younger once, if it is a pet other than a cat or dog that is anything else like rabbit or squirrel, or if it is a very long flight, as long as you are accompanying your pet, Philippine Airlines may move your pet into the cargo section of the aircraft based on the Philippine Airlines pet policy. The department of the cargo section has the same pressure and as well as temperature as the passenger cabin. You should be sure to tell the pilot of the aircraft that your pet is flying in the cargo hold so that they will be assured to keep the temperature at the perfect level in which those animals can survive.

All pets must be accompanied by a traveler who should be at least 12 years of age. 48hrs is the minimum time that must be given for pets traveling as checked baggage. Philippines Airline staff will need to check the valid vaccination certificates and other required health certificates, exit and/or entry permits. Documents required for your pet’s destination country will also need to be verified by the staff. So please cooperate with their duty while you are planning to travel with your pets. For the details regarding refund refer How Do I Get A Refund From Philippine Airlines.

Snub-nosed dogs breed on all  Flights as Check-in Luggage.

Any animal with a flat snout and whose lower jaw is disproportionately longer than its upper jaw is described as brachycephalic. Because of these traits, some health conditions appear to affect brachycephalic or snub-nosed dogs. Normally, breathing is typically a battle for these dogs. As they constantly struggle to cope with the lack of oxygen in their bloodstream, their shortened and narrow airways result in laborious breathing, rendering them vulnerable to secondary heart attacks. They are more likely to experience body overheat due to their inability to manage their body temperature by panting (as most dogs do).

Cargo service for pets- Philippine Air

Air cargo service is provided for very large dogs, cats, etc then for unaccompanied pets, like a horse, cattle, rabbits, or animals other than cats and dogs. Stress – tolerant(Acclimation) certificates may also be required for pets traveling in cargo during times of very cold weather. Pets are not approved for transport in the cargo segment of the airline on most airlines when the ground temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit at any place on the itinerary UNLESS the pet has a low-temperature acclimatization statement from a veterinarian (Acclimation Certificate).

Which Pets are Allowed in Philippine Air

Philippine Airlines permits dogs, cats, birds, tropical fish, hamsters, monkeys, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, and other animals. Larger animals (cattle, horses, etc.) will be handled by an approved agent, for more details regarding that you should contact them also.

Weather Restrictions

Philippine Airlines will always reevaluate the carriage of pets’ existence from or through any city along the whole route whose temperature exceeds 80°F or falls under 40°F. So you don’t get worried about all that.

Documents required for pets in Philippine air

Health Certificates and other certificates according to your pet’s behavior should be issued by a licensed veterinarian at least 10 days prior to travel will be required at the time of reservation or check-in. Go through Philippine Airlines Check-In. All required documents for your destination country should be attached to the crate of your pet properly. There should be a permit must be obtained for domestic flights.

Crate Requirements for Pets

The crate must be strong, clean, and escape-proof. Your pet needs to have enough space to stand up and turn around. 

Size limits for Pets

Pets are not included in the allocation for free luggage and are thus assumed to be automatic excess baggage, even though the passenger does not have any other baggage. Payments for the shipment of animals under the Parts Scheme shall be as follows:

  • Pets and containers measuring 203cms (80in) or less and weighing not more than 23kgs (50lbs) are fined 200% of the excess baggage rate applicable. 
  • 300% of the applicable excess baggage rate shall be paid to pets and containers measuring over 203cms (80in) and weighing up to 45kgs or a fraction equivalent.
  • 100% of the applicable excess baggage fee shall be applied to an additional 10kg above 45kg or a percentage equivalent.
  • The gross resulting sum shall be multiplied by two (2) and the total excess baggage fee shall be paid.

For the details regarding cancellation refer Philippine Airlines Cancellation.

Maximum weight allowed for pets

Pets are not included in the free baggage allowance and are thus treated as automatic excess baggage, even though the total weight of the passenger’s baggage remains under the Free Baggage Allowance.

  • At 100 percent of the applicable excess baggage rate, pets and crates weighing 1-4 kgs will be charged 5 kgs.
  • The actual weight of pets and crates weighing 5 kg or more will be paid at 100% of the applicable excess baggage fee.

Terms & Conditions for carrying Pets

  • Only Dogs, cats, and birds are allowed as pets for carrying as baggage on the flight.
  • These animals may pee and spread dirt on the flight so to overcome this problem your pets should be in a leaked-proof container with safety and security.
  • Always ensure that your pets have properly vaccinated which is certified by the animal health divisions.
  • Your pets are not allowed to travel alone so it is necessary to accopmpaimed by the person who is traveling is at least 12 years old.


Philippine Air needs a certificate of good health to accompany your pet, and that your dog or cat be shipped in a licensed cargo crate. Philippine Air does not allow pets to ride in their aircraft’s cabin. Your veterinarian will certify that your pet is adequately safe to fly and is free of human-communicable diseases. Philippine Air also requires that you provide the country to which you are traveling with copies of the veterinary certificates and other documentation required. At the time of the request, all guidelines and Philippine Air pet policies are checked. Requirements for Philippine Air to fly your dog or cat are included. At any airport, enforcement will not be consistent, and providing sufficient documentation would help guarantee that there will be no issues during your travels. Refer Philippine Air homepage.

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