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Singapore Airlines Pet Policy

Pet lovers want their pets in each gratifying scenario and need them to come back in conjunction with them, where they are going. It’s quite traditional currently a day that pets fly during a flight. Variant airlines have their own standards for pet flights and equally, the Air transat pet policy is there for passengers of Air transat airlines. Despite the fact that there are a few similitudes, each carrier has an alternate arrangement of rules with respect to pet travel. In the event that you are moving to Singapore with your family pet and are thinking about utilizing Singapore Airlines, you will need to examine their particular necessities for canines and felines. 

Underneath, we clarify the fundamental data each pet parent has to know. Nonetheless, every pet’s excursion is extraordinary (just like your pet himself), so it’s imperative to see all the factors that could affect your darling’s itinerary items. Our Starwood Animal Transport specialists can help with that, obviously.

Guidelines for Traveling With Pets on Singapore Airlines

  • The first thing you must know is that your pet’s age should not be less than three months otherwise your pet restricted to travel on Singapore Airlines.
  • Your pet is allowed to travel on the same flight as checked baggage.
  • You should be having a vaccination certificate for your pet with your self especially if you are traveling to a foreign destination.
  • Singapore Airlines have own set of rules for the container of pets. So always take containers that fulfill the criteria of the mentioned dimension.
  • Containers of pets are made up of strong base material so that container can hold the pets perfectly without any wear and tear.
  • Pet containers should’ve proper ventilation so that your pet can be safeguarded from suffocation.
  • The container should be designed in a way that your pet can stand and move easily in the container.
  • Your pet containers have been fixed with water and food bowls inside the containers so that anyone can replenish them from outside the container.
  • Some countries have restrictions to enter some breeds so always confirm with the embassy about your breed entrance at their border.
  • The container should be neat and clean and made up of leaked-proof material so that the surroundings in the flight will also be free from dirt.

Travel Option for Pets 

Your pet can go with you on a similar trip as checked stuff. Contingent upon your takeoff, objective, or travel nation, different limitations may likewise apply. 

Because of Occupational Health and Safety rules, if the consolidated load of your pet and its compartment surpasses 32kg, your pet will rather go in freight. 


To orchestrate your pet to go noticeable all around molded solace and security of our freight, contact your neighborhood Singapore Airlines Cargo office before your flight. How to Prepare your pet for movement

The pre-departure checklist gets in touch with your local Singapore airlines office at least two weeks before the departure. And we need all the following details of your pet.

Type/Breed/ Species





Weight of Pet

Weight of container

Dimension of container

Import / Export /transshipment numbers, if any

Documents you also need to carry by following our pet policy

When we get this data from you, we’ll check if space is accessible for your pet, and give you a Release and Indemnity Form to finish. If you don’t mind connect with your neighborhood Singapore Airlines office to get the structure. We’ll likewise require the accompanying records: 

  • Fare/import/parcel allows or licenses from your takeoff/objective/travel nation’s pertinent specialists.
  • Legitimate well-being and rabies inoculation testaments.
  • Any extra archives that might be needed by your flight/objective/travel nation’s specialists.
  • Make sure to bring every one of these records along when you check in at the air terminal.

Points to remember before departure

  • Check-in, at any rate, two hours* before your takeoff.
  • Present the finished Release and Indemnity Form and present the first duplicates of other vital archives at our registration counters.
  • Guarantee that your pet is healthy and fit for the movement.
  • Guarantee that your pet is very much taken care of and hydrated.
  • Spot a most loved toy or treat inside the holder to keep your pet glad.
  • Imprint your pet’s name outwardly of its compartment.

*If you’re going out of the USA, make sure to check in, at any rate, three hours before your flight for security screening

Pet holder prerequisites 

The plan and development of your pet’s holder should adjust to IATA prerequisites. The greatest stature of the compartment relies upon the airplane in which your pet will travel: 0.56m on an A330 airplane, 1.01m on a B777 airplane, 0.6m on an A380 airplane, and 0.7m on an A350 airplane. 

For a protected and agreeable excursion for your pet, the compartment must: 

  • Be of the correct size. The holder ought to have enough space for your pet to turn about typically while remaining, for it to stand and sit erect, and lie in a characteristic position. 
  • Be all around ventilated. The holder should have satisfactory ventilation on at any rate three of its sides, with most of the ventilation on the upper piece of the compartment. 
  • Accompany food and water holders. Either fixed inside the compartment or open for recharging from outside the holder. 
  • Be appropriately made sure about. To keep your pet from getting away.

Explicit objective limitations 

For target unequivocal rules and files required for pet travel, imply IATA’s Traveler’s Pets Corner. 

Because of explicit objective limitations, we can’t move your pet into or out of the objections underneath as checked things. For help, connect with your nearby Singapore Airlines Cargo office. 

Into/Out of Australia 

Into/Out of Brunei 

Into/Out of Denpasar, Bali 

Into/Out of New Zealand 

Into/Out of South Africa 

Into/Out of Turkey 

Into Dubai 

Into Hong Kong SAR 

Into the United Kingdom

Restricted  Breeds on The Singapore Airlines

We can’t acknowledge the accompanying canine varieties on the entirety of our flights. 

  • Akita 
  • Boerboel 
  • Fighter 
  • Brussels Griffon (Petit Brabancon) 
  • Chow 
  • Dogo Argentino 
  • English, French, and American Bulldogs 
  • Fila Brasileiro 
  • Japanese Chin (Japanese Spaniels) 
  • Lhasa Apso 
  • Mastiffs, including Neapolitan and Dogue de Bordeaux 
  • Perro De Presa Canario 
  • Pit Bull 
  • Mopshond, Mops Hund, and Pekingese 
  • Shar-Pei 
  • Shih Tzu 
  • English Toy, King Charles, and Tibetan Spaniels 
  • Boston and Pit Bull Terriers 
  • Tosa

Administration canines 

Administration canines going with travelers with handicaps are permitted in the airplane lodge, subject to nation-explicit principles and guidelines. For instance, Brunei doesn’t permit canines in the lodge. Kindly likewise note that we can’t acknowledge any assistance canines under the Prohibited Dog Breeds List on the entirety of our flights. 

On the off chance that your administration canine is for passionate help and additionally for mental assistance if you don’t mind guarantee that you have with you your canine’s substantial and current (for example no more established than one year before the date of your planned flight) documentation on the letterhead of an authorized emotional wellness expert or foundation. Such documentation will be delivered upon demand. 

For any remaining assistance canines, kindly note that SIA may demand to survey your canine’s substantial and current documentation if there is no sign of its administration status, (for example, distinguishing proof cards, presence of bridles/labels, and so forth) or on the off chance that we require additional data as per the relevant guidelines. 

Your administration canine will be viewed as unchecked stuff and will be conveyed without a charge, notwithstanding your free things stipend. Your administration canine won’t involve a seat and should be set in an area that doesn’t impede getting away from courses in the event of a crisis. Kindly give dampness retentive crisis. Kindly give dampness retentive material, to be set on the lodge floor under the canine consistently. A gag isn’t essential during the flight, however, you are urged to have them accessible with you. 

To make the important plans, we would suggest that you connect with your neighborhood Singapore Airlines office at any event fourteen days before your flight. If you don’t mind note that you are exclusively liable for preparing any important documentation as might be needed by the significant experts for the section of your administration canine into your objective nation

Help canines are prepared to play out specific assignments to help people with handicaps, while enthusiastic help canines are partner canines that ease mental incapacities. To fly with a help or enthusiastic help canine, the canine should be at any rate 4 months old, be prepared to obey orders, carry on properly, and should not represent an immediate danger to the wellbeing and security of different clients. 

During the flight 

More modest canines (no bigger than the size of a 2-year-old youngster) may sit on your lap while bigger canines should sit on the lodge floor before the front seat. A dampness retentive material should likewise be put on the lodge floor under the canine consistently. 

Furthermore, all canines: 

  • should not involve a seat 
  • should be restricted or kept in a pet transporter consistently 
  • should not deter the legroom of different clients 
  • should not obstruct the path or crisis exist

Except if your help or passionate help canine is of a confined variety, a gag isn’t vital. In any case, you are urged to have a gag with you. For more information, you can go to their official site.

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