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Sunwing Airlines Pet Policy

Sunwing Airline provides you with an awesome pet policy. Here we will give you all the information related to the Sunwing Airlines pet policy, but in case they are unable to help you out for any particular reason then do remember that we are always available here. You can call us at +1-800-831-1547 or go to our homepage

Key Points to remember before traveling with your pets on Sunwing Airlines

If you are going to travel with your pets on Sunwing airlines then you have to follow some rules and regulations so that you don’t face any interruptions or denial to onboard your pets. Here are some given rules that you have to follow.

  • Your pet should be fully vaccinated and also have a proper document of vaccination certificate. A copy of the certificate must be given to the agents at the time of check-in as well as at the destination.
  • Your pet should be trained properly under the guidance of an expert and have a training certificate as well so that your pet can follow your instructions and don’t bark at other passengers.
  • Your pet’s container should have proper ventilation points, it helps to breathe properly in the container and away from suffocation.
  • Your pet container should be neat and clean and have attached bowls for food and water so that your pet can feed properly.
  • Pet’s container should be made up of strong base material so that container can hold your pet strongly without wear and tear.
  • If your pet is ill and not healthy and fit you may be denied by the authorities of the airport.
  • Health certificates can be checked by the officials and after determining that, they will give approval for travel.
  • Always cross-check that your pet is eligible for entering other countries or not because some countries restrict some breeds to enter their borders.
  • The container should be designed in a manner that your pet can move easily in the container and sit in its natural position.

In-Cabin Pet Policy

You would require a licensed pet carrier to satisfy the specifications stated in the Sunwing Pet Policy for cabin transport.

Pets Allocations:

Small dogs and cats. The maximum weight of the animal and carrier shall not exceed 10 kg (22 lb). One pet per adult passenger is approved.

Age Requirements:

Pets must be 12 weeks old to fly Air Transat.


To make a pet booking at least 3 days before transportation, you can contact Air Transat directly, since a small number of animals per flight are eligible.


  • There are no restrictions on carrying sacks for puppies.
  • Extra baggage fees are payable.
  • No animals shall be accepted from or to Jamaica.

Requirements of Carrier:

It has no more than 20.5H x 40W x 45D cm should be estimated (8.5H x 16W x 17.5D).If the carrier is a soft side carrier, it could be slightly longer and a few inches smaller. The carrier has to be secure, let the animal stand and turn and waterproof the board. A pet pad must be provided.

Form Requirement

All applicable forms must be released for your country of destination. You must get a health card.


The rate for domestic, southern, and American flights is $75, while international flights cost up to $275.

Checked Baggage Pet Policy

If your domestic cattle are too large to travel on a freight shelf, they can fly as long as they fly with an adult passenger. In this freight section, the temperature and pressure are the same as in the cabin.

Pets Allocations:

Dogs or cats weigh over 22 pounds. It is permitted to fly as checked luggage on air transat flights to a maximum weight of 45 kg (99 lb) (10 kg).

Age Requirements:

Animals to fly as checked luggage for at least 12 weeks of age.


Air Transat should be contacted at least 3 days before the checked bag as checked baggage for your cat.


A dog carrier cannot be immune to the bag restrictions. Extra baggage charges are payable.

Dogs and cats are licensed to fly only on flights to St. Lucia, Ireland, and the UK as airmail (excluding service and emotional support dogs). 

Carrier Requirements:

No longer than 21.5H x 40W x 45D centimetres (8.5H x 16W x 17.5D).If the carrier is a soft side carrier, it could be slightly longer and a few inches smaller. The carrier must be secure, allow the animal to stand and move, and have a waterproof floor. There must be a cat pillow.


As long as you are flying in and out of your layover country on Air Transat and your Layover lasts no more than 3 hours, Air Transat will interline your pet (moving it from one plane to the next) Will give. You need to call the airline and see if it is appropriate to assert your domestic livestock and clear customs in a layered country if your layout is over 3 hours.


Plan to arrive at the airport and check your pets at the ticket counter 90 minutes before departure.

Temperature restriction

If the temperature at any point (origin/transat /destination) is estimated to be less than 10 ° F (-12 ° C) or higher than 85 ° F (29 ° C) during your pet’s passage, your pet The animal will be refused. Transportation of checked luggage. These temperature constraints are not excepted.

Form Requirement

Your pet must have a health certificate issued by a licensed vet within 10 days of the visit. Additionally, a current rabies certificate should also be available.


The cost per pet is $75 for domestic, South, and American flights and up to $275CAD $ 275 for international flights.

Crate Requirements

The maximum crate size depends on your route. The boxes must be IATA compatible and suitably ventilated plastic boxes and must be spring locked on the door or made for IATA Live Animal Regulation CR1. You may use metal tools to tie up and down your door and cable links to the door of your doors (these are available in our accessory kit).

You must collect your pet in its crate before traveling.

Manifest (Air) Cargo Pet Policies

The air transat transports your pet as air freight whether it is over 45 kilos (99 lb) or flying without a ride. It is pressurized and controlled by temperature for this section of the carrier.


To make a reservation for the pet, you should contact Air Transat’s cargo department.

Pick-up and Check-in

You should search your pet at Air Transat’s premises on the airport premises of the airport company. At that time, an Air Waybill must complete the identification of the shipper (consignor), receiver (consignee), and flight and animal details. In the Air Freight cargo facility at the destination airport, your pets will be ordered.

Forms Required

Within 10 days of your visit and any paperwork needed for the country of origin, a pet must have a certificate of health provided by a certified veterinarian.

Emotional and Service Support Dog

Sunwing Airlines is happy to accept service dogs and emotional support dogs for travel. However, we are unable to accept any other type of animal.

If your service or emotional support dog is intended for you, please note:

  • Approval requires additional forms and documentation.
  • Different countries have different requirements for service / emotional support dogs, please make sure you are familiar with your destination rules.
  • The dog will need to travel at the handler’s feet – not the seat – and sit through the window.
  • The dog should be bothered properly.
  • Dogs that endanger the health and welfare of the cabin crew and other guests are not allowed.
  • We warn you before reserving to ensure that they take care of emotional service dogs at their hotel if you book a hotel.

You must travel with two copies of each of these documents to give to the check-in agent and to show the destination authorities upon arrival. Please be sure that your destination rules are familiar to you.

Your freight quota of 5 kg is not compromised by flying with your sentimental supporter puppy. 

Once your emotional support dog is licensed, a special service agent would help choose the right place to sleep and ride safely in your canine.

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