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Virgin Australia Pet Policy

On this page, you will find the details regarding Virgin Australia pet policy. Pet owners want their pets to accompany them in an enjoyable situation and want them to return with them. Pets flying during a flight has become very popular in recent years. Different airlines have their own travel standards, and the Air transat pet policy applies to Air transat passengers as well. Despite some similarities, each carrier has its own set of rules when it comes to pet travel. If you’re heading to Singapore with your family pet and want to fly with Singapore Airlines, you’ll want to look into their specific requirements for canines and felines.
We’ve outlined the essential information that any pet parent should be aware of below. Nonetheless, since every pet’s trip is unique, it’s critical to consider all of the variables that might influence your pet’s itinerary products. Obviously, the company’s Starwood Animal Transport experts will assist you with this.

Is it possible for my pet to travel with Virgin Australia without any interruption?

All pets (except Assistance Dogs or licensed Service) fly in the airplane’s payload hold, which is kept at the same temperature as the cabin. Unfortunately, due to compartment limits, only canines and felines are permitted to travel with guests. To use a creature transportation provider, all different creatures would need to be transported.

Moreover, your pet :

. Should be older than two months (this is due to the possibility of dehydration during the journey);

.Should be healthy without any illness

.Not to exceed 65kgs (including the kennel);

.Avoid being overbearing;

.Be transported in a compartment that complies with Virgin Australia’s pet-holding laws and is the appropriate size for your pet for their free movement inside the kennel whenever they want. Virgin Australia rules for pet holders and is the right size for your pet (go and refer the Section 5. Holder prerequisites and Container estimating);

.If you’re going to Tasmania, get screened for the Hydatids Tapeworm before you go.

Several states have express disengage necessities. You should guarantee you check to go before development. See the Quarantine zone under.

A Veterinary Certificate demanding that your pet is helpful for air travel (dated inside around fourteen days of the advancement date) is required if the pet is:

.Pregnant or consolidates envisioned successors within 48 hours of the organized flight time;

.More than 12 years old;

.Some spot in the extent of 8 and 12 weeks old;

.Gotten out, hurt, or recuperating from an activity;

.Has been calmed.

This is a cut-off that applies to all Virgin Australia flights. All pets with the above-named conditions are flown at the carriers threat.

Brachycephalic assortments

Beginning on 24 January 2020, Virgin Australia will as of now don’t recognize arrangements for brachycephalic assortments (in any case called censure nosed assortments, which consolidates cross assortments) until extra warning. Note, arrangements made before 24 January 2020 for pet assortments that are brachycephalic (reprimand nosed) will be respected. Any arrangements for these assortments made after the above date will not be recognized and can’t be held up for movement. For all Brachycephalic or reproach-nosed assortments (checking cross assortments) saved for development before 24 January 2020, they are flown at the owner/endorsed representative’s risk. We insistently recommend pets five years or more prepared of this assortment type are not presented for adventure out due to government help concerns.

These varieties incorporate, yet are not restricted to the accompanying:

Dog breedsCat breeds
AffenpinscherAmerican BullyAmerican BulldogAustralian BulldogBoston TerrierBoxerBrussels Griffon / Griffon BruxelloisBritish/English BulldogChow ChowDogue De BordeauxEnglish Toy Spaniel/King Charles SpanielFrench MastiffFrench BulldogJapanese Chin/Japanese SpanielLhasa ApsoNeapolitan MastiffPekingesePug:Chinese PugDutch PugJapanese PugShih-Zhu (Tsu) (Tzu)Tibetan Spaniel   Exotic Shorthair CatHimalayan CatPersian Cat


Limited varieties According To Virgin Australia pet policy

In the event that you wouldn’t fret note the going with canine assortments (checking crossbreeds) are denied for import into Australia under “The Customs (prohibited imports) Regulations 1956” and will not be recognized for development:

.Fila Brasilerio

.Japanese Tosa

.Dogo Argentino

.American Pit Bull and other Pit Bull Breeds

.Perro de Presa Canario (Presa Canario)

Local/non-local hybrids (for instance canine wolf crosses) are moreover prohibited under the “Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999”.

.Czechoslovakian wolfdog or Czechoslovakian Vlcak

.Saarloos wolfdog or Saarloos wolfhound

.Lupo Italiano or Italian wolfdog

.Kunming wolfdog or Kunming canine

Virgin Australia Cargo ideas- Virgin Australia pet policy

To sidestep threatening temperatures that may address a risk to your pet, in the event that you wouldn’t fret keep away from booking travel for them during top temperature periods, for instance, in the focal point of the day.

We unequivocally recommend that if the temperature is a measure for basic warmth and soggy or possibly it is a multi-region adventure, guests should consider changing their outing to early morning or late night/evening flight time to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Sedation isn’t recommended for pet air travel aside from if unequivocally proposed by your vet. If you wish to calm your pet for development, contact your vet for ace insight. A vet validation will be required for pets calmed for development. Virgin Australia doesn’t acknowledge obligation with respect to any results in view of sedation.

Compartment necessities and holder assessing

It is your commitment to give a compartment to your pet’s development that consents to the standard required by Virgin Australia. If your pet doesn’t have a development holder which meets our necessities or isn’t the right size for your pet, we may decrease to recognize your pet for transport.

A couple of decent suppliers can help you in picking the right holder to purchase or enlist for your pet, including:

Fly Pets: 1300 668 309 or

Dogtainers: 1300 135 252 or

The size of the compartment is basic to the public authority help of your pet. The going with rules ought to be followed:

Your pet ought to have the choice to stay with their head up limitless by the holder; and

Your pet ought to have the alternative to turn uninhibitedly inside the compartment.

Virgin Australia doesn’t recognize wire compartments.

Besides, the compartment must:

Have adequate ventilation;

Have a water bowl/store connected to the holder;

Have move away from proof turns and snares and be sufficient shot;

Be fit as a fiddle and adequately ready to withstand mischief and assurance the pet can’t move away;

Be made of wood or a polypropylene material;

Be fixed with porous material and arranged so that no water or excreta can move away;

Not outperform a total heap of 65kgs when pet is joined inside;

Not have any wheels associated;

Not be expected to fall; and

Two-segment unbendable plastic compartments ought to have the top and base (or side) parts ensured about by screws or stray pieces (not plastic fastens).


Preceding going with your pet, there are some local detach impediments you ought to be OK with. On the off chance that it’s not all that much difficulty note, it is your obligation to ensure that your pet meets all segregate requirements.

Visit the Australian Interstate Quarantine site to check if your pet will welcome at your target.

On account of the unusualness of detaching laws (and to guarantee the prosperity of your pet), Virgin Australia will simply recognize pets for worldwide travel from embraced International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) pet specialists.

Instructions to book

With restricted limit with regards to pets on each flight, kindly guarantee that you book early. To guarantee there is space for your pet to go on your flight, the reserving for you and your pet should be made through Guest Contact Center by calling 13 67 89 (if calling from Australia). For contact numbers for outside of Australia see our Contact Us page. For more data visit our authority site.
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