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Best places to visit in Colombia (with weather information)

Thinking what are the Best Places to visit in Colombia in 2019?? Here’s a list of some of the excellent and grandest destinations.

In the last five years, Colombia has experienced a tourism boom. With the increase in the number of flights to the country, the flood of hotel chains and the country’s peace talks have settled, Colombia is becoming a major tourist destination. Its Caribbean beaches, Pacific coast, Amazon rainforest, Andes mountain ranges, and desert plains attract various tourist crowds. Colombia is full of unique and amazing landscapes.

When is the Best time to visit Colombia

When is the best time to visit Colombia when you can avoid tourists and rain? Colombia has two seasons – wet and dry. And wet comes with moisture and with drought, tourists come.

The dry season runs from December to March but attracts a lot of tourists. The wet season lasts from April to June. High season for North American tourists from July to August. September and October are the best times to avoid congestion and rain.

We will also include the end of March and the beginning of April as it is no longer than Easter as the travel time in Colombia is longer.

Points to remember before visiting  Colombia

  • Capital – Bogota
  • Currency-Colombian Peso
  • Official language – Spanish

So Here’s our list of best places to visit in Colombia.

  1. Bogota
  2. Cartagena
  3. Barranquilla
  4. Medellin
  5. Santa Marta
  6. Cali
  7. Salento
  8. Guatape
  9. Popayan
  10. San Agustin
  11. San Gil

1. Bogota

Bogota, places to visit in colombia
Bogota: Capital City

Bogota is the vibrant high-altitude capital of Colombia with inspiring street art, museums, parks, gardens, up-and-coming dining scenes and an eclectic mix of colonial, European and South American architecture, You will certainly never lack things to see or do here. We took two amazing Bogota tours including La Candelaria, a street art trip through the old city of Bogota and a bike tour of the city with a Bogota bike trip. Both are a great way to get to know the city and this place is one of the best places to visit in Colombia.

Bogota is probably the right and inexpensive place to start your journey in Colombia as flights in the Bogota Airport are usually the best value. Once you fill your Bogota buses from Medellin, Salento, and anywhere else in the country that will be taking you on your journey, all depart daily from the main bus station – Terminal de Transport Bogota.

Best time to visit Bogota – December, January, February, and March.

Climate information about Bogota

  • Hottest month – March (15 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – December (6°C avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 59.1(per year)

2. Cartagena

Cartagena, places to visit in colombia
Cartagena: City of Colonial Houses

Cartagena – Even the name itself sounds kind of steamy and foreign. Located on the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena is the second oldest city in Colombia and was an important Spanish colonial trading center for centuries. Most importantly, the Spanish colonists stocked their plunder – gold, gold, especially before sending them home to Mother Spain. As a result, the main part of the old city remains a maze of streets adorned with lanes and grand plazas with ancient colonial houses.

Cartagena is one of those cities, where it is best to remove the map for only a few hours and allow yourself to get lost. Since this is a walled city, you can’t go too far … or become too extinct.

We recommend taking a short walk in the Gatsamani neighborhood, outside the Old Town Center. This area originally survived the slaves and the poor class lived, but today it is emphasized in a cool, colorful vibrancy by some magnificent street art.

Best time to visit  Cartagena – From June to August

Climate information about Cartagena

  • Hottest month – June (29 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January (27 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – October (62.4 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – March(13 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 242.9(Per year)

3. Barranquilla

Barranquilla,place to visit in colombia
Barranquilla: Golden Gate Of Colombia

In Barranquilla, the Magdalena River meets the Caribbean Sea. Here any street becomes a party. You do not need to go during the famous carnival to see a spontaneous crowd around a spontaneous crowd for instruments like drums, maracas, and bajra flutes. This place is very joyful and one of the best places to visit Colombia.

Barranquilla is known as the Golden Gate of Columbia. The neighborhood of El Prado, the capital of Atlanta, is reputed for its Republican-era architecture as well as its museums, beaches, and festivals. In the surrounding area, tourists can see creeks, marshes, and other natural attractions.

The most important folk and cultural festival in Colombia is Carnival. It was also declared a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The city really shines during this festival, but it is an ideal place for shopping and a harbor where sailors from all over the world dock their boats and yachts.

Museums, historical squares and lots of music await those who come to Barranquilla. Beaches and natural parks are also found for relaxation in and around this Caribbean city.

Best time to visit Barranquilla –  Late December to mid-March

Climate information about Barranquilla

  • Hottest month – May (33 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(22 °C avg)
  • Annual rainfall -123 mm (per year)

4. Medellin

Medellin: The Gulzar City

Probably one of the most famous places in the history of Colombia. This city is definitely Gulzar. Quiet and full of life with a neighborhood full of great dining places and bars. It is really easy to lead in this city’s party vibe, even without realizing it. Probably one of the best places to visit in Colombia.

Nowadays Cast 13 in Medellin is known for its colorful street art. In the past, it was maligned for very different reasons. For many decades, it was one of the most dangerous areas in the world. First, it was annexed by Colombia’s FARC  and later dominated violent gang wars.

Best time to visit Medellin – Between December to April

Climate information about Medellin

  • Hottest month – May (18 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – December (17 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – May(113.1 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – July(7 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 789.9 mm (per year)

5. Santa Marta

Santa Marta
Santa Marta: Cruise Hub Of Colombia

First, The bald truth – Santa Marta doesn’t hold much charm in itself and the beaches are no more beautiful than those in Cartagena, but Santa Marta serves as a great “jump-jump” point for other places is. It is worth spending a night or two before going on a cruise.

Although not particularly grand or spacious, the old town of Santa Marta is very pleasant at night and the best place for great food. Spend an evening eating al fresco without the noise of cars and motorbikes burdening many other places in Colombia.

Best time to visit Santa Marta – Late December to mid-March

Climate information about Santa Marta

  • Hottest month – April ((32 °C avg)
  • Coldest month -December (32 °C avg)

6. Cali 

Cali ,places to visit in colombia
Cali: The Salsa Capital Of The World

Cali is the third-largest city in Colombia and the Salsa capital of the world. Cali is full of music, small bars, live bands, and street dancing. The city is the perfect time to learn dance salsa, to experience the history of Colombian dance popular in small record stores.

Best time to visit Cali – Early June to late September

Climate information about Cali

  • Hottest month – August(25 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – November (24 °C avg)
  • Wettest month -April (25.9 mm avg)
  • Windiest month -September (8 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 169.7 mm(per year)

7. Salento

Salento: Colourful City

It is one of the best places to visit in Colombia, surrounded by lush green hills and spread over the countryside, it always feels good to take a deep breath of air in the Salento

Despite the fact that the weather was pathetic and the wax palm trees, which are one of the highlights of the trek, were obscured in mist most of the time, the Cocoa Valley hike was one of the most enjoyable days for me in Colombia. As Tarzan plays, you cross the precarious wooden bridge hanging from a string of ropes and reach a curious hummingbird’s hut for hot chocolate filled with water and chopping up very salty things, this hike is the first Was not like.

Best Time to visit Salento  – Mid-June to early September and from late December to mid-January

Climate information about Salento

  • Hottest month – February(26 °C avg)
  • Coldest month -January (14 °C avg)

8. Guatape

Guatape: Most Adventurous City

Guatape is known for its colorful homes and the opportunity to climb La Piedra and one of the best places to visit in Colombia.

Most homes in the center of Guatep are painted in many colors and adorned with bas-reliefs depicting animals, people, and village life. Outside the main church, you can see painted moto-Chivas (tuk-tuk) and their proud owners waiting for passengers. It is hard not to fall in love with this colorful village.

El Penon de Guatape (or simply La Piedra) is a 2-mile bus-ride from Guatape city center and is a journey. You can climb to the top of the reef (600+ steps can bring water) for a gorgeous view of El Penol, overlooking the surface of the country’s largest lakes and one of its many small islands. On a good day, the view is spectacular.

Best time to visit Guatape – Mid-December early March

Climate information about Guatape

  • Hottest month – July (25 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – November(14 °C avg)

9. Popayan

Popayan: The Holy City

A sense of peace encompasses those who walk the streets of Popayan, its beautiful white churches and residences. Founded in 1537 by Sebastian de Belacazar, the capital of Kaka is one of the most important religious centers in Colombia. From this city, which is known for its finest cuisine, you can visit the nearby mountains, valleys, and lakes.

The historical and cultural richness of Popayan is reflected in its buildings, especially during Holy Week when tradition plays an important role. The department is inhabited by the indigenous communities of NASA, Embera, and Gambia, and provides visitors with spas with hot springs.

The city takes great care in organizing its Easter processions – these are the major attractions of Popayan and one of the best places to visit in Colombia. Since the seventeenth century, residents of the city keep their white walls clean to commemorate the event. Visitors enjoy pompous streets on one of the most important religious ceremonies in Colombia.

Best time to visit Popayan – From early June to late September.

Climate information about Popayan

  • Hottest month – February (72.5 °F avg)
  • Coldest month – July(71.8 °F avg)
  • Wettest month – November
  • Annual rainfall – 1709 mm(per year)

10. San Agustin

San Agustin
San Agustin: Historical City

Located ten hours south of Bogota as the World Heritage Site of South America, a small city of 18,000 people with breathtaking scenery, fine music, and home to a major archaeological area in South America.

The pre-Incan civilization already living here is shrouded in mystery, even their real name is still unknown. Archaeologists have uncovered only ten percent of the statues and ruins, and theorize that giant Mayan-like pyramids and other structures lie buried throughout the region. In addition to the marvelous sculptures, the Parke Arcologico has burial chambers and ritual halls and huge petroglyphs are spread throughout the valley.

Best time to visit Agustin – Early June to early October

Climate information about San Agustin

  • Hottest month – February (72.5 °F avg)
  • Coldest month – July(71.8 °F avg)
  • Wettest month – November
  • Annual rainfall – 1709 mm

11. San Gil

San Gil
Quite Charming City: San Gil

It is small town in northern Columbia. it is located in the south of Bakramanga. Bakramanga serves as the primary transportation hub for commuting to San Gil. San Gil is known for its Adventure Sports Capital of Colombia.

There are many things to do in Sai Gil that make you an ideal destination in Colombia. White water rafting and Body Boarding is the top thing to do in San Gil. overall, the town is actually quite charming and one of the best places to visit in Colombia.

Best time to visit San Gil: from mid-June to early September and from early December to late February.

Climate information about San Gil

  • Hottest month – April (14 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(13 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – November
  • Annual rainfall – 345 mm(per year)


So that’s it rundown of the best places to visit in Colombia. Above all the mentioned places are exotic and trendy in the travel market. It is a truly excellent country that everyone should try to visit at least once. There you will be treated to beautiful nature on your journey from tip to tail.

I hope that this quick guide could plant a seed in your mind and get you thinking about taking that flight to Colombia. Trust, Colombia deserves it.

For more travel related information keep watching our blogs.

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