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Best Places to Visit in Mexico to Explore the Beach Town of the World

Mexico, the country of history, culture, authentic food, monuments and of course their world-famous beaches are usually appealing to travelers which made places to visit in Mexico best.

In this article, you will get to know which are the most famous places in Mexico, which you must not escape while you are on your Mexico tour.

Mexico is one of the countries of North American located in the southern part. This country is famous for its food and culture along with its historic buildings, tradition and most importantly, their eye-catching beaches. It’s often said that Mexico is a beach town in the world.

Citizens of Mexico are very humble and helpful. Tourists usually feel attracted to its beaches and beautifully cultural ancient architecture.

Between everything, there are some places which you must not forget to visit while roaming around in Mexico. We will make it easier for you to list the places that you can’t refuse to go to.

Best Beaches in Mexico

If you are looking for the worlds most beautiful beaches in Mexico for relaxing and enjoying time with your loved ones, you should definitely go to these beaches.

1. Puerto Vallarta

one of the beach of Puerto Vallarta ; Best Places To Visit In Mexico
One of the beach of Puerto Vallarta; Best Places To Visit In Mexico

These beaches are famous for its Boardwalk Malecon which is located in the heart of this beach city. You will find many artists on this lane full of palm trees along with many famous and old resorts and hotels.

You can sit beside the sea and enjoy the seaside restaurant. This place has multiple beaches each one is excellent for visitors to visit and enjoy the sea waves of the sea.

2. Cancun

one of the beach of Cancun, famous beach of Mexico; places to visit in mexico
One of the beaches of Cancun, famous beach of Mexico; places to visit in Mexico

This city has many beaches which are famous due to its white sand and prominent blue sea. These beaches are having nearly perfect weather throughout the year. This city is having the most famous downtown bars and restaurants. Take into account that there are many Cancun airport transportation options to move to Riviera Maya.

Playa Delfines beach is famous for its thrashing water. Puerto Morelos is a well-maintained beach with friendly local citizens and a relaxing environment. Puerto Morelos is a famous beach for those who want to play water sports. Playa Tortugas beach is for calmer swimming environment. Playa Forum is a beach where you can experience the nightlife, colorful environment and much more party fun. 

3. Isla Mujeres

one of the beaches of Isla Mujeres, Best Places To Visit In Mexico
One of the beaches of Isla Mujeres, Best Places To Visit In Mexico

Situated near Cancun city and this place is having a unique underwater museum. But many don’t know about this which makes this place unvisited by many but if you are a museum and art lover you must definitely visit this place.

These beaches are having a rocky hill in front of the ocean and away from city disturbance. Though you can’t because water is unswimmable and contain many sharp coastal rocks. They have beautiful lighthouses.

Playa Norte, Playa Tiburon, Playa Lancheros and Playa Indios beaches are famous in this area.

4. Riviera Maya

Tulum beach one of the famous beaches of  Riviera Maya ; places to visit in mexico
Tulum beach one of the famous beaches of Riviera Maya, Best Places To Visit In Mexico

This place is most famous for its beautiful beaches that you can’t move your eye the whole day long sitting idea. Its beautiful resorts and hotels along with both food and your loved one make them like heaven on earth.

It’s sunrise to sunset each moment is mesmerizing. This place is having beaches like Punta Venado is a small adventure beachside park where you can do water motor ride.

Xpu-ha is one of the best beaches in this area with less crowd and you can actually enjoy sea peace.

5. Isla Holbox

beach of Isla Holbox; places to visit in mexico
Beach of Isla Holbox; places to visit in Mexico

Its beaches are mostly famous for their relaxing, bohemian feel. Its most famous whale sharks in the month of June to September made it visited by aqua animal lovers and swim along with them.

You can visit 3 islands and roam around on the beaches with a bicycle.  You can see bioluminescence at night on the sea sorts which makes this place a living paradise to the visitors.

All you need is to sit beside the sea at the time of sunset or sunrise with your favorite cocktails, tacos with your friends, or alone.

6. Puerto Escondido

the south coast of Acapulco are the surfing beaches of Puerto Escondido ; places to visit in mexico
The south coast of Acapulco are the surfing beaches of Puerto Escondido; places to visit in Mexico

Beaches here are the most beautiful of all of the beaches which has been hidden due to lack of popularity. These beaches are having soft waves, so you can learn surf adventure and can enjoy many sports on the beaches.

You can often see a sea turtle on these beaches. Beach is beautiful and has a good arrangement for sitting and relaxing. It is a bit cheaper than other beaches in Mexico. You will enjoy hotels, rented houses, or apartments with great hospitality.

Zicatela (surfing), Principal, Marinero, Manzanillo, Carrizalillo and Bacocho are some of the beaches of Puerto Escondido. Puebla:

Historical Landmarks Of Mexico

This country not only has beaches but is also filled with historic monuments, culture, and traditions with beautiful nature scenarios.

1. Puebla

one such pic of the monuments of Puebla ; places to visit in mexico
One such pic of the monuments of Puebla; places to visit in Mexico

It is the fourth largest city in Mexico. This city has 365 churches which all are the best and most beautiful in their own way. You may get crazy while exploring but can’t get tired from seeing those.

The most famous and one of the top churches is in Santo Domingo which is Santo Domingo de Guzmán and there are many more which you can visit. In this city, you can explore mind-blowing architecture.

2. Palenque

world famous Mesoamerican architecture of Mayan culture in Palenque
The world-famous Mesoamerican architecture of Mayan culture in Palenque

This place is situated in the southern part of Mexico. It is the best historic site in Mexico. It is famous for its Maya city of temples. This place is rich in sculpture and artwork on the walls of temples.

By walking a little bit from there you will see spectacular waterfalls. This place is cheap as it will not cost you a lot of money.

3. Merida

Colonial Facades of Merida ; places to visit in mexico
Colonial Facades of Merida; places to visit in Mexico

This is also called ‘White City. This city is full of different historic monuments and heritage, unique and traditional architecture with many archeological sites.

This place is a simple quiet paradise which beautiful streets. Plaza Mayor is the most popular place for tourists who visit here. You can enjoy their traditional drink ‘Champola or sorbet’.

4. Chichen Itza(Kikulkan Mayan Pyramid)

Kukulcan Mayan Pyramid of Chichen Itza: best place of Mexico
Kukulcan Mayan Pyramid of Chichen Itza; best place in Mexico

This place was a tourist place for centuries. Anomalous heritage is situated here which comes in one of the 7 Wonders of the world ‘The Kikulkan Mayan Pyramid’. This is what you can’t decline to visit and experience seeing. This pyramid is a Mayan temple and the whole city is full of ancient architecture of famous Mayans.

5. Aqua Azul waterfall

beautiful  Aqua Azul waterfall waterfall of Chiapas, Mexico, one of Attractive place of Mexico
Beautiful Aqua Azul waterfall of Chiapas, Mexico, one of the Attractive places in Mexico

Though it was affected by earthquakes still the country was able to restore it. It is one of the famous waterfalls which is visited by many tourists over the years.

The waterfall is spread over acres of area. The fresh blue water falling from multiple different heights and widths made it pleasant and beautiful to see it. Visitors are allowed to swim in this naturally made water pool.

6. Coahuila

Churrigueresque-Baroque Cathedral of Santiago in the state of  Coahuila
Churrigueresque-Baroque Cathedral of Santiago in the state of Coahuila

It is the oldest city in northeastern Mexico. It is surrounded by desert as well as forest. Visitors will be attracted by nature’s ecosystem of this place. Thus the city is full of wildlife, plants, and trees.

It is famous for its major steel producer and as well as most popular for its wine. Even if they have an annual fair of wine and grapes called la Feria de la Uva y el Vino. Tourists who are wine lovers usually come in this season to enjoy different types of wines.

7. Teotihuacan Pyramids

Pyramids of Teotihuacan
Pyramid of Teotihuacan

This place is abundant for centuries and when discovered it is having more than 2000 pyramids along with plazas, temples and priests, and nobles.

For this place, people usually say that it is a place where the gods were created. The main building of Teotihuacan is related to the Avenue of Death.

This place also contains many pyramids namely: a pyramid of the sun, a pyramid of the moon, etc.

Best Cities To Visit in Mexico

cities and towns of Mexico are filled with joy. Their streets and lanes are full of lives and colors. You will enjoy their city life as well as the town’s tradition and culture.

1. Mexico City

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, Popular city of Mexico
Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, Popular city of Mexico

The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. It has no. 8 rankings for the richest city in the world. All the tourist places are located nearby each other thus visitors can go on foot.

This city has the National Museum of Anthropology, Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, Chapultepec Park, and many more places to visit. This city has most of the world’s theme parks.

2. Guadalajara

Cathedral of Guadalajara  in Guadalajara city in Mexico
Cathedral of Guadalajara in Guadalajara city in Mexico

Visitors are usually misled by the fact that Guadalajara city has the same vibes as Mexico City but the truth is this place is totally different from other cities in Mexico. It has much more cool and more relaxing vibes.

Places like Guadalajara Cathedral, Rotunda of the Illustrious Jaliscans, Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Templo Expiatorio, and Plaza Expiatorio and many more where tourists usually visit whenever they visit Guadalajara.

3. San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende, a colorful city with its jolly streets and with yummy food

It is the best city in the world and people prefer to visit there. This city is authentic as well as creative and visitors can explore the city on their feet only.

Their cobblestone streets, Spanish colonial-style architecture, and creative cuisine make is the city more pleasant and visitors tempting. El Jardin (Zocalo), Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, Fabrica La Aurora, and many more unique places are there in this city.

4. Oaxaca City

lane of  Oaxaca City full of local people and tourist, Popular city of Mexico
Lane of Oaxaca City full of local people and tourists, Popular city of Mexico

Oaxaca City is well known for its culture and generous locals. The city is full of yummy foods, vibrant streets, and wonderful ruins.

One of the most ancient museums in the city is Templo de Santo Domingo, which is a must-visit place. You can also check out places like Zocalo, Monte Alban, Oaxaca Cultural Museum, etc.

You can try their famous and popular drink Mezcal. To finish your tour with much more fun and excitement.

5. Taxco and Cuernavaca

 Taxco and Cuernavaca City
Taxco and Cuernavaca City

Cuernavaca is a wonderful city most said as ‘The City of Eternal Spring. In this city, you will experience beautiful eye-catching traditional Mexican jewelry and sculpture things that you will fall for. Then comes Taxco also named as ‘silver city’  and is one of the most elegant towns in Mexico.

This place has hillside views. These two sites are not so far from each other if you want to explore them. The old and ancient vibes of these cities are an attraction point for many historic lovers.

Is it safe to visit Mexico?

After planning to visit Mexico, the first question arises in the mind of any traveler that is whether it is safe to visit Mexico or not. Nowadays the United States provides guidelines about traveling to Mexico. Due to an increase in crimes like kidnapping and violent crimes especially in 6 Mexican states Colima state, Michoacan state, Guerrero state, Tamaulipas state, Sinaloa state, and Zacatecas. So if you are planning to visit Mexico in 2023 then you should avoid the above-mentioned states. Recently, shots were fired at two airplanes, and a dispute between an uber driver and a taxi driver descended into violence. A few of the situations that lead people to steer clear of these Mexican locations include those related to drug trafficking and smuggling. Smokers should be informed that Mexico just passed a law that pertains to them. The smoking prohibition in Mexico prohibits smoking in any public place, and the consequences for breaching the law may be harsher than in Canada.

Apart from that if you plan to travel to other areas of Mexico then you can enjoy your trip with an auspicious nature view. There are numerous historic heritage, museums, art, and artwork with beautiful sea and sea beaches that are full of life and enjoyment but first, consider your safety then adventure. Mexico has a variety of holiday sites that appeal to all types of tourists, from the urban Mexico City to the white dunes of Tulum. You can research for details of each place mentioned above.


So we hope, this article will help you and clear to create your checklist before you go to Mexico. And don’t miss their world-famous Mexican foods and seafood. Mexico has a tremendous bucket full of tradition and culture. We have analyzed the best and most famous places in Mexico which are often liked and are most famous among tourist visit.

Feel free while traveling but be safe too.

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