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Top 11 Places to Visit In Taiwan For Marvelous Eastern Culture

Welcome to Taiwan, a friendly atmosphere with kind heart people. Surely for those who are interested in hardworking, eastern culture and beauty are going to worth for best places to visit in Taiwan.

Taiwan is the most densely populated country in the world, located in the southeastern of China. There are many wonderful places to visit in Taiwan like awesome museums, beautiful old temples, and the best night markets to roam around with an awesome display of outwears.

However, Taiwan is offering a lot to see and visitors won’t really bored while spending most of the time seeing the beautiful sides of Taiwan. Now, together let’s discover the most beautiful places to visit in Taiwan.

The 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Taiwan

1. Taipei

Taipei is one of the famous places among other places to visit in Taiwan. Also, it is the capital of Taiwan. Tourists will find plenty of things to visit and do in Taipei as there are lovely arts and cultural things. Moreover, the tower of Taipei 101 is actually the tallest building in the world.


Taipei has a lot of fantastic restaurants, shops, and bars in the most bustling area that makes tourists have a great time. Likewise, there are many tourist attractions points like the botanical garden, the Taipei Zoo, and the awesome temple of  Hsing Tian Kong.

Furthermore, to look at the cultural heritage of Taiwan, tourists may visit numerous museums, like- national palace museum which represents the rich cultural heritage of Taiwan.

2. Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is the most popular and beautiful place to visit in Taiwan, for locals as well as foreigners.

  Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake

In such a beautiful place there are many hotels and resorts located within the lake shores like, restaurants, bars, cafe shops which provide good facilities to the tourists.

There are plenty of things a visitor can do which definitely makes someone feel good. Sun Moon Lake is offering many outdoor activities from relaxing on a boat while boating, Riding on bikes on hills, and sailing on the lake to astonished by the beauty of the lake and hills.

You may also like to see temples which are indeed very eye-catching. And if you want to have a better view of the lake, try the cable car ride.

3. Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park is an awesome place to visit. Literally, you can have tremendous outdoor activities like river rafting, hike through the canyons, and bathing in the baiting waterfalls.

Taroko National Park; places to visit in Taiwan
Taroko National Park

The best views from Taroko National Park are swallow grotto and the delightful eternal spring shine. Another beautiful place is Liwu River with the surrendered stunning Valleys and mountains.

The best time to visit is the Taroko music festival. During this festival time, you will get good exposure to the culture and traditions of the locals.

4. Tainan

Earlier, Tainan was the capital of imperial Taiwan. Tourists can really have fun in this city, there are many cultural landmarks and interesting sites to visit. However, the most popular part and the heart of Tainan is Anping District. 

Anping District
Anping District

Many old temples scattered around this district as well as Fort Zealandia. A lot of museums are in Anping to present the history and the culture of the city like Chimei, Koxinga Museums.

Visitors should spend some quality time in the markets at night to taste the local cuisines. Plus, you can go to places like Hutoupi Reservoirs, Nanhua, or Taijiang National Park.

5. Lukang

Lukang is the second oldest town famous for the stunning architectures and renowned for its delicious local cuisine.

Tienhou Temple Lukang; places to visit in Taiwan
Tienhou Temple Lukang

Moreover, the great thing is the historic building is intact and visitors are getting the full view of the historic buildings. Amazingly, visitors have around 200 temples to visit among the most popular ones, Longshan and Matzu.

Although visitors try some delicious dishes of the city like ox tongue cakes and oyster pancakes these are the specialties of the region.

6. Alishan National Scenic Area

The Alishan national scenic area is covered around 415 square kilometers with 25 mountains area.

 Alishan National Scenic Area
Alishan National Scenic Area

Exploring valleys, hills, waterfalls, and forests is an amazing feeling. And it creates the stupendous feeling and kicks your laziness out to start the mountain climbing.

However, with such a beautiful view this place is also wild. The forests have many wildlife animals. Another fun you can experience is to drink the amazing tea made by locals. Alishan National Scenic is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit in Taiwan and cannot be forgettable.

7. Kenting National Park

Kenting National park is commonly known as Kenting and the oldest national park in the country located in the south of Taiwan on the Hengchun Peninsula.

Kenting National Park ; places to visit in Taiwan
Kenting National Park

Tourists get a good view of lovely scenery, beaches, and awesome climate with its sandy white beaches and amazing tropical paradise.

The most famous festival in town is “The Spring Scream Festival” an attraction point for music lovers. the other attraction is the Eluanbi a beautiful lighthouse.

8. Kinmen Islands 

Kinmen Island is located between Taiwan and China also called a “park in the sea” as there are many forests, bright flowers, and nature reserve which can be joyful to the tourist.

 Kinmen Islands ; places to visit in Taiwan
Kinmen Islands

Kinmen Island is scattered with a number of beautiful beaches and also tourists can have a view of the beautiful design of old architectures. 

You can’t ignore Kinmen island as one of the best places to visit in Taiwan. Because it’s not that easily available location for everyone to experience a park in the middle of a beautiful island.

9. Wulai

Wulai located in the south of New Taipei City, it is a famous place in Taiwan in hot springs. It is attracting tourists for exploring the rich indigenous culture and surrounding nature.

Wulai hot spring ; places to visit in Taiwan

Wulai is the place where a tourist can enjoy most outdoor activities like- go fishing in the rivers,  forest hiking, Rome around and enjoy the scenery. Local people allow some good facilities to tourists like delicious food, indigenous art, and craft product on sale.

Undoubtedly, any visit to Wulai in the hot spring will make you feel relaxed in warm water while enjoying the views.

10. Kaohsiung 

Kaohsiung is a place that holds something for everyone to enjoy and it becomes a favorite tourist spot for foreigners and locals.

Kaohsiung ; places to visit in Taiwan

It is the third most populous city full of enthusiasm with a wide mixture of cultures, communities.

11. National Palace Meuseum

The many thousands of items on display were rescued by Chiang Kai-Shek’s government as they fled mainland China during the cultural revolution. Home to one of the largest collections of Chinese imperial artifacts, the National Palace Museum offers a look into imperial China’s past.

National Palace Museum

there are a lot of outdoor activities and such great weather all year like cycling and hiking which take tourists to the most beautiful viewpoints. It has so many historical sites and museums for those who are history lovers.


Taiwan is indeed a very beautiful country for those who want to have some quality time exploring eastern culture and beauty. The best places to visit in Taiwan for sure are numerous but we tried to cover some places in the blog. Hope it was helpful enough to start your journey.

We hope you get to know lots of things and facts on the topic of Taiwan is known for. As we discussed many things about it from its constitutional history to its recent fair.

If you like this article then please share it with your friends who are planning to travel to Taiwan. This article will definitely help them in exploring more things about Taiwan.

So I hope this blog and information will help you to organize your trip and enjoy it without any stressful situation. Thank you for reading this and please share your experience with us.

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