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Tourist Places To Visit In Turkey To Discover Its Heritage

Turkey is world-famous for its geographical location in the world as it covers eastern Europe and western Asia, giving this country a full filled diverse culture of Asia and Europe, even with some flavour of Greek, Persian, Roman traditions over its cities.

In this beautiful country, there are numbers of places to visit in Turkey which are often represented as the most amazing attractions in the world. Not for its tourism but Turkey is a native of many famous foods also.

The intermingling of various cultures has left a definite mark on Turkey. There are glorious historic places and archaeological monuments to wonder. Not only this, the country is the origin of a well-known personality, a favourite of all children, Santa Clause.

Below mentioned places add a huge contribution to Turkey tourism. Let’s start exploring Turkish places to visit in the best way.

Best Cities in Turkey

1. Cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon Ride At Cappadocia
Hot Air Balloon Ride At Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the most popular tourist places in Turkey. This beautiful megalopolitan is a place in Central Anatolia, so the best way to explore its myriad of amazing sights is to drive from one to the other.

This place is also known for its otherworldly rock formations, amazing cave, some of the famous churches, and underground cities, the town really does have a lot for you to see and do over this places to visit in Turkey.

The laidback town of Urgup makes for a good base, and you can stay in a cave hotel embedded in the side of a mountain. The scenery surrounding the town is delightful, and from here, you can book to go on an unforgettable hot air balloon ride over the breathtaking lunar landscapes.

Other than seeing the fairy chimneys, cave churches, and enjoying a hot air balloon ride, the other thing to do in Cappadocia is to visit one of its astounding underground cities. Found at a number of locations throughout the region, these cities hewn into the rock are incredible to explore.

Climate information of Cappadocia

  • Hottest month – August (22 ℃)
  • Coldest month – January (0 ℃)
  • Wettest month – May (28.0 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – March(9 km/h)
  • Annual rainfall – 158.5 mm (per year)

2. Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul: Historic Heritage

Istanbul is a very beautiful city with amazing nightlife. Nights at Istanbul is world-famous due to its cozy nature. Once serving as the capital of the Byzantine Empires and the Ottoman, Istanbul today is the largest city in Turkey and it is 19th the largest city in the world.

The only city in the world that straddles two continents Asia and Europe, is full of colours, verve, and contradiction reserve and cosmopolitan a silent clash of tradition and modern and yes, where East does West.

Istanbul is the modern version of Constantinople, everywhere you go, you are likely to find archaeological remnants and history. This city is full of Historic Places. From the Basilica Cistern to the world wonder Hagia Sofia, Istanbul itself is flush with history lessons. So, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey.

Before visiting anyplace always keep in mind the climate information of the local region, so

Climate information about Istanbul

  • Hottest month – August (26 ℃)
  • Coldest month – January (5 ℃)
  • Wettest month – December (43.1 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – August (18 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 239.1 mm (per year)

3. Ephesus

Ephesus, Turkey
Impressive Marble-Columned Temples

If you are a lover of history then Ephesus must make an entry in your places to visit in Turkey travel list. It is located about one hour away from Izmir, a city in which many of Turkey’s well-liked shows have been set.

Ephesus was once an ancient Greek city and today its ruins are very interesting to visit. The entire area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site which attracts the tourist to visit and get to know the historic tales turning the city to be interesting to explore and know more.

Its must-visit places include the remains of the Temple of Artemis,  the Basilica of St. John, the Temple of Hadrian, and the Ephesus Museum where you will be captivated by the Artemis statute and the Gladiator Room. The Isa Bey Mosque is a main religious centre as is the Meryemana.

Climate information of Ephesus

  • Hottest month – July(26 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(6 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – February(291.1 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – March(10 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 251.5 mm (per year)

4. Ankara

 Beautiful Culture & Architectural City
Beautiful Culture & Architectural City

When you are searching for some best places to visit in turkey. Getting down to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, will offer you a wealth of attractions, enough to keep any tourist busy for at least a week.

Just one of its highlights is the lavish Mausoleum of Ataturk. The extravagant memorial and tomb are very important spots of the city as it was the revolutionary founder and first president of the new Republic, Ataturk, who designated Ankara as the nation’s new capital city.

Wander the streets of the historic Old Quarter, with its narrow, twisting and turning lanes revealing thick fortified walls, old red-roofed Ottoman house, and cluttered shops, and while you are in the area, be sure to visit Ankara Citadel to take in impressive views of the city.

It surrounds Old Ankara which is irresistible to enter and explore. If the chaos of Ankara acquire to be too much, visiting the Ottoman village of Beypazari on its outskirts will offer enjoyable relief.

Climate information of Ankara

  • Hottest month – July(24 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(1 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – December(18.8 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – July(July 10km/h)
  • Annual rainfall – 128.6 mm (per year)

5. Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey  places to visit in turkey
Hot Spring Pool At Pamukkale

Pamukkale is located in the west of Turkey surrounded by numbers of towns that contain hundreds of Greek ruins and ancient Roman. Pamukkale is a breathtaking place to spend a day relaxing in the thermal mineral pools.

The urban towns creating megalopolitan is known for its relaxing and beautiful nature with its mineral-rich thermal waters flowing over the several terraced travertine pools. It is known in Turkish as “Cotton Candy” due to its several white pools, and from the top gives off a fluffy look.

The city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its naturally created pools and beautiful sight. Adventuring to this location is well worth it due to its close proximity to an ancient Roman town called Hierapolis.

The ruins of Hierapolis date back to 190 BC and a theatre, necropolis, and sarcophagus can be viewed which are incredibly well preserved till now, within the vicinity of the city. Unlike any other place on turkey, Pamukkale is definitely one of the best places to visit in Turkey for sure.

Climate information of Pamukkale

  • Hottest month – August(29 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(7 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – January(101.3mm avg)
  • Windiest month – July(5 km/h)
  • Annual rainfall – 577.4 mm (per year)

6. Antalya

Antalya, Turkey
Antalya: colourful City

It will be a little surprising for you to accept that this coastal destination, Antaya is settled in one corner of historic country like Turkey. Thus becoming the best places to visit in Turkey.

Antalya is best known as being the Turkish Riviera and also the most incredible part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline.

It is a blend of thriving modern city and ancient history on your boutique hotels, doorstep, and restored Ottoman mansions. Heading up into the mountains, you can make the most of the attractive scenery by visiting the spectacular Duden or Kursunlu waterfalls.

Apart from the tourist places to visit, you will get to have a party like night. As the city is flooded with bars, restaurants, discos, which will make your night colourful and vibrant to enjoy.

Climate information about Antalya

  • Hottest month – August(29 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(10 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – December(87.9 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – February(13 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 289.3 mm (per year)

7. Bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey places to visit in turkey
Bodrum: The Amazing Coastline With Beautiful Beaches

Looking for the seaside city in Turkey to have a beach trip? Yes, here it is in Bodrum, where you will get wonderful beach sits by the Aegean Sea and offers a joy Mediterranean vibe to visitors.

The star of the Turkish Riviera, Bodrum, is a famous getaway for a beautiful beach, which will definitely make you fall in love with this place. Its enviable location makes many tourists throng the numerous cafes, luxury hotels, and restaurants, that line its azure coastline every summer.

You could watch Bodrum Castle, the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, the ancient and  Bodrum Theatre. You could also watch Myndos Gate or simply recline on the beach and hope to run into him.

Climate information about Bodrum

  • Hottest month –  August(30 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(12 °C avg)
  • Wettest month –  December(138.6 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – March(10 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall  – 627.3 mm(per year)

8. Goreme

Goreme, Turkey places to visit in turkey
Goreme: Natural Unique Landscape

How could you don’t know Goreme, its a famous site of Cappadocia, situated in central Turkey? Beautiful places like this a heaven on earth with gorgeous valleys, make it more speechless at the time of sunset.

Goreme is the way to the Goreme National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 10th- and 11th- century cave famous churches.

Apart from being a popular place to go among backpackers, the park is also a great zone to sample traditional Turkish cuisine and wine.

The Goreme Valley Open Air Museum is one of the best visitor places to see the spectacular fairy chimneys dotted about the countryside. The fantastic site also has plenty of delightful cave churches for you to check out these best places to visit in Turkey.

As well as being very impressive from an architectural point of view, the churches are home to lots of frescoes that date all the way back to the 10th Century BC.

The town of Goreme has lots of shops, bars, and restaurants, and the surrounding countryside is excellent for hiking or mountain biking. Due to this like a paradise on Earth for all history and architecture lovers.

Climate information of Goreme

  • Hottest month – August (22 ℃)
  • Coldest month – January (0 ℃)
  • Wettest month – May (28.0 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – March(9 km/h)
  • Annual rainfall – 158.5 mm (per year)

9. Alanya

Alanya, Turkey  , places to visit in turkey
Alanya: View From The Rocky Peninsula

Due to the sun, sand, and sea, Alanya seems paradise of turkey. If you want more of the cultural vibrancy of Turkey, Alanya is a beautiful place to begin.

It works also as a great holiday centre with its pristine sandy beaches, quality fish restaurant sand modern hotels.

The cafes that ring the harbour are well-liked gathering places for visitors and locals, with 3 blue flag beaches and many sights, including Damlatas Cave, the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, and the Dim Cayi Valley.

This seaside tourist destination is best and prefered by many tourists who love to explore at the site of beaches, with the waves of the sea and at evening sit silent, looking over the alluring sunset. At last making it one of the best places to visit in Turkey.

Climate information about Alanya

  • Hottest month – July(24 °C avg)
  • Coldest month –  January(1°C avg)
  • Wettest month –  May(17.8 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – July(17 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 108.0 mm (per year)

10. Bursa

Bursa, Turkey places to visit in turkey
Bursa: Home of Stunning Imperial Mosques

Bursa is the capital of the Ottoman state. Due to its number of parks and gorgeous mountains, tourists visiting here usually find this place beautiful and attractive, listing up in some of the must places to visit in Turkey.

In winters, it is major desirability for skiers because of the ski resort of Mount Uludag that overlooks it. And in summers, the mountain provides respite from the hot and wonderful mountain vistas.

Take the Telerik to go up to the top. Cumalikizik, with its quaint cobblestone streets, is a conserve Ottoman village just outside the city centre that provides a peek into the traditional Turkish way of life, head here for its huge village breakfast spreads.

Buy souvenirs like ebru painting, filmography, ceramics and tiles, calligraphy, metal art, and Ottoman-period antiques at the Kayhan Bazaar. Also, do not miss the natural thermal spas and hammams. Unlike any other place on earth, Bursa is surely one of the best places to visit Turkey

Climate information about Bursa

  • Hottest month –  August(26 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(6 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – December(89.7 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – July()(9 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 661.3 mm (per year)

11. Konya

Mosques in Konya, places to visit in turkey
Mosques in Konya

It is the capital of Konya Province. It is an economically and industrially developed city. Konya is the seventh most populous city in Turkey. A lot of things to do and visit in Konya. A number of good hotels and transport easily available in this area.

Mewlana Museum is the populated sites in Konya, most people mainly come to visit this museum. Seljuk architecture and numerous mosques are outstanding in this area.

In fact, Konya is an interesting place, with its historic buildings and savoury slow-roasted mutton. overall, it worth to visit Konya and one of the best places to visit in turkey.

Climate information about Konya

  • Hottest month – August(31 °C avg)
  • Coldest month – January(13 °C avg)
  • Wettest month – January(174.9 mm avg)
  • Windiest month – July(6 km/h avg)
  • Annual rainfall – 857.6 mm (per year)


So that’s it rundown of the best places to visit in Turkey. All the above places mentioned are exotic and all-time trendy. It is a truly beautiful country that everyone should try to visit at least once.

Destinations with beautiful valleys, caved homestays, wonderful historic ruins, old cities telling ancient tales along with the lanes and buildings. Apart from this, you will even get to make your heart happy by travelling the regions of Cappadocia and many more.

We hope that this quick guide could help you make your mind and get you to take flights to turkey soon. Trust us, it’s deserving to visit these best places to visit in turkey.

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