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Top 7 Reasons to Travel to the UK Once

Even though England is a small country – it has a lot to offer. If you are creating a bucket list of the countries you want to travel to this year, don’t forget to include England, as it has a lot of character, including award-winning beaches, awesome people, and mesmerizing countryside.

If you are still in doubt – here are seven reasons why you should travel to the UK:

1. Mesmerizing Lakes

When it comes to unparalleled beauty, trust us when we tell you that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the Lake District – a National Park situated in the North West of the United Kingdom. The lakes in this part of the country are surrounded by rugged mountains and hilltops – something so cinematic that you will feel like being swept off your feet by the dramatic vibes of the region.

As a precaution – skip the sandals and get into your walking boots when visiting this part of the country.

2. Peaceful Countryside

Did you know that England is also called the country of the green meadows or the pleasant green land? There are certain regions in the country that you simply won’t be able to take your eyes off due to their vibrant, lush green hills that seem to spread everywhere – as far as your eyes can see. There is a lot to discover and explore when it comes to England’s peaceful yet mesmerizing countryside.

3. Grandiose History Everywhere

When it comes to England – people cannot help but think immediately of great legends, such as Shakespeare and castles, wars, and history altogether – not to mention the Queen, who is a living monument of the great history of England.

England’s history is immensely popular, and once you start exploring its ancient castles and ruins, you will feel as if you have time-traveled into the past. Suppose you are a fan of ancient history and want to visit some of England’s best historical sites. In that case, we recommend that you explore the Victorian village – located at Saltire and the amazing pre-historic Stonehenge that you cannot miss.

3. Fun Party Life

You will NEVER get tired of walking around in the UK and bumping into a party. This country sure knows how to party, and they will make sure that you become a part of their celebration. Traveling to the UK, you should be prepared for vibrant street parties and music festivals – not to mention the colorful carnival of Notting Hill.

4. The Hub of Art Lovers

England is worldwide popular as the hub of art lovers. In other words, if you are somewhat of a culture vulture, you will start seeing England as the hub of art – the ultimate destination where art of all kinds can be explored and participated in. You will find the art of different categories, such as Modern art, contemporary art, and classic work by the legends.

 For contemporary art, you might want to visit Tate Modern – don’t forget to take your camera with you to take amazing clicks of the displayed art craft. Besides, walking down different streets in the UK, you will find the country hosting some of the coolest graffiti and street art that you have ever explored, including the outdoor sculptures of Henry Moore. It is impossible to travel to the UK and not visit the wax museum.

5. Simply Awesome People

Let us talk about the people of the UK – you will find people of different cultural backgrounds in the UK. They are friendly and fun-loving. You won’t feel like a stranger in this country. While England hosts a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, religions, and social classes, it might be hard to find friendlier, more fun, and all-inclusive people like the people of Britain.

Besides, England is a great country of opportunities for people who are looking to migrate to England for education, work, and better life, which is why many people opt for international removals USA to the UK. The British are well-known for their wicked sense of humor and being incredibly polite – you are more likely to be thrown off balance by their level of courtesy and politeness.

6. Amazing Fish n Chips

It doesn’t matter where you are from – you might have heard about the famous British fish and chips. England owns some of the best restaurants – and if you are traveling to the UK, you simply cannot miss out on trying their signature food, including the English breakfast and the popular fish and chips. The British are also extremely fond of tea – and you will find an insane variety of tea served in this part of the world.

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