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Things To Do In the Cayman Islands To Dive In Blue Paradise

The United Kingdom’s territory in the Caribbean, The British Cayman Islands is a hot spot for the tourists who just came here to admire the beauty of its shoreline and beaches filled with crystal clear water and white sands. So, for the tourist, there are many things to do in Cayman Island.

A jewel in the Caribbean and a mecca for the Scuba-Diving, the Cayman Islands continue to attract a lot of visitors to explore the top places and things to do here.

The cayman islands are made up of three beautiful Caribbean islets that are Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Another reason for the island’s magnetic impression is its scenic spots overlooking the diving scenes of the water along with the comfort of your seaside satisfaction. So here we will discuss the things to do in Cayman Island.

What to include in the Cayman Island tour?

1. Cayman’s attractions

Cayman has many things to explore as the island has numerous attractions. Below are some of the destinations to do many things:

i. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beach

Undoubtedly, the best Caribbean beach, The Seven Mile Beach on the western part of the Grand Cayman famed for its gorgeous white sandy beach and turquoise waters is the no.1 beach spot among the diving junkies. Not exactly in the seven miles while measuring but a milestone for the tourist’s activity in the Cayman’s paved the way for this beautiful beach identity.

ii. Cayman Islands National Museum

Cayman Island National Museum
Cayman Island National Museum

A museum in Georgetown (Cayman Islands), Cayman Islands National Museum is a top spot for tourists to observe the natural and cultural heritage of the Islands. A perfect place to know about the Island’s historic facts.     

Cayman Islands National Gallery
Cayman Islands National Gallery

“The National Gallery of Cayman Islands” is a traditional crafts museum where you can witness some of the fine artworks by the locals. In the museum, you can also see the exhibits, lectures, and events to know more about the Island’s unique culture.

iv. Cayman Turtle Centre

Cayman Turtle Centre, a tourist attraction
Cayman Turtle Centre

Located in the West Bay district, Cayman Turtle Centre attracts a lot of animal lovers and enthusiasts to play with and feed the turtles to experience a unique bond with these great species of Cayman’s waters. 

v. Starfish Point

Starfish Point in Cayman beach
Starfish Point in Cayman beach

The Starfish point is a beach spot and a center point for the tourist to see an abundant amount of Starfish. Here the visitors not only see these amazing creatures which are quite often but also grab them on hand if lucky. 

vi. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, One of the best places to visit in Cayman Islands
Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

A hunting park for nature lovers, the park is where you can feel the true natural beauty of the Cayman Islands. Located in Grand Cayman, the garden is famous for spotting the wild Iguana lizard. 

vii. Cayman Crystal Caves

Beautiful Cayman Crystal Caves
Beautiful Cayman Crystal Caves

In the Old man bay, Cayman Crystal Caves can amaze you with the stunning view of underground caves. A spectacular natural attraction with a blend of forestry tours is just fantastic to experience.  

viii. Stingray City

Stingray City in Grand Cayman
Stingray City

Stringray city is actually a series of Shallow sandbars that are found in the northern part of Grand Cayman. Just visit the amazing sea creatures around here to play within the most friendly environment. 

ix. Observation tower

Observation tower
Observation tower

A tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands, The observation tower is the reason for visitors to admire the most panoramic view of the Grand Cayman. The 75 feet high structure consists of double-helix staircases, benches, and elevators for the ease the tourists to go on top and down. 

x. Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial reef

USS Kittiwake wreck in Cayman Waters
USS Kittiwake wreck

A popular attraction among tourists in the West Bay, Kittiwake shipwreck is the ruins of the former American Submarine rescue vessel which was sunk in the waters of Grand Cayman. Now an artificial reef above the ship is the major point of interest for a variety of creatures underwater. 

xi. Bloody Bay Marine Park

Underwater fishes in Bloody Bay Marine Park
Underwater fishes in Bloody Bay Marine Park

A big attraction in the little Cayman, Bloody Bay Marine Park is what draws a lot of scuba divers or freshers to try the knot in the beautiful waters. With the Bloody Bay wall in the form of stunning underwater flora and fauna, magnificent creatures, and reefs, it is just an excellent experience for the tourists. 

xii. Pedro St. James National Historic Site

Pedro St. James restored Structure
Pedro St. James restored the Structure

The oldest building still exists in the Cayman Islands, the historic St, James church in the Southern Grand Cayman is now a restored structure to welcome the visitors that admire the great architectural example. The Site also provides exceptional tourist services like a visitor’s center, a 3-D movie theatre, etc;    

xiii. Cayman Brac’s Bluffs and Caves

The amazing Cayman Bracs rock formation
Cayman Brac rocks

In the easternmost part of the Cayman islands lies the limestone paradise of the Caribbean. Truly a heaven for tourists to see the amazing cliff popularly known as the bluff. The bluff is actually a series of limestone caves and rock formations that create a natural wonder.  

2. Cayman’s Water Adventure

A huge amount of adventurous things to do on Cayman Island which will make you engaged in collecting entertainment one after the other. Below are some water sports activities or things to do when you are around the beach in Cayman:

i. Paddle-boarding

Paddle-boarding on the waters

A popular activity in the famous Seven Mile Beach is to board in the waters of Cayman with paddle surfing also known as Paddle Boarding. An easy-to-learn activity to enjoy the beautiful shoreline of Cayman comes with a free delivery and drop facility.

You can choose between the height-adjustable paddle and life jackets to feel the complete comfort while Paddle-boarding. 

ii. Scuba diving

Scuba diving
Scuba Diving

For a diving enthusiast, his/her water adventure in the Cayman Islands is incomplete unless to goes for the hilarious scuba diving. Just feel the amazing underwater wonders and coral reefs of the great Grand Cayman with the world-class diving environment to go for your unique experience.   

iii. Snorkeling


To feel the Bioluminescence experience in the Waterworld of Grand Cayman, Snorkeling is perhaps the ideal way to do so. Just Snorkel to see the amazing marine life and coral reefs in the warm and crystal clear waters of the Island. To begin your journey on snorkeling, read more on Snorkel around the world.

iv. Kayak tour


Opting for a Kayak tour to amazing outbacks of the Cayman Islands can unlock a lot of mystery places for you. Just check out the Rum Point Club to start your Kayak experience that can threshold your water adventure to the next level.  

v. Private charter boat

Private yacht
Private Yacht

The luxurious private charters will take you on the ultimate journey of the farther experience of the Cayman Islands. A fun-filled adventure on the floor of the Caribbean sea has a guaranteed enjoyment for the tourists when they see the most scenic views of the Caymans on board. 

vi. Parasailing

Adventurous Parasailing

A breathtaking adventure of the Grand Cayman waters is what can be observed by sailing to its high seas. You can find Parasailing tours on your vacation that can let you fully enjoy your adventurous flying over the ocean. There are different pricing on Parasailing for single and double persons. 

vii. Kitesurfing


A thrill-seeking adventure is what can await you on the waters of West Bay, Cayman Islands if you go for the amazing kite-surfing. An activity that makes you feel swims on the water is above par the foremost choice for the water adventurers.

There are also kitesurfing schools, that can guide you to surf on the Cayman waters. Just check the weather conditions before going on. 

viii. Submarine tour

Atlantis Submarine
Atlantis Submarine

For the tourists who want to go deep in their adventure to make a close bond with the beauty of Cayman island waters that lies beneath, just have a go for the famous Atlantis Submarine tour. A complete water-world adventure beneath the seafloor will leave you Wowed.

ix. Fishing

Deep sea  fishing
Deep-sea fishing

Tourists can enjoy fishing, an unofficial sport in the Cayman Islands. A very popular style of fishing named deep fishing is the usual point of interest among the visitors of the Islands. You can find the local guides and fishing tours to try a better hand at this activity.   

3. Cayman On-land activity log

Apart from water activities, there are many land activities that you can enjoy in the Cayman Islands. Below are some:

i. Horse riding

Horse-back riding
Horse-back riding

On the Grand Cayman Islands and beaches, tourists can experience a different taste of their vacation by opting for adventurous Horse-riding. Just view the scenic beauty of the West Bay beaches on the Horseback. The guided tours can let you explore the land surrounding the shorelines.   

ii. Bike renting

Biking tour
Biking tour

Another popular activity on the Cayman Islands is to go paddling around the scenic beaches, amazing highlands, and greenery to feel the natural beauty of the lands.

An easy option among the tourists is to go for bike renting. You can find a lot of bicycle-renting services such as West Loop Bay Tour for the purpose. 

iii. Playing golf

Playing golf in golf course in Cayman
Playing golf on the golf course in Cayman

If you fill up with all the natural activities just try your hands on the golf stick on the Grand Cayman. The only Golf Course club in this Caribbean water paradise, the North Sound Club is worth trying for any sports lover to enjoy some of the scenic moments while hitting the ball to the distance. 

iv. Mastic Trail

Mastic Trail, a must in Cayman Islands
Mastic Trail, Cayman Islands

Well on the tour of the Cayman Islands, your amazement can’t be limited to the water attractions if you opt for Mastic Trails that can lead you to the hiking in the unique wildlife of Grand Cayman islands. Witness the old and lush greenery of the Island with the Mastic Trail that is sure can unlock more of the island’s mysteries. 

5. Chopper ride

Cayman's Chopper ride
Cayman’s Chopper ride

Cayman Helicopters is the perfect choice for tourists to enjoy the scenic sky above the blues. To see the paradise from above right in the comfort of the chopper seat with the beautiful views is what the visitors most admire. Just check in the Grand Cayman helicopter tour for your ultimate adventure.

4. Food and other stuff

Besides everything, if you ask us what to do in Cayman? I will suggest you visit some of the famous restaurants, clubs or bars of the town to explore the traditional delicious food and drink of the island.

i. Camana Bay food

Tasty food of Cayman
The tasty food of Cayman

In Camana Bay, you can find many dishes with local ingredients in most of the restaurants. The restaurants will take you on the ultimate flavor tour that includes Coconut Shrimp, Conch Stew, Turtle Stew, Fish Rundown, Fruit Cake, Heavy Cake, Mudslide, Fritters, and many more. 

ii. Shopping

Camana bay food street
A scenic Camana Bay street

Just sneaks your time to buy some unique, fresh, and local products from the Cayman Islands. Various shopping complexes and shops in the town of Camana Bay can invite you to buy items like perfume, luxury cosmetics, watches, Crystals, etc.

You can also find seaside shops to buy fresh groceries. If not in the mood of buying, you can simply enjoy yourself by roaming around the magnificent and iconic Market street.

iii. Caribbean culinary concepts

Caribbean culinary concepts in Cayman Islands
Caribbean culinary concepts in the Cayman Islands

Go for a unique of its own tour in the Cayman Islands with the blend of local food and culture in the popular culinary concepts. A tour for the food enthusiasts who wants a different taste of the Islands and at the same time to know the rich cultural heritage of the land. Just hold the bar with the locals in this exceptional concept of visiting the place.

iv. Coccoloba Bar and Grill

Coccoloba Bar and Grill
Coccoloba Bar and Grill

A scenic beachfront bar and cafe point in the Grand Cayman, Coccoloba Bar and Grill is what you can ready for your fresh meal while sneaking out from the beach waters. A Mexican restaurant in Seven Mile Beach will snack you with local fresh ingredients.

v. Cayman ferry

fun ride of Cayman ferry
fun ride on the Cayman ferry

Cayman ferry is the most looked after by the tourists in the Cayman Islands. A waterfront restaurant experience above the water is like a dream-coming feeling for any visitor. A top-notch ferry service, Cayman ferry will take you on an amazing adventure on the Cayman sea that finishes at the scenic Kaibo and Rum Point beach spots. The luxurious Rum point restaurant is also not far from these. 

vi. Ave restaurant

Famous restaurant of Cayman, Ave restaurant
Famous restaurant of Cayman, Ave restaurant

For the food junkies, another place in the Caymans is to attend to yourself and sit back in the famous Ave restaurant. Located at Seven Mile Beach, the restaurant is the most preferred choice for the tourists in the area. Its fresh and mouth-watering dishes are what make the visitors stop by it after having a splash in the waters.    


Is Cayman Island a part of the USA or the British?

Cayman Island became independent in 1959 and is now a self-governing British Overseas Territory. Earlier there is administered as a dependency of Jamaica. The constitution that governs the island came into the effect in 1972 and late in 1984 there are some amendments are taken.

Can I visit as a tourist and Is it safe for travelling to Cayman Island?

Yes, Cayman Island is the safest tourist destination. Here any tourist can roam freely without any fear. In addition to sightseeing, beaches and many adventurous activities security is the additional reason Cayman which attract tourist so every year here more than 2 million tourists came here to visit and enjoy their vacation.

What language is generally spoken in Cayman Island?

English is the official language that is spoken as well as the authorized written language. Basically, English is the globally most preferred language so the tourist who comes here for a vacation can easily make the conversation with the officials and the locals.

Which currency is acceptable on Cayman Island?

Cayman Island has its own currency which is the Cayman Island Dollar which is acceptable to the locals of Cayman. Here you can find many exchange offices or agent offices nearby the market and the one Cayman dollar is equal to the 1.20 United States dollars.

Can I fly to Cayman Island?

Yes, any tourist who wants to enjoy their vacation can fly to the Airport of Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) which is the main hub located in the capital city of Cayman Island which is George Town. Officials of the airport decided to reopen in early 2022 for fully vaccinated tourists with the certificate authorized by the government of the respective countries to which tourists belong.


Visting the British Cayman islands is like ventures out to the royal experience in the Caribbean waters. The tourists here will feel once-in-a-lifetime moments during their vacant stay in this blue heaven. With a lot of tourist services and more coming as a result of the economic boom in the Islands, your thirst for the ultimate Waterworld adventure seems never-ending.  

So, if you also finish your journey of finding the Top places and things to do in the beautiful Cayman Islands by reading this article, surely you can make a plan for your physical one.

Thanks for your time!

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