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Best Places And Things To Do In Ojai California

Ojai is a small town in California that is 15 miles away from the Pacific coast. Despite its small size, Ojai has lots of places where Visitors can visit and enjoy their whole day. Here it is many things to do for visitors as they can go to the museums and art galleries to explore their knowledge and visit the Los Padres national forest. Ojai is a beautiful town surrounded by citrus groves and vineyards. It is an ideal destination with breathtaking views, horse riding in the lap of nature, and the local cuisine which is delicious and mouth-watering. Many tourists are not aware of the beauty and the cultural values of this place which also offers lavender festivals, a thirst for knowledge along with scenic beauty. So, if you are planning to visit In California and explore Ojai town then here we list some of the best places and things to do in Ojai where you can enjoy your whole day with your friend and your family.

Top Attractions & Things To Do In Ojai

This city is located in Ventura County  California which is just 134 km away from Los Angeles and is covered by the beauty of the Californian mountains and several water bodies. Here you can get a lifetime experience with peace of mind.

Ojai Valley Museum

Apart from the Californian culture, Ojai has its own history and vast culture which is preserved in the Ojai Valley Museum. Visitors can go to this museum to get knowledge of historical events and their cultural values. Many guided and educational tours are organized by local travel agencies to make you informative. Here visitors can get a close look at the different species of birds and animals, art gallery also attracts visitors by showcasing the work of the local artists. This museum is open all day except Monday. Visitors can visit the Museums by paying nominal charges for the ticket.

Bart’s Books

While you are on your trip to enjoy the vacation or a trip holiday then you can visit Bart’s Books. There is a huge collection of books to explore by reading. According to the local people, books are the best things to exchange thoughts and get information about history connected to the next generations. As the Los Angeles Times “If you do not find the book anywhere else then go to Bart’s Book you’ll get it here for sure. If you are a casual reader then go there and grab your book and get in your own space.

Ride The Ojai Valley Bike Trail

If you are looking for enjoying the views of the mountains on wheels then you have to do biking trails. The 9-mile Ojai Valley Bike Trail follows Highway 33 from West Ventura’s outskirts to Fox Street in Ojai. Bicyclists, walkers, joggers, and those with dogs are all welcome on the paved trail. This track is ideal if you want to spend a few hours riding a bike in the great outdoors. 

Hike At The Valley View Preserve

If you want to go outdoors then you can go to Valley View preserve near downtown Ojai. If you bike the trails of Ojai you have a chance to go through the scenic beauty of the Ojai hills and surroundings of the county. There are many sightseeing views between the trails which will be admirable to you the most and make you pause for sightseeing. Enjoy the sound of the wind with the birds chirping and the fresh air around you make you amazed and have peace of mind in the lap of nature.

Taste The Local Wines In Casa Barranca

This is a Local and certified organic winery, they only allow the proper organic farming for producing the vines. They also got many awards for their special vines which are incomparable. The organic nature of the Casa Barranca also gives them national recognition. This winery has a tasting room so before you purchase you can try their sample and then bring your bottle to your home.

Explore the Ojai on Horseback

In Ojai, a local trail riding company offers trail riding on horseback so you can enjoy the valley by riding in between the corrals. They’ll make your visit not by the roadway but through the terrain that makes you feel more adventurous. Here, they are allowed at both timings either it is daytime or at the time sunset. So, if you want to feel nature’s beauty from near proximity then try horseback rides.

Los Padres National Forest

This national forest is the second largest in California. This forest has more than 450 species of animals and more than 1200 species of plants. If someone wants to get knowledge of the flora then it is the best place to visit and explore. A travel guide is available for guiding you about the species of the forest and making you aware of the animal species. If you want to explore this national forest then it is better to go on your foot with a guide who helps you also to get the way in the forest.

Beatrice Wood Center For The Arts

Beatrice Wood center is named after the famous New York artist who is also a potter. It was to built to celebrate her works and showcase the arts to the upcoming artist. This center is open to the public from Friday to Sunday. Here is a small gift shop where you can buy a unique piece of artwork inspired by Beatrice wood. Beatrice wood center also hosts different workshops and classes for the grooming artist to make them educated on the different approaches to the arts.

Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market

This market is open every Sunday morning where local farmers and producers and vendors sell their organic and fresh vegetables as well as homemade items. For the entertainment of the visitors, this market hosts live music performances. Here visitors also looking for organic honey and the beeswax product. Farmers sell fresh flowers and plants as well as fresh sea foods providing you with delicious food on their local streets.

In the End

If you visit California then it is highly recommended that go to the Ojai valley and spend at least a day. This town surely does not let you down with its several attractions with scenic walks, hiking, bike rides, historical buildings which are surrounded by Spanish architecture, museums, and many more. You can explore their diverse community and culture. So, make a plan for Ojai for your next trip.

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