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How Big Does a Family Camping Tent Really Need to Be?

Camping with family is always enjoyable and helps to spend a good moment together. But camping alone is completely different from camping with a family. You will need more equipment to bring to the campsite when camping with a family.

One such piece of equipment is a tent that perplexes most campers about its size. Campers, especially those who want to camp with a family, are always confused about how big a family tent needs to be.

Typically, it completely depends on the members you like camping with. For example, if you have a family of 4 members, you will need at least a 6-person tent. In contrast, a family of 5 members will likely require an 8-person tent, while six members need a 10-person tent.

To know more information & tips for choosing a family camping tent, keep reading the entire context.

Why Tent Size Is Important While Camping With A Family?

A tent is one of the most important instruments you will need when you’re going to a camp, especially with a family. In general, camping is usually planned in an alone place where you may not get any shelter to take rest or store your gear.

So, if you come to a camp with a family, you will need sufficient shelter for both campers and gear. Additionally, if your family has any children, setting up a shelter is much more important.

However, just having a tent is not enough to ensure shelter for all your family members. You will need a big enough tent so that all members get proper shelter in the camping area. In that case, having a tent according to your family members will help you to ensure shelter for all campers.

Apart from family members, you also need to consider the instruments you come to within the camping area. This is because a sudden rain can ruin your camping enjoyment as well as damage your gear and instrument.

For example, if you’re camping with your family of 6 members with a small tent, a sudden rain can easily wet almost all the members, causing ruin the trip. In that case, having a waterproof 10-person tent will help all of your family members be protected from rain. For that, it is better to have a tent big enough based on your family members.

How Much Space Does a Family Tent Actually Need?

How big a family tent you will need totally rely on how many individuals are going on camping. Below, we have talked about different sizes of tents according to the person. This will assist you to get an overall idea of how big a family tent you need for your trip.

Family camping tent size

Four-Person Tent

Four-person tents have an average ground space of 60 to 70 square feet. This area is ideal for two or three adult people with their gear. For that, this type of tent is considered the smallest size of the family tent.

A four-person tent will be the best choice if you have a family with three adult members and a small child or dog.

Five-Person Tent

A five-person tent has a spacious bed space of 75 to 80 square feet. Apart from the floor area, these tents usually become 6 to 7 feet tall with a head height.

For that, any tall enough adult can easily stand inside the tent. Five-person tents are actually suitable for four-person but can be too intimate for five people.

Six-Person Tent

Six-person tents are common size tents chosen by most families for their trips. The floor area of this tent is around 90 to 100 square feet, sufficient for four adults and their gear.

Even two adults and two children can easily fit in a six-person tent. However, it can be difficult to fit anything beyond that into this tent.

Eight-Person Tent

Eight-person size tents are considered king-size tents which offer a bed space of around 120 to 130 square feet. Within this area, six people with their gear can comfortably fit.

If you have a family of around 6 members, an eight-person tent will be a good choice. This tent requires finding a spot that can easily be used to set up such a big tent.

Ten-Person Tent

Ten-person tents are the largest size of tent for camping due to the spacious bed area of 150 to 180 square feet. Some ten-person tents are designed with separate rooms where four adults and their gear will easily fit.

Besides, if the tent is designed with a single room, six adults and their gear can easily fit comfortably. Due to the spacious area, a family with 6-7 members comfortably accommodates this tent.

What Things To Consider For Getting The Right Size Family Tent?

Having the right size tent is crucial to ensure your family members have enough space while camping. But most campers can’t select the right size tents, falling into different problems.

For that, here we have talked about some important factors to consider when choosing any family tent.

Camping Members

How many people are going with you on the camping trip is the most important thing to consider when choosing the right size tent. Depending on your family members, you have to choose the tent. In that case, you should select a tent that will ensure all your family members’ shelter.

Floor Space

While choosing a tent, it is crucial to know its sleeping area. In general, some tents look big, but the sleeping area is tiny. For that, it is better to inspect the sleeping area. You will get this detail in the product information segment of the tent.

Tent Capacity and Design

Tents design actually determines how much capacity it provides. Some tents are designed separately with different rooms an adult with a kid can easily sleep in. In contrast, most tents come with a single room where campers can place sleeping bags shoulder to shoulder.

Bringing Gear and Instruments

It is common to come to a camp with all the necessary instruments. Since the camping area may not have any other house or shelter, you will need to use your tent to store your gear and instrument. So, if you come with lots of instruments, you will need a big shelter to store them.

Forecast In the Camping Area

On a sunny day, you can sleep outside using a hammock and keep the different instruments outside. But the circumstances will be different if the rain comes.

In such cases, you and your gear will need shelter to protect from rain. If you don’t have such shelter, your gear can be damaged entering the water and you become wet.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Family Tent

Campers are always confused about tent size, especially camping with a family, which raises different questions in their minds.
That’s why here we have answered some common questions about family tent sizes. Check this section; you may find the answers helpful.

Does an Air Mattress Take Up A Lot of Space In A Tent?

Yes, an air mattress occupies a lot of space in a tent. Although you will get comfort placing an air mattress on your tent, you won’t get enough remaining space to store gear or move around the tent.

Is Too Big Tent Can Be Tempting For A Family Camping?

Yes, too much larger tents can be tempting for a family camping. If you have a tent much larger than depending on your family members, you will face different problems. For example, it might not fit at the campsite, is harder to clean, takes longer to set up, and doesn’t withstand wind well.

What Is the Standard Size Camping Tent?

Typically, 15 square feet of bed space in a tent is considered the standard-size tent. This size tent is ideal for single camping. But for family camping, 60 to 70 square feet of floor space for a tent is considered the standard size.


It isn’t easy to imagine camping with the right size tent, especially when camping with so many people. A tent works as a shelter for campers in the camping area from rain and sunny weather. So, having the right size tent for your camping is crucial.

However, you might have understood: How big does a family tent really need to be, after reading the above discussion?

Typically, depending on the members you go to the camp, you have to choose the size of the tent. For example, a family of 4 members needs a 6-person tent while six members need a 10-person tent.

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