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Best Places & Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Kitzbuhel

Kitzbuhel is located in the Tyrol state of Austria which is famous for ski resorts around the world. If you are planning to visit Austria the Kitzbuhel is the most recommended place to visit that doesn’t let you down after visiting there. From Munich, Kitzbuhel is the nearest city which makes it the favorite destination for a vacation among Germans who are visiting there to explore the Alps and enjoy many tourist attractions in Kitzbuhel In the winter seasons, you can enjoy the cableways and skiing tracks which are best in December when there is plenty of snow, attracting the tourist. In summer, you can enjoy the activities like rock climbing, hiking, biking, and golf. Apart from these activities, there are many top-rated tourist attractions in Kitzbuhel that make your vacation worth visiting.

You can enjoy the Kitzbuhel in many ways you can explore the old city on your foot. It would be an amazing experience to explore the traditional architectural style of old gabled houses. You can also explore some Alpine scenery and wildlife with fresh mountain air and clear water in the lakes. So, all over it is the best place for nature lovers that attracted many vacationers. Here we’ll discover some top-rated tourist attractions that may help you to make your bucket list to explore Kitzbuhel easily.

Best Places to Visit in Kitzbuhel

Before visiting Kitzbuhel discover the best places and activities to do in Kitzbuhel that make you help to explore the Kitzbuhel easily. Here is a list of some places that are tourist attractions in Kitzbuhel that makes your search easy, you can fill in your bucket list.

Kitzbuheler Horn

Kitzbuheler Horn

Kitzbuheler horn is 1998 meters tall and is the most famous of Austria’s mountain peaks, it is located in the northeast of Kitzbuhel city. If you are an adventure lover then this place is a better place for you to climb the top of the mountain by car in the summer and can use the cablecars and gondola ways, especially in the winter. If you be the evidence of the cycle race then comes in the month of August, this month International Kitzbuheler horn race is held there. It would be fun to climb to the top of Alpenhaus through the toll road of 7.4 km long with a wonderful view from the top of a mountain. However, at the top, the panoramic view awaits you and it is filled with wonderful feelings to see the amazing views from the top.



Griesbachklamm is the best natural site that makes you feel like in the lap of nature. It is the top destination for hiking in the Kitzbuhel where you can go and enjoy with your family and friends. It is located in Erpfendorf town that offers to enjoy the natural and romantic views with clear water. If you go there in the car then you have to park your car around 800 meters away from where the hike starts. The total route is about 10km with an easy walk that is suitable for children and families. It is totally fun through the walkways with suspension bridges and jetties. This is accessible from the month of May to October and every age group can enjoy it there.



It is located in the southwest of Kitzbuhel of Austria. It is a world-famous destination for hosting the World Cup of Alpine ski race. Streif the world’s most dangerous and notorious racecourse for men is found here. This race is mostly held in the Jan- Feb of every year where you can see the world’s best actions of male ski racers. Many stars and celebrities in sports also come here to enjoy the race in the Hahnenkamm week. You can enjoy the Hahnenkamm week with outstanding festive moods in the evening at the pubs and bars and events show that may be attended by many celebrities.

Gaudeamus Hutte


Gaudeamus Hutte is a 1227-meter-high mountain that is surrounded by the Wilder Kaiser mountain close to many mountain trails and hiking. This lovely hut is a well-liked starting point for numerous summit climbs and crossings of the Wilder Kaiser Mountains because it is reachable through a toll road. From the terrace, you can enjoy the awesome view of the valley while eating your food in the open space. Here you can enjoy the delicious food that mountain climbers is preferred to intake because it is homemade, especially the cakes. You can also reserve your sleeping place to stay overnight here. You can reach here by walking for around 35 to 40 minutes which is around 1.3 km of distance from Wochenbrunner Alm.

Hohe Salve


Hohe Salve is one of the most popular mountains which is 1829 meter high located between Kufstein, Worgl, and Kitzbuhel of the Tyrol region. You can reach the top of the mountain by cable cars and the gondolas within 20 minutes. There are many things that make your day unforgettable, Salvenkirchlein is the highest pilgrimage church, and Gipfelalm is the rotatable terrace and the wonderful panoramic view with the alpine huts where traditional delicacies can be enjoyed. It is also popular among para-gliders lovers which is the starting point of paragliding.

Kitzbuhel  Museum


Kitzbuhel town museum offers to know the Kitzbuhel life from the bronze age to the present, that focuses on Alfons Walde collections. Here is a collection of over 100 drawings, 60 paintings, and graphic designs. It covers the local history from 1000 BC to Kitzbuhel’s development as a town. It also covers the history of winter sports. It preserves the history of the local people and the culture and achievements of the Kitzbuhel. Alfons Walde is one of the well-known artists who successfully brings skiing through their paintings that are depicted with impasto coloring. So if you want to explore the history of the Kitzbuhel then you can go to the Kitzbuhel Museum where you have to pay some entry charges.


Sachwarzsee is the best place for those who love peace, it is located just three kilometer northwest of Kitzbuhel. Here you can find a lake that is filled with green water that is mineral-rich. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, and sunbathing here in Sachwarzsee. Additionally, it is well-known among those who enjoy boating and kayaking. It is also well known for the warmest water in the Alps which is one of the nicest things to do when swimming in a gorgeous environment at Sachwarzsee. Walking trails make them a great place for kids and the family who are looking for picnics. Here natures lover are frequent visitors to enjoy the lap of nature enjoys the scenic view here.

Wildpark Aurach

It is a fun place for those who are traveling with their kids and families who are interested in animals. It is located about a four-kilometer drive from the Kitzbuhel that covers a nearly 100-acre park home for 200 animals including native species. You can find deer, wild boar, yaks, kangaroos as well as mountain monkeys that are lived in open habitats in the natural environment. It is amazing to interact with the animals here while feeding. There is also a restaurant where you can eat with superb views, copper mining museum is also a few minutes away from there.

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