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Everything You Need to Know About e-Tickets in Air Travel

We are now living in a world with modern technology that is becoming more innovative and sophisticated as time passes by. Almost everything we do is directly or indirectly integrated with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), computers, and the internet. This is also true with booking flight tickets electronically, referred to as “e-tickets”, which is a very quick and convenient way for many travelers. Thus, e-tickets have become very common these days, since you can easily get one via the internet using your computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

In this blog, we will take an in-depth look at what is an e-ticket for a flight, how it affects traditional paper tickets, and also, how you can get one for your travel.

What is an e-Ticket for a Flight?

In air travel, an e-ticket also called an electronic ticket, is a digital or paperless ticket that can be obtained online from an electronic ticket system by using devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Such an electronic ticket system is operated by companies, like airline carriers, to provide flight tickets in electronic format to their customers.

Several commercial airline carriers now allow travelers to easily purchase e-tickets online, either directly from the airliner’s website, on a third-party travel website, or through a travel agency.

An e-ticket for your flight will typically contain the same information as those that are printed on traditional paper tickets. So, you will not find much difference between the two types of flight tickets.

E-Ticket vs Paper Ticket – Which is Better?

Today, you can consider an e-ticket for your flight to be a replacement for tickets which are usually available in the form of paper. However, paper tickets may still exist and can serve a few purposes that we human beings can’t help but rely on.

Using e-tickets is a great way to save paper and preserve our ecosystem. For example, you don’t necessarily have to print an e-ticket. It can be shown wherever and whenever needed right from your smartphone device.

Paper tickets, on the other hand, can often come in handy. For instance, when you need assistance and need to send your ticket along with other required documents to the airline’s mailing address.

While the use of e-tickets is becoming popular and widely adopted by various airline carriers and other modes of public transportation, paper tickets, on the other hand, may still persist for another couple of years to come.

How to Obtain an e-Ticket for your Flight from Various Sources

Obtaining an e-ticket for your trip is a fairly simple and quick process.

Below we have included a few methods by which you can purchase your flight ticket in digital format and minimise the use of paper, wherever possible.

Method #1: Purchase e-ticket for your flight directly on the airliner’s website


1. On your computer, tablet or smartphone device, visit the airliner’s website from which you want to purchase your flight ticket in electronic format.

2. The process for booking a flight reservation is the same. On the website, select the type of your trip, i.e., One-way, Roundtrip or Multi-city. Enter passenger details, like name of the passenger, number of passengers travelling, departure and arrival city, date of travel, additional services or upgrades, etc. After entering all the required details, click the Search flights button to check your flight’s availability.

3. Once your flight availability is displayed on your screen, follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the online booking process.

4. After you have completed the online booking process and checked out with the accepted method of payment, your e-ticket along with confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail you had provided during the booking process.

When you obtain an e-ticket and the itinerary and receipt for your flight reservation, you do not necessarily require a hard copy (paper format) of the ticket. You can show the e-ticket along with the electronic boarding pass to the agent at the boarding gate.

Method #2: Purchase e-ticket for your flight through the airliner’s customer service centre

Another method you can obtain an e-ticket for your flight is through directly contacting the airline carrier’s customer service centre via phone. They usually provide a dedicated phone number that allow customers to contact the airliner’s customer service representatives for quick assistance. Here, the procedure takes place on the phone, i.e., you will be speaking to a live agent on the other line who will assist you throughout the procedure. This also involves asking for your details that are needed to be filled in order to complete the operation.

You can find the airline’s help desk phone number on the contacts page of their website. Some airline carriers may provide round the clock services, while certain carriers may offer services that are not available day and night and also, throughout the week.

Method #3: Purchase e-ticket for your flight online through a travel website

In this method, your flight ticket will be booked via a third-party travel website, such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, Kayak, CheapOair and more.

Here as well, the booking process is entirely the same, except that the travel website uses services which connects it to the airliner’s database in order to fetch details, including itinerary and price. The process then completes your flight booking request and generates your flight ticket along with the itinerary and receipt.

Method #4: Purchase e-ticket for your flight through a travel agency near you

This is yet another very common method for booking flight tickets. You will find travel agents in your region that run a physical office and render travel booking services. These travel agencies rely on the use of computerised processing in order to generate and purchase flight reservations on your behalf (and in your presence).

You can visit a travel agent near you to assist you with booking your fight. Also, you can request an e-ticket instead of a printed copy of the ticket. The e-ticket, itinerary and receipt will be sent to your e-mail address, which you provided during the online booking procedure.


You can check-in at the airport for your flight in the same usual manner. You can also use e-tickets at self-service kiosks and remote check-in. Thus, your flight ticket (e-ticket) and boarding pass, also in electronic form, can be stored on your mobile phone and used more conveniently.

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