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Bangkok Airways Official Website

The Bangkok Airways official website contains much information related to their schedule, rules, and regulations, you can plan and book your trip and you can also check the flight status before the flight on Bangkok Airways Official website. The Bangkok Airways official website consists of exclusive deals that can benefit you with less money and more lavishness. You can manage and upgrade your booking and check-in online and you can even book tickets for your pet travel at Bangkok Airways Official website.

You can also Download the Bangkok Airways official app, which you can find on the Android Play Store and the App Store for iPhone. The official Bangkok Airways app is fit for all of the devices, such as Android, tablet, iPhone and iPad, etc. that can help you to be up to date with the Airways. Other than the Bangkok Airways Official Website you can use The Bangkok Airways Official app as they provide many features on their app.

Bangkok Airways Official Website
Bangkok Airways

About Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways is a premium budget airline. Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited is a regional airline with short-haul flights in Thailand and neighbouring countries. Bangkok Airways has many domestic airlines, but also international routes. For example, Cambodia, Laos, and the Maldives. In fact, according to a survey by the US financial and business news site The Business Insider UK, the site also has an international release in the UK, and Bangkok was ranked the most visited city in the world in 2017.

Bangkok Airways headquarter is in Bangkok, Thailand and it presents authorized assistance to the destinations in India, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, and Singapore. Its central base is Suvarnabhumi Airport (30km east of Bangkok). The airline was organized in 1968 under the name Sahakol Air before it was given the name Bangkok Airways.

The Bangkok Airways aviation group authorized its own airport in Koh Samui, which was initiated in April 1989. Bangkok Airways initially entered its first turbojet aircraft in 2000, while it started appending the aircraft Boeing 717 to its fleet. Bangkok Airways intends to obtain widebody aircraft as a component of its enterprise to extend its fleet, but these strategies to develop into the long-range aircraft business have eventually not evolved.

Reservation at Bangkok Airways Official Website

You can reserve a flight ticket directly from Bangkok Airways Official website and you can further manage your booking too. Bangkok Airways or its authorized agent will record your reservation. Upon request, they will provide you with written confirmation of your order. Certain price terms limit or do not include your right to change or cancel an order. If you fail to pay for the ticket before the deadline for purchasing the ticket as recommended by the airline or their authorized agent, your reservation may be canceled.

You acknowledge that your personal data is provided to Bangkok Airways for the purpose of booking, purchasing airline tickets, obtaining assistance or support services, developing and providing services, simplifying immigration procedures and schemes, and providing them with data related to your travel. To this end, you authorize Airways to retain, use and transmit this data to the Bangkok Airways office, authorized agents, government agencies, other operators, or service providers.

Online Reservation & Contact Details 

You can go for an online reservation on the Bangkok Airways Official Website or by contacting the Bangkok Airways Call Center or emailing them.

Email Support:

Contact Number within Thailand: 1771 

Another Contact: +66 (0) 2270 6699

Social Media Profiles Of Bangkok Airways

Manage Your Booking Online

If the original reservation was made directly through the official website of Bangkok Airways, click the button to view your plan or make the necessary changes if needed. You should directly go to the ‘My Booking’ tab on the right side of the website, fill in your first and last name, and the reservation reference, then click the ‘Search’ button. If you want to change the flight, you can choose the “Exchange Flight” menu on the right side to change the flight.

Note: If more than one change is made to an existing reservation, the customer will not be able to use the “My Booking” function and will have to contact Bangkok Airways customer support immediately.

Online Check-In On Bangkok Airways Official Website

On the Bangkok Airways Official website, you can check in online before arriving at the airport. The maximum hour of Online check-in is available 24 hours and the minimum hour for online check-in is possible 1 hour before the departure time of the flight. The minimum limit of online check-in time for domestic flights is at least 1 hour 30 minutes before departure time. And for the International flight, the minimum limit is at least 2 hours before departure time.

Baggage Allowance 

At Bangkok Airways your handbag will only weigh if it looks too heavy. If you want to take a piece of heavier luggage secretly on board, please be mindful of other people and make sure you can store it under the seat rather than in the top containers. As per the instructions of Thailand Airport, the premium baggage allowance has a maximum weight of 32 kg. If the weight of each bag exceeds 32kg, the bag must be repackaged. Bangkok Airlines accepts sports equipment as part of a regular luggage allowance and adds it to the carry-on luggage. For more information on baggage allowance at Bangkok Airways click here.

Re-Approval And Cancellation Of Tickets

You have to keep in mind that even after boarding the aircraft, they possess the authority to allocate or assign seats at any time. Bangkok Airways recommends not showing up on any flight without prior notice, otherwise, the return flight or subsequent reservations may be canceled with Bangkok Airlines. However, if you inform them in advance, the airline will not cancel your next flight reservation.

You must check the re-approval terms of the other carriers that you think to use during the trip. If necessary, you must reconfirm your booking with the carrier, and the carrier code will appear on the ticket. If reconfirmation is needed and you are unable to reconfirm the booking, your reservation may be canceled or your next return. Nonetheless, if you inform the airways that you are still interested in travel and that there is a seat available on the flight, they will continue to book you and allow you on the flight. If there is no place on the flight, they will try to carry you to the next or final destination.

Official App Of Bangkok Airways 

As we mentioned above on this page that you can also Download the Bangkok Airways official app, which you can find on the Android Play Store and the App Store for iPhone. The official Bangkok Airways app is fit for all of the devices, such as Android, tablet, iPhone, iPad, etc. that can help you to be up to date with the Airways. With the Bangkok Airways app, you can easily find and manage your FlyerBonus profile on the go. Manage the online booking, online check-in, and many more new features from the new version of their application.

Other than the Bangkok Airways Official Website you can use The Bangkok Airways Official app for many options. These are the following features you can use on the Bangkok Airways Official App:

  • Personal information: You can register and manage your FlyerBonus member account.
  • Flight Tickets Booking: You can find availability and book a flight to your preferred destination with your preferred seat.
  • My reservation: You can view plans and manage your reservation on the go.
  • Trip schedule: Know where and when will they arrive at any time of the year.
  • Contact the airlines: You can contact them through their social media profiles and the nearest Bangkok aviation office.
  • Check-in: With this app, you can even check-in online at any time to avoid queuing at the airport.
  • Settings: You can choose your preferred language at your convenience.
  • Lounge Location: Find the exclusive complimentary lounge and book a hotel room to stay in along with purchasing flight tickets.

This blog post was a little overview of the Bangkok Airways Official Website to help you better understand the things which are mentioned on their website and how to get through it. We hope that it was helpful to you, and we are exhilarated to answer you. If you still have any queries left about any policies related to the airlines you can visit our website Treknova for travel advice or you can even contact us on our Toll-Free Number 1-800-831-1547 we are available 24/7 to help you.

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