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Most Beautiful Lakes in The World To Feel The Silence of Nature

Time wasted at the lake is time well spent

This quote is gonna be proven true after you read the article below. Lake is a pleasant place present on this earth. Nature around will fill your eyes and mind with blossom. Earth’s beauty cannot be defined without the stunning lakes it has. Simply, “heaven” is the one word to describe these most beautiful lakes in the world.

Pleasant atmosphere, trout sound but quite still, high peak mountains, the wonder of water, incredible view, reflection all around, depth of the lake and amazing wildlife will please your mind and soul all top to bottom.

We have handpicked the list of most amazing lakes in the world where you can spend your next vacation. These places will give you a lifetime experience.

Just jump into the list of prettiest lakes in the world!

Top 12 Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

1. Lake Como, Italy

lakeside como; most beautiful lakes in the world; most prettiest lake in the world; Beautiful Lakes
Lakeside Como

The beautiful lake of Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world originates from the glacial of Lombardy, Italy.  With a height and width of 46 kilometres (28.5 miles) and 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles), the lake covers a vast area of 146 square kilometres (56 square miles). This makes it the 3rd largest lake in Italy.

The shape of the lake is much like an inverted ‘Y’  which makes it a wonder of nature. The view is surrounded by amid palm trees and blooming rhododendrons while snow-capped mountains add a magical flavor to the trip. Summers is the most desirable time to plan a trip to Lake Como.

inverted ‘y’ shape of lake como aerial; Beautiful Lakes
inverted ‘y’ shape of lake Como aerial

People in Rome used to swim in COMO enjoying the beauty of nature. The color of a lake is blue and it’s peaceful and eye-catching environment around the lake will make your visit a lifetime experience.

Lake Como attractions are all ethnic for the tourist in Italy. Also being a natural set of various Hollywood movies for its beautiful sightseeing.

Spring around Lake Como is very appealing as the trees and flowers begin to blossom. Summer is the best time to visit Lake Como, with glorious weather conditions.

It is magnificent in autumn as the leaves start to change color. In the winter, the beautiful lakes help to maintain a warmer temperature in the surrounding region.

Things To Do In Lake Como

Villa Carlotta Terrace View Of Lake Como
Villa Carlotta Terrace View Of Lake Como
1. Villa del Balbianello (Lakeside renaissance residence & museum)

Museum Address: Via Guido Monzino, 1, 22016 Tremezzo CO, Italy
Opened: 1787
Province: Province of Como
Phone: +39 0344 56110

2. Villa Carlotta (Elegant, lakeside villa filled with art)

Carlotta Location: Via Regina, 2, 22019 Tremezzina CO, Italy
Floors: 3
Province: Province of Como
Architectural style: Italian Neoclassical architecture
Phone: +39 0344 40405

3. Castello di Vezio (Centuries-old castle with panoramic view)

Castle Address: Via Del Castellano, 23828 Perledo LC, Italy
Province: Province of Lecco
Phone: +39 333 448 5975

4. Cathedral of Como (Gothic cathedral with an ornate interior)

Gothic Location: Piazza del Duomo, 22100 Como CO, Italy
Opened: 1396
Architectural style: Gothic architecture
Province: Province of Como
Phone: +39 031 331 2275

How To Reach

Simply you may take a train from Milano Nord Cadorna direct to Como Nord Lago. The total duration of that time is half an hour. And the estimated cost is 13 $. You buy the tickets from the Cadorna city metro station just before you travel.

2. Maligne Lake, Canada

Maligne Lake; Beautiful Lakes
Maligne Lake

There might be a competition between the amazing view of Canada but Maligne Lake wins the game with its fascinating surrounding landscape: perfect foreground pines, majestically jagged background mountains, and cornflower blue Alberta skies. And hence, it is the second lake on our list of most beautiful lakes in the world.

It is located in Jasper National Park and pronounced Maleen. White snow-capped mountains views add a highlight to your trip. The place is perfect for the adventure seeker.

Wapiti Near Maligne Lake
Wapiti Near Maligne Lake

North end of Lake’s surrounding is enriched with wildlife. Beautiful creatures and open forest lodgepole pine and spruce catch visitor’s attention. Stunning weather and nature’s wealth will make your trip worth for life. That makes this place to be on the list of the most beautiful lake in the world.

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Things To Do In Maligne Lake

1.Spirit Island (Small, picturesque island amid mountains)
spirit island; things to do Maligne Lake near spirit ; Beautiful Lakes
Spirit Island

Location of Opal Hills: Maligne Lake Rd, Jasper, AB T0E 1E1, Canada
Province: Alberta
Phone: +1 780-852-6176

2. Maligne Lake Chalet and Guest House National Historic Site (Chalet and lake)

Location of site: Maligne Lake Rd, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, Canada
Province: Alberta
Phone: +1 888-900-6272

How To Reach

You have to follow highway 16 east for 3 km, from the east end of the townsite of Jasper and now take the turnoff for Maligne Lake road to the right. Now you need to move towards the iron bridge which is across the Athabasca River. Now you take left along the fork of the road and then move for 48 km until you arrive at the lake.

3. Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland is a collection of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Lucerne lake is situated in central Switzerland, and it is the fourth-largest lake in the country. The lake has much scenic variety through it passes many different places like mountains and bridges.

Lake Lucerne; Beautiful Lakes
Lake Lucerne

The beautiful city Lucerne, where water flowing into the beautiful lake passes beneath the 13th century Chapel Bridge, is a Stupendous Panorama that begins with Mt. Pilatus.

That lake takes many large crosses and the scenery changes everywhere that make your trip more adventurous.

Things To Do In Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

chapel bridge in lucerne switzerland
Chapel Bridge In Lucerne Switzerland
1. Chapel Bridge (Footbridge in Lucerne)

Bridge Address: Kapellbrücke, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland
Construction started: 1333
Total length: 672′
Location: Lucerne
Body of water: Reuss
Phone: +41 41 227 17 17
Bridge type: Footbridge, Covered bridge

2. Pilatus (Mountain in Switzerland)

Elevation: 2,128 m
Peak: Tomlishorn
Cantons: Nidwalden und Obwalden

Topo map: Swiss Federal Office of Topography Swisstopo
Mountain range: Uri Alps, Emmental Alps

3. Swiss Museum of Transport (Museum in Lucerne)

Museum location: Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
Opened: July 1, 1959
Function: Museum
Phone: +41 41 370 44 44

4. Lion Monument (Sculpture by Bertel Thorvaldsen)

Artist: Bertel Thorvaldsen
Address: Denkmalstrasse 4, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland
Opened: 1819
Phone: +41 41 227 17 17

How To Reach

For the person who travels by air, the nearest airport to Lucerne is Zurich. It is a 60-minute journey and from the Zurich railway station, it is about a 45-minute trip to reach Lucerne.

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4. The Dead Sea, Jordan

It is not actually a sea but one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, that is a type of lake that has a higher concentration of salt and minerals than any ordinary lake in the world.

The Dead Sea; beautiful lake
The Dead Sea

There is a very significant in history and was often cited in the Bible both in the old and new testaments. That was once the site for King David’s refuge and Jesus Christ was also told to have walked above its waters. Basically, the Dead Sea is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

It is also known as the sea of death because no macroscopic living things can thrive in it. The basic thing about the lake is, the high salinity of the water makes it impossible for life to form with the exception of very few bacteria and fungi.

The fact is, the water of the Dead Sea is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean. The Dead Sea is the world’s deepest hypersaline lake, on land at 423 meters below sea level. Its uniqueness makes this lake on our list of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

The Dead Sea Attractions

Qumran National Park; things to do near dead sea
Qumran National Park
1. Qumran National Park (National Park)

Founded: Between 134–104 BCE or slightly later
Abandoned: 68 CE or shortly after
Phone: +972 2-994-2235

2. Masada National Park (National Park)

Address: Masada, Israel
Area: 276 ha
Established: 2001
Event: Siege of Masada
Inscription: 2001 (25th Session)

3. En Gedi Nature Reserve (Nature & Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas)

Address: Ein Gedi, Israel
Management: Israel Nature and Parks Authority
Phone: +972 8-658-4285

Dead Sea Nearest Airport

The nearest airport to the Dead Sea is Queen Alia International Airport/From Queen Alia International Airport drive north towards Amman. It is near Naour Bridge (approximately 15 km) turn left at the sign ‘Dead Sea’. Proceed approximately 35 km.

5. Lake Berryessa Glory Hole, California

Lake Berryessa; Most Beautiful Lakes In The World
Lake Berryessa

It is the largest lake in all of Napa Country, California. Lake Berryessa is very important because it is not only a place of a tourist attraction but it is the most beautiful lake in the world. That lake is counted as the most beautiful lake in the world. That lake generates hydroelectricity in the North Bay region of San Francisco Bay.

Glory hole; most amazing lake in the world; most unusual lake in the world
Glory hole

The main thing which makes this most beautiful lake in the world amazing and interesting is the bell-mouth spillway located on the south-eastern side. Glory Hole is the largest of its genus with a huge diameter of 72 feet. The glory hole has a vertical drop of 200 feet and shrinks down to 28 feet.

Once the level of water reaches the maximum level, the spillway becomes submerged and it swallows excess water at an unbelievable rate of 48,800 cubic feet per second.

How To Reach

The nearest airport of Lake Berryessa is San Francisco International Airport, with an approx 13 miles of distance. The total duration will be taken to travel is 2 hours.

6. Lake Mansarovar, Western Tibet

Lake Mansarovar commonly known as Kailash Mansarovar is the highest freshwater lake in the world. This beautiful nature gift is located in Western Tibet, 4590 meters above sea level.

Many scriptural thoughts are connected with this holy lake. Hindus believe that Lord Shiva has created this lake and its water has the power to bring salvation to humans.

this is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in the world but also has some religious importance aspect as well. According to Hindu and Buddhist religions, by drinking the lake’s water and bathing in it, one can cleanse all sins. Many believe that it’s an Epitome Of Purity.

Lake Mansarovar
Lake Mansarovar

The holy lake is almost round in shape with a circumference of 88 kilometers. The color seems to be blue around the shores and deep green in the center. The main attraction is the mirror reflection of Mountain Kailash in the lake due to the crystal clear water. This amazing view will give an unforgettable experience of nature’s glory and holy scripts. Mansarovar is one the most beautiful lakes in the world due to the uniqueness that it carries, like being located in an outer area and not much greenery around but yet being dazzling.

Lake Mansarovar Attractions

1. Gauri Kund
Gauri Kund
Gauri Kund

Gauri Kund is another famous attraction of the Mount Kailash tour. This popular touring attraction near Mansarovar has numerous mythological tales behind its origin. Located at an altitude of 5608 meters above sea level, this site is also known as Parvati Sarovar.

2. Rakshas Tal
Rakshas Tal
Rakshas Tal

Lying towards the western side of Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, the north-western corner of the Rakshas Tal is the originating point of River Sutlej.

It is believed that this lake is the ‘Lake of the Rakshasa’ and was the home of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. According to Buddhism, the lake is a symbol of darkness, however, the lake is known for its natural beauty, sprinkled all around it.

3. Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash

A part of the mighty Himalayas, Mount Kailash is located in Tibet. Situated close to the largest rivers in Asia- River Karnali, River Brahmaputra, Sutlej, and Indus, it is placed near Lake Mansarovar.

This holy mountain peak holds special religious importance for the followers of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Bon religion. The followers of the Hindu religion consider trek with high reverence.

How To Reach

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Route by train is approx 10 hrs from Delhi, India. Laukaha Bazar is the nearest railway station. It is about 116 km’s from Bagdogra airport. Delhi is the capital of India, and people all over the world can easily travel to Delhi by air or road.

7. Five Flower Lake, China

Five Flower Lake Beautiful Lakes In The World
Five Flower Lake

Have u heard about the lake changing its color..?? Yes, this is true.!! Five Flower Lake in China continuously changes its color. This extraordinary lake on record can change its color to pink, green, red, yellow, and diamond blue. Surprisingly, five flower lake never freezes in the midst of frosty winter and the water level never decreases in summer. Indeed most beautiful lake in the world that makes you crazy.

Five Flower Lake in winters
Five Flower Lake In Winters

The coloration characteristics of the lake are the center attraction of tourism however the lake is also enriched with beautiful and incredible wildlife and views. A trip to this super wonderful place in China must be a part of your list, the experience will be memorable for life.

Five Flower Lake Attractions

1. Jiuzhaigou National Park
Jiuzhaigou National Park
Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou Valley is a popular nature reserve and park situated in the north of Sichuan province, China. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls, unique colorful lakes, and mounting snow-capped peaks. Its elevation ranges from 2,000 to 4,500 meters. Its peaceful atmosphere will blow your mind.

How To Reach

By Air Currently, the easiest way to reach Jiuzhaigou is to get to Chengdu and Chongqing first and then transfer to Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport. Jiuhuang Airport is positioned in Songpan County which is 88 km distant from Jiuzhaigou Valley and 43 km from Huanglong National Park.

8. Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal beautiful Lake
Lake Baikal beautiful Lake

Another most beautiful lake in the world is in Siberia, Russia, and one of the existing oldest freshwater lakes in the world. It originated almost 20 to 25 million years ago. It holds one-fifth of the total freshwater in the world. With a depth of 1,632 meters, it is considered the world’s deepest freshwater lake too. Lake Baikal is famous for its crystal clear water, and a surface of up to 40 meters is visible.

Freshwater Seal At Lake Baikal
Freshwater Seal At Lake Baikal

Surround by various peaks of mountains, it is home to more than 1800 unique species of plants and animals. The main attraction is the freshwater seal majorly found in the lake. According to a study, it is home to many endemic species of animals, plants, and birds.

Frozen Lake Baikal; Beautiful Lakes
Frozen Lake Baikal

Weather is mostly cold during the year which froze a thick ice layer on the central surface. During spring ice starts to melt in the shape of circles. Summers around the lake are like a treat due to their magnifying atmosphere. The lake is the symbol of the unspoiled beauty of Russia and continually adds glory to its stunning views. Every year it manages to attract more than 500,000 tourists.

Lake Baikal Attractions

1. Severobaykalsk
Severobaikalsk ski trails;
Severobaikalsk Ski Trails

Severobaykalsk is a remote city in Siberia which is located along the north-western shore of Lake Baikal. It is especially interesting for the nearby Goudzoeker Hot Springs, which also offers cross-country ski trails and other winter sports.

2. Listvyanka
Listvyanka Hiking Sport; Beautiful Lakes
Listvyanka Hiking Sport

Listvyanka is the most luxurious location on the lake for tourists. There are a few hotels there for all budgets as well as many various tourist activities boat rides, trekking, and winter sports. Hiking and cycling are some of the most popular stuff at the location.

How To Reach

From Irkutsk, you can either go to Listvyanka by road or by air. Also, Port Baikal has comfortable train transport to travel around the city.

9. Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake located in Oregon is a beautiful example of nature’s miracle. Its high intense blue-colored crystal clear water with rough mountain landscape makes the view astounding. The Island in the middle of the lake attracts the eyes. Lake is circular in shape with a mountain belt on the shores. The central island stood up like a king of the kingdom.

Crater Lakes; Beautiful Lakes
Crater Lakes

But do you know, this beautiful cold place was once a volcano named Mount Mazama. Roughly 7700 years ago the volcano collapsed and formed a huge hole which by time converted into this spectral nature wonder.

 Wizard Island At Center Of Lake Carter
Wizard Island At the Center Of Lake Carter

An interesting fact about the lake is that there is no inlet or outlet of the lake. Rainwater and water melting from the snow-capped mountains fill the lake with water in summers and springs.

Carter Lake Attractions

1. Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Omaha
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson

Situated within 3 km from Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska, this luxurious hotel offers rooms with free WiFi and flat-screen TVs. A heated indoor pool and hot tub are available on-site.

2. Super 8 by Wyndham, Omaha
super 8 by wyndham Omaha; things to do near Carter Lake
Super 8 by Wyndham

Located just 2 miles away from Eppley Airport, this Carter Lake hotel &Inn features an indoor pool with world-class hospitality. Each guest room boasts free Wi-Fi. Creighton University is 3 miles away.

How To Reach

Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport is the nearest airport to reach Carter lake. Many hotels and inns are available in nearby locations.

10. Dal Lake, Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir are known as heaven on earth, well Dal Lake is one of the reasons for calling the valley so. This beautiful creation of God can make anyone lost in its beauty.

Dal Lake; most beautiful lake in the world; Beautiful Lakes
Dal Lake

Because of its beauty and intense views, it is known as the “Jewel in the Crown” of Kashmir. This vast lake is spread over 20-21 square kilometers. The place is surrounded by many tourist destinations which turn out to be a fun trip for you.

Houseboats in Dal Lake
Houseboats in Dal Lake

The Dal lake is bounded by attractive gardens and parks which add ultimately add glory to its mesmerizing view. Tourists can sightsee the best views of the lake from the iconic Shalimar garden and Nishat garden.

The Houseboat is the key attraction at the lake. Number of houseboats are paired up in a row with colorful patterns and designs which add cheery at the view top.

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Dal Lake Attractions

1. Light and Sound Show at Dal Lake- Srinagar
Light and Sound Show at Dal Lake- Srinagar
Light and Sound Show at Dal Lake- Srinagar

A trip to dal lake is incomplete without the breathtaking light and sound show at the lakeside. The moment will be unforgettable for the visitors. The government at the valley organizes the show at 6-8 pm daily.

How To Reach

To reach Dal Lake from Srinagar International airport, tourists can book a cab or taxi available outside the airport. Many inns and hotels are available nearby.

11. West Lake, China

West Lake is located South-West of Hangzhou, China is world-famous for its amazing scenery. The lake is the central attraction of tourists in China.

It has become Asia’s most visited tourist destination in the last few years. Due to this, some people are now abbreviating its name as the “paradise on earth” in the world.

West Lake; most beautiful lake in the world; prettiest lake in chain; Beautiful Lakes
Lakeside of West Lake

3.1 meters deep and 216 meters high this lake covers a fine area over the valley covered with green forest and rough and high peaks of mountains. The intense deep blue color of the lake makes the moment unbelievable.

hangzhou chinese temple at west lake
Hangzhou: Chinese Temple At West Lake

Valley and views are famous for their romantic aura. Many Chinese romantic films are shot around the sites of this lake. Beautiful Chinese temples at the port add to the glory of the place. The place is magnified during spring as the trees and colorful flower starts blooms.

This paradise is worth watching at least once in life. And hence this was the last but the least on our list of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

How To Reach West Lake

Sunan Shuofang International is the nearest airport to the lake. Many inns and hotels are present nearby.

12. Taal Lake, Philippines

Taal Lake is a freshwater lake located in the province of Batangas in the Philippines. Spread over an area of 234.2 km², It is the country’s third-largest lake and also knows for its stunning photographic locations.

Taal Lake; Beautiful Lakes
Taal Lake

It is always featured and shown in postcards and magazines mainly because it cradles the world’s smallest active decade volcano, the Taal volcano is the showstopper.

At the center of the lake is Volcano island where volcanic activity is centered up to this day. Historically, Taal lake was divided into three crater lakes with three different colors, red, yellow, and emerald green.

Taal Volcano;
Taal Volcano

The lake fills the Taal caldera which is a residue and the spot where historical eruptions occurred dating back to 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. Regular precipitation accumulated within the caldera which eventually dissolved salt contents eradicating the salinity of the water completely.

Taal Lake Attractions

1. Mount Macolod

Elevation: 947 m
Prominence: 560 m
City/municipality: Cuenca
Volcanic arc/belt: Maculot Corridor
Province: Batangas


Lake is a favorite spot to visit and spend hours relaxing. Overall, there are some of the most beautiful lakes in the world whose views can change the definition of beauty. Some of the names are listed above, it’s worth to visit on these lakes at once in your life. The memories of the trips you will never gonna be forgotten!

While reading this article, hint us about your disclosure and the most beautiful lakes in the world that came across.

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