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Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway To Travel The Land of the Midnight Sun

Certainly, a must-see nation to experience the real Scandinavian adventure is one and only the country of Norway. Famously known as the destination of its scenic beauty encompassing the mountains, Glaciers and so as the deep coastal fjords.

Being in Norway in itself is an experience. Norway is a country that can put a lasting impression in your mind. Norway needs to be treated in the same way. That light, culture, limelight, and everything that Norway provides to it’s visitors is auspicious and commendable. You rather be on your own, Norway gives a one way visit to your soul and fill you with inner peace.

This natural rich country is also a striking point for the tourists to enjoy hiking, skiing, and fishing in its typical Norwegian alps. If you are looking for the holidays then here are the most beautiful places to visit in Norway.

List Of Amazing Norway Tourist Attractions

Bergen | The Lofoten Islands | Tromsø | Oslo | The Geirangerfjord

Flåm | Trondheim | The Stavanger region | The Sognefjord region

Alesund | Jotunheimen National Park | Svalbard | BODØ | Fredrikstad

Alta | Røros | Helgeland | Kirkenes

1. Bergen

Bergen; Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway

On Norway’s southwestern coast, the city of Bergen is another hillside destination for the visitors to unwind themselves to go to the longest and deepest Sognefjord in Norway. The popular attraction is Kygo, a music creator of its own. Just rush to Bryggen, to feel the wonderland of colorful wooden houses. Hanseatic wharf of Bryggen is a Unesco world heritage site.

By tasting the best of the fresh seafood in the country, you can certainly be delighted to see the museums and art galleries of this fjord capital. In the city’s outback, Fløyen Mountain is what you should not miss visiting the panoramic view of the mountain peaks.

2. The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands; Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway
The Lofoten Islands

The beautiful island of Lofoten is a top spot for the tourists. The tourists here can enjoy the unique experience of fishing in its turbulent waters of the Norwegian sea. Located far above the arctic circle, the islands are home to a lot of Fishermen and Artists who live in lots of scenic huts and houses. 

In Lofoten islands, apart from the natural delight, you can also make more of your time counts by trying the best of the Scandinavian food that comes in the form of local Seafood. The notable places to visit in Norway are the islands have white sandy beaches, Lofotr Viking Museum, and a must Unesco listed Vega archipelago. 

3. Oslo

Oslo; Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway

To the southern coast of the country lies the capital of Norway. Recently awarded as the European green capital, Oslo is also known for its exceptional museums which describe its significance among the tourists at the best. Such as its Norwegian Maritime Museum a treat among tourists. Viking Ship Museum is worth a visit. 

The Norwegian capital is all a tourist wants to wander around its places to experience diversely. From its three-starer restaurant food to the taste of breweries, Oslo is also famed for having a kind of its own ski museum. Holmenkollbakken is the hill ideal for ski jumping.

To reach Oslo, they have an Oslo Gardermoen Airport. So you don’t need to worry.

4. Tromsø

Tromsø; Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway

Found in the northern part of the country, the city of Tromsø is a cultural center of Norway. You will definitely be mesmerized by its colorful sky as a result of the amazing colorful northern lights. Signified as the capital of the arctics, this largest city of northern Norway has some historic places for the tourists to enjoy. 

The notable places to visit in Norway are Tromsø which include the Polaris center, the polar museum, and Mack brewery originated in 1877. If you are lucky, you can spot whales as well as take a clip of hilarious mountains and fjords from the comfort of the main street.      

5. Flåm


In the southwestern part of Norway, Flam is the village located a the end of Aurlandsfjord. As part of the Sognefjord, the place is a top tourist attraction for travelers to feel the unique experience of its most beautiful and scenic railroads. You can certainly visit the historical sites on the way of your journey through Flam train.   

After completing the 20-kilometer long hillside adventure, the train actually leaves you to the station in Hardangervidda plateau. A medieval wooden Flam church is also a worth to visit in the valley.

6. The Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord
The Geirangerfjord

Find the best places to visit in Norway in the Unesco world heritage site list, This natural fjord in the Scandinavian sea is the hallmark of Norway’s magnificent waterfalls surrounded by the lush greenery. Stretches to the 15-kilometer long distance, this is what it makes the tourists counts. Especially its waterfall named ‘seven sisters’ is like we see in fairytales.

Regarded as one of the top natural sites to visit globally, you can also visit the place in the offseason Just visit its cultural events, art exhibitions, concerts and a lot of outdoor activities to make you time counts.  

7. The Stavanger region

The Stavanger region
The Stavanger region

In southwestern Norway, Stavanger is the city and a region, formerly known as the capital of the country’s Oil industry. Now the region is turned towards the main attraction for the tourists to enjoy hiking in its amazing landscapes.

Filled with a lot of historical sites, you can certainly sneak through its shopping streets surrounded by a lot of colorful houses. Named after the city, the scavenger Cathedral has its own place in the history of the region. the Lysefjord area and famous mountain plateaus are worth to explore, notably the pulpit rock. Not to miss the Norwegian Petroleum Museum.  It is one of the attractive places to visit in Norway.

8. Trondheim


Derived its name and place from the Trondheim Fjord, Trondheim is the center point of the country, so as for the tourists. Visitors just find their pleasure here by visiting its glorious old buildings while walking to its streets sidelined with colorful wooden houses.     

While roaming around, just visits its iconic Gothic Nidaros Cathedral standing from the 11th century. Archbishop’s Palace Museum is worth seeing. Just have a look at its unique Ringve Museum dedicated to the music. After the melodious experience, you can find a variety of regional tastes in many of its cafes and standard restaurants.  

9. Alesund

Alesund; Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway

To the west coast of Norway, Alesund is a port town and an entry point to the majestic alpine mountains standing on the northwestern fjords. Rebuilt after a fire in 1904, this municipality in the Scandinavian Alps is famous for its art nouveau architectural style. Jugendstilsenteret museum is the perfect place to visit in Norway and know more about the fact and figure of the incident.

Just have a look around the panoramic view of the Archipelago by climbing to the peak of Mount Aksla. The adventurous experience of Fjellstua viewpoint also makes its presence count among the travelers. 

10. The Sognefjord region

The Sognefjord region
The Sognefjord region

Sognefjord is the largest and deepest fjord situated in Sogn of Fjordane county in Norway. Located in the north of Burgen, the area is surrounded by the hilarious mountain ranges of Jotunheimen National Park. 

Nicknamed as the king of the fjords, this vast region can also make wonders among the visitors by providing the view of the blue glacier named Jostedalsbreen. Famous arm the Nærøyfjord is a world heritage site and a must to visit. With a good number of locals living in the region, you can enjoy the culture and environment of the Sognefjord to the fullest.

11. Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park ; Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway
Jotunheimen National Park

While traveling in the south of Norway, you can certainly come up with Jotunheimen national park. A striking point for the tourists, this amazing park is the center of several mountain peaks out of which, 29 are the highest. 

The second wonder of the park is its beautiful and romantic waterfalls. The visitors just can’t resist waiting for the magnificent view of the iconic Vettisfossen, which is the country’s largest       

Waterfall. Due to the abundant amount of hills, you can best enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, skiing. A good amount of wildlife also thrives in the region in the form of reindeer, elk, mink, and wolverines. 

12. Svalbard

Svalbard; Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway

An area just close to North pole, Svalbard is more like a white wonderland. One of the northernmost parts of the world, the region is a world-famous spot of having the species like walruses, seals, whales, caribou, reindeer and Arctic foxes. If you are lucky you can spot a polar bear, which is rare to see.  

One thing which is admired by the visitors here is to feel the winds of arctic nature. Known for its magnificent glaciers and untouched mountains, Svalbard is also interestingly maintaining its inhabitant population not exceeding to 3k. Barentsburg and Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen are major settlements here. 

13. BODØ


A municipality in the Nordland county, the town of Bodo is what a visitor can expect to feel the real taste of north Scandinavian delight. In the region, you can treat yourself with a lot of adventure that seems to be endless. 

While northern lights become limelight of the visitors, the mainland region of Bodo has gained its trust among guests to have a taste and treat in many of its boutique shops and cafes. Just admire the sound of arctic as seagulls flirt in the sea. Concerts and music festivals are also the dark horse of the region drawing lots of tourists globally. 

14. Fredrikstad


Resides in the Østfold county in Norway, Fredrikstad is a historic city. Found its place in the map of Norway in the 16th century, this municipality makes its own place among the tourists. Apart from the main attraction of the well-preserved Scandinavian fortresses, the old town also has much to offer for the best time of the tourists.

After visiting the iconic Fredrikstad Museum which describes much of the town history, pleasure yourself with a cup of coffee or wine. Some art galleries are also worth a visit. Just heads to the near Hvaler islands, popular to have a sunny treat in its Ytre Hvaler National Park, preferably in the summertime.  

15. Alta


On the northern coast of Norway, near the Alta fjord, the town of Alta has the specialization of the northern lights. We can say of it as the northern light city of the arctic sea of Scandinavia. The region has a big landmark in the form of Northern Lights Cathedral which was built in 2013.

The rock art center which is the world heritage site, a unique of its own open-air museum provides exhibitions of various rock carving. Must visit a northern light observatory built in the 19th century. Nearby Hjemmeluft Bay is also worth seeing. 

Apart from fishing, hiking, and biking, you can become a part of a thrill-seeking experience of Dog-sledding or snow-mobile safari.        

16. Røros


In the Gauldalen region of the country, the town of Røros stands as the modern city of Norway. Established in the 17th century, the city is the center point of mining activities. The city is the Unesco world heritage site for its historical magnificence.  

Just rush to its iconic Rørosmuseet Smelthytta, famously known as the heritage museum where you can get a feeling of the live environment. Just wander to the narrow streets of the villages such as Glåmos, Feragen, Galåa, and Hitterdalen to unwind yourself with the fresh air and scenic beauties. Past your time enjoying some local food as well as visiting traditional cloths. 

17. Helgeland

Helgeland Bridge

In the southernmost part of the country, Helgeland is the district and one-stop destination for the tourists. Visitors just pleasure themselves with its rich white sand beaches as well as the incredible islands just lying off the Helgoland coast. 

Just feel the experience of Scandinavian birds closely by watching a huge number of species, which mainly consists of ducks or seagulls. The country’s second-largest glacier, Svartisen is the main priority among the tourists to enjoy hiking. Saltfjellet mountains and Svartisen glacier are also worth a visit.  

18. Kirkenes


If we travel to the northeastern part of Norway, we will come across a small town known as ‘Kirkenes’. Close to the Finnish and Russian borders, also check the best places to visit in Russia. The city is the focal point of the country’s turbulent past. Although much of the town’s museum displays historical facts such as its independence from the Nazi occupation in 1944, the town has a strong influence among its visitors.

From wildlife activities such as fishing, watching the birds, or wandering around its beautiful landscapes, you can get thrilled by visiting the Steilneset Memorial, showcasing the region’s dark past associated with witch practices.


Well, based on the facts, the tourism in Norway is thriving. Definitely, one of the best places to visit in Norway. This place has much to offer for tourists besides its natural mountain and lakes. 

Nowadays, the tourism industry in the country is expanding, allowing tourists to explore more of the typical Scandinavian adventure. 

Located in the far northern hemisphere of the world, it is ideal to make the right choices for the places to visit in Norway before heading for the typical Norwegian extravaganza.   

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